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Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

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Creating Digital Content & Pricing

April Bowles-Olin

Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

April Bowles-Olin

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9. Creating Digital Content & Pricing

Lesson Info

Creating Digital Content & Pricing

I'm going to give you some tips for specific digital and information products, so first we're going to talk about teaching and courses. One of the things that I would recommend is that when you start the course, you introduce yourself and you let your students know why you're the right person to teach that course. So at the beginning of this course, I talked about my background, I talked about the digital products and information products that I have sold, the success that I've had and why I feel like I'm a good person to teach that course. It just helps with your credibility, it helps with people trusting you and following your advice and actually doing what you said explain what students will learn think a lot of times people skip this one in the beginning is they don't go over the things that you're going to cover tell students how you want them to participate, so give them clear directions like I say, if you have a question, raise your hand. If you have a question and you're watchi...

ng this at home, feel free to ask it, let them know how to participate, let students know your expectations and have them set goals for the course always a great one for people, teo set a goal so that they know whether or not they are reaching her. And I had you guys set goals for your specific businesses and I'm hoping that this course is going to help you get closer to those goals. Give your students a reason to care about your coarse material is one of the reasons that I had those slides about the pros of selling digital products, right? I want to get you excited. I want you to see how inspiring it can be. I want to show you those case studies to see how other people do it to show you this is possible this can work use different teaching methods to help multiple students with different learning styles. I think this this is a big one if you can do it video audio worksheets, examples live calls, all of the different pieces different students are going to respond tio some pieces more than others and it just helps when you have a lot of different ways that you are teaching the same material. What do you think about that? Jennifer could definitely great of so many people who have different styles. Like you said, they prefer the audio whether it's just that's, how they better learn or they have a busy schedule on and then there's others who like the visual aspect through videos and any time you khun d'oh to or more would be helpful and especially with video that's pretty easy, tio kind of extract the audio and have that separate as ah separate download for the video, but any time you can mix it up and teach the different styles is going to be really helpful for people. Yeah, yes, one of the things that people love about my online courses is that I often give them the audio so that they can down though the mp three and I have so many people who have said I listened to it on my way to work I listened to it while I'm exercising I listened to it while I'm folding laundry or doing the dishes and so if you have a busy audience that one way to help them be ableto actually go through the course material and remember that your students are expert, so try to go back to your beginner's brain when creating content not something that we all struggle less when we're teaching something is that we have done it so many times that we forget that somebody else might not quite understand what you're saying. So for instance when I was going through how I created some of my products when I was putting this together, I was thinking, is this clear enough is helpful enough? Is this going to help people who are beginners at this understand what I've done in the logistics, so go back to that beginner's brain and tried tio try to make sure that the students two are beginners at whatever it is you're teaching can follow you for videos, tutorials and lessons practice in front of the video camera you guys make such a big difference if you're going to do video you want to get comfortable in front of the camera because if you're uncomfortable it gives the viewer like this it makes them uncomfortable it makes them feel really nervous for you almost so practice make sure that the audio is clear that's a big one when you're doing videos look your best or create visually appealing sides especially if you guys are a lot of creative entrepreneurs if your audience their creative entrepreneurs visual matter that design matters so do your best this is not you have to be perfect just do your best edit your videos I see so many people who just don't take that extra step to edit their radios and it makes a huge difference shoot a test video and adjust audio and like because you know what really stinks is when you have finish the video you spent an hour getting ready setting everything up filming it and then you go to look at it and it's super bright or super dark or you can barely hear you or whatever it is and now you have to redo it so always just like a two minute test video and continue learning for all of these things but continue learning and growing how to make better videos clip art prince in stationery so I don't offer these things, but I have been asking people who do so that I can give you guys some tips on that one of the tips was to keep up with the trends but stay true to your design style so yes, people are going to be looking for whatever's trendy, but you want to make sure that it sets within your design style. Make sure that your designs all have the same feel so that if someone seizure designed somewhere else like pinterest or another blawg they know it's yours, they can recognize it as your design. And when you've done that, you have created a very branded feel, and I think that that's one reason that my everything does so well is because she has such a branded field to her designs that if you see it, you know it's, hers and that's why people love her and that's why people by her staff and auto by her stuff whether whatever it is, they're going to buy it because they just love her style so much so develop your style format png is used for transparent backgrounds j pegs are often used for scrapbook paper pdf format