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Shoot: Marion - Sensitive Babies Part 1

Lesson 15 from: The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

Shoot: Marion - Sensitive Babies Part 1

Lesson 15 from: The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

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Lesson Info

15. Shoot: Marion - Sensitive Babies Part 1

Lesson Info

Shoot: Marion - Sensitive Babies Part 1

e girl lovely go this way this little girl is strong and you know everybody online I was seeing a lot of chitter chatter about how amazing tiffany is and she is amazing I'm like where can I find a tiffany I want tiffany I just kind of found tiffany by accident almost okay side stomach position waiter she's a regular she likes a strong legs ah sometimes not always a good question I'm the iphone works great for that white noise up blasted mega loud she's a big girl one of maybe she's a little bit too short for this waking up on me but tell me to set for a long time yeah yeah she did here so it's been what thirty forty minutes and she ate yeah and she's um ten days so she's totally getting to the two week growth spurt where they eat like every hour or what he's got a bottle too awesome julia can I ask a quick question um quick question from sinti twenty one what are the side the diameter of all these props I mean you talked about her being maybe too small anyway but I don't like honestly ...

I don't know probably about eighteen inches twenty inches maybe I buy from newborn prop reps like j d vintage and she usually make sure that the baby can fit in one um and that's kind of why I like reputable people like that if your antique shopping as you do this morial kind of just get to know what what well fed and what won't because if you think a baby is eighteen inches um I mean seriously carry a stuffed animal with you all the time that you can put in things I mean I know that sounds silly but if you're out shopping specifically for the purpose of finding props on an antique shop or whatever get a little stuffed animal or something and you know kind of see if it'll fit you want extra mohr extra room you have the better um and for twins you know I have one or two buckets at the studio that are huge so that twins can fit so keep that in mind as well okay wait um and what you'll notice too was went with babies at this h I love ideally five to seven days okay ten days is fine two weeks is fine but the timing has to be right and me I dilly dallied a little bit and waited for but you talk a little bit so she's not quite as full as she was when we first started and then you know some babies are just more sensitive than others and it takes more time to get through it so this is great for you guys to see because is totally like reality check of what really happens in a session of course I'm all stressed out about it because here we are live internet she's ready she's ready okay talked about it's gonna tell support so oftentimes with these larger babies um they're ahead is right against the edge of the bucket and that I don't want them to get that hard thing on the side of their head going just tuck that in there a little bit to bring up the edge of the blanket so that her head is on the soft part tiffany has magic fingers to find someone with magic fingers so long list find tiffany way yeah you got that for me and sometimes I will sacrifice perfection for the shot okay so she's adorable her hands are a little tight she's got this little fist thing going on I will sacrifice perfect hands to get the sellable image okay so what'll often happen is I will get the shot and then perfected it does that make sense we'll shoot it first and then go back and do the little details just so I know I've got it especially you have a sense of a baby like this of course tiffany bless her heart is determined to get it perfect because we're both professional ists and thiss baby loves the jiggle okay you can see she's totally passing out with a little jiggle jiggle like jello don't break the jell o okay don't crack the jello seriously that's how hard you jiggle and a lot of people look at me they're like oh I'm all shaken baby syndrome you know scary this is how they were in the womb she's got her eyes open a little bit yeah go ahead grab my camera she's pretty happy in there like that okay I gotta get the light situated to so now we have headbands I do want to make her look like a girl okay so again these air from devoted nets I just adore trey she's makes beautiful things as you can see you'll notice I'm a stickler about things being petite and little I do not want it to overpower the baby's head okay so we have three o years just stinking cute um we have three different options here what you guys like one poses for a little texture here okay anything about tiffany that I love is that she holds my flowers in place for me while I tie them just sensitive baby do you see that I am just touching her and she's like whoa yeah she's speeding up a bit wait so let's get the light on the property but that's probably pretty good now I'm gonna go ahead and turn the bucket why am I turning the bucket lights going right up her nose so I want her short lit so I got and I want the trail the bright white thing away from things wrap sometimes second day you're more tired than