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Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

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Dream Customers: Connection & Emotions

April Bowles-Olin

Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

April Bowles-Olin

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Lesson Info

13. Dream Customers: Connection & Emotions

Lesson Info

Dream Customers: Connection & Emotions

Something that I often d'oh and I've done this with pretty much all of my clients I could do it and a lot of my courses in fact I did it in the blogging course that I taught here a creative live is interviewing your dream customer and the reason I do it is because it helps you think of this person in a very creative way and it doesn't feel like you're just writing a bio and feels kind of stiff infact you get toe have fun with it so what you're going to do is you're going to pretend that you're you're doing customer and answer the interview questions as if you're her and the interview questions aaron the workbook and what we're going to dio right now we're not gonna answer all of them cause there's fifty and that would take us the rest of the day probably we are going to just answer these one specifically right now what do you like most about yourself? What do you like least about yourself? Where do you work? How long have you worked there? How do you spend the majority of your work day...

and actually if you guys want to pair up for this one and kind of work through these questions together and if we can have a pair come up fanny jin wei have guys up there way have you guys up and talk through these questions with each other stand over here perfect because what would you say for questions one through three where do you work? How long have you worked there? How do you spend the majority of working if you're your ideal customer hard to figure out like like where they work, you're going to pretend that you're one person so that you're not the whole target market we're just pretending that we're just one person, so of course they're gonna work in los of different places so just knit so just pick one person in your mind and pretend that you're her where she works she's in advertising okay for ten years and she spends more majority today in meetings and in transit board and exhausted and she's just like craving like some space to explore and go a little bit deeper into her heart because her biggest her best attribute is her heart and her sense of humor and so she needs I want to serve those places in her and help her like connect marta where for giving generous heart and also to like bring one play and laughter and adventure into her perfect day. Perfect. Okay, so tell us a little bit more about your business and we will help you with one son look, my product is going to be from menu plenty for busy families who want to deal with the dinnertime dilemma and save my name groceries so unless you shave that she's a working mom and maybe she works at a bank all right that sounds okay all right maybe if she works maybe she works at somewhere like creative live or maybe she worked you know there are so many places that you could pick what sounds what what feels the best someone in the creative fields someone interpreted so maybe she's an artist okay so she worked herself as an artist okay and how long have you worked there so how long do you think that she's gonna working for herself as an artist five years kept perfect and how does she spend the majority of her work day um all of her art she stressed out about marketing if she stressed out about all the other things she has to dio to get her art out there I think she's stressed out like juggling family and work so there's guilt yeah yeah I'm tryingto take your family and then take care of work and then you know it's dinner time and they have to think about like getting dinner together family instead of going out tio okay that one is going to be perfect for what do you like least about your job that you feel that guilt all right and then six and seven what would you like least what do you like least about yourself what do you like most about yourself? I think it's a same thing just just having the struggle of time like just being more organized with their time so that you can get take care your family and also take care of worth uh just like by dinnertime that everything's organized like I know I'm going to cook and I have stephanie pantry to cook so that I don't have to like russian and freak out about it and not have one hundred kids waiting for me so she likes leave that she's unorganized right that it feels like everything is not planned and that she had to rush around and she likes that leased unorganized card like it feels like things are out of control maybe she likes how creative she is, how artistic she is thanks to cut family yeah, yeah, yeah what did you write for those for six and six and seven she likes least about herself is that she's letting her fear and just conventional like the world of convention overtake her own faith in need for creative expression? So she's kind of living according to other standards instead of her own? And then what she likes most about herself is I mentioned her big heart and her devotion to the people she loves and maybe sense of humor too, because there's something I don't know what it is about heart and humor from him, but that is something definitely with my customers and it seems like you know, your drink customer pretty well I guess you know, I've been struggling like crazy teo to really pinpoint it do you think that this will help you answering these questions yeah and maybe have a fear of commitment to one person you could do terrible over and over and over ok, so they don't just do it for one person I do this for multiple customers but when you were writing your your marketing for creative as you like, I thought about one world person for the one okay because you write your writing right you're writing yeah you right your copy in a way that speaks to all these different people but it sounds like it was written just for them that's what it does so if you try it, you're going to see how great it is and you're gonna love it and you're gonna feel like I could do this every time now all right, I'm gonna try it. All right, thank you, guy. So if you haven't finished you khun definitely work on this during the break as well. I hope that this is helping you see your