is often used for bookmarks, gift tags and prince and this is what I got from the lovely people that I interviewed because I didn't really know what format they they told me so I think that that's helpful for you guys if especially for the clip art if it's going to be used if people are going to be using it on their logs or using it in their e books or however they're going to be if they're going to be creating prints or wedding invitations or whatever to have a non transparent background is important a lot of the times did they give you any feedback or does anybody have any ideas about any sort of water marking and stuff I know a lot of times people say like, don't don't water mark things for the actual customer and whatnot but is there not some degree of branding and that may be that there if it was there was a small thing in the corner that they might want it to be that way or no do you mean as the visual that people are going to see before they purchase or that they get and have with a watermark that they get and have but maybe or maybe it's on the back or something but it's kind of like, you know, I don't know like when I think about kate spade is right, you want to see kate spade on there somewhere? What? You know what I mean? Yeah, right it's like if it weren't on the back, you wouldn't want to ask much you know so is there not anything to that because I just always here like well, no watermark for the customer and stuff but is there not some branding benefit in having something? What I have heard is that watermarks often take away from especially if you are having it online as like your preview image it takes away from other people sharing your work so they're less likely to pen it they're less likely to feature it they're less likely to put it on their blog's however, I'm not sure far as people who are buying it toe have what I think it also depends on what it so if it's a print and like having a little signature at the end of a print for an art piece, lots of artists do that I think it definitely depends but on if it's a clip art that they're going to use like on an invitation or something like so I think it also depends on on that does anybody else have any feedback on that anybody else create princeton? Um I'm amanda from amanda creek creative dot com and I think when you put your signature on something it kind of like up the value if it's an artwork but if it's not if it's something that maybe you want them like to be able to use for like bonnie christine she does d I y she doesn't put her signature on those things that they can put maybe on their blawg but when she shares like a quote that maybe somebody else might share she puts her signature on there right does that help yeah okay great you want to consider how it's going to be used so is can you only use it for personal reasons or are you also going to let people use it commercially and having that as a policy to let people know and if you are going to allow them to use it commercially you definitely wanna have that somewhere in your product description because a lot of times people are looking for that because they want to use the clip art somewhere on their whatever there are selling so they want to use it within an e book or something like that however you do not have tio allow people to use it commercially I know that bonnie from going home to roost what she does is her clip art can only be used personally unless you buy a commercial license then you can use it for commercial purposes as well and then some people will say this could only be is personally contact me if you want to use it for commercial purposes and maybe we can work something out um one of the tips that they gave is to upload a low resolution image for preview images so that people can't use that image without paying so they can't click on it and download it and just use that and without buying it. So upload something in that blue resolution that still looks nice, but they're not going to be able to use, say, in their wedding invitations and if you're just getting started creating design every day for a period of time, like three months and you're going to start to develop your style and pick your best stuff, the stuff that represents her design style and start with that all right e book the first thing is no, the main message you want to get across and on lee include information that aligns with that main message, something e books to go all over the place, and the reason is because the person hasn't stock with what they are trying tio teacher the mean message of that book, and then it becomes overwhelming for the reader. It's unfocused I think it works much better when you have a specific topic or message develop a core idea from a benefit your readers will get. So what are you going to get from reading this e book? It can often be very helpful towel liner content in chapters so that you don't get off track, it helps, right? Why do you think outlining is good? Well, we were actually talking about this at break it's like you can get lost and if you get lost, your readers lost and you knew where you were wanting to go, so if you got lost, what are they doing? They mean they gave up on you and they walked away and so at the end result it helps in that way. But even for you in the process of writing, the outline keeps you from panicking and just going on overwhelm if you only know that you need to write about this one thing right now it's easy yeah so you would also suggest this for things like blawg posts every single thing everything you got that right and share where people can find you online because I actually had somebody send me a tweet asking where they confine your website I'm at with a k writing dot com and I have a whole lot of log posts about lining I write write your book for your target market, not your peers this is a mistake I see not only with books but also blogged post you want to write for your market I just want to get your take on this I know we don't want to get too far down the legal road, but we had a number of people vote on this question do I have to get a course or an e book trademarked or copyrighted before I put it out to the world do they need to get a course or any bar it's automatically once you create something you it's yours, right? So would you without giving legal advice do their own homework you just that people get the e book copyrighted the united states the copyright is automatic as soon as I'm finished creating registration of your copyright is an optional option that you do with the u s copyright office and it really