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Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

Lesson 4 of 23

Picking the Right Products to Sell

April Bowles-Olin

Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

April Bowles-Olin

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4. Picking the Right Products to Sell
What can you offer that makes sense for your brand? Learn how to create a digital product that fits your business.

Lesson Info

Picking the Right Products to Sell

This one, we're going to pick the right products to develop and sell, and I know some so many people struggle with this one. What do I offer? What's going to work with my business? Do I have anything that's going to work with my business so room and dig into that? I'm gonna give you examples of digital and information products probably more than you would ever want to know. We're going to brainstorm ideas for digital and information products that will fit into your brand in business. I'm going to talk about how I choose products and services to offer, and you were going to choose a product that you're going to work with for the rest of the course don't get scared about that, not scary it's okay? And what we're going to do with that product is you are going to then plan the logistics for it. You are going to play in the marketing and the launch, and you're gonna outline the sales paid for it so that you basically have everything you need when you are done. Teo, get this digital product ...

launched selling ready to go and if it ends up not being the one that you want to offer right away because you have to pick one and you feel pressure to bhagwan, then it's ok, you can go back through this stuff and do it again with another product and then you have all this work for when you do want teo launch that specific product, so don't feel pressure because you have to pick a product, but but you do have to pick one, okay, so let's, talk about some examples we have got so many. There are e books. There are workbooks like this one. I mean, I could I could literally just create something like this and sell it, and that would be a product. There are worksheet you khun sell if you just want to put together a group of worksheets for somebody you khun sell those planner's membership program bombings is an example of that, where she sells recipes and clip our illustrator tutorials and tips on improving your handmade business, and she offer so much within that membership program. Or you could do something really specific. Like let's say you're a cook, you could send out one recipe every week you could do a video recipe could do a written recipe with beautiful photos just depends on your strength and what you want offer they're online courses like this son this is an example like we're making it once and then people are going to buy it over and over and over email subscription so people sign up and receive emails on a regular basis I have a product like this and it is three hundred sixty five writing and blogging prompt and what you dio is all you have to do is input your name and email and then you start to get those prompts right away and you get one every day and that's one of my products it's forty seven dollars I made it once and it sells over and over and over again e I brought that product from you totally transformed by blogged because every day I was getting a new prompt so I was like prompted to write every day it was fantastic you can offer video tutorials you can create aps that's something that you create once and tell over and over and over again interviews let's say you want to put together a line up of interviews with some sort of line up of experts in a specific niche then you could offer access to that I have done that before and sold that over and over and over again music your musician there are so many people looking for music to add to their videos toe ad tio their podcast toe ad tio everything that they're putting online that's an option desktop backgrounds that something that you can make once and cell over and over again clip art this is a great one for illustrators for artists you can make watercolor clip art angie makes has some really beautiful watercolor clip are in case you are looking for some for something of yours repeating patterns scrapbooking paper prince and I have had some examples I want to show you guys left because the really pretty okay this is a print from bombing christine that she gave me to show you guys something that she designed then this is a card that she designed and you just fold it in half like that but she sells a print it off and then you would cut it down the line so that that white space was gone but that's something that if you're an illustrator you can easily sell digital cards then let's show these planners my planners these air two pages from them aren't they so pretty? Aren't they so fun daily to do planner and look today I'm feeling happy sad, excited, runny, angry like this is my wrapped up and up in principle it's she's fantastic and then one page products plan phoebe they're not like normal planners just an example and then jessica from miniature rhino I talked about her embroidery patterns this is something that you would get if you paid for her patterns these air download and there are many pages of them but they look pretty much the same, so this is something that you could offer if you are an embroidery artist, this is an example of something like that, and then I have one more print, and this is by ashley from principal wisdom, isn't she lovely isn't pretty. So these air off and this this is the person that built her reasons while she was at medical school, so there are so many options, these air just from the people that I interviewed, I wanted to share some of their products that they sell with you guys. Then we've got stationery, all different types of stationary bookmarks myself, bookmarks in her at the shop, and they are