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Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

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Digital Products in Adobe CC - Part 2

April Bowles-Olin

Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

April Bowles-Olin

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Lesson Info

11. Digital Products in Adobe CC - Part 2

Lesson Info

Digital Products in Adobe CC - Part 2

another question just on the technical aspects here. Memo wants to know to other people voted on this. Can you put hyperlinks right into this in design document? You can. And I'm gonna show you how wonderful that was. One that took me a little while to figure out to use the hyperlinks, cause it just is not as intuitive as you would think it was. Okay. Something to bring that down a little bit just because of the way that I want it to look, I am going Teoh. Then import some text, some Inamoto file place. And this is just texts that I had used for something within this course. It's just some sample tests text so that you guys can see what I'm doing. So what? Toe file police and I'm selecting the text that I want. I'm opening it and as you'll see it loaded in this cursor again, it's right there for us. So if I go up here and I'm hovering around here, it changes the mouth and turns into that dotted line. And it the mouse is no longer solid black, so that means you're placing it in the righ...

t spot. I'm gonna show you what? That what this does, and then I'm gonna show you another option. So if I do that, it's placing it in that box. Then I'm going to come in and make sure it's fitting those guidelines that I want. Now, as you'll see there's this little red box down here that means there's more text and it didn't automatically go to the next page. So what? I can dio it's click on the box and it loads it up for me. And then I go again and place the text and there's another box and I would have to click on it. There's a much easier way, so I'm gonna undo that by hitting Command Z and undo that. And let's just delete this and let me show you the easier way, because that's what I used to do as well, because I really only took enough. I want only watched enough videos to do the very basics of what I needed to dio when I put together my first e book, and so I learned a lot more of these tips and tricks and thought, Oh my goodness, This season, so much time, I love it So we're going back to file place and we are going to select the text and it's loaded in this car, sir. Now, if I hold down the shift key, you see that little curvy like s line that came up? I'll do it again. That means it's going to load all of the text, so I'll click, and we've got it all there. Now, I go in now and make adjustments, and there might be an easier way to do this, but this is how I do it. So I follow the guides that I've set up for myself and just fix the text so that it looks pretty and nice. You guys good. Right now. Anybody questions So far. Now, we had another question come up. We had five people voting on this. You're showing this particular example here, but the viewer wants to know what about selling your e book on a platform like Amazon? Or I know there are a lot of other platforms out there. Do the these different platforms all require different formatting, different specifications when you're creating something like this often, yes. So you would have to follow exactly what they say the guidelines are. I haven't sold anything on Amazon, so I'm not the best person to ask for that. Has anybody sold in a book on Amazon? Can you tell us high and see any? And my blog's living with you on a budget so hot I have to eat books on Amazon has to be in the Kano format and, um, manually doing it's hard. But some people I'm so program that it just instantly like, converts it for you. So just pay a small fee and then you put in a word and then it, um, you put into the program and instantly, like, converts it. So I think it's worth getting that. And I forgot with the name of I think it's called, um, Kinston. I think that's what on the program I use is called Okay, so it just makes it easier instead of you manually doing it, which would take hours to do like you just do it and you just pay for a service and it's worth it. You are off. Thank you so much. That's great. That is wonderful. All right. So also, I want this text to match my body text that I have up here. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on it, and then I'm gonna go over here and click on this. If it does not convert right away, you can go in and select it all and change it. Teoh. Whatever you want it, Teoh. Look like I also want Teoh make a paragraph style for my chapter headings. And the reason that I want to do this is that's how you create a table of contents. So I'm going, Teoh, create basic paragraph. Let's see. How did that come up? Okay, let's cook on this one. So I'm gonna go here. It's already loaded. Paris black, Much chapter style. Okay, now, each one of these needs to be chapters. So I'll And then when I go to create the table of contents, it's gonna load it for me. It's gonna be like magic. What? I also dio to make this a little bit easier when I'm gonna add a new one. I just select that. I edit it. Copy it. Bring it down to the next one. Click on that page outside of it, at it, paste in place. And there we go. I don't have to go in and put in each one again. So then just gonna make this one. Chapter two. As you can see, the box now is too small. So I just have to go in here an increase the box size and then fit it to frame. And