third um the bright white rap I wanted away from the light so the falloff is on the thing that's highest contrast cause I want the baby skin to be um on the face to be the thing that we see the most okay okay so um I usually do get on a stool to do this um a lot of people were concerned about me have not having a camera strap and that is a concern I should have won on ok eso don't give seriously I mean it's safer for me to have a camera strap on at home I have one that goes around my wrist um one of the reasons I don't like the camera strap is because it's constantly falling down and kids in my image okay obviously I should use it the way it's intended to use it and put it over my neck which would be the smart thing to do but I find the hand strapped to be the better one for me I would be the safest thing to do is to have won over your neck okay so definitely keep that in mind as you uh as you shoot here yeah my little stools were not liking me today oh is that what it is that's what this thank you so much I'm also not directly over baby right this second wait come on already do look there it is I don't even know I haven't tested my exposure anything in waiting waiting always going to keep shooting moral reflex do you see that classic moral reflex okay she's so pretty beautiful way getting images up we're starting right room okay now composition wise I want you guys to see what I'm doing here my heaters in my way a little bit but that's okay um well thank you sweetie I heart you know so um what I'm doing is creating when she wants you see these on the screen here I'm creating diagonal lines with my floor I'm not shooting the floor straight I'm shooting it slightly skewed I'm putting baby in the upper left third okay remember the composition yesterday kind of awkward place to have the baby however it's not the end of the world remember how I told you yesterday that those power points our theory okay so but notice the diagonal lines that's the last image I did I wanted to there's a full one the diagonal lines are leading you it's that backer saddle composition remember that we're the lines and then at a right angle to the face and the baby's face is something I want the most now her face is tucked in I'm not seeing the full portrait as much as I would like okay so the way around that is to adjust her face a little bit but she's a really sensitive baby okay so I'm going to shoot this like this first and then try to fix it and get her face in and more pleasing position ok I'm glad we have a sensitive one because you guys can kind of see what tiffany's off I mean just get to sit here and take pictures I have to buy our beer about that later e here in the northwest were beer connoisseurs we love our microbrews oh cute feet thank you sweetie that's gorgeous and you know you can totally do this by yourself it just takes a little bit longer um I used to do it by myself all the time for five years I did this by myself ok so it's totally possible so I don't want you guys to think that it's not possible to do it without two d'oh that it's not possible to do it without tiffany double negative yeah okay so moving right along but tiffany didn't know maybe ten fifteen percent of what she knows now when I first found her you know so working and we've been working together for a year and a half um working over there in half she's discovered these skills and learning them okay get some good images for mama okay pumpkin you're so cute clothes medium far halo's a little centered yeah go ahead so she's going to adjust it and I'm going to keep my hands on her okay yeah I just that was fine because I didn't tie it all the way I didn't not it I don't like the halo like smack dab in the center it's a little underexposed not bad but thank you for showing me my history who has ever who's ever is doing that look tiffany she's a perfectionist and how do you find a tiffany seriously ask linda dot com that was really good you know seriously how do you find one you go to your local colleges universities you find lactation consultants or doulas or there's often times doulas in your town who have their own independent businesses they would love to help you because they want your client's ok and yeah the baby's already born but a lot of doulas do after birth care a lot of dealers do after birth care and so they want teo you know work with your clients well she's gonna you ask mommy she's well did you okay okay so let's go ahead move onto a different look so I didn't fix her face she's a sensitive baby I want the images I'm going to go ahead and move onto a different look so we can kind of do a different pose and see how that works okay we'll try to get the next one absolutely perfect okay so let's design again this is the fun part I would like to do something teal for mama so is that nice when you know the colors of the nursery you could kind of give your direction you can go okay let's let's go in that direction so let's do teal go ahead just put this over here quick oh that's gonna be that way benefits to being the assistant is that you get to hold the baby weight never get off wine wine wine somebody shoot me where's my uh my other mother yeah shoo away when you first started before you were an associate did you do you do this full time or did you have a secondary job when you first started helping