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Shoot: Mason and Parents

Lesson 19 from: The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

Shoot: Mason and Parents

Lesson 19 from: The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

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Lesson Info

19. Shoot: Mason and Parents

Lesson Info

Shoot: Mason and Parents

let's do floor for kati yes we'll do a different image here this is a great post two for any baby asleep or awake and dad's love this one bythe lower this light for anyone production crew who's around I'm gonna need to lower the light to the ground thanks way keep calling her easy breezy kate because she's so sweet cover girl kate okay I am going for this shot I'm gonna switch out to my fifty um eighty five's a little too uh long of a lens for me to use for this all right so mario mister awesome sauce ready tto ready to throw off the shirt you're awesome okay mario I'm gonna have you lie down on the ground like this I want your butt at the edge of the slick adi ok you're gonna lie down like this I just got a microphone pack on my back and that really hurt and I want you to put your hand over your head like this make sure there's plenty of claudy floor above you because that's our background okay it's really comfortable down here oh don't take too long and I'm too old for this awesome o...

kay perfect to move my life a little bit so what we're going to dio because we're gonna pop sweet little baby right in here okay and his head's gonna be here and you're going to control his privates with your your his legs with your hand right here ok I have to lower this flight is not quite as low isn't mine one of the studio goes but that's all right um thank you whoever's back there oh yeah that's really not very was it okay um I have a home I have a studio titan light stand they're amazing they have a trigger on amuse lower your light right away it slides down studio tighten you get him from talents photographic t a l l y n s um and I have two of you in the studio and especially for a woman like muscling all these lights hits a fantastic cause it's likely one of those ball releases you just squeeze the trigger and the whole light just drops right down you could pop it back up all the time it's like and it goes to the floor which is what I needed to d'oh okay you ready now she had a c section are you sure you can lie down on the ground okay um be concerned about that always okay so I'm gonna kind of show you what to do and then I'm gonna help you down okay oh that's much better kate I love you you're amazing you're gonna being above a little bit mario okay um so what I want you to do is and I always show my parents oppose to show them how to get into because it really does help to have the visual reference okay so I'm gonna have you put this arm behind you this shoulder is gonna meet mario okay let me know when you put your hand on his head and we're gonna wrap around like that can get you a better who was once we get there come on over I'm gonna help you my dear can you how do you need to get down on what's gonna be the best way I know you were such a trouper good bless you yeah I know how much that hurts and so I'm like cringing for her right now she's like hi jacked up on drugs okay it's going put that arm behind you and put this shoulder next to him and kind of rule over on your side you can yeah kind of like you're gonna roll like you're gonna fall asleep on your side and can you take a half up half a move your whole body that way just a little bit so let's move over alway move your butt that direction perfect good now go ahead and drop and I want you to go and bring your shoulder down to the ground you're gonna actually lie down yeah I didn't do it all the way tonight I didn't show you enough that's my problem can you put this arm behind you so kind of lift up a little bit and put that one under back here if you can lay on it only I want youto lift up a delay on it there you go honey there you are dear to you and also hide it I'll hide it yes okay cover you up just a little bit there okay go ahead and move your shoulder I didn't show you this very well I'm sorry so go ahead and can you take another half a foot over there we go back off from your husband just a little bit of that makes sense but I still want to be able to hold his hand so okay she's doing awesome and actually I still need you to do more I'm sorry yeah move your whole body like there we go there we go good girl awesome sauce perfect okay do you see I don't know if you see this from above or not but you can see how just creating a little separation right here was good what I am gonna end up doing so I want your head down here just a little bit and turn up look at me beautiful come further way beautiful okay so I'm creating this circular pattern over the top of her over the top of them little mason's gonna go it's mason right I've got somebody baby so damn not mix them all up little mason's gonna go right here I'm gonna put a towel underneath here to support his head okay but you can see the circular composition that's happening this is that golden mean thing we were talking about okay so grab a towel is gonna feel funny mario but so I'm just talking this towel to kind of create a little pillow mason right there so that his head I don't want him going like this and I'm going like this too much okay ready okay so you are in charge of legs and private parts so you're just gonna go like that okay so just you're just touching him with that perfect you're doing so good christian this's for mason's benefit hater so you guys might start sweating sorry private drop way cozy spot huh buddy I'm still aiming for the comma that he's providing you just think you can live with that right yeah deal with that daddy o you can totally do it thinks that she was here this is so cute like we're not we're not sacrificing this for dad can deal with it awesome okay both of you I just want you to close your eyes for me awesome beautiful and kind of three eyes on me one two three mom knows towards me beautiful oh they're gorgeous okay no mama I want you to kiss daddy just on the chin yeah maybe you just got it like big time in his hand yeah you're such a trooper dead tiff can we move little masons basil but more so I can see it this you guys at least have a story to tell write my baby poop in front of ten thousand people on their way yeah and I got to hold it for five minutes came on just touch your lips to daddy daddy close your eyes one to three beautiful perfect okay that's good we're done that's the floor for claudia flick adi image the lighting is not my favorite on the reason being is that the light is not all the way to the floor um I'm having some issues with that because it's not and it's also not a woman I'm not excusing so please forgive me not my comfort zone right now okay so he did awesome lacey the line producer was saying no baby workshop I've ever done has had a messy baby I think we just thinks that this's okay so that's another beautiful image we highlighted the ink okay we highlighted the circular composition you guys are awesome so cool what a good sport you're mario how much time do we have how we doing on time we're pretty much were ready but you want to go ahead and give us some final thoughts for the segment yeah we can say that we can't do that that would be awesome family images cell okay family images are um the money shots so do them I know it's a lot more to think about but really if you just follow a few simple rules making sure that you're not seeing the backs of hands too much it's okay if you are you know but be cognizant of it you don't want to shoot up anyone's nose ever you don't want to shoot a butt crack ever of a baby okay don't show the butt crack I mean really it's just not attractive even on a six day old okay um keep privates covered and make sure that you see faces and that you're short lighting I mean it's you of course broad lights okay too but if you're following these rules you're going to be okay and thinking about connection thing about every arm every hand in a loving position it's gonna work and I know that takes up a lot to think about like mom dad maybe but if you start with mom and baby for the go to pose that you know work and then you bring in dad it's going to be a success especially with because you have three it's actually harder to bring in a sibling because it's for its an uneven numbers you've gotta stagger things a bit more with three it's actually a lot easier but try to get those family images they sell sell sell and you're going to up the ante with your newborn photography if you can really create powerful family images

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Norma Martiri

Julia is amazing and has delivered a brilliant class here. Her wealth of knowledge and positive energy is inspiring to say the least. Julia is a brilliant teacher and I've learned so much. I am so grateful to Julia and to Creative Live for recording this and for the fact the I can rewatch over and over from the other side of the world. Thank you!!!!!!


Amazing course! I love it! I will for sure be re-watching it very soon. Julia is brilliant, honest, unselfish and just a great inspiration. This course definitely has given me the boost I needed to be true to my style. Thank you!


I've had the privilege of attending a few of Julia Kelleher's workshops and I love them. She's a great instructor with a cheerful disposition and a great sense of humor. Julia's photographic genius is like no other. This truly talented woman creates masterpieces out of her photos. It is really amazing to watch. I'm beginning to collect her workshops b/c for me attending her workshops is not enough. I have to own them so I may go over them again and again.

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