let's make sure this guy centered, okay? And now I'm gonna put in the same text file place text open just for the sake of having some text on here. Someone hold down the shift key. It's gonna give me that little s I'm gonna click. Okay, so I am going to just go in here and change this a literal matches, okay? And I want to make sure that this is gonna fit my guidelines. So I'm just going to fit this text in. And as you can see, because of the spacing, this one is a space down. And so I always go through my document and make sure that if it's lower than what it's supposed to be because I had a double space in there that I go in and fix that another thing that I dio you can make it so that it doesn't use hyphens but what I dio sometimes I think the hyphens are appropriate and sometimes they aren't. So I actually go through and do a re read just to proof read and to read it again. But also, if there's a hyphen that I'm like, I don't like that Like, let's say right here. I don't want that to be hyphenated at the end. I'll just hit return. And this is just another way that I go through improved free things. That makes me proof. Read it again. And I think proof reading multiple times is always a good thing. Okay? And I'm gonna add one more. I'm not gonna add all the text in, but I'm gonna add one more chapter heading for the sake of making the table of contents. So I'm going to edit copy, bring it down here, click somewhere within that outside of that page at it, paste in place. Then I am going to change this to Chapter three. Now we have a bunch of chapters and much. Just add a little text frame in here with just some not see if this that automatically the right type. Let's see. And really, when I'm doing stuff like this. You guys, I just play around with it until I get it. Exactly what I want. And that is very type. Yea, in design. Okay. When I zoom in and I want to fit it to the page again, you can dio command zero, But I don't know all of the shortcut, so I just go in on selective. You fit page and window. All right, so we've got, you know, the rough basis of an e book right here. Pretty not. Not too complicated, right? Do you guys think that you could do this? Do you have any questions? So far, we're feeling good. Feeling confident? Okay, so then let's do a table of contents. I am going Teoh again. Select these two things at it. Copy? Bring it up here at it, paste it in place. And I know that this text frame is going to be bigger. So let's go ahead and make it bigger type and table of both gonna be Remember the mopped table of contents it to frame. Now it's centered. Okay, Now I am going to come down here to this rectangle frame and fit inside my guides and then I am going to go Teoh layout, table of contents. Click on table of contents. And then you just need to select what you want to include in the table of contents. So select chapter style Abbott. Same style. No, let's dio body okay. And then not slowed that right in there. And I don't want to include table of contents in the table of contents, so I'm just gonna delete that. And sometimes I will ad space in here. Sometimes I will add dogs. I think there's a way that you can get illustrator or to do that for you. I know that in my illustrator there is a specific command. When I go to layout table of contents, you can go in here and there is this weird looking character. I think it is like the carrot and why? And when you click that it gives you all the little dots across and then puts the number, but that that one's not here. So we're just gonna go with who? This? Yeah, I told it to update the table of contents and it out did this again. Let's get rid of it. OK, now, if we export this as a pdf, which I will show you guys how DiDio when somebody opens it up on mine, these will be clickable, so they will be able Teoh, click them and go to those specific chapters. So if you've ever been in marketing for creative, you know that you can click on the table of contents and move throughout it. Sometimes I don't create my a table of contents this way. Sometimes I don't make it clickable because the document is supposed to be printed. For instance, my workbooks. I create my table of contents in a different way. So that s O that people are printing it, and that's how they're using that. Okay, so we've got a table of contents. We've got a cover. We've got some chapters. Let's go back into illustrator and make a couple of workbook pages. So new letter print. Okay, I love circles and making them opaque if you can't tell from my workbooks. So let's make a circle and I don't want it to have a stroke. So I go down here and select no stroke. Then I click on the Phil and let's fill it with this pink color. Let's change the opacity, Teoh. See what 50% is like. OK, then I am going to hold Ault and command and pull over another circle. And that makes another copy of that circle. So I want to change this. 12 Let's do yellow. Then I want to make sure these circles are lined up together. So I'm gonna go to a line. The line to selection. And then what? There we go. Vertical aligned top. So now they're in line with each other. Now, I'm gonna make a copy of both of these circles. They were both selected. I'm gonna hold down option command and pull down. Want them to overlap, pull them down like this. Let's make this pink one blue. Let's make this long an orangey color. And you see how when you change the opacity that makes this fun Where the colors and mix Maybe it's just me that like that, but I really like that. Okay, I am going Teoh group, these two lower ones together. So I just select them and go