adorable recipe cards, gift tags, gift tags are really popular, especially near the holidays, my cell's a ton of gift card to get a ton of gift tags, and you're the holidays, and she usually designs the new batch each holiday season cards, labels like shipping labels or labels for your canisters and your kitchen or labels for anything knitting patterns, sewing patterns, embroidery patterns, photos so if you're a photographer, you can sell your photos in a way that you don't have to ship them to people, so they buy them and they're able to print them themselves or you sell your photos in a way that people can then use them in their products so I'm there blog's or in their e books all of that kind of good stuff webgraphics and elements website beans, photoshopped brush set fonts templates there are so many options these are just the ones that I thought up when I was putting this list together but it's a faras your imagination can take you basically I have a question about how to reconcile because I think sometimes it's hard when you're a creative to kind of think about other people maybe not having a certain skill or whatever so it's kind of like there's so many a people who give things away and then and so it's kind of like how do you remember that? What you have is worth something or how do you convince somebody else that you're paid thing is worth what they can get for free over here? Okay that's a great question and also before you put the mike down I want everybody when you are asking a question or just saying something say your name in your business so that we know where to find you online should I do that? Yeah do it now we want to know more I'm jennifer from jan and company and you can find me a genin company dot com wonderful, thank you very much for that yes, so there is that element of people give away so much stuff for free, but people buy from you because it's you because it's your brand it's, your style for instance, people by my gift tags because it's her brand it's her designs it's her style she's a very specific signature style for her stuff and that's why people buy it even though they can get lots of free gift tags all over the place, she still is able to sell those and people want them and will pay for them because it's her offering them so it's about building a loyal customer base who wants what you have to offer so there's tons of competition out there. But when you build, when you build a loyal customer base that becomes almost like auto buys for you, you put something out. You're a loyal customer base is going to buy it pretty much no matter what it is unless it's something that is for a different target market. I have a specific group of people that pretty much no matter what I put out, I know they're going to purchase and I have had people say to me, I don't care what it is, I don't care if you're putting out a guide to the moon, if you put something out, I'm going to buy it because I love your work in particular, and so just like, for instance, there are so many other business coaches, business consultants, people that teach the stuff, so why do certain people want to work with me? I think it's because they connect with me and my style of teaching, right? But it's, no matter what you offer, is that so? Don't let the freebies for gap in your work book on page nine, so you haven't our cpr gps, so you get that workbook on page nine, we are going to talk about pinpoint this is the first step in deciding what you want your digital product to be that we're gonna work on. So here's an example, pain points. I don't know how to create backgrounds for my mixed media paintings, or I have a really hard time with it, or the layers seem to just get really muddy, and I don't know how to make them look really nice, another pain point have a really hard time getting past the blank white canvas, so there are lots of artists with that paint those pain points answer juliet cranes, backgrounds and layers course she was une course just on that kind of thing and so it's specific to people who have those kinds of issues and want more help in those specific areas. Another pain points creatives who said hate marketing? I don't know how many times I've heard that I had a dime or a nickel for every time I would be a millionaire. I hate marketing I don't know how to apply traditional marketing techniques to my handmade business that happens a lot is this going to work for me? I understand that it worked for people who teach business kind of stuff, but is it gonna work for me? I wish I could find everything I need to know about marketing in one place I'm sick of hunting for everything, and what I created for those pain points is marketing procreative. It is a digital book that is written specifically for maker's an artist because I kept having people come to me saying I need help with marketing, and I don't feel like I'm getting it in the way that I need it from all these other places because not targeted toe artists and makers. And so I created that a couple of questions come upon marketing while we're on it just want to get your take on, and maybe they just need to go check out that resource, but we had a question from holland we had a couple of people voting on this, and they just said that it seems like once you develop your digital product, it's, the marketing that takes the most time is that true and how much time do you actively spend marketing your products especially when you first introduced them to the world? You absolutely have to spend time on marketing you can't put it out there and then just hope that people will find him however the good news is that in the marketing section we're going to cover weighs but you can set up pieces of your marketing that it's just going to work for you over and over again so you're not recreating the wheel over and over and over you are going to have to continue to market it and we'll talk about that and how you khun do it in a manageable way