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Bride with Dress

Lesson 9 from: Creating a Successful Wedding Photography Business


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9. Bride with Dress


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Lesson Info

Bride with Dress

(upbeat music) Okay, that's great, stay there. Okay, just stop me. Okay, let's go. Stop. Okay, Danny you are too far apart. Okay, the light is beautiful on your face but I want to get Mom also. Holding it lower, yeah, that's it. Walking away over there, that's it. Stop. Stop. Beautiful, Perfect. That was beautiful. It was good shot, Danny. Two hands. No complaining. I'm going to give you hard time today, you know that don't you. Look towards the window, that's it. Can you puffy that it is beautiful, Danny. It is gorgeous. That's it, chin up. Yeah, that's it. And, nice, stay there. Look, look towards the window, that's it That's it. Can you do me a leg shot? Ha ha. (bantering) Okay, okay, let's just, that's it Look here, that's it. (all laughing) That's it. Okay, we are done. (bantering) This is my Danny. Okay, did you see me at the lower angle? That was for so important to give height to the person. You know the old cameras they had waist level. When you look in the Hasselblads o...

f the roller flexor You look down because it was waist level. That is the best position to capture picture. Sometimes, we become a little lazy and we are always on the feet then everyone is going to look shorter. So if we shoot from lower than Danny is tall but shooting from a low angle is going to give her a bit of height. So that is the shots I achieve out there. Having fun, you know, talking to them, making comments and whatever. But all I am after is capturing the real moment. You see, she is moving, she is walking, it's a real moment. Then I said something and she is starting to bring her leg forward, captured that. Then at the same time, this is when I stand up and took the shot. And then I move my camera high angle and to give a different perspective to the picture. You see I am creating a story now. I am telling the story and it is the story of Danny and her dress and she spent so much money and we need to introduce that. I don't like this wall. And that is it. Stay there. Okay, stay there Danny. Can you move more over here. Not so your head's in the shadow. Yeah, that is it. Very doll like. Okay, Lean on the wall, that's it. Perfect, stay there. That is great, Danny. Just stay there. Perfect. Look here. Hold on, Doll. Danny, lean, put your head toward the wall. Toward the wall. That's it, that's it. Stay there, hold on, stay there. I am trying to get your reflection. Just tilt slightly so we can see that you are not in the dress. Chin up a bit. Turn your face towards the wall. The other way, that's it. That's quite nice. The dining table, that everything is done. Beautiful, thank you. I think the purple is working. The lighting is quite nice but it is reflecting from the floor up so I need to block that a little bit when I do the shots. The wall there is quite nice it is coming from the window. Should be quite good. I utilized the harsh light although you can't do much I try to be creative a little bit and capture that shot. Things like this look best in dark or black and white you do not need to many colors. And then, I saw the dress there and it was standing by itself. She was about to dress. All of her life is about the dress. I made sure that the dress was standing there by itself in the corner. Then bring her into the picture with her reflection in the frame. Those were moments and she was managing also the bridesmaids, her mother, and she was all over the place but I need to capture those moments also.

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Claudia Montero-Kubli

I love it!!!!!! I am so inspired, I learned a lot! thank you Yervant for sharing your Talent with us this two amazing days! Thank you to all the CREATIVE LIVE staff you are awesome!!!! best time! I want to come again!

a Creativelive Student

I am SO grateful to CreativeLive as well as Yervant for taking the time to put on this class. So many times while sitting in this class I thought to myself "what have I been thinking?!" I have so much to learn! I loved hearing about Yervant's process for creating images, but what inspired me even more was his advice on how to view, and treat yourself as a professional. I completely agree when he said photographers are creative but we are "terrible business people." But I aim to change this in my business from this point forward, thanks to this class! Yervant's advice on how to value, protect, and sell your art is priceless. I have always valued printing and creating products clients can hold, but I don't think I understood the real emotional value in it until this class. When he pulls those images we just watched him create for the last two days, off of that printer, and they are there before our eyes, I had an emotional reaction to it. I want my clients to experience the same, so I must value it and create opportunities to educate my clients. Thanks for the kick in the pants that we all needed Yervant! And I hope this will not be the last time I get to experience your education in my life. I said this many times to other students during the class, but I will say it again here, I want to carry a mini Yervant with me every where I go! Thank you Creative Live and thank you Yervant!

a Creativelive Student

Yervant’s ardent love for wedding photography and capturing his brides in their best light is unquestionable. His love for this photography community and his regard for our respect in the world hierarchy is without reservation. Yervant’s willingness to share his knowledge and skill for all these things to come together is beyond generous. These are some of the things that help Yervant to effortlessly stand out as a photography master and this is exactly what this class is about… plain and simple.

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