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Creating a Realistic HDR Photo

Serge Ramelli

Creating a Realistic HDR Photo

Serge Ramelli

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Class Description

Join Serge Ramelli as he shows how to get the entire dynamic range of a photo without an HDR look that is overly popular or hated. Serge will show how to use Adobe® Photoshop® simple layers to blend different exposures and get the best out of each image. He'll walk through the new HDR function in camera or Adobe® Lightroom® to blend all 3 exposures as well as Aurora HDR, a great software to make successful HDR images.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017, Adobe Lightroom CC 2015

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Dean Salman

This was a good course if you want to know how to improve your photos using post processing features in software. He does show you how to combine a HDR but that is all. Very little how to take the HDR photos and what to look for in the photos when taking them. There was only about 10% HDR. The tips on how to bring a photo to life was good, but I was hoping that the HDR was more covered since that is what it was about. So I recommend it only because of there is good information on post process, not about HDR.

renee Akana

This is not a beginner's class. It's not an automated process where the program spits something out, but it's a great approach to using photoshop to give you a fabulously realistic approach and his personality is A-okay... I enjoyed listening to him and seeing things I didn't think to do when I was working in photoshop hdr. Photomatix, Nik, et al, can spit something out, but in Photoshop, you have more control with the outcome and it will be more realistic.