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Shoot: Mother Child Composite

Lesson 21 from: The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

Shoot: Mother Child Composite

Lesson 21 from: The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

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Lesson Info

21. Shoot: Mother Child Composite

Lesson Info

Shoot: Mother Child Composite

so I'm a little hesitant to do the prayer pose because he is a little bit away but he's also very calm so I am going to try it we'll see what happens I want you to separate your risk just talking nice and close your chest always post your chest and having what okay oh let me do the work he's a big boy separate your rescue crew has had a little bit more wholesome turn your wrist in towards you your mama okay he's a big boy go breaking news yeah yeah let's just calm down talk to him he loves your voice joining a he's got one eye open stinkeye gonna take this foot under girl you know your new this's so risky to do within awake baby but I'm doing it rock n roll he's got a little baby acting going on you guys see that we'll take that out later going there you know what to do look at this moment she's almost a pro already I'm gonna let him kind of a little bit he's looking you giving me this think I bloody well know that I think I uh when they do that I want to see everything that's going on...

but go ahead and lift this hand just a little bit way drop everything down if you can get a little weird perfect beautiful so this is not perfect prayer post you see what's wrong with it yeah she's a little bit upside I'm gonna fix her but he's also not asleep yet so I'm not worrying too much about it okay this pose is one of those ones that has to go in stages you have to let it evolve if you try to rush this one it is going to bite you in the bottom ok so and he's kind of see the world when I opened so here is a look at that little forehead he's like open just I will in a second are you feeling are you okay what right now your hands are like this okay you're doing fine I want you to lift this one instead we're gonna kind of bend his back just a little bit good girl mama so I know he's getting their hated as mama perfect now I just want youto tilt his head off just like that and now I just take the whole thing and drop it needed that she's hot has hard I'll fix that with more good with my hands around her hands are very clammy are you nervous okay I'm just really hot you're really hot that's the problem with them being anyone see unfortunately it is a warm place okay okay turn this page is to touch remember to keep the weight on that left foot okay yeah it's a really weird if you get tired you need to tell me okay so now he's looking and fallen asleep thiss baby you're awesome sauce you know that okay mama's hands are lovely I'm seeing the sides do you see that they looked stunning okay so now what I want to do mama it's just bring your chin forward and down and fell asleep wait on that left foot across the knee over he's like no I'm not asleep yet you know you should just talk to him chin up just a touch what feels weird looks beautiful okay good stunning ok nice and cross over this knee feels very okay bounced when I'm doing something new like this I move very slowly I hope you guys are okay with that but I'm just it's it's not a new pose but it's a new mom standing and I usually do this with her sitting and I'm asking her to put a lot of weight on one side to create that line and I want to make sure she's balanced and safe and feels secure okay that's priority number one can tough this out just a little bit okay now I kind of want you to just if you can break it the waste just come towards me just a little bit too much too much much much good girl good lift that shouldn't slightly wait don't know smashing here we go nose into baby hair got here close your eyes girl okay I'm gonna go and try to shoot this um yeah would you go fix it for me please thank you and I'm gonna go ahead and start off with a full body so that mom can relax if you're great honey it's me no you're good okay that mom can once we get the full body she locks her legs a little bit okay so I'm gonna come back here to do that about eighty five on guys sorry if I'm a little bit away can you bring the tool on the left side in towards her towards her legs there we go beautiful shooting tethered and I'm all locked up here awesome solves one in eighty five still gonna go back for it sorry guys sorry looks awesome beautiful okay now I'm gonna shoot this but I do have an issue with it okay I know that's why I'm gonna make you not do it for too long um baby's butt and legs are closer to me than the face do you see that so it's making baby face not the focus so yeah I just want baby to come towards me a little bit more there we go beautiful see how that change the pose so much okay no I'm not using a reflector here so it is creating kind of a dramatic look but I'm not so not in love with it that's a double negative again look at me in my double negatives today good girl chin up just a touch mama knows towards baby and I said me gorgeous I love my job in this fun creative it's fun okay mom you can put a little weight on your leg there we go gorgeous um actually if you can hold it I do like it now baby is not quite in the right position but he's also wide awake um so I'm going to go ahead and keep him there for a second beautiful yeah mom your chin is a little tact forward and down good girl beautiful even more you do where's perfect before love it more forward into good girl close the eyes awesome oh you guys see the difference the whole babies like opening his eyes eyes at me mama oh stunning little soft smile beautiful now I want you to bring bring him out just a little bit just a touch and turn your lips to him and just kiss him on the air we got beautiful he's like all awake go ahead and turn your whole body towards my light just a little bit just that's good to know too much too much too much much just a touch and break it the waist and come towards me just a little bit good girl mama good girl and close the eyes ah some do you see what a difference that made just by making her bring the baby towards me it made the line more beautiful don't move mom you're doing great let me get a full body gorgeous gorgeous okay let's change poses okay I mean this is so fun and it's working just really exciting for me um this goes to show that you can create something ethereal and lovely did he did he pee on your you okay no just you're just hot sweaty poor thing you're doing great like you know it's the heat okay so now I want to do something very similar but we're going tio do the this post here