comes down to enforcement so I if I was your lawyer and someone had stolen something have a much bigger stick when I go into that fight if you've registered your copyright so copyright the kind of basic behind it is is different from trademark so copyright is about protecting your creations trade work is much more a branding and consumer confusion standpoint and so trademarks you need to be using the mark in commerce before you can obtain her trademark so you'd have to be selling something under that before you could get a registered trademark so they're they're protecting different elements it's so nice to have her in the audience it's so mean big so much knowledge in this room will thank you for that explanation yes I think that's good advice everyone can do their homework and figure out what's gonna work best for them but that was really helpful yes, thank you if you have multiple ideas, one of my suggestions would be in a survey your audience see what they're the most interested in and go without topic have beta readers and collect testimonials from them this will help your sales immensely if you have testimonials on yourselves page when we'll talk a little bit more about testimonials moon we talk about the sales page but it's really helpful and they can give you feedback they can let you know this section could use a little bit of four I got kind of lost here I'm not really sure what this is I got confused I would need more explanation it's just nice to have people read it and give you a little bit of feedback don't just slap together content or blogged post and sell it because it often seems very choppy and it just doesn't flow like you would expect a book to flow however you can use block post as a basis often you just need to tweak things a little bit to make him work. So if you have done a ton of writing on a specific topic, you could easily turn that into something like an e book set a deadline for the editing phase because you can get lost in that just like anything else you can get lost in trying to tweak it and perfect it proof read it I know that I probably shouldn't have to say that but prove re it on one of the suggestions I have is two printed and then read it out loud because you find so many more mistakes than if you're just looking at it on a screen have at least one other person read it for spelling and grammar errors, and I suggest that because you're reading the same thing over and over again, and so sometimes you're imagining a word that isn't actually there. I do that all the time you guys do that sometimes? Yeah, okay, so having somebody breed and tell them you just want to point you just want them to point out when their errors like that cover design matters, so spend time on this or get it designed this can I mean, you have tons and tons of sales or not very many sales. Unfortunately, we judge a book by its cover, get your rough draft complete and down on paper, and then added it, so get all of your thoughts down another one you agree with me, get your thoughts down on paper and then go through and edited it so that it's all there and I would suggest letting it sit for at least a week before editing, because you're going to see it with fresh eyes. Sure, people question before you go on from that, we were wondering a couple people voted on this what's a good length for any book I know it's going very many tips for these people as they're going through these steps to create them when you know it's long enough for it's it's good to go, I would say it depends on the topic and the message that you have when you're finished teaching whatever it is or writing about that specific topic it's done, I launched the first edition of marketing for creatives, and it wass I want to say seventy seven pages, seventy five or seventy seven pages and then over the course of a couple of years I learned a lot more about marketing, so I pulled it off the digital shelves and I updated it, and now it has, I believe, one hundred forty seven pages and that's just because I learned a lot more, I had a lot more examples to put into it and had a lot of things that I could update and make even better because I learned more so you can always put up what you've got and then later down the line update it, relaunch it that work still but and you bought can be anywhere from a little amount like ten or fifteen pages, teo the amount that you would see an a normal book a physical book we won't call it normal, but a physical black itjust depends and also what do you want to charge for it? Because if it is ten pages or fifteen pages were not going to be charging the same amount if it is ah hundred pages as faras patterns, you want to give clear instructions and get feedback from beginners or people that you have made it for that stage. I know that my sister in law she's a knitter and she gets a lot of patterns off at sea and off of rivalry and it's very frustrating, I hear about it, so I know it's frustrating when she gets about halfway through the pattern and it's unclear or step is missing or when she follows the directions, it doesn't come out quite right and she is frustrated with it off course she's not going teo recommend it to anyone she's not going tio by from that cellar again, phil, give clear instructions in test your patterns, have a couple other people follow them and create whatever it is. Have them show it to you so that you can make sure that it looks the way it's supposed to look. I recently saw an interview video on marie for leo's website, and she was talking teo someone who writes cookbooks and she tests her recipes you'd recipe about fifty times because she wants to ensure that when you created at home, you're going to be able tio it's l think that's pretty that's a lot of dedication, but at least get a couple of people to test it out for you. Stay true to your style and brand and follow the known style for that type of pattern example, like using k fernet and p for pearl, you don't want to do something crazy that people aren't used tio, and then they get your pattern and think I have no idea this looks like it's in a foreign language mark time in your calendar, start a list of all the actionable items you need to tackle in the creation and selling of your product so everything you can think about that you need teo do in order to get this thing complete and get it selling keep this list handy because you're definitely going tto add to it as you go, you're probably going to think of new things every day that you're working on it and make sure each one is something that you can do that it's