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Corel Painterx3 Demo

Lesson 30 from: The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

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Lesson Info

30. Corel Painterx3 Demo

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Lesson Info

Corel Painterx3 Demo

the first thing I want to do is I'm in photoshopped this is an image we photographed yesterday I forget which baby this is does anybody remember which may be this is I feel compelled to want to call him by his name um there's like ali sees that I don't remember so all I did was this is the original photograph right here I I shot it like right around here but I wanted the reason I extended my canvas a little bit is because in painter I want to take thes wavy things and make them fly down the canvas for some composition okay painter will let you do anything so keep that in mind I mean the image of the little boy little brown boy I call him for the coarse image that fabric barely left his body and I was able to paint in what I wanted it to look so if you extend your campus and photo shop all of a sudden now you have that option to do what you want ok so all I did was a justice I added a little bit of contrast you could see this image is a little hot asses a deeper contrast you want that i...

n painter okay so I'm prepping the image for painter creating a campus size that I want or cropping ratio that I want and I'm also making my highlights a little brighter and my shadows a little deeper and you could even saturate your color if you want to because remember carell is gonna pull from all those colors that are in the painting I can add more if I want which I'm going teo but initially I want that color to be available for painted to work with okay so all I did was extend on campus you notice it looks kind of mushy over here and like because all I did was that stretch technique doesn't matter I'm paying overall anyway so it doesn't matter if it looks funky at this point okay so um one of the things you need to note is that paint her is a diva okay she was what mother called her she's moody and works on her terms and if you don't have enough memory to run painter she will have a little bit of a connection and be a bit of a high maintenance diva okay so just keep that in mind so right now this was shot on a d eight hundred and since I extended the cameras look at the picture with on my image is a huge image okay I'm going to drop that down to three thousand to keep things a little more rational for ms diva to handle okay so I'm gonna go ahead and save that pain already I'm a terrible type us so let's just go and put that under our pieces so I can find it so I just saved us a psd coral can read ps tease yeah you can take an iphone image and turn it into a high resolution painting and curl okay that's the beauty and I have seen there is a group on facebook called brush strokes and linda king is the moderator I'm not sure how many people she's letting in so sorry linda if I just inundated the brush strokes group with people but you will find some of the most amazing painters and their posting their work and they take the crappiest snapshot photographs that their clients have sent them and turn them into amazing works of art so for some inspiration on how they recommend asking her if you can join that group if you want to learn about painting speaking of which we also sarah dobson is one of the folks who is moderating the seal group we have a newborn and marketing if we combine to make both the newborn and marketing class so that both classes I'm going to be in there a lot so if you want to join that group we can post that link probably in the chat room for folks who want to join that group and stay in on the conversation after the class is over so okay so now I am in carell okay just to go and open my image girl quick okay so this is my canvas okay this is the photograph that I just brought it in just to navigate a little bit um if I go into let's see any of my paint brushes okay so I'm in a wispy blender right now you can see that I have all these little brush controls up here size opacity feature and blend I'm in a brush right now that doesn't have a re saturation or jitter characteristic of it okay so some brushes have those controls and some don't okay yeah steven digital question did you open this up as a psd and didn't have all the layers in it is best to keep I don't have it I'm a destructive painter as you guys all know I'm destructive I don't know I paint like a true organic like heather taught me I treat like I paint like an organic painter I don't paint in layers because it just annihilates the diva nous of corral because she just can't handle that kind of memory if you have a rock in computer that can handle anything then you can totally paint layers and do all kinds of stuff no occasion I will do eyelashes and layers and things like that just so I can control it but for the most part it's coming in is a flat psd ready to paint so just to navigate a little bit around painter this window is your clone source window we'll talk about that in just a second this is my navigator this is my color wheel this is where I get paint if I wantto paint in color mode okay so not clone mode not where I'm pulling for the photograph that I actually want to apply color on my campus this is where I find it if I want to paint and clone modi khun just press this little clone stamp tool the