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Post Process: Day Two Images

Lesson 25 from: The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

Post Process: Day Two Images

Lesson 25 from: The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

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Lesson Info

25. Post Process: Day Two Images

Lesson Info

Post Process: Day Two Images

this time it actually turned out pretty if I was to critique it can't see babyface charm me crazy that baby was super sensitive so I'm pretty happy that we got this image the halos right smack dab middle overhead bugs me okay see how this is very bright it kana takes away a little bit let's go ahead and open the image a really good trick for determining if something's not good is to rotate it one hundred eighty degrees what's first thing you see they're at not the face good test ask yourself okay what do I see I see that white bright wrap remember I was concerned about it imagine if I had taken this and put it towards the light it would be even whiter now we can tone it down one of my favorite tricks to do that is tio if you've already started working in photo shop and you have a bunch of history here set your history state so I'll go ahead and just do a couple things just come to show you what I mean quick brush okay so see how I've put a couple things on my history if you set the his...

tory state then go into your history brush tool then select multiply mowed down here at a very light opacity you can start painting this in and if can you guys see what's happening here I am basically burning in the blanket or the rap very gently and softly and the art history brush tool what it's using its using the color tones in the image if I just use the burn tool a ten percent too much okay when I go back to my art history brush set my history state in multiply mode now I can paint and it's actually using the color tone of the blanket to burn it's not just applying great to it okay yeah history haven't used three art history bush it's taking its painting from the image so I say painting I shouldn't say paintings that's confusing people with a real painter it's applying the brush using the colors that air that I'm over the top of so if I use the regular brush tool it's whatever color happened have selected it will paint that over the top okay if I use the set my history state saying ok this is where I want you to take from the image then I go into the art history brush tool it will then pull the colors from the image not the color I have selected here and since I'm in multiply mode multiply is you know all these blending modes they work in the brushes and they also work in layers okay so these blending molds these are the ones that deep in our darken these are the ones that lighten and these are the ones that are neutral okay so multiply mode I want to burn down this blanket so I could just start and so I could burn down this but it's usually see how it's using the color tones from the from the stuffer not from um the rap yeah question set your history state so in other words if I tried it let me do something else here really know you're fine that's why you're asked that's why we have fashion so I was going to do something else on my history state is not set here I just went to the spot healing brush and if I got to try to use my history state it won't use the right colors okay it'll it'll use whatever the laughed history state was which was this here so for example uh maybe I should start over okay you don't have to regroup so you just clicking on when you first opened an image the history status set that's the initial image so I can go straight to my art history brush tool and start burning in with its setting multiply mode just fine but if I start playing with the brush tool oh we're gonna go ahead and add some color here well whatever we're gonna do we're gonna do it okay then if I go back to the history brush to the history state and try to do it a student from the original yeah it's not on this might be one of my get down here initially you're history states set on the original image okay so if you start doing things sometimes what you'll notice is when you go to use the history but it'll be like I can't do this what it it won't let you okay just go into your history palate set your history state and it allow you to do it I guess that's what I'm saying so the most recent thing yeah the most recent thing that's how your image look so if you like to occurs adjustment or something you wanted to pull from from the last state that you just did rather than five states ago where you might have been a little darker in the image or you might have done something else does that make sense okay maybe I'm not explaining it right yeah is this any different than creating the duplicate layer changing the blending motor multiply I'm asking it in is that kind of the same thing yeah okay almost exactly the same thing it's just doing it looked like painting I'm a painter so I peed on my images rather than you know you're you're thinking more scientifically about it which is actually really cool you think you understand layers you know I've never used art history brush and I've been using photo shopped for like twelve years this's amazing how much we could learn in this program it's just awesome um yeah I mean this was taught to me by one of my competition mentors sam gardner and he said I had to seize your history but what are you talking about but once I started using it's great for like landel anybody details this girl right here her flower her head was bright white drove me nuts all you saw in the image so I went in with the history state and just touched it a little bit and bam I was done