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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Creating Impressive Effects with Photoshop

Jesús Ramirez

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

My name is his sister Mary's. Most people probably know me from the photo shop training channel, which is a YouTube channel where I upload Photoshopped tutorials. I'm also what they call an adobe community professional, which means that I helped spread the world the word and love that Adobe has to offer to the community. And, um, this class is titled Treating impressive effects with photo shop. Um, and what that means is that we're going to creating some interesting images using, um, techniques that are not complicated. You just have to understand how they work. And even though the final effect is something that you may not actually use in your day to day work, I want you to look at how the effects are created, and you can take pieces of how the effects were created and apply that to your work full on your actual work. So, um, if you want oh, no, a little bit more about me, you can check out my website for training channel dot com...

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JIll C.

Creating Impressive Effect With Photoshop is another action-packed class filled with really useful information. It includes how to do fun (or even useful) face swaps, How to create shallow DOF in images even if you didn't use the right lens and f-stop combo, how to create the golden sun flare effect, how to do a double exposure effect, how to create a duotone/graphic effect, and others. There is so much info packed into this short course that you will need to play it over and over to absorb all of the keyboard shortcuts and layer techniques, but there is surely something for everyone in this course.


Great class & instructor. As soon as I was done with the class, I wanted to try what I learned on my photos.

Phreakgirl Photography

Whew! I watched it live and he goes so fast I couldn't even write down simple steps to refer back to later. SO MUCH great information packed into this course, but I'll have to buy it and use Pause and Rewind a LOT!

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