toe object group and then I want to make sure I'm going to do the same thing to the top ones, and then I want to make sure that these air aligned as well something to go back to a line. And I want them to be aligned so that they are all together so that they look good. Okay, so then just gonna take this, select everything, move it down, and then let's AB some type. What are you amazing at? And hopefully that's not misspelled, because it's very small. Okay, change it to Paris Black. Click inside of it to edit it. Bring it up so that there we go. All right, then the line center. That'll work too. Normally, what I dio is I bring the type tool, and I just click and I type. What are you, amazing act? And then when I select it, it's all fit in that frame. So it's just easier to manipulate with an illustrator. But either one works, so let's delete that one and aligned art board center it and let's make this a little bit bigger. So I am selecting everything. I'm holding down the shift key and I'm pulling up the corner of it. I'm gonna group all of these together object group, and then I'm gonna center them in the page So here is a simple worksheet that I would create for one of my workbooks. Let's do one more. Okay, I like Teoh use boxes as well, because I think it's fun more fun than just having a white space below a question. So I like Teoh use boxes, so I'm you just using the rectangle rectangle tool and pulling it out. And I wanted to have no Phil and I want the stroke to be Let's make it this color and let's give it a dash line and it's gonna use the same settings that I used the last time because I've still had Illustrator Open and then let's also had a little start of the corner, cause why not? So hold down the shift key and pull out a star, and then I'm just going to swap the filling stroke, bring the fill forward, change it to another color, and I'm going to make it a little bit smaller by holding on the shift key and dragging at end, pulling it into the rectangle, selecting all of this and then I'm going to group it, and I'm gonna hold down Holt in command and pull pull another one over like that spacing. Then I'm gonna make sure that these air aligned again because they look like they are. But you never really know now that they definitely are. And then I'm going to group these. I'm going, Teoh, hold down all to command again, pull them down once more, and then I'm gonna hit command D to do it again and do it again. Command D to duplicate things. I love that one. Okay, now I want to make sure that all of these are aligned. So I'm selecting them all, going to align and making sure that they are and they look like they are wonderful. Okay, so let's group all of them. And then let's align them to the art board. And we have to select it in order to align it to starboard. That does not not look centered to me. See up a line to selection will still selected. That's why. Okay, pull it up a little bit, senator it one more time and then whatever we are going Teoh, make the title. Let's just let's make it something fun. Creative live is the best ever. What direct? Then I'm going to center that just by coming up here again once again and centering it well, should pulled it down first, then center. OK, there we go. So that's another worksheet that I might use. And then I want to show you one more. And that is how to make a simple pattern. If you guys want to know a lot about patterns, I would take Bonnie Christine's course on patterns because she goes into a lot of a lot of depth into it. However you want to just make a few simple ones is backgrounds because I use them for backgrounds a lot in my workbooks and on slides and things like that. So I selected the star. I am holding down shift. Let's make it to make it this light pink. Okay, then I'm gonna hold down Ault Command to make a copy and let's make this guy a little bit bigger. I'm holding down shift. Then let's hold down all to commit and again to make one more copy. You know, let's make this guy a little bit smaller by holding down shift. Okay, Now I'm gonna select all three of these stars, and I am going to go to object pattern make okay, and it's going to make whatever kind of pattern you want. So I'm going to change this so that it is brick by. Let's see, what did I break by column, and then I want it toe. Have some more spacing, so you'll see that it'll give you a little bit more spacing when you go in here and adjust thes and you can make it whatever you want. So here is just a simple star pattern. Let's call it simple star pattern. Okay, Save a copy. We're done. All you have to do with it. Done. I'm gonna move these over to the side and I'm going Teoh, fill the page with this pattern to show you guys. So I'm using the rectangle tool and I am just covering this page up with it. And then I'm gonna go over here to the swatches panel and click on the stars. There we go. We've got a pattern that we could use. We can bring down the opacity if we want. I do this a lot in my slides where I will put something like this, that where have brought down the opacity so it's there. But it's really subtle, and I'll do that in some of my workbook pages to, As you can tell, I will put a pattern back there. That's kind of subtle. So I would use any of these pages within the workbook. Let's go over to in design so that I can show you how toe add hyperlink. So let's say we want Teoh link this text so I'm gonna highlight it. I'm going Teoh. Add hyperlink by going to type hyperlinks and cross references. New hyperlink. And then let's willing Get Teoh Blacksburg bill dot com, and you want to make