actionable and then mark time in your calendar because unfortunately, when we say we'll do something lander all think doesn't get done unless we make time for it, and if you're serious about creating and telling digital products, you've got to schedule time in your calendar, you've got to make time for it just like anything else, you want to be successful at it, you've got to make time, so pick the first three to five tasks and add them to your calendar or planner now and if you don't have your calendar planner now, do it at the end of this session, take those top three first three to five tasks and get them in your calendar and I mean like monday at nine a m I'm going teo do this so that that time has blocked out. So I want to know from you guys what's the very first task you're going to dio to start creating whatever product you are going to work on what's the very first task, I'm going to a subscription service to have right a book and three hundred sixty five days, so I need to figure out which mailing service works best for that. Whether it's male chip a weber, I'm not even sure where to begin with that, but hopefully we'll find one. A lot of the mailing services are pretty similar. I would say there aren't lots and lots of differences. I recommend a weber because I've used it for a really long time and I have never had an issue and I have heard people some people love male chant and then others. I don't love it, so what I would do is do a little bit of research and see what people are saying and then pick it based on what feels like the right thing but picking your email software first step it's good to have that first step that you know exactly what you're going to dio anybody else with the first step in line I'm only partly joking yeah outline the guideline the book good awesome, okay, and what is the product that you're working on? Okay, you're gonna hold me to it, right? I'm going to put together a it's like a fusion of a workbook and on activities kind of calendar and the way that it's going to be set up because the whole thing for me is that you have to take the process of writing down into steps and their five simple steps and each step has a thing that you got to dio and you have to accomplish it before you move on or you'll be super stressed out and not like what you're doing and it will be hit or miss if what you have at the end is what you want, so I want to basically have it set up so that if you're about to start a process a project, you can look at the pre reading section and there's a bunch of different activities that you, khun d'oh and worksheets that you khun dio for whatever project you're doing in that step because a lot of people skip it they won't do the one and that's not good so then after you're done and you have all the keys you need to move on I'm gonna have happily another sections so that when you're drafting there's different activities and things that you can do to loosen up, make the drafting work and continue through all the steps that way all right, perfect. And so the first step is outlining that all right, great. We're all going to make sure that produces this right? Anybody else do their first the very first step they're going to take michelle well, my uh digital offering is a planner that I use myself because I'm really scattered and have terrible time management so I already made it so the next it's not the first up it's the next step is to figure out how to make it digital because right now it's analog all right, so do you know do you have any ideas at all and how you want to do that? Um I would liketo have ah pdf that you can fill it yourself but I would actually prefer that people print it and write in it by hand because it's better well for me for sure I learned better when I write stuff rather than type it in yeah, so just like a pdf down, easy to distribute. Okay, I'm stubborn about that, too. I haven't made my workbooks in a way that you can do them online because I think that they're so much better when you print them off and work in them in that way and have fun in them and maybe even putting stickers and color. Yeah, do whatever you need to dio I think that it just works so much better my who has planners and has worksheets and stuff like that for a very long time, she only offered the type where you would have to print them off, and I believe it's for her life is messy. Course that she created worksheets that now people can also d'oh online, that they can just fill them out on their computer. And she she says to me all the time, I want everyone to just print them out and work in them that way. But she said, about fifty percent more people use the worksheets because they're able to do it on the computer, and I'm still stubborn, and I'm like no this's lawyer's gonna work for me, but yeah, I mean, you have to decide and it's also who's in your target market for that and what type of customer they're gonna like having it printed off and working in it that way or do they want something that's on the computer but they're just inputting type and it sounds like for your type of planner it's something that's better for somebody who wants to print it off I think so yeah someone who needs to reinforce their ideas yep and so they're more concrete yeah well not rhett so let's talk about praising your digital products want want mom when you're pricing them think about what's the value what are the benefits that people are getting not the features of what it is you have to take that into account but really it's about what's the value that they're going to get from this what are the benefits? Could customers get this somewhere else and what makes your product different or unique and what are your competitors prices these air things that I think about when I'm pricing my products these are what I look at each and every time I always consider what's the value could customers get this somewhere else and if so what makes my stuff unique? What are competitors pricing? They're things that and I I always want to overdeliver so if I price something at fifty dollars I'm hoping that the value is at least two hundred fifty dollars I like tio I like for people to feel like they got so much more than what they paid for and I think that that grows a loyal customer base. It makes people loyal to you when they get something and they get so much value from it and they feel like I would have paid this much for it. Sarah and I were talking about that last night about busy toe happy. And we were saying that it was that such an amazing price point and that we just felt like we got