dream customer kind of a more creative way and it makes it a little bit more fun what are we hearing from people online? Well, we have an example here from amanda sue who says that they're ideal customers mallory and mallory works in our home office she's been doing it with varying success for about two to four years the majority of her work is spent finding balance between her creative work and chasing her twin three year olds around nap time and rest time is a great crunch time for her as well after the kids go to bed she loves creating but she hates all of the admin stuff you picture all of that right now I picture someone in my mind so good I guess that's really the goal here right? You wanna have that visual so my creative disaster as an example here of a woman who left the traditional job to go back to school to get a degree in design that they could be an entrepreneur all right, I like it okay so continue to work through the questions when we break were pause and then you're going to see that you're starting to see this person in different ways that you didn't necessarily think about because some of the questions are just kind of quirky and fun and of course that's exactly what I said continue this during the wreck okay so turn to page thirty three of your workbook and we want to talk about how your product connects teo your customer what does your ideal customer want from your product? Why is she buying it? Get very specific specific as you possibly can why does she want? Why does she want your product? Why is she buying it? Why is it a desire of hers? For instance, for marketing for creative, my customers buying it? Because she wants marketing to be easy, she's just sick of having to go from place to place to place, to figure out how to get her work in front of the right people she's over it, she wants it all in one place. She wants it for an affordable price. She can't spend thousands of dollars on a course, and she wants this stuff figured out. So I know exactly why she's going to buy it, and this is going to speak to her when I use that on a sales page. Do you guys know why you want to share a couple? Did you want to share some sage grayson, st teresa and dot com? So my ideal customer, she wants control over her time? She also wants to feel that sense of accomplishment. She's actually keeping a promise to herself. She also wants the financial freedom so she can leave her day job all right? And so is there some shame when she doesn't keep a promise to herself? Yeah, these air definitely ladies who have been stalling on starting a business, and they have all these great goals and dreams they just fall into that like, excuse that? Well, I don't have the time, so they don't do it. And, you know, that kind of sucks definitely shame there and how do you conveyed to them that is it's worth the time? Because they don't need a lot of time? They don't need a huge chunk of time, they don't need to black out a whole weekend. I'm just talking to kate. We can do things in tiny, teeny tiny little baby steps every day, even just sixty seconds. You do a lot in sixty seconds, you can write down topics for three block post in sixty seconds. Can I sign up for mad mimi, your male chimp in sixty seconds? Because I did that, but they don't think about that. They think I have to complete this huge task all in one chunk, and you just don't. So anybody who's feeling completely overwhelmed should go to seed greasing right now because she can help you, chris, did you want to share something as well? Ok, I'm kris with a k and you can find me at with ikea writing dot com and I'm working the product I'm working on is basically a workbook and compilation of activities that folks who are writing can use to follow the writing process, so it's going to take the whole tour of writing and bring it down to that step by step thing, which is really aligned with what say just saying too to do small pieces you know, eat the elephant one bite at a time so you don't choke and die basically to put it away that my middle school boys students really thought was funny but so what? She really, really wants eyes to feel for writing to feel good because she knows she has a story to tell but she can't really trust that her muse of her creativity will be there every time she sits down to write because if you don't do it with the process it's kind of a crap shoot you sit down and sometimes it's there and it's beautiful and it works really well but it's scary to not know if it's going to show up when you d'oh so she wants to feel like she can trust it shaken like trust her creativity to color back all right and what happens when you sit down and it isn't there oh my gosh it's horrible it's because this was me I totally was this writer for a long time and my professor in an effective writing of course in university totally made me do it and I was like teoh right with an outline and creative you know, like I sat down and was like just like just to me on I can't put it in a box so this is that's who I'm talking teo and when you sit down in the magic is not there you feel like you're a big giant fraud and that when it happened it was a fluke and you had nothing to do with it and it's like that idea of this muse that has a personality and that decides whether or not it's going to show up and give you the thing it's not even yours so if you feel totally powerless and like a fried and stressed and unhappy it's bad you got all of that on your sales paige it's going to sal over and over and over ok doing it it's all right you're going to connect with the right people and when your ideal customer can tell that you care about her it means more than almost anything else you guys you brought that up about how feels like we care about people and I truly dio I want my audience to succeed more than anything else I get the happiest when I get an email from somebody who says I just got my first sale or I was able to pay for the down payment on my house through an e book and it's all because I took this course of yours that kind of thing that's where I get my inspiration and motivation to keep going especially on days when it's not just blowing you know, because we all have those days and so when your ideal customer knows that you care, the other stuff falls away when you make mistakes when you have something in a course that completely goes wrong if your if your audience knows that you care about them and that you're going to do everything you can to