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Creating an Authentic Design Career & Life

Lesson 5 of 10

Defining Your Strengths


Creating an Authentic Design Career & Life

Lesson 5 of 10

Defining Your Strengths


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Defining Your Strengths

Our strengths are, let's think about the things that we're really excited about. These things that we're just better at than most people. This is the time to feel really guilty about bragging about yourself because we're all better at things naturally than most people so there are always a thing or two things or three things that we're all better at than most people. It just naturally happens. Maybe it's your life path that you've went on that's made you really good at this thing or maybe it's just something you've been unnaturally good at since birth and something, a quality or just a passion that you have that you're just really good at. So, for this challenge, I want to think about three things you know you're better at than most people. So three things that you're just really excited about how good you are about those things. I'll give mine as an example again. So, I'm really good at creating communities. It's something that I've always done anywhere I go. I think that everyone des...

erves to have a safe space and a community where they feel like they can be themselves and even though I wasn't able to identify that so eloquently when I was a kid, this is something that I've always been really good at doing is making safe places for people to gather and making and building communities for people to have like-minded interests and that sort of thing. I'm also really good at allowing other people to rapidly open-up to each other. I'm really not a fan of small talk. I love getting to know people really quickly because all humans I've noticed are just as much of weirdos and silly humans as we all don't want to think we are. And so if I ask silly questions to people, they'll always answer me and they'll always have a really interesting answer. And so instead of asking somebody about the weather, for example, I don't- Can I talk about the question I asked you yesterday? Yeah. Okay. So, I'd say within the first 30 minutes of meeting Chris yesterday, I asked him if he pooped with a backpack on before and so we talked about that for awhile. And I think that's actually one of my favorite ice-breaker questions because everyone- no one has every been uncomfortable when I've asked them that. I always ask this question to everyone. No one has ever been uncomfortable. Everyone always is excited to answer that. They're usually caught off guard at first and then they're like "Alright, let me think about it" and so it's a really great way to get to someone's deeper level really fast. And I just really love doing that and I think it opens a door for me to ask them even more personal questions than that so I can actually really get to know who they are. I'm really good at lifting people up and cheering them on. Since I'm naturally positive, I'm also really natural about being positive for other people and really excited about what other people are doing. I've never believed in competition. I don't like anything competitive because I think there's room for everyone in this world to be who they are and to be really excited and really good, and so I'm really excited and always very good at lifting up and cheering other people on. So let's go again down the row and mention one thing that we're really good at. I'm really good at switching between left rain and right brain pretty quickly. So going from being analytical to being creative. That sound like a super power for sure. It's definitely helped me out, yeah. Encouraging people in their ideas, whether that's random projects or work or whatever that is. I'm really good at listening and being compassionate. I really like to know about people and give them the space to talk. I'm really- I think I'm really resourceful. I'm really good at pretty quickly figuring out how something new works. I'd say I'm pretty detail-oriented so that translates to craftsmanship and to my job. I've never done improve before, but I know there's this whole idea in improve that you "yes, and" ideas and I think I would describe myself as very "yes, and-y" (laughter) I'm just able to pick up an idea that someone has given me and run with it and just generate more ideas and jokes and stuff. That's a pretty good and huge one I think. And I'm proud of you all for just saying what your skill is and just being like "This is what I'm good at." (laughter) Drop your mic. It's so great! It's so good to feel compassionate and excited about what you're good at, and not have to apologize for it.

Class Description

There’s no one like you on this planet, so why have a career like anyone else? Traditional career paths, such as climbing corporate ladders and allowing higher-ups to determine our success, is a path that doesn’t work for everyone.

What if there was a new path that was paved just for you? Let’s ditch the separation of work/life and embrace a new life where you get paid to be yourself! Champion your authentic self to grow your life and your career as a creative!

In this fun, interactive class Meg will cut deep into your squishy core and find what makes you, you!

In this class you’ll

  • Identify the qualities that make you unique and translate them to a career only you can have
  • Define a life’s purpose that will drive your career and personal decisions
  • Create social media and relationship guidelines that help fulfill your purpose and advance your career

Grab your metaphorical lantern and head into the depths of your true self as we create an actionable plan for your future life and career.



I just absolutely love Meg's style. Cheerful, fun, unapologetical... And her insights really helped me have a clearer vision of where i want to go, how i want to travel on life's path (so poetic haha) and be PROUD of who i am and most of all, what i do. Even though i'm not your average creative girl. LOVE THAT. Merci beaucoup, thanks a LOT Meg. And YES, do yourself a favour, buy this class !

LA McCabe

i love this class. I was inspired, encouraged and applies the information to my life. learning what makes your unique and special should be law. This was a refreshing and fun loving course. watch this and enjoy

Annie Wong

Meg's class was really pivotal for me at this particular stage in my career. Traditionally I have been taught to be a jack-of-all trades in order to be employable. While this does work for a lot of people, this put a lot of the power balance into luck and timing (is there a slot open for you in a competitive market, or a company?) because it's hard to stand out from the crowd if you are just a set of hands. Meg's class encouraged me to dig deep and figure out how I could be more than a set of hands and how my unique personality traits can actually be used as part of my personal brand. This is so refreshing since I have always been worried about how I can fit into a company, but instead, I can think about how to broadcast my particular style and brand so that the clients that are looking for ME, can find me! This is a great class for people that want to live in a more holistic way where you can blend your work with your personal interests and beliefs.