you notice I'm doing the same poses I've done have dining different right and all we're really doing is adding costuming really that's all we're doing to the post to make it more ethereal but that image right there has a very maternal madonna feeling to it in a very artistic feel now if I went in and we're going to go in and photoshopped I think I'm going to be tempted to go into photo shop tomorrow and play with these a little bit too make them even more heavenly and ethereal and in painter that will be absolutely delicious like to do the tool and painter with all that light and color coming through is going to be I can see what it's going to be so I get excited about that when I'm going to see that kind of stuff happen okay so let's go ahead into a different futures have ideas fire muay let's play shall we sound good what should we do with the tool is a fan I know I would love a fan I don't think we have one unfortunately uh like if I did have a fan I would totally do that that's okay you're doing great you are like the most easy going mom ever but this and you know seriously moms of moms who come in who had multiple babies are really easygoing they mean they usually fall asleep on my sofa so I have two sofas at the studio and we've had multiple times where they fall asleep they're like oh thank god somebody's watching my kid sit there going so okay so this time are you doing all right okay so this time what I'd like you to do is we're going to the classic embrace pose okay so this hand's gonna go like this oh let's see here okay you know what we're gonna wrap baby we're gonna take so you take a break for a second my brain just I had a creative burst okay so I'm gonna bring this in delights you guys can see what we're doing okay so now I've got to think about where I want baby on this okay so I'm gonna do the classic this kind of thing and I think just letting that drape down next to her is going to be the simplest and most beautiful thing to do don't you guys okay so we're going to teach this class I mean you see why I love this rap right scarf wrapped the whole rap because it offers so much flexibility and it keeps that baby all talked in and tie and happy okay and this tool is the higher and fabric kind so it's very soft but it still holds its shape which is why it's so fun to work ok you're doing so good thank you buddy and now you understand too why this bowl is like my favorite thing ever it's e any questions why we're doing this everybody on the internet is just loving how aaron looks and they're saying that you're doing a very good job stunning I'm seeing a lot of wows and she's beautiful so yeah yeah okay okay but you go handle him okay so mama move this out of the way when and the tool also looks really beautiful and skin because you can see through it so it has that here we love naked babies and so when you wrapped them in the tool okay okay I don't care about tuning that's the other all right so um what I'd like you to do is go ahead and remember three points of contact with their safety okay and let me do the work ok and again just enjoy okay okay so this hand's gonna be right here like this this hand's gonna be this is the tough one ok all that she's beautiful long arms that will be actually really easy for her um this hand's gonna be like this and you're gonna be able to hold his head is all that's gonna go here so he's gonna hear you able to go like this with his head to bring him forward should I need you to okay so I don't want to photograph up his nose because it just doesn't look attractive she's like can I have the hate off I'm dying yes I know it's it's a great I'm glad you said something her hands are a little clammy she's sweating a little bit so I'm gonna get you a tolerable quick and you go ahead and wipe your hands a little better yeah okay you never want mama to feel uncomfortable or like things aren't safe okay okay it's okay he's doing she's worried that he's not sleeping I don't have a problem with it he's doing fine as long as he's doing what I want to do who cares if he's awake or asleep cross eyed thank you my clients are always jealous of my job you guys have you guys come across that were there like you with the best job ever I think it was just a tube I don't think so so julia if your do you have a second yeah so somebody in the chat room is asking about stretch marks and is that something that that you what how do you approach those because this is beautiful this shot as it is oh yeah she's stunning and have kids she was amazing and that's just not fair yeah they're most women do have some kind of stretch legs or they have this line it's a hormonal line it goes away after about six months of giving birth it's a hormone thing you know this cheese makes my life my life a lot easier if they do you can edit out mark's pretty easily some women it can be a nightmare to dio I mean I've seen some women and he's going yeah means tiger stripes and that you know what I've seen I had a mom who came in with a pregnant at thirty eight weeks with twins and her belly was out to here and it was just black and blue tiger marks all over her that we had tto painstakingly edit out now well I do that every emmitt knew way jose and I will charge for it that kind of thing is very intense voter shop but little stretch marks here and there you know that's a no brainer would we do that automatically already okay wrap him up again um I don't think we need to well I guess we probably should show everybody huh it's really pretty dark over here me over here so they can see it again people like to see things twice right you feel better getting all that stuff out of there yeah so cute he's like I want to see the world you might sleep really well for you tonight you might get a couple hours of sleep tonight girl uh the car rydell do it for sure and with little boys you need to be careful of their little private parts when you're doing this scarf tie just make sure you're not pinching him I mean it's just silly little stuff but it's important to note and when you do it the first time you'll feel so bad it happens but um once you've done it once or twice you learn quickly not to do it again okay he's all wrapped and ready to go so let's try this one more time I will help you right there and then all the way up it around kind of even like that here you go no it feels awkward as I don't look beautiful okay it's here doing awesome just go ahead and tuck him in and let me do the work don't try to help me okay okay you're coming out of this he says um pusher pusher he's looking for a book he's totally rooting on me um they do that when they um sense a woman is next to them sometimes they will start rooting on you yeah just kind of trying