color wheel will go gray and I now I'm pulling from my photograph okay we have our layers palate down here etcetera etcetera we can apply our paper texture over here so there's a bunch different paper textures I'm going to apply artist's canvas okay it's one of my favorites it's very pretty now it's time to start painting if I want to get into my brushes they're all up here my brush categories my brush variants remember we talked about that now depending on which one I pick it's gonna have different features up here an important thing to note if you change the features of a brush and you go I wanted to go back to the original just press the reset tool and that will put the default characteristics of the brush back onto it okay so it's kind of a life saver sometimes right here be careful this tells you what your strokes going to be like I always work in free hand strokes so I can control where the stroke goes if you want to do a straight line stroke you can click here and it will make straight lines on your campus so sometimes if you press this and all of sudden you're making straight lines here like I could drill is probably because you accidentally hit this button over here okay so keep that in mind there's different ways to do strokes ninety nine point nine percent of the time if you're doing the style of painting that I do you will be in free hand strokes okay so here's my brush size my brush opacity the feature and blending okay so these are the main things you're going to worry about in curl up here and you'll see when we go into other brushes here there is one that has a uh reset no my oils do have a lot of recess okay so if you go into the personal yeah so bristle oil which is a nice brush that comes with carol has the re saturation bleed and feature which is a very common aspect of the oil brushes ok corral comes with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of brushes there are also amazing people out there who make their own brushes heather being one of them I use a lot of heather's brushes okay skip alan offers a bunch of free brushes on his website you can go to skip allen paints and download boatloads and boatloads of fun brushes to play with be careful some of them will drive you crazy if you don't know how they behave okay I've strongly suggesting away from water color as much as possible right now watercolor is extremely challenging like you will brush color across the page and it'll start dripping down your canvas okay in corral and acts just like watercolor look I don't want to go there I can't control it you can watercolor is very hard to control okay I don't even know howto do watercolor that well so just be careful don't get too frustrated to experiment with some brushes because some of these brushes have some pretty weird characteristics that we like woo okay so to begin painting the first thing we do is gonna file quick clone okay so what happened all carell did was put a piece of tracing paper on my on my canvas okay so what's happening is the photograph is back there but now all of a sudden my tracing papers on top this is what I'm going to be painting on so you can see how the color is going to pull through from the photograph to the top of the painting this is called painting and clone mode okay so what I'm going to end up doing is going into I always start off with my soft cloner okay and make my brush go bigger smaller you compress option command and drag again to make your paint on your brush larger or smaller and then I just go in and start painting put my capacity at one hundred percent just to bring the color through that's all I'm doing it's a cloner is a little kind of detail brush it just almost brings the entire photograph in for you so you can start painting on it and carol knows the photograph is back there it'll always know the photograph is back there and now I can I can see my canvas this is just my method for painting you could do this a hundred different ways okay heather likes to go back and forth from her tracing paper so she likes to paint on top of the canvas and then press t to go back and forth to her paper command tea I haven't set differently my computer but command tea will turn we're toggle tracing paper on and off okay so back to my brush I can go into any brush so let's start with a smeary round where is my spirit around its merry round okay I'm in the oils category remember if I made zero saturation I just have a blender okay if I put that re saturation at one hundred percent now all of a sudden I'm loaded with paint oh my gosh why is it coming up white holy cow uh what happened I'm in color mode not clone mode okay I have picked a white color here if I pick oranges gonna put orange paint down okay if I go into clone mode all of a sudden I'm pulling what's in the photograph to see that okay on I'm pulling the photograph back at almost one hundred percent with the attributes of this merry round brush if I bring that re saturation back down to like fifty or forty percent oh no girls being a diva don't you you're fantastic the best thing ever yeah anyway if I bring the reset back down I'm going to start pushing pixels a little bit more do you see that I don't I'm not loaded onto my brush so now it's just a matter of discovering what the brushes do and how they behave and how much color you're pulling through so I can start going into some of my fund russia's let's see here I love the chunky sergeant blend and I could start mucking