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Shoot: Composite Continued

Julia Kelleher

The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

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Lesson Info

22. Shoot: Composite Continued

Lesson Info

Shoot: Composite Continued

and it's a good idea you know tiffany in our I should mention this typing errors are we've been doing this for so long that we have we know what we're doing but nurses and nick units units and hospitals they have this system where when the baby gets transferred over I don't want her let go until I say I've got him it's like if she was to hand me the baby don't do it but if I would take him until he feels secure in my arms I was ok I've got him that's when she can let her hands go of him so keep that in mind when we know each other so well that we don't really have to do that anymore but when it's a safety thing so just something that no okay okay you're someone cut you you know exactly what you're doing pro you look gorgeous hey uh she goes to sleep I had someone asked me once um a student or not a student but an inquiry on the web she said why would like to sleep what's wrong with having their eyes open and there's nothing wrong with having a baby's eyes open and awake sport my two ou...

t here however I'm sure you guys all will know note that they're much easier to work with when they're sleeping and peaceful you can bend them in directions you want them to bend um also when they're this young they can't focus if their eyes are open we hit earlier his eyes were totally cross ideas like this and it's natural for newborn babies to do that so if you try to photograph them with their eyes open this young they look placed over they don't like about focusing on a thing they almost looked dead in the eyes even if you have catch lights in there so be a little somewhat conscious none of that if you do have an awake baby you just make sure you get the catch lights in there real nice but with when they're older by all means a week is awesome like right around a month month and a half I start to look up and they see things and they're you know they can focus on you more and you actually see into their soul do you know I'm saying you could actually thie eyes are focused on you enough that you can see inside them where is when they're this young you can't quite do that so and I know in europe and in other places ah lot of people don't like sleeping babies like in other countries and you know with an international audience here I kind of wanted teo address that because in america it's you know we all want the baby's asleep so just something you know okay go ahead and pop that hand higher good girl mama she didn't want to do it she's awesome sweet baby just keep your hands where the arm's gonna bring this tool out so we have something to work with here you know feet out okay now notice how his face is back like this he's got this look like that I want to see how much cuter he looks the minute you just take that had a little bit more forward all of a sudden he just like the cute factor went up ten percent twenty percent okay so that looks gorgeous mama now can you lower everything is really long arms there we go perfect you see what I did that because mama's face was kind of like this and I want to see what this is about the mother child relationship so I'm mama's just as important as baby okay so now I'm gonna go ahead and um when you bring this finger up and I'm gonna turn his face towards me beautiful and now bring this finger just like that to help support that beautiful see how that changed even more comma shape okay turning the head you moved back on me okay now mama this is gonna be hard for you I want you to take this part of your cheek and bring it over to his cheek there we go now and fall asleep on him yeah like he's a pillow and the nose into him just half an inch good girl not so much pressure with your cheek on him so kind of lift away back perfect see how detailed this khun b go ahead and make sure you keep his head forward lattes at mama good job okay here it is a parole love this is stunning yeah go ahead and fix hands form a human mind well fussed with tulle over he's asleep so we have some timeto fuss and maybe we can cover private little bit thiss woman is gorgeous why can't I look like that when I have a baby okay with this down here and the cool thing about fabric like this is in liquefy you could totally stretch it out and make it look longer and more romantic so um once and a lot of getting understanding concept um and what you're capable of is knowing photo shop knowing what it could do for you and knowing that you could do something later to make something even better okay go ahead just turn your whole body slightly towards my life good and this lean his head forward just a touch I could see the difference that made huge and go ahead and close your eyes for me sweetie beautiful love it almost falling off my stool here and I'll play with things like that just tilt it is chin down just a little bit for me mama beautiful and chin forward and down just a touch for me awesome do you see the difference that made a huge difference okay it dropped like ten pounds off her face and eyes at me mama oh mama awesome uh don't move I'm gonna come in closer close your eyes from me sweetheart you want that hairpiece in there right justin I'm a total fixed lens girls you guys khun see yes for guy I think it's actually pretty cute he's ok right now he's a little sensitive so you got this little frown on his face yeah all of it okay chin just up to slightly good carol mama knows towards baby good girl close the eyes and chin forward it down just a touch good girl beautiful don't move I love it beautiful yeah let's get a smiley one cause you're so pretty oh gorgeous okay then I want one far away to get that tool down to the floor they're really what's the name of this post um this is the embrace pose and go ahead yes lots of good girl mama you're doing awesome ongoing what'd you say close your eyes nose into baby done thank you awesome it's dripping down her okay so how much of how we doing on time wait ten minutes maybe that's it okay um okay I would like to do this sitting post that weaken photoshopped that tomorrow I mean I can always use the little girl that we did but I'd like to try toe get that what he did everything didn't poop poop poop central oh mama okay grab you tell here yeah so much for the uh lacey totally jinxed herself you jinx yourself bad yeah you did okay so um allover I'm sorry hon okay you know what guys with that being said I think what we'll do is composite the little girl I have um you'll see the shot in that I'll take it from the lighting would be the exact same I would just drop it to the floor I would put her in a different pose as matter fact I compose mom and I think with the fact that she's been grouped on did you have your regular delivery right no c section no no no c section okay so go ahead and I'm just going to show them the pose that way we get that down and then we won't bother photographing