fix it and make it right, they're not gonna care that a mistake happened. The next workbook activity is on page thirty four you're gonna want to tap in to your ideal customers emotions imagine exactly what your dream customer feels, especially her pain points that you help resolve so I want you to think I want you to put yourself in your ideal customer shoes as much as you possibly can and get in her head and I want you to think about what she feels what are those emotions? What does she think? What are all those cruddy thoughts that she feels sometimes when I do this I like get really emotional and my eyes will tear up because I'm taking about thes pain points and how horrible it can feel when you put everything you possibly can into a creative business and it's just not working oh, I hate that I hate it so much but it helps me connect with my customer to know what she's going through to know how that feels and also what does she think about before during and after purchase your sales paige is going to want to target this what does she think about before she buys your product is she thinking oh I don't know if I should invest in this ah is this even gonna help me um uh sometimes even think am I worthy enough for this like I should be spending my money on my family or I should be spending money on something else is this something that I'm is it even worth it for me to be able to get this guilt there's guilt there sometimes sometimes there's extreme excitement and happiness I'm sure that there are those mixed feelings I'm sure that some of you when you were thinking about coming here there was the terror and uh I don't know if if I can swing this and I don't know if this is the right thing and and then there was also the excitement and I want to be there and this sounds really fun right I know that so many of you guys felt that so you want your sales page to target these things and of course we're gonna have a hot seat here sage come on up tell me what your customer feels I want to know all right so out what we just talked about is er yeah she's feeling a lot of shame not keeping a promise to herself for having a dream and and letting it die inside of her that really hurts she's also feeling very trapped in her current situation which is most likely a day job that's it pays the bills kinda but there's no ship having so many of us been there I have yeah, but there's not extra money for I don't know vacations or anthropology closed or just some of these other things that she wants to dio she just feels very trapped she's gotta stay there pay the bills on dh just doesn't feel like she has any time, especially when she comes home and she's exhausted and she's just collapses under the couch and orders takeout and she's like, well, maybe I'll start a business next week. Yeah, yeah, so a lot of frustration, a lot of guilt, a lot of overwhelm, a lot of I suck kind of feelings just trying to keep her head above water, but you can't think about the things that she really wants. All right, so what does she think about before, during and after purchase? Okay, so before she purchases from me she's thinking, I don't have time for this even though it's it's a time management night she's thinking it's never gonna work or I've tried this before and I'm gonna fail again um, or it sounds too good to be true, mum you have testimonials that show that it's not too good to be true I got tons of testimony alright perfect because I mean this is what I done with my one on one clients but now I'm making it a self paced uh digital guide that anyone khun dio if they they don't have time to get on the phone with me or get on skype with me for an hour or that were the money for that to which this woman doesn't invest your money for that um after purchase she okay well during purchases like shaking and clicks the button yeah um I don't know if it's scary to finally say like well I'm going to invest in myself and and do something tio reach this goal she might even in put her payment information and then leave and then come and put it in again and then click out of it and then put it in again and then finally make the purchase yeah yeah actually that happens a lot because I can you know this but I can see people coming in and I feel like people are clicking the link in the email again and again and again yeah yeah it happens I've even written about this on one of my sales page it was foreign individual consulting package and I said here's what happens when you buy and first up this second septus I forget what stuff it was but let's say step six you input your credit card information and then you click out of the box and then you leave and go take a walk and then you sleep on it and then you put your credit card information and again and then you freak out and then you leave and then you put it and again he finally purchased and you think what the heck did I just do and hey, so yeah uh okay, so after purchase she's got that high for for a second and then it kind of like the enormity of it like crashes down on her like I just spent money on this and I'm really gonna have time to do this. I know it's for time management, but can I do it and that's why I am going to set it up so it sends them the digital guy immediately I don't want them like waiting for me to send it to them I don't want them waiting for a start date for our course I need it in their hands right away and that the whole first part is going to be, um reassuring them you made the right choice I'm here to help you it's going to be okay? Yes, exactly I was that's exactly what I was going to ask is how do you comfort them right after they've made that purchase and they're feeling the exact same way I think a lot of purchases. You think at the same time, once you purchase, you feel a little bit of almost regret or should have spent my money on that are. I don't know if this is right, or if it's going to be exactly what I imagine it to be. And then there's also the excitement of it and those things combined. You want to make sure that once your customer purchases, you are giving her a reason to stay excited about whatever it is. All right, awesome, big you.

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Are you ready to make your creative work more lucrative, stable, and sustainable in the long-term? Join April Bowles-Olin for an introduction to digital products and how they can enhance your creative business.

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