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Shoot: How to Pose Your Brides

Lesson 24 from: Creating a Successful Wedding Photography Business


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24. Shoot: How to Pose Your Brides


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Shoot: How to Pose Your Brides

There's one problem here. Do you see, anyone can see what's the problem is? If I shoot from here and Isabella, and that's my background? What can the problem be? Lighting. Lighting is flat. It's quite flat lighting because we've got lighting coming from everywhere. It's not my favorite. Eventually we'll block what we have behind us. Busy background? No I love the background. I love the colors. But the problem is, that railing on top. 'Cause Isabella is tall and if she goes past me here, I'm gonna try to avoid her head being closer to the background because if I shoot from here, I definitely know she's gonna be there. So, what I can do is, either move Isabella there, closer to the wall, because she's away or so from the main light. It's more contrasting, more harsher. So, the closer she comes to the light source, the softer it becomes. So, from there, it's more contrasting so it's better lighting. Move slightly towards me. And that's where I start. You know, I'm also very carefu...

l. Many of us miss backgrounds. You know, we're too busy shooting her, and we lose details in the background, something comes right into her nose or, like I said, the top part. So, we have to be careful to avoid this. The correct shoot, less cropping. I don't crop too much, my images. I crop it inside the camera and that's it. This is what you're gonna see. Okay. So, now, stay there for a minute darling. Now, the first time I said I use manual, manual exposure so I need to set up this. So here there's plenty of light. So I'm going set at 400 ISO, 400. I'm gonna do about 160 in F4, even 250. Let's see. Let me try a first shot. So this is how I do it. I'm gonna shoot a lot of pictures in that light situation. So my light is not changing. It's exactly the same continuously. Let me take a close-up of Isabella and perfect. I've got the lights all good. Okay, we've got it on the screen? You know, I guessed it well. Now, all my exposures are on that. I'm not gonna change everything. Even the light meter reads the background, it's not gonna change. The way I'm gonna shoot is my focusing point is gonna continuously move. So, I have my finger on this point and I just change it. Change it to where Isabella is gonna be, her face. Walking that way, are you continually moving that focusing point or are you following that focusing point with her? I'm nearly following. Continuously it will be a bit hard. Okay. Sometimes I miss also the focusing point because it might focus the back, but because of that, I need to do a few shots. What I'm after here is expression. I've got perfect light, perfect Izzy, so I need to go click, click, click so I get the best expression of Isabella. It's not that I don't know what I'm doing. I'm just looking that perfect shot. Okay, so, let's go, hold on. Okay, Isabella, start moving forward. Yeah, and stop there. Turn around, that's it, drop your arms slightly towards. That's it, great. That's great but there's a distraction there. I just saw that that pillow on the chair is not going well. So, you see, for me, that's a distraction. So, what I'll do is, we'll remove that pillow. We'll move both pillow. The simpler it is, the better it is. Thanks sweetheart. I never make the bride work so I do it myself. Honey I'm a model, that's all I do is basically set work. Okay. You see. This didn't work. If you see the picture, that pillow is something that's, it's better to do it when you shoot, then remove it in Photo Shop. Why waste time on stupid things like that? It's important to know, you see, there's a line there. I don't want her face cutting into this line, the door line. So, I'm gonna miss that. I've checked all those things to make sure that when she's moving, my shot is in the middle of the wall, and no distractions. Okay, now, that's it, stop there. Perfect. Now move your shoulder slightly away sweetheart. That's it, beautiful. That's great, stay there. Now turn your face and tilt slightly and body also, slightly, there that's perfect. That's gorgeous. Chin up. Come on, expression. Come on, going for me. Okay, movement. Move that veil a little bit. Okay, Isabella, don't do the model shots. Okay. I don't want you to be a model. Okay. That's it. You're amazing so, I love that. What did you do? You're amazing. That's it. That's great. What did I say, you look, what? Amazing? Amazing, that's it, perfect. Okay, that was a gorgeous picture there. Stay there. Okay Isabella, just shake, shake, shake, shake. And, that's it. And let's go, perfect. And turn your back towards me, let's see, back, back, back. Chin up. Great. Stay there. Beautiful. Now, let me change my position. Stay as you are, I like the pose and look over there. Yeah and slightly turn towards me and give me that sexy, gorgeous look. That's it sweetheart. I love that. Okay. I'm not used to this being busy. Shall we? What? It keeps on busy. Yes. Shall we reduce that file size or you're okay? We'll do it slowly, slow motion, okay? Because the tethering is slowing me down. So, Isabella? Yeah, that's it. You know, you were gorgeous before. Yeah, that's it, perfect. She gave it to me. You know? It's very important, my communication with her. I need her to forget that she's posing. You know when she said, that was a gorgeous moment. That's it. Perfect darling. I want expression, yeah, good. Cover your face. Let me see what I can't see. No. With the veil, with the veil. Yeah, perfect. And stay there. Okay, look over toward the crowd, over there Isabella. That's it, beautiful. Stay there. Okay great. Now, let's see. This has a beautiful texture, the light is hitting. When I move more on the side, it's more sidelight coming. Isabella, can you lean on that wall with your back? That's it. Now, I've created shadows also. This is creating shadow on her. So it looks amazing. Okay Isabella, don't look dead. You're not dead, you're alive. Come on, come on around, oh, that's it. Perfect sweetheart. You're amazing. Got it. He catches me by surprise. Yeah, that's it. Okay. So where were you born, here? I was born in Gig Harbor. Where? Gig Harbor, it's like an hour's drive from here. It's in Canada is it? No, no. I'm Canadian, shh, don't tell anybody. Yeah, okay, and one more. You know what, you see what happened? She brought that veil in front of her. I like that. I like that. Tether advantage. Do you realize that my exposure has not changed? I'm still at 250 at 400 ISO. Because the light is not changing, why should I change? You know, why should I worry