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Shoot: Israella and Parents

Lesson 18 from: The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

Shoot: Israella and Parents

Lesson 18 from: The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

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Lesson Info

18. Shoot: Israella and Parents

Lesson Info

Shoot: Israella and Parents

this is luba huh it's right I'm getting that right right yeah lubo you look gorgeous they didn't think it don't when your makeup come have a seat sweetie so we have our other little baby needed to feed so he was like not liking me very much so um is this from pregnancy right here feeding her yeah so what we often have iss and poor thing ivy okay this is what happens when you go in the hospital and they stick you with an I v so this is the kind of stuff that we would be removing later obviously we can't do it no sometimes moms she has this from breastfeeding a little bit and this is very common your hormones are so flying back and forth that you can get these little rashes and things like that and this is her birthmark she actually really loves her birthmark and so we're gonna have to have one too on my knee we were talking about earlier so we don't mind we're not going to cover that but the kind of stuff that has to do with hormones things like that we would obviously retouch that out ...

later okay so I'm going to pull this down and I'm going to take you through exactly what I do with her other mama we'll start with you and then bringing dad what's what's down same again paul there's paul over there awesome and I think paul was willing to take your shirt off too so we got great dad will help us out okay so with every newborn baby post we do there's three points of contact for safety for youto hold him okay so your hands are number one or number two your chess is the third time I'm gonna be in your bubble a little bit sorry my mother in law talks really close to me it drives me crazy sometimes so um very conscientious of it so you are my problem let me do the work okay I'm gonna put him in your arms he's so little right now he will only fit like this for so long and I want you to enjoy it okay what is that just awesome to we're going to record it ok ok so hand up like this this is where his little bottom's gonna go ok this is the tough one this one goes all the way up it around and I want you to be able to put his head's gonna go here won't help put your hand behind his head you can pop it forward if I need you to cause I don't want to shoot up his nose it's just all very attractive and we want to keep him all curled up like this okay and we're going to see this here it's just something I'm gonna have to take out later okay how's he doing sarah's girl sorry oh my gosh she's a curve I'm sorry there's devil okay well just just she's got the hiccups right now in my arms at super cute and what is your name I've never photographed in israel three hundred babies in my career and I've never photographed in israel you got the hiccups speak girl she's well she's big number how much does she weigh seven pounds fifteen she feels bigger than that really yeah still has a little cord and she's how old is that exactly a week exactly wait let me do the work okay grab those feet hand nice perfect you should do that funeral yeah minded teo time okay this is stunning but what you do is just bring it is it's gonna feel strange because what looks good in two dimensions doesn't feel good and three okay so you just bring your chin forward and down good girl and just fall asleep on her turn your nose slightly under her desk in a real small movements okay turn your body slightly like this then close your eyes breathe her in she smells lovely doesn't she and I'll tell you exactly what to do you don't have to think it all okay just enjoy her I'm shooting just stay with your eyes closed today but you're doing great I'm shooting at um four point five I tend to up my eyes so a little bit when I'm working with um two subjects e I love her little hand down like that you look so pretty luba thank you off some and I just shoot like this okay so I just want youto breathe her in and then out through your mouth georges and now I just want you to close your lips for me sweetheart could go a little smile gorgeous and on the count of three eyes on me one two three beautiful now I just want you to turn your noes towards her close your eyes breathe her in she smell pretty uh okay let's hide part of parts just I just want her legs a little bit I don't mind the feet like that maybe mom can fold him in a little bit more go perfect so lovely cameras freaking out on me right now oh that's what happened thank you I'm like why won't the shutter press she's doing awesome okay now I want you to touch her your lips to her perfect can I want to go ahead and fall asleep on her one more time beautiful close your eyes for me sweetie count of three eyes at me one two three no smile just soft lou and I want you to think about her pickup ing in your belly oh uh studying okay granddad so do you see how there's so much emotion hear my voice is calm I want her to just enjoy this moment because the more she's into the process the more natural the love is going to be okay so there's dad hi paul come on in some pop I want you to go ahead and straddle the stool like this ok we'll let you get out of the way here for a second so I can show the whole world this awesome I want you just straddle this tool kind of on your on your wife's hip here and they're just gonna wrap your arms around and I'll tell you what to do from there awesome job and I just want you to hang on tio her arms so let me there just like that and actually we're gonna go ahead and hide that arm down there like that beautiful okay chin forward and down from you sweetie it's luba excuse me her name means toe love love love gorgeous and then israel a princess gone oh it means princess of god oh beautiful look at those hands love it okay fingers perfect ok dad this party don't go back to dad I don't want you like this he doesn't work he has to oliver okay we're gonna have you fall asleep on mama chin forward and