really fast way to do it it's the exact you're right its exact same thing if I duplicated my layers put this in multiply mode and massed out and then faded everything the way I wanted it you have a little more control with the art history brush um sometimes this global changes the better way to do it dips depending on what you're doing for that for that little flower it would have been well whatever waste of time too so I'm saying okay so I used that as that art history brush as my dodging and burning because the same it works the same way with lightened for screen for screen mode for for lightning so say for example if I wanted teo lighten baby's face or whatever I could instead into multiply mode I can go into screen mode and just bring in the details where it's dark I mean I can blow this out if I want forty percent you guys can see him blowing that out okay it's doing the same thing is dodging and burning but it's pulling from the colors in the image all right that floor just yummy love it okay let's go to mom before we lose time here liquefy okay let's see this is lovely and babies a little yellow which is perfect so this is the classic problem okay of a white white mother fair fair fair and babies a little pink and john gus you see that okay exposure is pretty good I'm gonna go ahead and to my lens correction brightened things up just to touch the other thing that's bothering memphis is the lightest somewhat flap the reason is I noticed later the studio lights that were lighting us for the video were on and since I'm using continuous light it was affecting my image and I was so wrapped up in mom I didn't realize that those were affecting remember I was I was saying why is that so flat that's why so these images are a little bit flat light but we're going to go ahead and go open it anyway because I want to show you how to deal with this okay so one of the first things I do with a mama like this is liquefy so shift command x um she's beautiful I mean there's really not much to do to her but this area here is bothering me okay the key to liquefy is to make your brush size as large as the object you want to move so watch if I make my brush really small and then start trying to liquefy I'm gonna have a lot of problems okay so step backward step reference department um if I make my brush the same size as the thing I'm trying to move or even larger now I can push everything in a lot prettier I'm just I'm stroking down okay I'm pushing in and stroking down to make the fabric kind of just tuck in just a tad and I'm exaggerating this just a touch to show you I'm very leery of making mom look too thin but you'll notice I'm going to reduce the size of my brush because I've got this little piece in here that I want to take in the elbow needs to come up just a touch and I could go ahead make my brush same sizes mama's arm and just go ahead and talk her in I will do hair as well this is more than I would do for a client okay just so you know it often helps and liquefy too instead of going right next to mama's head because I want to tuck this herrin go outside their hair all you're doing is pushing pixels so if you just go outside the areas of actually touching it that will help you keep things smooth without distorting it too much and hair is a great way to do that so don't touch the hair you're trying to move otherwise it will go all over the place in case and hair is incredibly hard to fix in photo shop it takes like seriously skilled were touching to do that so try to get it right flyaways you know fix it when you're shooting it because it's one of the things that will be your nemesis when you are in photoshopped ok so I basically just tucked her in a little bit so I didn't know much the arm of here I did a little bit more than I normally would so is to show you guys kind of how things work don't take this too far you could definitely overdue this okay um now I'm gonna go ahead and correct baby baby is really really yellow and I might not be able to correct him fully without some good work here so let's go ahead in commands a selective color I'm just gonna play around a little bit and see what happens yellows down going to my yellow channel take my yellows down and I'm looking at baby right now I'm not so worried about mom because I can always invert my mask and paint over baby and sometimes it's really is on a challenging baby a matter of just playing around with it it's a lot better already isn't it think I'm gonna go ahead and stick with it because then when I apply my action to it it's goingto pretty much annihilated all anyway so what I'm going to go do is go ahead and go back to my layers palette this is my selective color layer I'm gonna go ahead and invert this okay so that it's a black mask so it's it hasn't been applied yet so then when I pick my default brushes by command pressing command d excuse me go to my brush tool and press d for default brushes now I have my black and white russia's here to change them just press the x key and that'll change him back and forth I'm all about shortcuts these days and you could see baby is kind of still yellow because the mask is there but it hasn't been applied dex I inverted it that makes sense jenny slow down baby slow down no good you're good I can see you look perplexed faces and I'm like ok you sit down so that I could just go ahead and I'm really on a light capacity right now I'm only twenty percent so gonna pop up to fifty and just start painting him and remember every time I set the brush down I'm adding more to him and you know you could be fairly gentlemen I'm not being super exact with this I'm touching mom left and right okay but as long as you are just conservative with it don't even go over mom just to touch