so much more than our money's worth. And so that's exactly how people feel about you and you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, yeah? What you got to do this it's on ly this much? Oh, thank you so much. Yeah. When my and I were creating that program, that's one of the that's, one of the things we have in common and why we work together so well is that we both want the value to be so much more than what people pay so that they feel like almost like this was a bargain or this was so worth it. That's what we want people to say, this was so worth what I paid for it. So here are what some other people had to say about pricing digital products my from heart made she her prices grow as she developed the product and becomes more confident in the product, and she always wants over deliver so her life is messy boot camp has gone from one hundred ninety seven dollars to four hundred ninety seven dollars and that's because she has worked on the quality of everything it's at this point where she feels amazing about what's inside of it she feels like the videos are exactly what she wants them to be and she feels very confident in that product now so it grew as her confidence girl question is thinking about this earlier when we were when you mentioned this idea and it makes a lot of sense and wondering what you would do when you've really grown and u shaped and created almost a new product out of this product to make it even bigger with the folks who've already received it at its sort of smaller it's like infancy do you? I can almost guess what your response will be but would you send to those people the new product? I like the upgrade almost like a free upgrade because they were your beta audience more or less or what would you suggest to do in that situation? I would say you have to think about that when you are first putting out your product decide exactly what you want to do about that there are some of my courses that you have a lifetime like us too so you sign up and every time I read you the course you get access to it there are other courses where there is a certain time period that you could access teo, and really, I believe I only have one course like that, and the reason I stopped that course up that way is because I think it's really helpful toe on ly have a new student right in it as far as on the life calls in the comments in the private group, I think that sometimes courses can grow so large that it's not as helpful being a part of the community and I wanted teo keep that community for just first time students and that's obvious on the sales page, I let people know this is how long you get access to the course so that they know, but most of the time I offer lifetime access and for marketing for creative I had the first two ginge edition I launched the second edition, which had double the content, so I didn't send it to people who had already bought the first edition. If you wanted the up grated edition, you've to buy that again, just like lots of books when they come out with new additions so you have to buy the first one you're not going, you have to buy the next one, you're not going to get it because you bought the first one, I think it really depends. It really depends on how you feel about it, what the product is, what you told people in the beginning and how what their expectations are does that help all right so bonnie from going home to roost she priced her membership program at five dollars a month because she wants it to be a no brainer she wants people who come to that sales page and see that what she's offering and they were the right person she wants them to not even think twice about the price so that's how she price that one juliet crane, she said, do not ever undersell yourself in your products and I completely agree with her so many creative they undersell themselves and the underpriced their products often and this is this is what she said and I usually tell people this is well you think of your product your price and go a little bit above that we weren't makes you a little bit uncomfortable but it's often because you don't value it enough because you made it it's easy for you so you don't see as much value that other people are going to get emily from indy shop biography she said price for your dream customers in order to attract ordering customers and she gets booked for months at a time so in order to attract the right people you have to price for those people and this is especially for service based businesses you want teo be working with your right person so you need to price for that person when you when you price for when you make something really low price then you're going to get people who are bargain shoppers and if that's the product for that, then that's completely fine my marketing for creative guide is priced at a reasonable price so that any creative who really needs that can't get access to it but that's the rate product for that angie from angie meeks she says that she looks at competitors prices, but if she has spent a lot of time on a product and has a good gut feeling about it, she prices it higher. So the takeaway for that is trust or god and just some things I would suggest that you keep in mind you can't grow your business or support yourself if you don't take pricing seriously so this is your business, right? So you have to price your products and that you're making a profit so that it makes sense for your business and your life and you can support yourself and people make snap judgements based on prices cheap prices reflect cheap quality even if it's not cheap quality people will think I wonder if that's very good I know that I have seen things on etc that might have amazing quality, but they're priced really low especially jewelry and I'm thinking do you want to take a chance on this and you know it's priced really low but it makes me feel like the quality isn't great and you get different types of customers with different prices so in your work buck on page twenty one we've got some preliminary pricing on what I would love for you guys to dio is kind of work together in pairs to work through these questions and I would love a pair to come up on stage and work through these questions together and michelle and jennifer you just looked at me oh you look so inviting so come up here come on up here just for a couple minutes okay okay so you guys talked through the question in your answers and you guys pair up and talk through the questions in your answers all right all right you two talk a little bit louder because people are watching