julia I was full time photographer um for less three years so I was doing just photography and work I work for another tire for a swell so yeah I worked twenty hours a week usually for julia and the rest is all my other stuff I'm not entirely happy with it do you know why yeah the blues are not the right tone um it's like a shag one of the the shack one you guys want the shock one okay mama so sweet over there she's being quiet just like not injecting her opinion feel feeder in jack comma that's the second baby she's relaxed and it's true second baby mamas are usually a lot more relaxed first time mama's not always but it's not gonna work but if you guys noticed I am a messy creative it's not the right blue note won't work with that um but we could do something different metals the white background yeah it's definitely a high color contrast too much for me for my aesthetic but it doesn't mean that it wouldn't work for you but it's funny because I'm saying ok it could work but it's so like not in my comfort zone because it's not my style that I'm sitting here going don't make me do that don't make me do that do you mean and you'll find that that happens with you you'll get comfortable with a certain look and that's ok and I'm gonna own that so let's waken totally switch buckets we could do the little buffet on this the metal bucket on this one it's a little more masculine looking but we could make it feminine or we could put the metal bucket on the green teal why don't we do that because that looked good initially didn't you put it on like a darker wood or is that still yes well think about it as long as you bring in the teal color somewhere else so it's not like just on the bucket then that would work do you do you see where I'm going it's like decorating it truly is like decorating your home if you're gonna put a blue throw pillow you better have a blue roger blue curtains or something else that kind of ties it all together does that make sense so think of it along those lines it's truly like decorating your house so and I study a lot of home decorating magazines not number one for my clients that also helps with this kind of thing way going here okay so a little bit more masculine looking I would totally use this for a boy so let's make it girlie how are we going to do that something something fluffy in a sandbag you are absolutely right my dear thank you for making me safe and I'm also gonna put a tower to in here too that I'm fun yeah ok good that's what's important have fun learned take it all stealing okay okay now we're gonna put a soft and fluffy in here let's think about this for a second I'm sure everyone homes going pick that pink that you only got two options people way to go excited on that okay and then we're gonna bring it to you okay so here I am taking the floor and bring it into the three dimensional piece okay what is this stuff this is raw wool that has been cleaned and washed it a straight off a sheet okay you can get it almost any wool shop or fabric store um has a very texture obviously has a very textural beautiful look um you do have to be a little bit careful make sure you find stuff that's washed and don't leave a baby in here too long sometimes well could be very sensitive on baby skin okay so just keep that in mind when you wash yes you can wash it hand wash it and gone so we're just baby drift baby friendly soap in and let it air dry and it just because you know babies will pee and poop on it so you wanna make sure you can wash it but it is a very natural substance it comes straight from a sheep's wool and they clean they clean and process in the refinery so it's all very clean yes quick question a lot of those lines julia raffaele is asking are you careful are wary with synthetic fabrics in case the baby's allergic or irritated so um and our natural fabrics like wool cotton and silk better um no I don't really worry about that too much I can see why you would want to be careful about it I don't like to leave babies actually it's something like wool it could be more sensitive to a baby skin than cotton um so in this kind of stuff I tend to not leave a baby in there too long for that and I always usually wrap them in something else so that they're not naked in here I don't want there I don't want all of their skin being touched by the wolf but it's perfectly safe to put a baby in a natural fabric you know there's nothing wrong with that I just you know how some people have a bull sensitivity like you put a wool sweater on a kind of scratchy or give you a little rash or something like that so yeah baby skin is very sensitive so you want to be careful with that synthetic fabrics I mean don't bother these air all synthetic these air all polyester with a stretch and I've never ever ever had a problem with them at all just be wary of it I think is the key okay so let's say do we want to do a different rap with us a different style rap she is really sensitive isn't she okay if I had a super sleepy baby I'd be doing all kinds of cool wrapping techniques right now but I want oh further in the interest of time and in the interest of getting the shot for you guys to see I'm going to do just a simple easy classic rock kind of like what we've been doing to create the look but if she was super sleepy I would totally do something different but I