but I'm going to give you specific steps to setting up stuff that you're not gonna have to just do over and over again it it relates to your email newsletter alright so stay tuned for that seems like a lot of people are interested in learning the marketing so they'll stick around we'll tell him later all right perfect that's the marketing is in the very last segment session too okay so in your workbook I want you to write down what are your customers pain points what problems can you solve for them and no matter what business you have there are pain points so I will have people in the handmade community say to me well I don't have pain points my customers don't fifteen points. Well, what do you sell high, so knitting and I want to salve knitting patterns? The pain point is people who don't know how to knit, and they want to learn how to net, or they're frustrated with knitting patterns that they can't read and they can't follow and that are too difficult for them or, on the other hand, they keep finding all of these knitting patterns that air for beginners, and they want something that's more advanced depends on what you want offer, but their pain points for everything. No matter what kind of business you have in digital products, you offer questions coming up about how to narrow down those pain points. This question came from kisses and chaos love that screen name, but we also have nine other people voting on this, so the chat room really wants to know, but from this example, they say that my readers are quiet there, introverts like me, and they don't ask those questions. So what if your readers aren't asking the questions that you need to know in order to find their pain points? How do you get those pain points out of them? One of the ways is to talk to them, and if you're talking to people one on one, they're more likely teo open up to you and instead of sharing in a larger setting so if they're really introverted and really nervous about leaving blawg comments or something like that, talking to people one on one, I would say, would be one of the best ways to do that. You can send out a survey where people are it's not going to be public, so they feel like they can answer the questions and nobody else is going to see them. But I have found that I have a lot of interests who are in my target market, who who's an introvert in here, okay? And all of these interviews, burt came to this course, knowing that they're going to be on camera in front of lots and lots and lots of people, ray, and so you can get them to come. You can get them to open up, you can get them to tell you what, what they need, create a welcoming environment, don't make them feel comfortable, let them know we're going to take care of them, and you will get people that are opening up right into her. All right? So we're going to move on to a product brainstorm, and this is where you're going teo list all of the digital and information products you can think of that you might want to sell, just list anything that comes to mind, I don't want you, teo not put things down because you think, oh that's not a good idea or your inner critic thinks that will never sell just list everything you can come up with don't worry about whether or not you're going teo actually use it. A lot of this stuff will probably get crossed off and that's okay it's totally fine and that's totally normal. I have brainstorm so many products that have not seen the light of day that's when you come up with the gems and this isn't something that you will be able to do in just a couple of minutes. So I suggest that you continue to do this always mean whenever you have a new product idea, add it to your list because you never know, even if it seems like way out there that you wouldn't be doing that now you never know if a year from now that's going to be the right thing for you. One of the things to think about is what would be easy for you to create and put out in the world, especially if you're new to digital products. What would be easy for you to create and get out there and have people say to me, well, the easy stuff for people going to actually want that that is not going to be good enough and often it's easy for you but it's not easy for other people and so they do want itjust seems easy because you're really good at it it's one of your strength, it can give you a boost of confidence to create something that's easy as well because you're able to do it quicker than you would something that is harder for you and so you get that first product done and you feel like, yes, I can do this, I know that I didn't do that, but sometimes you know, I'm really happy that I started out with a group coaching course, but if I had a given myself a little bit of leeway to do something easier, I could have put something out much sooner than what I did I had that perfectionist mindset, you know has to be the perfect product and I have to put it out when I'm ready and I should have done that. So what? I want to hear about some things that are on your left sure just shot out a few of them. Um well, I'm kris with a k I'm arriving coach and I do a lot of copy writing for women in business and so a lot of my digital most of a teacher, my background is in teaching writing too, so a lot of my principles on my blog's at with a k writing dot com have to do with helping people to write because it's super heart and a lot of people jump into writing assuming that it's going to be perfect immediately and it's going to feel like magic and it's really not zaki experience because they want too much from themselves and they want it all at once so my whole thing is about eating an elephant one bite at a time instead of one and so a lot of my products would have to do with breaking it up into steps and giving people activities and worksheets I have a lot of principles and then applying that later to specific marketing materials and then having like a block bundle having a website