to create that sense of ethereal stuff okay so it's not quite perfect I might go ahead and go in and deal with the red on the feet this is one of those hard images that isn't going to be straight out of the box something that will be easy to fix you know to make it absolutely perfect select j that re select and I'm just gonna go ahead and do this little destructively contrast you select already looking a lot better okay crap she's dead center hate that grab my marquee tool in the square shape and go ahead and just pull free transformed the selection what somebody said what did you do that I will go back once just slow me down say julius okay I cropped the image and ended up with a little bit of background right I'm going up to my marquitos is a quick and dirty way to make your background that's is why shoot on seamless paper you guys now know why shouldn't seems paper so I can liquefy and so I can do these background transformations and make my canvas is whatever I want them to be okay I'm on my square marquis tool I'm going to select the empty canvas as well as all the way up to mom you don't want to get mom because otherwise you'll pull mom over too commander control t and then just drag your background over to where you want it press return d select and well you've been doing it with a clone tool haven't you yes I'm gonna go ahead and drop in on this just to get my power points you see that and now I have an entirely different image from when I started okay cropping tool sometimes gets me I'm going to apply my fun little action that I love so much much acting that down a little bit uh pretty pretty okay that's what I would show them all okay exactly showing up sharper on this screen that it is online it's not softer over on my screen yeah questions do you sell your magic ax no I don't it's not mine no I don't I wish like I just I don't have the authority to do so I would somewhat you know me I'm all about making money if it was mine I would yeah um way we're talking unless you want to see how you changed the tan lines on the dance everyone I knew it wasn't want me to do that that's one and I would actually have to play around with a lot I'm happy to go in and try but it might not be successful it's one of those ones that might take me a few a little while to figure out if you want to try it I'll definitely try it I knew they would put me on the spot jenny well actually there's that was going to be my question because someone had asked in the charm I don't know who it is yet if you would do that please in five minutes five minutes it's a really hard one let's try it just don't get mad at me if it doesn't work in five minutes okay me on the spot you could do it you can t o I don't have it yes I do but she said she told you just gave me an out jenny since over there the peanut gallery because you don't have it everything that I know and I just thought oh look at that tan line that's just uh good grace if this is hard okay you know let's try as a challenge okay this is not just don't mind if I don't talk through it so I'm not like having to teach and talk at the same time crystals like you should make it black and white knight I said that tan lines going to show him I don't talk like a white pressure julia do you ever use the adjustment brush in raw I haven't no I hear it's pretty cool though I haven't played with that yet there's so many ways to skin a cat you know you know how it is you I wonder and seriously this is how I would do it at home I was saying I go I wonder I'm just gonna do my thought process out loud I wonder if I took the oranges down if that would help me yeah you know that's kind of taking the color out of his arms a little bit it's not really affecting baby too much then I would do the luminant ce no because his skin has a lot of orange in it so this is totally what I do I just play around so you thinking of adding the tan or adding I did it I think I'm gonna take it away is my thought but if that is the work that'll add it so happens it seems like less work if you added the tan there's a less area that is white and know you're right you're absolutely right um right in here just to add yeah I would do it with the multiplied with our history bush and multiply mode and we could easily try that but I still think I'm going to have to do both because this is just so intense right here I think I'm gonna have to do a little bit of a curves adjustment here and do some color work there to make it blend so I might not get to all of this this is a tough one you have to wonder any minutes left huh said you have three minutes left you have three minutes to get this done okay let me just I'm just going by what I'm thinking here I might just go ahead and get rid of his hand altogether that tan is probably a product of be about two days of sunshine we recently have you way have to get outside I'm thinking let me think and paint same time do my thing I was making a lot more buff just to make me happy take wake up the town line it's gotta look good right he's a very handsome man um yeah okay so let's just play around you guys put me on the spot can she do it probably we'll see it's a good challenge okay what would I do here I would go ahead and just like with good feather yours are all chatty can she do it I'm just selecting that's all I'm doing right now selecting the arm and what you'll notice in photo shop is sometimes it takes layering things to make it work like one thing won't fix your problem if that makes sense like I know for a fact that I'm going to have to do color work on this as well as um tone contrary no work so I'm gonna go ahead and get on to curse first and just see if I can play with my tones a touch that's gonna be your feather but I could