sure that you are Ellis selected. If it's an email you can so you can select email. If it's a file, whatever it is. But usually you want a hyperlink and then style hyperlink. They already have, usually an in design, some sort of style where it will make it may be a break blue color. Let's see what it does here. And, yeah, I wanted to be invisible. I don't want a visible rectangle, but if you do want some sort of visible rectangle around your hyperlink button, that's fine. Okay. Yep, It made it this blue color. Now If you wanted to be a different color, then you could create a style within the styles here. So let's say Let's make a new style and let's call it hyper link Pretty and same format but character color. Here we go. OK, so you can input your own character colors into and design. But let's work with what they've got right now. Let's make our hyperlinks pink, Okay? And so this was selected. So that's why it made it that color. But if we want to go in and let's say that we want to make this hyperlink will go type new hyperlink. Blacksburg fell dot com so we changed it. That and if you have other colors built in, if you've added other colors that you couldn't choose those, okay, and there's your hyperlink that isn't the blue color, so it just depends on what you want it to look like. You can customize all of this stuff. One of the things I definitely want to show you guys is turning this into a pdf. So first you would want to say that, and you want to see that as you're working through it, just because that's always a good thing to dio e book sambal create of live save To make it a pdf you were going to go down to adobe pdf presets and click high quality prints. It's going to show up like this. You can rename it if you want to just hit save, and then you're going to get some options. If you have hay per links within your e book one of the things you have to remember is to click the hyperlinks so I usually click the hyperlinks and bookmarks just in case. Have anything in there that I want people to be able to access. And then you had export. And here we go Here is our and let's see you click on Let's click on chapter three takes Lister Chapter Fairy as we did I write. So that is pretty much an e book. Do you guys have questions about any of that? Any questions here from you guys first? Yeah. How do you insert the worksheets that you made? Same thing as I inserted the cover. All shall. I will go through the steps just to show you. Okay, so I'm gonna click on this page. Gonna goto file place. First, I need to save one of those worksheets. Okay, let's save this one file, say of work sheet sample. Then we'll go back. Teoh in design file. Place worksheet. Examples open and it loaded it and my cursor. So I'm just going Teoh. Place it like this and then you can move it and let's see. I wanna bring it up a little bit so they're centered. It's there. Let's preview it so that you don't see all of these guides. Screen mode preview And there's your worksheet. I would even want to bring this up a little bit more so that it's not right on. Tough it out, but that's how you would import it. So it's really easy. Anything you want to import, all you have to dio is go to file place and pull it in. And if you've saved it as any type of adobe file, you can put it in there. If you saved it as J. Paige, you can put it in there. Whatever you can insert when you write the work books, do you write each chapter as its own word file, or so that you can Then you know So, like, Chapter one is a word. Final Chapter two is the next word file. Yeah, So that then you could place those. Yep. Yeah, that's how I do it. Anybody else? Well, you're just a quick things to clarify here. We touched on this a little bit, but that pdf that you're exporting Are people able to edit that then in the the actual you know, in the digital files themselves, if they click on, like, unanswered, can they type it in, or will they have toe print it out and right in the answers? We had a few people who are curious you would have to print. So once you have exported that, you would have to printed out and type in the answers as faras that however there are different. There's an adobe product. Specifically, I don't use it, but there's an adobe product specifically that will help you turn any of those worksheets into things that you can go in and actually type into. So there is the You can do that, but you have to You have to do that. That's an extra step on. I think just one sort of comment to wrap this up is we talk a little bit before about pricing and how toe set a value for this. But I think going through this and seeing how you made this book, we had people Chai me and Jake had a question about the actual costs related to this. We can see what goes into this now, this step by step process in the time it takes that you need to need to reflect that when you set a price for a book like this. Yeah, Absolutely, Absolutely. And if you were including a lot of your own photos, your including a lot of illustrations, you put in a lot of work to that. And I think your target market will be able to see that when they see all of the illustrations, the photos. That's why I always share sample pages. So if you go to blacks were bell dot com and you check out in the navigation bar. If you click on, get my book and you scroll down the sales page, you're going to see some sample pages. And that's one of the reasons that I show that because people are going to see that it's not just your average book, there's so much more that has gone into it.

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