about it, unless I change the situation. That was gorgeous, come on, give me more of that. More cuddle, more cuddle. That's it, beautiful. Lean forward towards me, that's it gorgeous. Okay come and sit down here sweetheart, your back towards me, that's it. Ah, you know what? Get up and sit down again. Okay. Sorry. Alright, sit down again. That was good. Okay, can I try one more? Yes. Animate that veil a little bit more. And don't look at the camera. Hold on, hold on. Don't look at the camera. Don't look at the, oh okay, go for it. That's it, perfect. Your arms sweetheart, can you tilt towards me, even if you lean on the, that's it. Oh, that's sexy, alright. That's gorgeous, stay there. Okay, look over there. Isabella, you're getting married, why are you so sad? I'm not sad, I'm high fashion. Yeah, that's it, perfect sweetheart. Okay can you now. That's it, that's it. That was a cute look there. That was a cute look, that's it, perfect. That's gorgeous. Okay sweetheart, and was a cute look. It was. Wasn't that nice, I got her wink, I got her expression, and look, she's giving me the ring, it's beautiful. Rose gold. Rose gold, yeah, that's it. And nice, good on you sweetheart, that's gorgeous. Look at the people over there. Hi. Okay, that's great but you see what I didn't see? Anyone? What was wrong? Is there a picture out there? Okay, it's coming slow. I'm gonna see support there. Don't look at my ugly smile. Where her veil was a bit messy at the back. You know, so all I have to do is just give a nice, I like straight lines, so now lean over here. That's it. And can you drop your arm a little bit lower? Perfect. Even if you, she's got long arms, wow. I got long everything. You're perfection. Okay, that's it. Alright sweetheart. Beautiful. You see how I moved from that area into this area because light is coming from there so there's a bit of softness on this side. So, it's making her face a bit more softer. That's it. Okay, perfect, that's gorgeous. Why are you biting your finger? Are you hungry or something? That's it, gorgeous. Perfect. I love it. She forgot she's a model. Take five. She forgot she's a model now. She's come alive. That's hard 'cause you know, when you're a model. Yeah modeling is serious business, this is not serious business, it's fun. You're getting married, poor guy. You're fiendish, absolutely fiendish. Look at that, wow. Look at that veil, the way it's sitting there. Chin up, put your chin on, yeah, that's it. Okay look at the camera, oh, gorgeous sweetheart. He He! [Class] Laughing I have to wait sorry, the camera is not responding. Come on camera, work, work. That's it, perfect. That's gorgeous darling. Nice and so, who's the lucky guy? Pshh, ah. Pretend. You can name anyone you want. Christian Stewart. Uh, uh, crap. Barack Obama. Obama, alright. We didn't hear he was divorced. Michelle doesn't even know. I tried. That's it. You see, the shot that I created with Danny, she just did that. Look at that. Ah. That's gorgeous, alright. Put your hand out of your face. That's it, perfect. Tilt slightly. Be cute, be gorgeous. That's it. Perfect. That's gorgeous. You see how I'm interacting? I'm now her best friend. Kind of. Am I? You're invited. Yes. I'm invited to the wedding? Maid of Honor. That's it. Look what she did. Look at the feet. Don't move, don't move, don't move, I love it. You see, I look all around. She has a perfect position for her feet. Can we bring the veil into there? This is a good shot of the shoes. Now, move it slightly away from your feet. That's it. Okay, move it a bit more, let's get a bit of movement into the veil, lift it up, lift it up. Wow. That was good. Try again. You see, it's start, I'm getting feel of it, and I'm starting to create different shots. I'm enjoying now. The first shots will be always until I get used to the person, then it happens. Now, that's gorgeous. Look away. Look toward the people there. That's it, amazing. Let me see, I hope I am getting the bride, Oh you still at the fit. Hold on just, be patient. Keep breathing. Slow. Take note while you're here. Okay. What we're gonna do is just like that. Okay. Ah. That was nice. That was nice. See, having her on the edge, and on the edge of the picture. Just what I didn't expect. See, this is what happens when you take it away from your face, you don't know what you're taking. And always, you get a nice surprise. Look, how beautiful is that? Look, I didn't do that on purpose, I just didn't have her in the center but I love it. It's a mood. Alright. Let's try again. This time, from looking to the viewfinder. Okay, that's great. Ooh, that's gorgeous. Look inside the camera. He's watching you. He's watching you. That's it. It's Big Brother. Perfect. And darling, look over there for a minute. Hands off your face. Why you are covering that beautiful face? Stop it. Alright. You're distracting me. I like the brides to tell me off. You see I'm used to it, woman telling me off, I work better, I work better. You see, I don't know why the world has understood wrongly, woman is the leader of the world. They tell us what to do, we follow the instruction. Facts. You know, so I follow the instruction, make her perfect and she loves me and she buys me a lolly. Ha! You see how now, this is me, this is actually me, how I photograph. I have fun with the person. You see, almost probably I can be your father, but today I'm your friend. Okay. I'm your friend. You're my Maid of Honor. That's great. Okay. Let's move to the other chair. Let's see how we manage. You see, just a simple background, I'm creating so many nice angles. Why are you so perfect? Okay. Let's try again. Let's try again. A lot of compliments. Let's try again. Stand up and dropped again, this time don't ruin the veil, you've paid so much money. Okay, sit down again. That's it, perfect. That's it. That curl in the veil was amazing. Just hold the veil and bring it back. Yeah, that's it. Now what I have in the background is that handles, if it comes off her head, it's not good. Either she moves or I move. Okay, I'll make it for you. Okay, that's it, great. Okay perfect. Isabella, that's it. Nice. Come into the camera, into the lens. Look right into the lens. Gorgeous. Tilt some slightly, that's it. Perfect, stay there. All done. Sorry I'm moving around guys. Once one of the Australia TVs, asked me to do this and they had all this heavy machinery and they couldn't follow me so they used to call me fast Eddie. Okay. That was my name in high school. Stay there. That's gorgeous. I like it but chin up. Chin up, not too much, not too much. Stay there. Okay, lean towards me now. Beautiful, a bit more chin. Yeah, that's it. Lean forward towards me now. That's it. Stay there darling. Bring your other arm together so we have a cross there. That's nice. Okay great.

