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Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

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What You're Made to Sell

April Bowles-Olin

Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep

April Bowles-Olin

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5. What You're Made to Sell

Lesson Info

What You're Made to Sell

If you can turn teo page twelve in your workbooks we're going to talk about what you're made to sell what do you want to be known for what mark do you want to leave on the world? So in the grand scheme of things, what would you like to be known for don't even don't even think about your list of digital products right now just think about what you would like people to say about you what you d'oh what you offer who you serve, how you help people, what are the main things you would want to be known for and this could be like a big picture thing this could be something that might not happen for a couple of years five years whatever and what mark do you want to leave on the world? I think these air fun questions to answer I hope you guys like answering them too good you thinking about even more products that you could possibly offer because you're thinking about okay I want to be known for this these are products that can help me get there and you can also look at your list and see what ali...

gns with us and what doesn't align with it helps you just start to narrow down just a bit I know for myself that I want to be known for helping creative entrepreneurs build amazing, successful businesses around the lives that they want to live and when I am choosing what to do next, I want to make sure that it aligns with that that goal of what I want people to say about me, who wants to share what they want to be known for. So I'm keeping these daily, and I have a block called the artist j d it's, the artist jd dot com and I want to teach creative entrepreneurs that the law doesn't have to be scary, that it can be very conversational and teo, that it's a very important part of the foundation of your creative business. Can you tell us how you're already doing that? So I'm doing it right now through a lot of education. So there's a block post every monday that I talk about, you know, sometimes more business related things but also breaking down. I just did a siri's about your website, so creating a terms of service and the privacy policy and disclaimers for your website so breaking down the law aspect of it, but also relating that to your creative business and tell us where everyone confined you online. So I'm the artist jd dot com and I have a unique name, I'm kiffen east daily, so I'm at tiffany's daily on all social media, okay? Because I'm sure there are so many people watching their thinking I need help with all of illegal stuff and I hate the legal stuff so if you're going to make it not scary and fun I need to know where you're at I bet there are people watching thinking that right now if I wasn't married to a lawyer yeah yeah even though he doesn't make the law that much fun so hee I love you jennifer block teach good stuff dot com and I help people create meaningful courses and one of the things that I really want to be known for is caring about the individuals course and what they're actually doing I really love getting in one on one with people I like giving personal feedback when courses and I know looking at my competition a lot of them have larger courses where they have hundreds of people and I really want to be that person on the end of the email or who can be reached and can give personal feedback on what they're doing because I as a teacher when I was in the classroom I really valued that I value the interaction with students I value you know seeing people go from nothing teo having something creating something so that's what I really really value so I'm looking at my products like look and I d'oh had an idea what I want to dio but you know, giving those questions that might I changed my mind, so what? Is there anything in your product list that kind of lines up with that? I was thinking about a webinar three day live webinar because that not only gets me one on one with people in a small setting but also tailors to me teaching and I love to teach versus maybe in the course I'm not doing as much teachings. I've done all the videos behind the scenes and I've put those up so that's kind of where I'm torn between having a live course or versus having a webinar where I work with people, I'm not sure it will be over the three day weekend or maybe it will be three weeks back to back, but I'm still trying to work that out, so what I would say for that in particular is if you want to be able to use it and sell it over and over and over again is to record it. And so for anyone who can't be there live because I'm sure you're gonna have people who are on vacation or working or they live on the other side of the world and they just can't be a part of it, so I would I would offer it live, and then so many people learn from the examples that other people share, so people who are watching online are gonna learn so much just from all of you even though they're not here and of course, I want you to share to in the chat room, but they're gonna learn so much from you guys and especially people who re watch this even though they're not, they're alive, they still get that, so if you want to sell it, if you want to make it into something that could be sold over and over, exactly yeah recorded, I didn't screen flow. Hi, my name is kimberly peterson, and I'm launching a performing arts school down in los angeles called