you and they want to hear your answers you want to start it off? Sure I was thinking for the it will be a premiere premium membership that includes the the planner for ten bucks a mile okay, that seems reasonable to me now is that something that you're going to continuing update or how does that work fact that's the beauty of my plan in fact in allowed copy right here where actually has the date will be filled in for you so you do not have to waste time doing this, it's already done. I think this is good for me because I can see everything that's upcoming and I don't get caught unaware of what was the first price that popped into your head for me. I ran my pilot course at ninety seven dollars, and so the first price I just wanted to up it from there was one forty seven. Then you mentioned getting to a point where you're comfortable or not will not come from past your comfort zone. And so I put one, ninety seven me and my nervous sanctions. Yeah, yeah, especially because with the course that I did run, I did a lot of personal feedback, like people had homework and they sent it to me. And so I spent a lot of time on top of creating the course, actually looking and reading that beating people's work and giving feedback so that's a lot exactly. Hey, yeah, yeah, that is worth a lot saying exactly, what's the value that your customer is getting from the product for one that's more time accountability. I know accountability is huge lot of them had been working on courses for months, and then when they started, mining was just like they were moving forward on it, so account of italy feedback from me. And then having a course that's package so that they can put up and sell, I think that's a lot of value for them, since they have something that they can put on their website and billet. So wait, monetise well, the value is that you don't have to fill all those states, and you just have to put in your information, so that saves time, and then they'll be helped with the premium membership tips on how to fill your planner out and suggestions and tutorials for how to break down because it's breaking down steps it's breaking your goals down into doable steps and I've been in front of you. So I know a lot about that because I've been a lot of time learning about it, but some people I don't know howto reverse engineer. Oh, yeah, coming from someone like that who has? Because that's how I am I'm just right over the place versus someone who my feet. Yeah, yeah, naturally way idea, way what level of x syrian? I have a lot of experience with this planner because I've been using it for a long time, not this iteration, but something similar where I have what's going on next week what's going on next month's, so I'm not. Caught by surprise by stuff it's going on like thanksgiving is coming up and even though it seems like you should know it right sneak up on you yeah yeah and not can even increase the price because of your experience level I mean not something that really can increase the price for me I mean I wasn't teacher for almost ten years I have a master's in curriculum and education and in terms of courses I do a lot of that for the temper or the part time job but they have right now so I do one of the workshops online webinars things like that so I think we're probably going to wrap it up but I think you guys for coming up here and working through the question all right guys, we're going to wrap it up and you can continue to work through this if you want to continue working with your partner during the break if you didn't get through all of the questions I'm hoping that that helped you guys get some more ideas on pricing and get a little bit of feedback I think that that kind of boost your confidence when you get feedback from somebody on pricing so if you were choosing a price right now what would it be write down the price this is not this is not the price that's going to stick this is just the first price they're coming up left and pricing is something that I feel that you need to start thinking about in the beginning but it's going to evolve over time. But, it's, nice to have something in your mind in the beginning as you're creating things and then you just you move forward. So write down whatever you think that that price would be right now. All right, well, well, everybody's running that down. I just want to get to a quick question, your pricing that we had come in here. This one comes from jane. We had five people vote on it, and they want to know at what point either a number of of number of subscribers or blogged readers. At what point do you switch from giving on ly free content to starting to sell your content to your subscribers? Now this is in their case. They say they started off with only free content to try and decide when they should start having people pay for it. Any time you can start right at the beginning having premium content, you might have only a few people who are signed up for it, but that's going to grow. So it doesn't there's not a specific number that you have tohave in order for things, teo, in order for you to offer something it's, just what you feel comfortable with. Sometimes people will say you need one hundred, subscribers or you need a thousand subscribers but I see people do really well of products when they have a smallest when they're in the beginning of their business so I think go where when you feel ready to do it well that that actually ties into this one last question we'll get to which kind of has a different viewpoint but varvara and we had six people vote on this they're saying that they're wondering on how to separate the content that I give for free for example, the blogged from the one that I'm going to put into an e course or a book they said that I have a fear that I do not have enough content or that people will blame me that I'm I've been repeating myself on the pay content, so if you are just starting out is that still okay to start selling that or do you need to build it up? I don't think they're going to blame, you know no and especially if okay for instance, marketing for creative I used the basis of the first edition came from block post and I tweet them and I made it into a format that would flow nicely one of the reasons that people would pay for that even though you confined a lot of that information on my block is that it's all in one place so that is. The value right there is that they don't have to go searching around and reading multiple block post to get that contest. When you save people time, they will pay you money, because time is money.

