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Shoot: Maceo - Nighty Night

Lesson 12 from: The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

Shoot: Maceo - Nighty Night

Lesson 12 from: The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

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Lesson Info

12. Shoot: Maceo - Nighty Night

Lesson Info

Shoot: Maceo - Nighty Night

so I will I I won't show you kind of what the transition that we would normally do but what I do is I go from the bull shot okay where we had this bowl underneath um and then since he's already swaddled and wrapped a little bit we would just pull the bull out and switch into ninety nine it's a super easy transition I think you'll see once I get him into ninety nine how easy that is so ninety nine is the pose where it looks like there's a blanket over the top of them and they're just sleeping like this with the cute little bonnet on it's like adorable on parents go nuts over it okay it's a super easy post you can have the baby swaddled underneath that and it keeps him nice and cuddled and warm and snuggly and they're just happy lay in there like this and it's a super easy shot to get okay so let's go ahead and are we gonna is he does he need to be wrapped tiffany do you think he's okay sleepy time yeah I know the night time tonight is on it on first year so what I do for this one as I p...

ut to kind of hand towels looks like I don't have them in hand tells we'll use to wash us kind of to make a little pocket for him right here and then um wei have enough background to do it way do you want to bring your background forward so that you can roll up like this so that it looks like he's got a little blanket on heaven um we're doing his hat first right let's take a hat form that's pretty this one is brand new yeah this's again put a string I love her for the um when I first started doing this shot it hi body it was all about the symmetry for me I tend to be one of those people who likes someone's threes and fives instead of twos fours and sixes but for some reason I love the symmetry of the shot so we're going to try to do it symmetrical this time and see what happens sometimes you tie the bow off the side I don't usually do bows on boys no just you know ty and I let the strings hang you sure you saw the shot one of my key knows so she's not gonna swaddle him we might need to move him a little bit more weight strings out of the way little bit way way so all we're doing is folding and clamping a blanket over him like he's pulled it up over his chest really that's all and then it's just a matter of positioning the hands and sometimes their arms air really long goodbye might go behind head okay you see how I'm moving him really slowly and you'll feel you'll feel in relax you need support anywhere sites and and I just moved the towels closer and then he relaxes no I know that's it's one thing when you first start with a baby you have to get to know him a little bit um every baby is different and you'll feel their mood almost like you'll flow with him you'll see what they're capable of doing what they're not and it really does come which is working with a lot of them but so we're starting him and oppose we don't normally start in so we're kind of like we gotta get to know him a little bit you know and see how he's gonna react he's really good um but he's just doing things that are a little it's going so frigging cute oh my gosh so tiffany just told me that he's super sensitive yes sorry ok then I pop on my little stool he's cute and he just looks like he's just as happy as can be in his little bed now the blanket on the left is going up it's not quite perfectly symmetrical but I will fix that later with liquefy okay I I know I'm totally an advocate about getting it right camera but sometimes you don't always get it perfect in camera okay so um especially when I'm teaching I want to get the shot so I'm not going to like work hard to make it perfect but that's a bit better to fixed it a little bit and you guys know that I love negative space what his hand on his cheek you think I'm the one that's over his chest of the moment this is the fun part is getting teo is it is a tense okay norris okay hold straight there we go little bolo tie their how cute is that hi mr boddy and when they um like smile here it is the most amazing shot and parents will eat this up his lips just about killed me look how cute they are oh my gosh buddy you smile on me okay that's ninety night guys you khun dio um somebody he hasn't really he's a super long baby he's got really long arms so sometimes they'll actually hold onto the sheets like this and like they're pulling up the covers so it's a super cute look for oppose both hands behind the head like hey I'm kicking back in my bed is super cute um grabbing onto the strings of his bonnet is super cute all those kinds of things at personality and characteristic to the shot okay so that's sleepytime that's ninety nine that's that's all it is it's simple so you see how a lot of this is set up for a couple of images you can see why we only show one hundred fifty hundred sixty images procession just to get it close meeting far and then we've worked through every single pose front through sideline taco tushie up north facing city time bowl is there anyone that you want to see again or why take questions while I'm working on another post is there anybody who wants to see something again there was a request from photo treasures in kentucky to show us your favorite post what is your best pose or one that or maybe possibly one that you would recommend for a beginner for beginner sideline rapped sideline and it's the one we start off with and it works every time with every baby awake awake or not okay so let's go ahead and do that we just saw it on the stock drop u m naked around let's do rap tools show rapping again we'll go pick a color here let's see mama what's your favorite color because I like that green that's pretty should we do that here's a little pop of color okay the's wraps devoted nits carries thes she carries some colors not all you could find a profit anywhere there's super nice because they're stretching and this is a great beginners rap so if you're just starting to learn how to wrap this is these are the ones that are really nice and there's their cheap you could find him for like twenty bucks online yeah thank you so I'm gonna kind of start from scratch okay so underneath my beanbag right now is nothing I'm going to start with my uh bath towel for lack of a better word and I'm gonna pop that underneath over here on the right claims they're falling down here love it I usually put one more hand it's just a personal thing I've used one more hand