down awesome good job just fall asleep including both of you enjoy it okay I want you to tilt her head just see who I'm shooting up her nose just a little bit just a little bit more forward like that is enough mama bring your cheek around her just a touch more so I can see your face more and more towards me towards me yeah good job I know sometimes it's amount of listening to all this is like trying to rub your health pat your knee and you know what I'm saying huh never your chin forward okay feels weird looks great beautiful don't move you guys doing fantastic beautiful thank you dad I want you to put your hand on mom's right elbow instead of her left one and bring it up towards her uh her bruises were not gonna cover it what your hand nice and up underneath the other arm perfect you actually like that perfect see the difference all of a sudden there's connection and I love it shut up slightly done just a little bit paul perfect counter three eyes at me one two three both of you nice turn up dead awesome beautiful and mom kiss baby daddy kiss mommy I love it do not too much puckering at the lips just softly perfect and I want you both to smile at each other while you're kissing each other oh stunning beautiful okay let's do one close up dad kiss mom beautiful mom close your eyes beautiful I love my job looking toe delicious now dad has tan lines okay it's okay we'll fix it later okay simple family pose now we're going to dad and bring mom back in ok so you can help so dad I think what we'll do is have you stand so that this post could be done with literally almost anything okay okay dad way asleep enough to do prayer okay prayer pose is this one here not all dad's khun do it depends on flexibility the wrists burping poses another really easy one for dance we're going to dio burping pose this afternoon with mommy um so over we'll go ahead and try to dio another variation if they can't do this they can do this which is platter we could hold a platter in front of them it takes a sleep baby to do these okay so be very wary of that all right so hands in this position but the rest it's close to your chest every newborn pros we do has three points of contact one too so that chest is critical lower lower lower spot your elbows if you have to wear perfect he's actually pretty flexible okay we're gonna try this good nice and close the chest yeah thanks okay I'm gonna put her little head here on the bottom here she's gonna be on her belly okay and it takes me a few minutes to get them in the post so just be patient with me and let me do the way she's easy grief might get always easy baby's going lower her just to touch because you're gonna need to put your hand up and over weight you're awesome okay go and bring that peak years with all those beautiful fingers together going turn just touch johnny bring those fingers together so they're not like in her face perfect okay she's if you see if I don't know if you get a close up of this but you can see that the white knuckles got tens hands right now okay even though she's sleeping and she's like the perfect baby they're calming down now but I can tell that she's a tense in the hand sense in the head okay so I can I'm waiting for this to kind of mellow out a little bit and you can see the white in her knuckles but it's slowly turning pink again do you see that this might be hard for the camera to get but um you can kind of see the white they're perfect lift her chin was to touch pretty smooth dad I want this hand twist back just a touch perfect okay falsely werner I need your chin to come forward and down over the top of her lungs wait go feels weird looks great and nose towards her sari looking toward I didn't say that right you're doing awesome it wasn't me I didn't say it right so chin forward and now falsely corner turn your nose towards her eyes yes good feels weird looks beautiful okay this her bottom is not quite making me have just a touch more sometimes it takes a few minutes to get him right where you want him you know great she's doing amazing get those fingers once more I'm also like an extreme perfectionist so harry she wants to touch her channel and sometimes I will literally give up on something if it's not going the way I wanted to and then the interest of time I'm almost thinking about giving up on this yeah we're going to switch to flatter so go ahead and move this hand like you're holding a platter I'll hold her head close your chest always close to your chest thank you awesome in this hand too beautiful daddy affect you love to be handed to touch you so sleep issues like you can you lift this thumb too much movements there we go that's pretty cute okay I know it's going try she's gonna wiggle a little bit but I don't want to head to flop so try to keep it right awesome way on foot now superhero he's so wiggly huh there you just try to keep your face forward you could you'll feel it when you do it okay I'm not used to shooting tethered it's very strange ok dad I want you to go ahead and turn towards the audience just a little bit your whole body just slightly too much there we go that's good she's wants to be like this if you can keep your head down just a little bit perfect and just look at her dad she's so pretty awesome e e beautiful okay dad chin up just a touch eyes at me nice gorgeous okay it's moving closer lighting is a little foot um can we nail down the power on that one just knock off one of those for me you see what I'm upset about it's flat it's a little flat light so I'm trying to like fixit here supporting touch that's a little better even so this is like what you see is what you get this light overhears almost too powerful but it's also lighting my background so if I take it away it's gonna make my background most which will give me banding on the background so I'm thinking about all these problems as I'm shooting so you guys can fire questions at me as we're working here this is better light often dad gorgeous stunning death unnatural uh where'd that keeps well there it is where's the teeth they're in their zone where he handsome daddy perfect you don't move it's just about baby now julie we have had a few questions about your