bundle having a boy look that I'm actually writing just sort of book of essays that I'm writing about my life as a digital entrepreneur creative madwoman and uh yeah so everything I want to write all of it okay, let me ask you something because I know a little bit about the background of your business and chris is an amazing writer you really you guys if you don't already know that her you should check out for one night yeah I'm making your you blush right yeah so what why haven't you put some of those things out yet what's going on? I don't know I'm trying to figure it out I think that there's a probably handful of reasons one is that I have so many things and I feel like building this body of work and I'm doing exactly what I tell people not to dio I'm I'm in the beginning it seriously the beginning of all the workshops they tell everybody do as I say, not as I do look at my website and don't do that do something different because I don't do the things that I know I'm supposed to do and I think that part of it is because I wanted to come out fully formed and it's like it doesn't work that way and I know it doesn't work that way, but I have this weird double standard for myself I think that that's a big part of it yeah, so will you pick one product by the end of the segment? Yes and work on it and get it out there. Can you do it? You narrow it down? Yeah, can we expect something from you? Because I know you're working on a lot of stuff. I want teo cia product okay, you do it. You guys see who's been on chris's website before? How amazing of a writer she yeah, we want a product from way want to give you money. We want a way to get the money and get your stuff absolutely yeah, okay, I'm going to do it so I'm gonna help you narrow down from those things and pick something throughout the rest of the segment you're going to have lots of things that are going to help you narrow that down and be able to pick one thing toe work on, okay? Okay, just really good to that, chris is she was telling me the other night that because she doesn't put those offerings out there that she actually has people contact her and ask what it is that they could be buying is there like, I don't see anything but I really wanted and I don't know what it is. So can you just tell me you know, from and she tended she's one of my favorite clients at this point, I just love her to pieces and she sent me an email and said, I don't really know what you d'oh but can you do that for me? Okay? Because she just liked yes, you just like the site. So yeah, I have to do a better job of doing what I tell people to do. Well when we fall in love with a brand and we love it so much, we want teo one, we want to be a part of it, right? We want to buy into it. We want to support the person that we really like and get so much from, and you provide a ton of value, and what happens is when you provide a lot of value to people they want to give something in return there is that innate thing in us that makes us want to give in return so I'm sure there are plenty of people that just haven't e mailed you that are thinking she would come up with a product so that I can purchase it all right nowhere pressure pressure is anybody online sharing things that they are brainstorming that they want teo create yeah we have people who are looking to create all sorts of different products when we have people who want to classes tutorials video segments we have greeting cards people who want to do planning worksheets even mobile you I asset so we've had people all over the map in the chat room about what they want to create so it's good to get all the different feedback from all of our global audience they have different things that they want to share that's exciting and connect with each other in the chat room if you see something if you see somebody who wants to do something similar connect with that person because those things those connections could do so much for your business I cannot emphasize but enough so would you start to narrow things down if you're looking at your list now I want you teo think about these questions why do you want to make it are you really excited about it? Why do you want to make it? Does it already exist if so, how are you going to make a difference? And a lot of times, this is just about injecting you into whatever the product is. Injecting your design style, injecting your personality, injecting more of you into whatever it is, and if not, if it doesn't exist. Why not? Because that can not always, but it can be a warning sign that people aren't willing to pay for it, because it's not working within other businesses. It's, not always a worrying sign, but if you are thinking about creating something, and you've never seen anything close to like it, then I would start to feel out your audience and see what they think. Because it might be the most brilliant thing ever, and everybody wants. It usually goes one way or the other.

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Are you ready to make your creative work more lucrative, stable, and sustainable in the long-term? Join April Bowles-Olin for an introduction to digital products and how they can enhance your creative business.

This course will show you how to produce and position viable products for generating multiple revenue streams and passive income. You’ll pick a product that complements the creative work you do – from ebooks to patterns to digital downloads – outline a sales page for it, and develop a plan to market it to potential customers. You’ll design systems for managing the day-to-day process of running your business, while planning a response to both failure and success. You’ll also learn essential techniques for continually marketing your online products and launching new offerings successfully.

You’ll leave this course with the ability to – literally! – sell your digital products in your sleep.

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