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Creating Atmospheric Effects

Lesson 5 from: Creating a Cinematic Campaign with Special Effects

Lisa Carney

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Lesson Info

5. Creating Atmospheric Effects

Lesson Info

Creating Atmospheric Effects

And now we're gonna move on to atmospheric effects. Here we go. All right, so what happens if you have an image like this, like Wolverine. And you need add some fog, or rain, or that kind of look to it. With rain, you can do a couple different things. Rain and fog, you can paint the fog and I have a brush for you available in the bonus materials. With rain you can either do stock shot of rain or you can do filters. Let me show you. We'll put my little cheat sheet away. If anyone wants that cheat sheet, I'll get it for them, by the way. Alright, so here you go. How do you do fog? You do fog with a brush. It's the easiest little thing. I have a blank layer, and I'm gonna go to my brushes. Now, what kind of brushes? You wanna have, I happen to have a dust brush, that I've made. It's called dust. And I'm gonna make it big and fat. I'm gonna pick the color white. And it's so gentle. Do you see how slow it's building up? It's nothing. Now this brush, let me see if I can really jang it up. Ja...

ng, it is a professional term. Just so you can see what it's doing. It's doing that, but do you see that variation in it? This brush comes with the class. If you want it, it comes with the class. So that's the best way to do, it's just paint. It's not anything. Now with Kyle's brushes that are available in Photoshop. He's got some brushes that are really cool. If you look in his concept folder. And you can also do it with a straight brush. It's not quite as cool. Lets see if I can find a straight brush. Here's a straight brush. So again, this is straight, regular, out of the can, Photoshop brush, set at a low opacity. Do you guys know if you hit the number keys, I just went from 100 opacity to by hitting my number keys. You can do the same thing. It ain't as pretty, but you can do the same thing. So you don't have to buy anything. But it's just about adding fog and that kinda thing. So, two takeaways from that, you can either just paint it with a straight brush, or you can paint it with a dust brush. Let's talk about rain. Alright, I kinda color corrected him, because I wanted it dark and moody. You can 100%, buy a stock shot, 100%, buy a stock shot and stick it in. Can you guys see that? Hopefully, yeah. It's on screen mode. At 14% opacity. You can buy stock shots fairly inexpensively from Adobe Stock and there's some other agencies. I think Shutterstock isn't to bad. But, what if you don't wanna buy it? What if you want just a filter? Let's do the filter. I'm gonna delete this and make a new filter. Filter, rain. You wanna make sure you have white as your foreground color. Filter, render, it doesn't say rain, but fibers are rain. And I happen to like this set up. Which happens to be four and 10. For this particular file size. This will change based on your file size. (gasps loudly) Oh, Alright, it's a little heavy handed here. What if I command+T and I transform it. Holding the, don't hold the shift key, hold the shift key, God I hate that. Do you guys hate that too? I'm holding the shift key. Maybe I wanna warp it. Actually maybe warps not the best idea. Maybe I should just skew. That might be a little more realistic. There's some rain. That didn't cost anything. If you change those variations, you'll get different amount of rain. Please remember you've got to have white as your foreground color. Oooh someones writing, I know it's good when they write. All right, let me show you the other way. I'm gonna have black as my foreground color. Because if forgot, lets say. Fibers. What? Wow that was my computer totally glitching out there. Aww baby you've been so good. Come on now. So, do you see it now? That's with black as your foreground color. Oh my god. My life's over. I ruined it. Nah, command+I. Your life's not over. Just flip it. You guys that was the same code. It was the exact same code. I didn't re-plug it in. It did a completely different variation. Every time it's a little different. That's the good news and the bad news. So that's two atmosphere You've got painting fog with a brush or painting with regular. And you've got rain. Either with stock, just remember, put it on screen. And then he's all wet.

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Watching Lisa work her creative magic is so fun! This was such an incredible class, I can't wait to watch it over and over again while I practice using the tools and techniques that are covered. It's enough to make me want to move away from portrait work and into creative commercial art. Such an awesome class!


Lisa is a great teacher! She does move quickly, but I have found her instruction to be very precise, and focus. So I think the time she spends on each topic is very efficient, and thoroughly covered. I love her teaching style. Thank for for another great course Lisa!


There are so many ways to accomplish the same thing in Photoshop. But I always love to learn new ways. This is a great class if you are already comfortable with Photoshop. It is not a beginner class.

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