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OUTSTANDING COURSE! Yes, I yelled that! :) If you are just starting out or you are a seasoned entrepreneur or anywhere in between . . . this course offers tons of good, immediate, put to use RIGHT NOW stuff that will move your biz forward on a firm and well thought out foundation! I bought this course before I saw it, because I am a big fan of April's already and I knew how much work, thought and love that she was putting into this course and she NAILED IT! The price is ridiculously low, she is just "covering her postage" on this one,if that. You would be doing yourself a huge disservice if you did not GRAB THIS COURSE UP at this price . . . it is worth so, so, so much more! I'm feeling kind of guilty already, like I should give her a cut of my profits now! I do know I will send her handcrafted gifts from time to time and tell everyone I know about her and her awesome biz brain. Thank you April, you WAY OVER-DELIVERED, again, and I will make you proud! :) xoxoxo Nancy P.S. Thank you too, Creative Live for bringing April back! I know she's got more, so . . . again please! Also, Mayi Carles and a creative cooking course with her about to be launched "Life is Messy Kitchen" cookbook would be HUGE! I would book her now before she turns all Diva after her appearance on Oprah, ya know? Jus' sayin' ;)

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I consider myself so lucky to stumble upon your course, April - you rock! Great training skills, high quality content, professional & down to earth attitude, excellent tips, secrets and real life examples and... I love love love the workbook! I cannot tell you how useful it is; I have many other business trainers who I simply adore but no one so far until you gave me a such comprehensive and practical one for all the steps. Indeed, you do what you preach, you over deliver! Also, the Facebook group is so supportive! Signed: A very happy customer of April! :-). P.S. for all the people who watched this course: I know we all have busy lives but if you feel that April helped you in your efforts, then I think a way to show her that we are grateful is to leave a review for her here, thanks.

Tasha Miller Photographer

This course has given me so many great ideas of how to turn my abundance of digital ideas into one solid and firm idea. The information, examples & case studies given were priceless. As a stay-at-home mom of 5, homeschooler, wife & photographer; this was perfect for me. I have been trying to think of ways to turn my ideas into an online reality! Now I feel like I am able to move forward with my new business, so that I can gain time freedom to focus on the things that are truly important for me. Thank you April & thank you Creative Live for bringing her in! :)