up my background and creating and I'm just painting from the photograph beneath you see that and I can start influencing how the paint behaves by the characteristics of which brush I pick ok I'm almost really just blending the pixels together so now all of a sudden you realize I can look up the face what I did there since I'm cloning I can go back into myself cloner for my initial clone brush and bring it back now I met re saturation how two percent it's trying to bring it back let's go ahead and adjust our I'm pushing my pixels together but you see how it's machine but I want to bring it back fully so I'm not putting my re saturation too tight because I wanted to have that painterly effect I'm just using the characteristics of the brush but the minute I go in with my re saturation hi I bring back the details do you see that so it doesn't matter how you much much you muck up your painting is meyer effect mucking up is good mark it up make it message okay because that's what a true painter would do they would block in color get the texture in there and then start painting the details on top of it so the temptation when you're in painter is to start off a go I gotta do all these little details first no okay you want to do things messy create that beautiful texture in your background and I mean go have out it be crazy you'll notice I can now all of a sudden make this fabric go in directions that I never was able to before and if I want to add mohr color I can simply pick up brush the adds color under baseball's color this is more of a chalk brush has it'll take up it'll do the underlying paper texture I can go back into color mode select the color of the fabric and start adding and paint see how she's a diva recirculation let's see I'm still in clone mode again that'll kill you you'll be like why is it not see how I can add color now on seven color road okay so now it's just a matter of going where you want to go okay you see how this could get very addictive the one of the tricks is when you're starting is to at least this is what I did is to just work with blenders and just mush the pixels that are there around okay that at least give it a painterly look I mean this is very beginning stuff heather would probably cringe if she knew I was saying this but um blending first and learning to blend at least helps you get your painting techniques down and then as you get better at that start working and brushes that actually lay down color upping that reset and using them in clone moto pullback colors from the actual image that's beneath the painting is this making sense am I losing you guys I know poor heidi's like well I kind of see her little confused face over there hey julia yeah I just want you to know that heather's in the chat room is she really your tio and she says that you're doing a beautiful job and she loves to see how you're teaching oh she's so much better if teacher this and I am so like I said she's the one to go to if you really want advanced painting technique but it's just so fun because you know you khun start adding color and then blending things in ways that just I mean she has some of these most amazing brushes that just make you want I mean it's just using him in clone mode and start blending things and all of a sudden you see how the paint behaves I'm literally just going from the dark to the light and from the light to the dark and it starts pulling out colors and everyone's really like with a brush doing but if you just kind of have to loosen up yourself and go with it like you can't try you can't try to overly control painter otherwise you'll just go crazy you have to like I said she's a diva and you have to kind of open your mind to being loose about it and creating our peace with it eventually once you understand how brushes behave in the characters of each one you will get better at taking things where you want it exactly where you want it to go does that make sense yeah ellie pricing for you doing a custom work for clients started um I'm too cheap you have to order at a minimum of twenty by twenty four canvas and then I charge seventy five dollars per hour to paint after that some people charge by the head like if there's five heads in an image five people in an image it's going to cost more than if there's one to me it takes just just hoping in my opinion but most of my paintings end up taking like if I'm really going to start to finish on them detail work and everything is about ten hours for me which is I mean that little boy just I cranked out real quick sometimes things come together and sometimes they don't but I tell my clients on average it'll be about ten hours which is a little bit of an exaggeration I mean that's that's a lot of hours but it covers my time to do it but what I would do is have a minimum print size that you'll do at a minimum finish and then do a painting fee on top of that and that's just for carell and then I have additional painting fee to do paintwork on the campus I'm going to switch over to kino and talk a little about the tools of the trade of painting on your campus and then we're going to do a little bit of painting and show you that if you take a workshop with heather you will paint for three days straight so and it's just extremely relaxing like once you get into it start doing eyes just just it's a great way to spend some time but watch out you can get very lost in that quickly

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