it just so in the interest of time so what I'd like you to do is sit down like this with this knee out in front of you ok if you can get you some help okay okay okay some moms air great if they've had a regular delivery and done it before then um I'll make sure you everything stays modest here okay so go and bring this knee out just a little bit more so we separate perfect so what I'm basically doing is creating like a ziff she just went in a meadow and sat down with her baby okay so I would bring little baby let's go get stuck there like a stump their little white teddy bear with this is this is lacey ah stuck bear I should have actually shown stuff here in the last segment stuck here is the idea rachel williams who's a newborn star for in kansas and she's amazing and some pair allows parents to be in the pose with no risk so like go ahead put your hands in prayer pose I can like put him in here in her arms and she can kind of get a feel for it before we put baby in there so I would have thee recommend finding a cute little step bear that you can name in your studio and it kind of becomes a running joke with your with your families that's super helpful because all of a sudden they realize how it's going to go that it's comfortable that everything's gonna be safe and you can go on from there is some sense so I have a recommend stump there so what I would have done is rap stunt bear like he wass and then go ahead and drop that put out just a little bit like that so we create this this is called hogarth's line of beauty it's a classic photography pose for sitting and I would have her just hold him with her hands around him just like that and like she had just sat down on a meadow and it's the exact same lighting and she was looking at him lovingly with her baby sitting in a field that's what I would have done okay yeah steven light would have been brought yeah sorry I don't mean I should have said that I would bring this light down okay so that we were alighting her properly I probably would tone this kick her down just a little bit because of the background the backgrounds foggy and there's not a lot of um like coming in from behind it's very flat and so I would just focus on keeping the light relatively soft without with some direction but without going crazy so your baby so so handsome third and then you know I was the key is to photograph it at the right angle with a composite I would not shoot this from above because if you don't have the painting with me tonight someone grabbing the painting real quick they keep referring to his painting the painting is not from down from this angle the viewer is not looking at it like this the viewer is looking at it like this okay so if you see how this it's from below I'm not camera angle I'm not looking down on the child okay I'm down here with the child so this is where I would have shot it angle of of incidents has to be consistent with all your elements if one is up and the other is down it's gonna look funny when you try to put it all together so sometimes it's best I know photographers who like stand there tripod and have certain markers on their tripod for different things so they know which height their cameras out of every time I don't I'm not that particular about it but it can't be she looks gorgeous you're so pretty thank you so much for letting me play and have a good time that was so fun so okay so let's give a hand erin she was amazing thank you really let me help you moms who have just given birth needs some help up sometimes she's rocking it but just be cognizant of that kid getting up and down from the floor can be painful yeah you're awesome yes my pleasure my pleasure okay so let's take some questions and kind of wrap up a little bit this segment we're going photoshopped right yeah from a mom that has a baby we missed the newborn period while yeah but I think do you think that post would work really well with the baby's going to be about a month and a half old yes rock rap older babies they're almost the whole session is wrapped just cause it's after two weeks they start to stretch out there not right when that's the reason I want him right when they come out because they're they like being curled because this is what the womb was like with curly so they still kind of in that position but after time goes by and parents haven't been bad you know and they just let him search out they're used to that so you try to bunch them up again they get upset however if that is particularly if mom and dad are great swat alors if the baby's been swatted a lot and therefore I've done babies and nine weeks before I have a great image and a wonderful she's actually a very talented photographer and she's a wonderful client her little baby girl morgan I think was nine or ten weeks when she came to me and you know it's one of those sessions were you want the session but you know the baby's too old but you take it anyway um with any warren the client that was one of those and it turned out great and we just wrapped a little more again the whole time the whole session and a turn you got lovely images sometimes clients just want their baby recorded and yeah they called you a little late but that's okay that's okay and I don't take him all the time especially if I'm busy you know kind of say hey you should wait until baby's four months old or whatever but if I can fit him in fulfillment no problem it's a little harder to do the session but you just don't know that they're wrapped in whatever strongly recommend is making a list of the arsenal of tools you have the pose is you have that khun do wrapped and awake the poses you could do awake unwrapped the poses you could do sleeping I'm finished anything you're going to sleeping but I have a toolbox of things that you have on a list that you can go too if that baby is awake and not sleeping okay all right um I have one from the internet here terry js photography is asking just if you have any more tips on how to gain the mom mama's trust gosh you know I came mama's trust I think really just being open to communication um and really explaining things to them and having good policies that they can read that they understand having things be formal you know sometimes that formal process is very comforting to a client they understand that you are top not professional and you're gonna do it right and you've done before just the knowing that you have all your I's dotted and your t's crossed can be very comforting to someone who's bringing their new baby to you keeping a calm demeanor I think in the studio having things ready for baby we have a changing table we have a breast feeding pillow we have an area for mom to breastfeed we've got wipes we've got diapers we've got everything you could possibly need for a baby in our studio and the mom's coming they steal that oh wow they're really prepared hand sanitizer everywhere all those things give comfort and I think it's not just any one thing it's multiple things that are around the circle that help mom and dad feel more comfortable with the fact that they're bringing their baby to you