hell on top of that for sideline and that's all you need on on the right for sideline okay you could see my little hump there do you want to happen um I don't think so and see if I have anything way have so many I mean that's ridiculous you guys know how addicted you could be a problem be careful because you spend a lot of money but there are like facebook groups online on the fact I'm part of one where you trade props which is really cool okay so tiffany's gonna lie him down on this side the key to this is getting the angle back okay so to wrap let's just to his hands in a simple ninety night wrap perfect she's just putting his hands kind of like this you know so his hands are like this against his face okay and then the rap is right on his wrists right here so I'm gonna go ahead and just he's a little bit strong boy how old is he moment taste so again I'm just lifting him up and getting that tight right there hope the camera can see this tryingto and then just slowly wrapping it around his body like a cocoon you feel tight enough in front and for little boys wrap keeps getting caught I typically go all the way around not always that depends on the parents but all kind of make him look like a little pea in a pod long boy how long is he twenty and a half with a long baby okay so I'm gonna bundle in all the way up and sometimes I'll just hide this back here because I'm not going to see it so we'll hide that back there and then put his body back towards this way do you see kind of weird angle he's in from above it's really effective to see this from above because you could see his body is on an angle diagonal and I'm gonna be shooting from right where tiffany is okay he's awesome baby look how cute he is we need some support to the hand okay wait so tiffany has his chin lifted a little bit the light is a little bit flat on him right now I don't have that pretty butterfly shadow so I'm going to move it back slightly to create the shadow underneath his nose okay and that's a little bit better do you see the difference in that okay and then you have to wrap him all the way around I can see it thank you little hands go oh he's got little catching flies look I love it so he's a little bit too cock eyed his chin is a little too far up like this so I'm gonna have her drop him down just a touch so it looks more natural do you see that difference how and how much that changed it okay there we go so now when I shoot it and I really have this angle exaggerate on purpose to show you what I mean by that angle okay it's a little bit much but at least you can kind of see that the face is now the focus okay so I would yeah so that angle's he's a little bit far back angled but I can shoot it there she just moved him that's often thank you sweetie he's got me booth on level those faces melt your heart now you're so cute come on give it to me border face just okay and parents I love these expressions e e you see his eyes rolling back and forth underneath his eyelids like you can see his eyes move that's always an indication that the smile is coming or some kind of huge facial expression is coming come on buddy you're so close what are you doing to me can anybody so here is a point where you might I mean you can try tickling their cheeks it doesn't always work the key is to get out of the way quick when you see the smile because it's often so fleeting so cute okay so that sideline it's easiest pose you khun d'oh wrap him nice like that if he's awake or wakes up you won't have a problem at all he'll be nice and cozy and tied in their and good to go so that's pretty much what I do on the beam back I do two drops two poses per drop okay if I'm doing a specialty drop like becky's ill do that just for that one pose and then move on okay but with that close medium far okay so I've got five or six sellable shots with each pose that's twenty images right there and I haven't moved to bucket or parents okay efficiency efficiency efficiency composition color line got it questions any questions in the studio audience we have time probably for one more internet question do you have any more content that you want to cover can I can I good and I think about it I think I got it all okay but I got it all bottle baby is asking if there any techniques to help relax the baby's hands yeah there there are some babies this works on and some doesn't but you can literally like um oh he's so cute I didn't want to disturb him don't you don't you hate the servant o so oftentimes I will literally just hold their hands down or like if I'm going to move them to his face you're doing so good but I'm no you're wrapped up tight in here is gonna be a little awkward come on I can move them to his face and literally hold them just like this until he settles and he's super relax I mean this was babies have been dream babies um but if there's tension you'll see white in the knuckles and then you can kind of almost hold them in place until you see that white go away the fingers become pink again and you'll know that they are relax I'm gonna go and shoot this for mama it's okay and then you can also of course shoot this one from above and get my stool well quick and we'll be done I'm sorry I got into shooting again I know we're supposed to wrap up our way we'll get angel shop for mama and then call it a day with the tail out this is another easy transition from from sideline to angel okay and I'm not paying attention to my my rap as much because I'm in a hurry but um I just got you know three great poses from one one three great images from one post I guess is what I'm trying to say

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Julia is amazing and has delivered a brilliant class here. Her wealth of knowledge and positive energy is inspiring to say the least. Julia is a brilliant teacher and I've learned so much. I am so grateful to Julia and to Creative Live for recording this and for the fact the I can rewatch over and over from the other side of the world. Thank you!!!!!!


Amazing course! I love it! I will for sure be re-watching it very soon. Julia is brilliant, honest, unselfish and just a great inspiration. This course definitely has given me the boost I needed to be true to my style. Thank you!


I've had the privilege of attending a few of Julia Kelleher's workshops and I love them. She's a great instructor with a cheerful disposition and a great sense of humor. Julia's photographic genius is like no other. This truly talented woman creates masterpieces out of her photos. It is really amazing to watch. I'm beginning to collect her workshops b/c for me attending her workshops is not enough. I have to own them so I may go over them again and again.

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