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Claudia Montero-Kubli

I love it!!!!!! I am so inspired, I learned a lot! thank you Yervant for sharing your Talent with us this two amazing days! Thank you to all the CREATIVE LIVE staff you are awesome!!!! best time! I want to come again!

a Creativelive Student

I am SO grateful to CreativeLive as well as Yervant for taking the time to put on this class. So many times while sitting in this class I thought to myself "what have I been thinking?!" I have so much to learn! I loved hearing about Yervant's process for creating images, but what inspired me even more was his advice on how to view, and treat yourself as a professional. I completely agree when he said photographers are creative but we are "terrible business people." But I aim to change this in my business from this point forward, thanks to this class! Yervant's advice on how to value, protect, and sell your art is priceless. I have always valued printing and creating products clients can hold, but I don't think I understood the real emotional value in it until this class. When he pulls those images we just watched him create for the last two days, off of that printer, and they are there before our eyes, I had an emotional reaction to it. I want my clients to experience the same, so I must value it and create opportunities to educate my clients. Thanks for the kick in the pants that we all needed Yervant! And I hope this will not be the last time I get to experience your education in my life. I said this many times to other students during the class, but I will say it again here, I want to carry a mini Yervant with me every where I go! Thank you Creative Live and thank you Yervant!

a Creativelive Student

Yervant’s ardent love for wedding photography and capturing his brides in their best light is unquestionable. His love for this photography community and his regard for our respect in the world hierarchy is without reservation. Yervant’s willingness to share his knowledge and skill for all these things to come together is beyond generous. These are some of the things that help Yervant to effortlessly stand out as a photography master and this is exactly what this class is about… plain and simple.

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