mask it off so we'll go and play with that you know too much I have to this is you know what comes freaking out on me okay go back to my layers and I am going to add to the mask okay so I'm gonna go back to my brush tool I'm going teo be in thirty percent just blend that a little bit it's moving it out at least we're getting better right slowly okay then I go and re select and then get rid of go back to my mark he told my lasso tool kind of go back to this little area here and take that off so I'm not dealing with it same with this here still working with a fifteen pixel feather and really I mean those of you in the chat room in online I'm sure you're just like she's destroying its image um and I am kind of I'm just doing this by trial and error it's not real it's not the reds is it that's better hellos there's a conversation in the chat room and martha b was wondering if you would ever outsource this thing you wouldn't set into this yourself maybe um someone says she's up for the challenge you know I am kind of this is getting better um she's kind of right who said that that was from on m j said she's up for the challenge I kind of am up for the challenge it would bother me so much that I couldn't do myself that I'd want to learn how to do it to do it but that's my personality I'm really stubborn that way uh but you know we're getting there it's definitely better than it wass it's softened a little bit well maybe we'll do this for another minute or so yeah right here it looks really good it's actually better than when I do smash all that hit my history brush in multiply mode at ten percent and build it in oh yes it's looking a lot better isn't it you will love the art history brush I mean it is like a godsend seriously so your dark in some areas and lighten others but it's one of those things that's going to require technique on all you know on multiple areas to get it right but then once I apply my action to this so I know it does a bunch of stuff and all it's really doing is applying like ingredients and some curves and all that um it's going to take out this the reds and the skin is going to end up looking a lot better once we're done so I'm not perfect but getting there thanks around really for that one but then you know I might even go in and you can soften lines even further by using I just I'm smashing my layers will quick using the patch tool I mean why can't you go in here and deal with this line a little bit with a patch tool and kind of make the grady in even less so there's lots of ways to create that line and make it not quite so bad well I appreciate you doing that you know my one line would could watch you do that for hours but we just have a few more minutes left for the day so I don't know if you want to review some of the other images or if you'd just like to wrap up today I'm happy to kind of show him as we kind of what we did I didn't show any from the concept shoot I might actually play with that tonight my sister and I were chatting she's like I know you're gonna paint that I totally wanted to paint that in the in the when I was shooting it so we might end up painting the images we did for with mommy today which are really nice I also love the image of becky's background that could be a beautiful painting we're going tio have a good time tomorrow with painting and photoshopped did I answer a question I think my brain just want to thank you teo we're gonna go through the images could you kind of analyze them like you would if they were being judged competition of why they are the most random apart yes I will okay this moment right here weaknesses can see baby's face the left eye look smaller than the right the lips are distorted the hand is in the wrong position the sheepskin is too bright it takes away from the baby's face the dark color tones of the teal over here are different than the teal in the blanket it's not lit properly so that's pulling your eye away from the composition composition is decent we've got leading lines and back or subtle however the headband on the baby's head is too bright and distracting you from the face of the baby you can rip your images up heart okay uh you know this right here there's a thousand things to give you a report on that one um let's look at we're the ones from yesterday he's your baby so let's go into the psd is that we finished this one first of all this area right here we get killed in competition it's funky it's going in there it's like it's distract your eye you know the headband is too bright for the baby's face it's cutting off the hairlines you have to understand there's some things in competition that are not for clients this is client work this's not competition work okay the the contrast between the baby's rap and the baby's face is very high in competition they might say it's too tilted like the baby's going to fall off the blanket they was gonna slide down me that's that's what they would say in competition umm deposing is nice the right foot of the baby is a hidden and looks distorted do you see that that foot looks incredibly distorted because of the way it's placed okay so lighting is okay there's definitely some hot spots the baby's lips were squished a little bit we love that in the war in photography but in competition it might not be the greatest thing so yeah there's lots of ways you khun rip images apart and you'll start to see things and images and you'll get so picky about your work the complaints on this image the squirrel the bottom was too bright the back lighting is too bright for the scene that it's in okay all that stuff so just be cognisant of details I guess that's what I'm saying you'll learn those as you compete more

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