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There are few images more powerful and moving than those capturing a newborn’s first days and months in the world. Join international award-winning photographer Julia Kelleher to learn how to create your own captivating style as an infant and newborn photographer.

Julia will teach you how to stand out in the crowded newborn photography market by honing your unique voice and artistic point of view. You’ll learn how to connect with clients and capture the spirit of the parent-child relationship in every image. Julia will also show you how to replace tired, familiar positioning with fresh, one-of-a-kind poses. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of all the composition elements that make infant portraits more personal, vibrant, and evocative. Julia will also cover tried-and-true sales and pricing methods — so that selling your services becomes a natural, seamless practice.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools and techniques to become the go-to newborn photography studio in your area and to offer soul-stirring, artistic photographs new parents will clamor to hang in their homes.

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Norma Martiri

Julia is amazing and has delivered a brilliant class here. Her wealth of knowledge and positive energy is inspiring to say the least. Julia is a brilliant teacher and I've learned so much. I am so grateful to Julia and to Creative Live for recording this and for the fact the I can rewatch over and over from the other side of the world. Thank you!!!!!!


Amazing course! I love it! I will for sure be re-watching it very soon. Julia is brilliant, honest, unselfish and just a great inspiration. This course definitely has given me the boost I needed to be true to my style. Thank you!


I've had the privilege of attending a few of Julia Kelleher's workshops and I love them. She's a great instructor with a cheerful disposition and a great sense of humor. Julia's photographic genius is like no other. This truly talented woman creates masterpieces out of her photos. It is really amazing to watch. I'm beginning to collect her workshops b/c for me attending her workshops is not enough. I have to own them so I may go over them again and again.