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Create Better Black and White Photographs

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Black and White Travel Photographs

Chris Orwig

Create Better Black and White Photographs

Chris Orwig

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2. Black and White Travel Photographs

Lesson Info

Black and White Travel Photographs

Let's go to this photograph I'm in the library module this is a picture from a while back but I love it because it was a surf trip down in baja california and it brings back those memories and that's one of fun things about photographs is the memories we associate attached with them they photographs help us to remember more deeply I think black and white even mohr why is that? I don't know, but at least for me it distills it so I want to convert this guy to black and white in the library module to jump over there and impress the deaky to go to develop module and with this image I'm kind of thinking, ok, I have sky have car, there isn't a huge variation so and hit my wiki for victory again a little disappointing, but I'm ok with that time I'm aware that's going to be the case and there isn't necessarily a right or wrong with any software application, you know as far as where do you start? So maybe I start here in the basic pan on just kind of going through trying, trying to customize th...

is tow my liking the sky feels too bright to me, so I'm going I'm going to drop it down lots of ways to do that command three or control three I could go and try to bring some of those things down you know what we've seen before where we can drop down we could also do other things as well where we but a grady in't filter across that dark in that area lots of different types of things but what I want to highlight here perhaps more than anything is as we're doing black and whites and as I'm getting carried away here which I'm going to d'oh yeah deep rich black and white colors is that sometimes we forget about our old friend the history graham and sometimes that's ok as I mentioned but other times we wanted to be able to be reproduced so I hit the jakey jakey turns on my clipping indicator and with the clipping indicator the trouble is that zoom in on this guy whoa that's assumed in a little too far maybe something like this so I could see that the trouble with that is I could of course why could bring up my blacks and I could keep trying to recover those but then I lost all that deep rich dark color so I want deep, rich dark color but I don't want complete pure black that won't print very well and so a trick you guys saw yesterday if you remember this is the tone curve to save those details if and when these sliders don't help you which happens a lot in black and white go to the tone curve in the tone curve we have to end points and usually in the curve we dragged the middle we kind of do stuff like this, you know, but what I want or what I'm suggesting is go to one of these end points and you'll see I could just save my highlights just by dropping that down a little bit on guy also can do the same thing with my shadows, so even though all the shadows that was crazy block, you know, just horrible mess with those take their fine, I still have the same kind of aesthetic or quality you're feeling in that picture without having to bring that all the way back up. So great little tip there just as you're working on your own images so that image is really about the jakey turn on clipping indicator tone curve white point down black point up if needed is that the only way to recover? No the sliders in the basic panel work too, but sometimes they don't work so here's here's a way you can get around that all right is that same trip and the surf was flat and so my friend martin and I said, we got to go do something went for this hike and found this swing on top of a hill which you can only find in mexico, right? And it was amazing where miles and miles from anywhere and so with this image I want to go black and white and so again you guys know the routine now you're like gosh chris I got it like and it's amazing once you learn something how quickly you forget that you learned it you did the other way so wiki we go to that and then we say well yeah let's hit the basic panel and what I want to highlight here is just another way to work with sliders um you know when you have her over a slider you activate it you can see that it's great out little value you can tap the up and down arrow keys to do that sometimes it's just a nice way to move a little more incrementally people have different kind of workflow preferences and that's why part of the reason why the software so good is it just gives us multiple ways to work on things do you have to do that? No and so here I'm just looking to again find a nice way to create mood and expression I'm remembering about my temperature slider right? I'm thinking well, maybe I cool this image off before in the color version because I wanted blue tones okay go back there so again that's one of those things like don't forget about that guy it's it's swinging stuff for your know it or not and then of course I'm going to go to my black and white panel short cut to get there, what is it? Command three and it's kind of fair, unfair to ask you that, because I probably wouldn't remember what it is either. But what I do remember is its command key plus a number or control plead custody, and I'm I do this, and then I'm like, there it is. I got it, you know, and I'm not even actually looking at my numbers, so don't worry about the number. Um, why not use target adjustment to again? You know, we can grab some stuff, and we can look to brighten up the sand, and then his shorts are red. I remember, so I could do some selective work on that if I wanted teo, and just get it to a certain spot.

Class Description

Most people know how to use Photoshop features to create black and white images, but many of these conversions aren't very good. Join instructor Chris Orwig for Create Better Black and White Photographs and make black and white images that are expressive and strong.

You’ll learn how to use Lightroom and Photoshop together in a seamless way to give photographs rich and deep tonal range. Chris will show you how to change the brightness values of specific tones and help you selectively add brightness and darkness to direct the viewer's eye through the image. By working with a wide range of subjects, you’ll explore how to use presets and settings to help you achieve film and analog looks in your digital black and whites.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2, Adobe Lightroom 5.4

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I LOVED this and loved Chris as a teacher! I get frustrated when the teachers jump around and don't explain things thoroughly. But Chris is great! Lots of new helpful ways to do things. Very informative and very helpful. I have purchased countless Creative Live classes and he is a new favorite! Thank you Chris!!

Rebecca George

one of my very favorite teachers -- love this class and found it SO helpful. Chris is so great about repeating the important stuff in a way that makes it stick. This class gave me the tools to be able to edit more quickly and efficiently. Totally worth the money.