crop a lot of people well not a lot of people a couple people have said you know that there you're really cropping for how you want it to look like you're thinking about leaving room I cropped for uh well I love negative spaces you guys all know that by now I crop in camera for a cz muchas I want the image to appear like uh on my client's wall does that make sense yeah so you're not leaving room for print you're just thinking I'm actually out of how the image will finish okay okay dad um tim can you help him I want him to be able to kiss her so is he gonna be able to bring her up just a little bit you're gonna want you to kiss her on the head there we go good job daddy stunning go ahead and turn your whole body towards my life just to do just a touch that's that's funny okay I'm gonna come in a little closer just always keeping her close to your chest bud good job beautiful thing go ahead just touch your lips to her head she's like oh I'm gonna man back into daddy stretcher she got that little leg popping now that's a little too much um should I just want you to go okay this is what happens you got this is why assistant so vital tohave because she's there to make sure everything's gonna be okay beautiful I love it okay dad just go ahead and kiss her behind her ear perfect love it from the back of her head for me stunning little wiggly that's good we're good okay let's bring in mama real quick and finish off with family and we'll be good so lou we're gonna have you come on in okay over here sweetheart and I literally just want youto grab around like that with daddy come forward this way awesome what you did turn towards her just a touch of that that elbow is kind of behind her just to love it you beautiful now see how I'm kind of shooting up her nose her chin down like that see that yeah I want you to kiss honey yeah just snuggle in lots of love going on here we love it get this straight better back fire questions at me you guys talk to me it's too quiet in here I didn't actually ask a fault cropping question yeah as faras cropping heads off top of heads can you talk a little bit too that you know truly a style thing I think um elizabeth messina as we know it everybody knows it was elizabeth messina is she does a lot of like women where she just does the chest area and I just love that about what she does um okay let's go ahead and put your hand underneath paul's out there we go nice and tight close close close close and I know it's hard awesome love it okay mama I just want youto take a half step towards may just a little bit awesome and I just want you to look at paul for me awesome beautiful babies getting hurt she's just kind of and dad can you bring your left hand back so that she's not quite so upright way going wonder lying down a little bit more if that makes sense very perfect and then uh both of you I want you both to kind of put your lips on baby pretty awesome ok and go ahead and put your heads to each other head to head so forehead to forehead both of you like you're looking at each other gorgeous oh baby smiling so perfect and go ahead and turn towards me head to head awesome dad turn your check your nose just a little bit more towards me awesome beautiful can you bring baby's nose towards me shoot I'm shooting a porno was little bit perfect good job awesome a little bit more she's baby swing a little bit so I'm kind of shooting a porno summoned it tipple huh this is one thing that I just really can't stand is when julia could question from the internet do you ever run into a dad who's not as comfortable lying you have to coach them along little totally and other moms too both um and that's why I'm talking them through everything and just letting some things you want that natural interaction like just love on each other it's kind of what I usually say to give mormon natural look and then other times I'll say close your eyes count of three look at me and that just gives that more pure natural emotion but it gives them something to do that makes sense okay both of you you're gonna look at me awesome head to head yeah we go awesome close your eyes for me when I think about smell sweet baby girl and how delicious she smelled eyes at me nice little smiles through there you got a beautiful smile mama you're gorgeous don't move stay there eyes closed for me eyes and me nice that's really it that's family so poses mom posed with dad poses you could bring in you can bring in the other partner to the pose any time and it creates that variety so now I have two separate family images mom with baby dad with baby we've got bucket we've got for looks like he was plenty it's plenty to show your client right yeah you weren't asking dad if he wants to take off his shirt well first I look at him on and I know that sounds really shallow and superficial but I do I look at them and I and I go especially if they have don't have anything great toe where first of all if I don't think it's right I won't do it so if dad's real heavy he's got a beer gut or whatever and it's not gonna work forget it I wanted to ask if they are you know really good looking like paul and mario on day especially if they bet thanks you guys so much if they brought clothes that aren't quite right I'll say hey you know I'll explain why like I did with mario that it might not be the best to have him wear a shirt and I want the images to be about his love for his family not about what he's wearing and so if I say hey are you comfortable with your shirt off and usually they say yes or no on sometimes so having hot like like paul kind of went yeah okay like don't worry I'll make you look amazing you know so and he was he was willing to do it in front of entire internet audience we've got thousands of people watching so if sometimes if they especially if they've seen your work because I have this stuff hanging all over my studio so if they see that then I go okay I trust her she'll she'll do it she wouldn't ask me and I'll say that I wouldn't ask you if I didn't think it would look awesome and then they usually say okay we'll do it there just a little confidence boost but gather star some awkward dads and some you know some guys can't do this