citizen workshops and that you can find us online at citizen workshops dot com, so to go along with what imprint do we want to leave on the world? I would love to help people access more joy in their lives through the performing arts. Eso, whether you're a professional performer or you're somebody who hasn't performed since elementary school choir there's ways that it can bring so much joy, and I want to help people find that on dh, kind of similar to what jennifer was saying in looking at ideas, trying to decide how exactly to package them and which medium. So when I think about what easiest to put online, I'm like, oh, I could write a pdf super easy about steps to dio to write your very first song, you know where to start things to dio but is that as appealing as maybe doing some videos doing me and then I'm like, oh gosh, technically I don't know how to do that, but what's easiest might be me just writing, but I'm not sure that that's most appealing and so how do you decide between different mediums when you're putting a digital product out there? Okay, so this is what you do you do the pdf first you get that out there, you get that selling and then you make the more advanced version and they're two different target markets because the first market they've just want that product to go threw themselves on the second market is going to want more handholding and so there are two different markets they're not going to compete with each other that way you can get something out soon and then also that'll help you fund anything that you need thio maybe purchase in order to do the second product. Okay, thank you, uco anybody else wanna share? Jane? I have two obsessions. Number one most important one is busting through shame and the other one is organizing and especially for creative and quirky people. Uh, so and I'm also fascinated by a relationship with stuff and how gets in the way, which is the same thing as shame, but my favorite thing to do is one on one but I also into the person's home just really change our lives, but I also love to create things that are beautiful in court key words that help, you know, kind of exposed shame and just going they come, I got I have never thought of it that way and so something that sparks oh memories own not just inspiration because to me you can only go so far but the annulment of that yeah okay, so the first thing that comes to mind is that even though they're separate, I think so many people who are unorganized feel shame and so there is a way to build something into that that product that also talks so that I know my mother in law's watching right now she's a very creative person I mean, oh my goodness, the things that she creates are amazing however, when she does it, her whole house becomes unorganized and she'll say like, don't go in that room don't no don't go in that room so it's so funny but there there and there is that piece of I don't want you to see that because it's not organized and so I think that there is a way that you can also combine those into one thing so that you are doing something that feels focused but that you're combining different things that you really love right? This could be practical to you a couple in the chat room before we move on, amanda sue says, I want to be known for being an expert on creativity, how it works, how to increase it, etcetera. I want to know as an expert on authentically quirky entrepreneurship, I love the way she wanted that slippery says my challenges, I want to be known for something completely different from the digital products I'm creating because I'm creating these products, mohr as a consistent revenue stream, so I have time to do the stuff that I want to be known for. Finally, a girl named michael says, I want to be known as somebody who helped others tell their authentic story through art, design images and words, or by connecting with original artworks. The second who was the second for century. Okay, slippery, I would wonder why they have to be so separate I would I would have to know more, obviously, but I would wonder why the digital products can't be an addition. Teo the other work? I don't know your business. Yeah, maybe they came in. I have some ideas through the course of the next couple days. Yeah, so continuing with what you're made to sell, there is a paving your workbook where you can write down your skill, set your experience, your education, your strengths, your values and just write down what first comes to mind and this is something again that you can continue to build on that you're not expected teoh right your entire resume right now and who likes writing resume don't make this a resume make it fun just writes out just make it fine don't get don't get uptight about it write down whatever comes to mind and if you don't have something to go on one of these areas for instance education let's say you are a knitter and you're self taught well that's your education you taught yourself having it you don't have to worry I didn't take the course for this or I didn't go to school for this or whatever you know I help people with their businesses but I went to school for social work so there's the helping aspect but I didn't get my mba so it's okay if everything doesn't line up perfectly, I promise and then we have some more questions about what you're made to sell first who do you currently sell? Teo so who's your current target market? Who read your blawg? Who follows you on social media? Who is on your email newsletter? You have an email newsletter, right? If not, we're going to get you an email newsletter that's going to happen if you don't have any male newsletter, I want you