could try but unless you guys don't mind singing crying baby I'd love to get mom some good images does that make sense so let's go and just do what we've been doing and leave it at that because she seems to be happening let's go we're gonna go ahead and do more of a taco pose so I've made this a lot deeper than the other basket you can actually see the the sand bag down there at the bottom so it's deeper so we're gonna kind of put her in like this we're gonna fold her up and put her in like that and then we wrap this around her so instead of lying this on the very bottom like that I'm kind of putting it on the side because I'm gonna kind of hit him around her like that okay kind of like a cocoon yeah do you think she'll do talk okay okay uh just back her back right here place and she might fuss a little bit until we get her nice and rap and I have no idea how she's gonna take this so we'll just see what happens next I'm just gonna tie knots and she's sensitive target okay thank you wait a little tight for me and I make this pretty tight thanks I make this pretty tight you want to swallow and this hater is a godsend the older the heater the better this peter's like from the eighties and the reason is they don't shut off when the room gets hot which is extremely helpful um at least some of it I might need some support from back here and the nice thing about having an assistant is that you um I'm supporting her head she could go in there with a little bit of we want to make sure baby's head is completely and always supported you just don't delicious kind of deciding what I want to do with all that I think they were going to shit without talking in maybes loathe and then I'm always looking at things from above I want I want to see what the appearance looks like from here and I know you guys can all of the camera can see great I know you guys can always see it but it helps to really visually see the aesthetic and go ok and I seeing my light the way I want it in my singing once again the lights going up her nose so I'm gonna be twisting the bucket a little bit okay again all the more reason to have around luckett oh wait yeah she's uh she's got some gas and that's one of the reasons she's a little bit more sensitive way theo sometimes we just start over questions while we soothe second bucket shot but you wouldn't normally do to bucket shots are now baby you know normally I would just do one bucket shot um especially sensitive baby yeah lee isn't just called rob well it's just rush sheep's wool yeah I'm honestly I wouldn't know how what to search I found it in a little antique fabric store in my town that shut down unfortunately um but I think I was told that you can find it in like any good high end um sewing shop where you can make your own yarn because a lot of people spend their own yarn and um this right here is the same it's just been spun and died so it all comes out off the sheep you know wider cream like that and then this is just been spun and died on dh ready to put it to be put into yarn okay so he would put you know like cinderella you put this on the spinner and it would make yarn yearned for you eso anyplace any yard really good yarn shop I think would carry this kind of thing there's a lot of artists out there who like to make their own yard so yeah another one from the internet gretchen know well is asking do you always wrapped the baby while it's in the prop or do you also you know just depending on the set up rapid on the beanbag or a really good question sometimes we will wrap on the beanbag and this this rapid particulars really easy when you have the bowl under the beanbag from yesterday when we put the bowl underneath and then if you put the rap on there and wrapped the baby in the bean bag and then put them in the bucket sometimes that's a little easier especially if you're by yourself with an assistant obviously it's it's nice to have him in place because I can truly position them how I want them in the bucket but yeah working on the beanbag first to wrap and then bring him over here is a great technique I know a lot of people who do it on their lap to they'll do baby on their lap and then put them in the bucket to so just personally what works for you and what's easiest so how's she doing she's happy in your arms likes me she loved every baby loves you from sensitive you're sensitive can ask another question of course please this from christa would like to know how much is too much when you're layering you have a good rule of thumb that yet another cautious question their meeting yeah there is too much like this is huge texture right here going on this wool I wouldn't do much more than this because imagine if I layer on more and more andme or you know have things coming out every direction you're not gonna be able to see specific textures you just miss mishmash wash of stuff and you're like ok what do I look at less is more always in my opinion there are it's what's easy for me there's a lot of people who are amazing at doing tons of different layers and textures but there's a system to it they have a definite routine was and it's purposeful it doesn't look mishmash so the minute it starts to look like you just put something in there to put it in there for no reason to me that's overdoing it

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