pose and he was having a little bit of a hard time his fingers are a little stiff and so I scrapped it means that this isn't working let's go to something else and I think it was really good for you guys to see it's totally real life happens all the time okay yeah so how do you handle it if dad comes in with a shirt that doesn't work and refuses to take it off I would just do my best to make it work and that it's happened I mean I've had dad's coming with like bright blue and bright blue and families to me just doesn't work but I'll shoot it on brown try to tone down those blues and then post I'll pull the blues out and try to make it more my style is sometimes you just gotta go with it that was my mistake I didn't communicate enough in the pre consultation I didn't tell them what they need to bring if it goes wrong usually it's my fault so I just suck up and deal with it yeah you really got to costco secreta yeah no but it's a great idea I probably will now security and often times I tell dad not to her buttons but because you know usually babies really close to them and buttons khun scratch their skin I prefer just crew neck long sleeve cotton t shirt short sleeves cut off like you notice he had a limit of a firmer stand going on andi it cuts off the arm when you have that line across and obviously we're gonna have to fix that in post which insects but so be it and it's a common real life scenario so I tell people to bring along sleeves in his much possible especially for dad because it just looks nicer and you know it but it's just my humble opinion it some people think short sleeves it's great so it's just up to you once again one of those aesthetic things yeah he goes to the bathroom like that happened you would you normally have a change of clothes that you could go change and move on he would just continue let's just work with it I get peed on all the time my jeans are still wet I mean it's just a fact of life and you get pooped on him and I've had images where projectile poop is coming out of the image because down happens to have baby in prayer pose and that poop just went funny it happens all the time and actually parents gonna get a kick out of it and unfortunately it's part one of parts of the job that you just have to live with gross but you get used to it really quick I think it's just if you're not used to dealing with it it's heebie jeebies but if you are used to it it's just part of the job so can we talk about the process of the timing with families when they come in you shoot the baby by itself first when you're doing families and then you bring in the mom and then you bring the dad just like we saw you do that the same every time and there is a big reason for that but I need to qualify that answer what the ideal situation is is I have a family like this where I have mom dad and baby I will photograph baby first have mom feed and then photographed baby first I tell mom to keep out of smelling range and voice range I don't want that baby smelling her or hearing her because those are the baby's instincts to feed if when if he's getting hungry towards the end of the being back session if he hears her voice or smells her he's gonna get us here because he's gonna want to eat okay so sometimes at the very end of the bucket or the last shot of the beanbag if I can just power through I can get my shots and then hand baby off to mom for a re feeding for philip a cz long as she stays away so another reason to have an assistant is baby's not distracted by mom's milk and I know that sounds weird but it's it really is true so if there's a sibling it's totally different scenario if there's a sibling we figure a family first especially if it's a young sibling if it's an older sibling which you know happens an occasional have a seven eight nine ten eleven twelve year old come in on they can handle waiting but a two year old cannot wait through the entire session to do family image is so well I will do family with a sibling first and I work with the sibling first because most two year olds and I have one so I can I can dictate to this most two year olds when you first meet them you've got twenty minutes before they're comfortable with you and I don't want that child fully comfortable with me because I want them to follow my directions so and most two year olds behave a lot better for a stranger than they do for the parent's mind us so if I have a two year old or a three or four year old and set them down with the baby and we photographed that first I'll get that shot and that shot is the money shot that is the one that's going to be the huge wall portrait even more so than the family if you can get both siblings and the baby hold and the sibling holding the baby that will sell every single time so that's the first image I get then usually by then the the siblings card starting to warm up to me we'll bring in mom and dad will do the full family session we'll do mama's baby daddy's baby etcetera etcetera then we'll move to the bean bag and you bucket so what kind of go in reverse order that follow okay yeah steven subject do you spend ten minutes or so with the baby kind of bonding so that they can relate to you and have mom away toward the beginning I've seen some newborn photographer to do that so the baby gets used to you and your smile and such definite good question I not really I'm trying to think if we do we don't really what we do is start on the beanbag because if being back allows me to kind of get to know the baby and we wrap him up real tight and that rap like really helps kind of contain them and calm them and just by doing those first simple poses like a sideline in the beanbag that helps me to really get to know them a bit more so I pretty much start shooting right away I don't both tiffany and I are usually holding the baby a lot during our session so it has never been really an issue with us I think it's just again personal workflow on what what works best for you so try different things and see what you think commit to something for a few times and see if it works for you and if it does great keep doing it and if it doesn't move on

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