to take your note card and on the action sudden right start an email newsletter this is going to help your business more than anything else it's going to move you forward more than anything else you could possibly do it promise you and then who do enjoy working less so I'm sure you've had some customer experiences that weren't fantastic who do you really love to work with? What are their personality traits? What makes them so fun to work with who do you want to serve? So we're asking similar questions in different ways to help you come up with more answers and what type of people get you you know what I mean? Like sometimes people just don't get us they're just not the right fit for us but what type of people really get you? I know sometimes when I am my husband's gonna kill me when I'm with my husband and were around a bunch of lawyers and they're asking me about what I do and I'm trying to explain to them they're looking at me like, um that sounds cool so I don't feel like sometimes they get me so who get feel who asks you questions who do you get e mails from who asked two questions on social media who wants to know more one of your personality traits their characteristics what's similar about all of these people and who appreciate your skill set? You know those people who look at what you have made online and they're like I could make that those are not the people that appreciate your skills that you know those people that pin your stuff and they're like oh, this is so easy to make who does that? They don't appreciate your civil set those aren't your people and it's okay you're going tohave people that don't get you that you're not the right fit for if you don't have those people then you're not branded enough and what's your tag line what's your current tagline for business if you don't have one it's okay some businesses don't have them but if you do have one, jot it down my tagline is turning your creative dreams into reality so that's something that I think about when I am deciding on my next product isn't helping people turn their creative dreams into a reality what do you currently sell must you were trying to make a come please shift from your business that you have now you wantto pick things that work with your current brand what you currently sell what you currently offer and if you don't sell anything yet that's totally fine too and what your branding based on the values the truth this is something that we're in a dive really deep into in the next course on making your creative business uniquely irresistible but I want you to start thinking about that now for this particular product so those are a lot of questions, right? Did I overload you with questions? But I'm hoping that it's helping you kind of narrow down what's the right product for you. Because when you look at your answers to those questions, you can see what's a better fit for right now. So go back to the list that you started and circle the ideas that align with your background, who you want to work with in your brand. So all the ideas that align with those things circle them, but a big giant circle around them. They align with your dream customers. They align with your skill set in your background. They line with your current brand, what you currently offer. D'oh, that's, good that's, good that's. Totally fine. Sometimes they don't. And then I want you to star the ideas that align with your business goals. So those three goals that you wrote down a while back think about which one's the line what which ideas are going to get you closer to those goals? Because we want to pick products that are going to get you closer to your dream business. You don't want to pick products that are going teo completely go against with whatever it is that your goal is for the next six months to a year. You know, if that is working a lot less hours and not working with people one on one, then you might not want to offer alive course where you for a bonus, is individual consulting and where you do live call of every week. So you want to make sure that that's duffel lines so does that help you narrow down some of your choices? Those questions in the circles and the stars? Yes, yes, chris, wait, great thing about having so many ideas. Okay, the bad thing is that you've got so many ideas. How do you pick? The good thing is, is that you can keep doing those things. You just have to pick one for now, and then you can create something else, and then the next thing and then the next thing. So you're not one of those people that gets stuck, that doesn't have any ideas, and there are people like that, too. So you've got the opposite problem. We're going to try to figure that out.

Class Description

Are you ready to make your creative work more lucrative, stable, and sustainable in the long-term? Join April Bowles-Olin for an introduction to digital products and how they can enhance your creative business.

This course will show you how to produce and position viable products for generating multiple revenue streams and passive income. You’ll pick a product that complements the creative work you do – from ebooks to patterns to digital downloads – outline a sales page for it, and develop a plan to market it to potential customers. You’ll design systems for managing the day-to-day process of running your business, while planning a response to both failure and success. You’ll also learn essential techniques for continually marketing your online products and launching new offerings successfully.

You’ll leave this course with the ability to – literally! – sell your digital products in your sleep.

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