to sort the tool out here she's like that yeah I don't see her hands getting sweating and so she's afraid she's gonna drop she looked at him rooting on her she's like mommy where's a cool yeah you know what let's go ahead and feed him okay do you see this you guys this is classic baby rooting this means he's hungry okay said he's very hungry ok they don't do that unless they're really hungry mommy I'm funding so let's go ahead and get you out and I'm gonna hold this up for you so you can walk out um okay so let's let her give him five or ten minutes on the breasts and then he'll feel much better did you see that I mean he was like I'm oliver previti and it's this age especially where they week and a half to two weeks where they go through a little growth spurt and they feed almost every hour to the scene how much they feed you like go through being back session and just two two looks in the bean bag and all of a sudden they're like what did they want to eat or they'll suck on your pinkie and you feel like they're going to suck it right off so keep that in mind so fun we have fun have fun this is great so any questions uh while mom's feeding I have a question yeah I'm wondering if you when you have clients come in if you know immediately when they come in that they are a possible candidate for conceptualize shots and how do you know yeah well just know that I'll explain I'm kidding but tiffany who I did that he has arrived print with she has this red curly hair and I actually saw she was a model for a work for a student who is coming to mentor I do private mentoring at my studio and it was so tragic because just make a long story short this poor girl got on two flights from atlanta before she had to cancel with me because each flight had to turn around for mechanical problems and the poor thing was afraid to fly anyway and so I had you know I lined up models for my private students too to photograph and they get to handle them and do it all and so company was coming in and she had been recommended to me by a friend and I saw her facebook profile picture and saw that she had this gorgeous red kind of curly hair and I was like omg that is like conceptual right there I mean she's just uses it so sometimes you'll just know when they use it it we call in the people world we call it a loan face and when you enter print competition and your image is get to the top level it enters what's called the loan book or the loan collection book which means your image is like one of the top ten percent of the images in the competition and so we call when someone has a lone face it means that they said there's such interesting characteristics in such expression and such easy movement in front of a camera that they'll give you that they'll give you that money so look the mysterious like you want to know what's happening in their head and aaron totally has I mean this image that's up on the screen right now she has this just very powerful soft sweet feminine look to her that you know just bruises motherhood on and she's a mother a couple times so she knows what it's like to be a mother already so she understands the connection with the child where is the first time mom isn't quite as you know there's it hasn't first time you're pregnant you really don't know what's going on I mean it's shocking you don't you don't know what to expect there's these weird things happening to your body and you have this little thing that comes out of you and you're like what do I do with it it's just the love and the connection you don't understand what's ahead of you and how glorious it is but when you have the second one you know what's to come so you your feelings are much I don't know I could be wrong I'm police speaking from my perspective but you think about a little differently my right moms have more than one very okay good I'm right I think I haven't had a second one so I can't speak to this fully but the second one you definitely know what's coming and how amazing it iss and of course how hard it's gonna be but your feelings I think change a little bit so aaron has that whole she understands what it's like to be a mother so she can promote those feelings easily she also is very easy in front of a camera I had no idea this is first a matter I have no idea she was going to be like that and a lot of that was luck of the draw but you will photograph families and there's been times where I'll have someone come in and I photograph them as a session and they'll be like can you back in two days so I can do some kind of cool art stuff with you almost all of them say yes because it's a huge compliment tohave photographer wanted want you as the subject it's like can you manage something asked if they could paint you you think oh ok sure it's kind of a compliment it means here you have a unique look for your beautiful etcetera yeah you ask them to come in for a conceptual do you give them something or do you just offer it to sail sell to them I usually give them images I won't give him the art piece like tiffany got the images from the session but if she wanted the art piece you know I would have to sell it because I put a lot of work into it but she wouldn't have to pay full price for it in a way yeah I'd probably sell it fifty percent off just so I can make my time back for it um but you know yeah I mean and there's times when you're gonna want to give it away friends people like that you would definitely do that but on and there are times when you'll see a pregnant woman walking down the street and you'll see how beautiful she is anyway like I want that baby you know there's been plenty of times I'm sure you guys all know no I don't want that baby because you know it's gonna be beautiful and I have no problem walking up to a mom on the street and just being like hey I'm a photographer this is what I do keep your portfolio on your ipad or on your phone and should be able to show it to him and then they'll see what you do have your card say if you I'm interested in doing some art pieces doing a theme study or whatever I'd love to photograph you and your baby you totally or what I want what I'm looking for um and people are even if they say no to you that's okay it's a huge compliment to be asked they will it'll make their day just to ask them and that's gotta feel good when you when you make somebody feel good so how's mom doing over there doing good he's munching away awesome slowly that's okay he's below in his ear it was nice to do in life that I'm not blowing out there and make him wake up so eat any other questions from the internet anything yeah there were questions I think the conversation with regards to photoshopping out the stretch marks kind of brought up more conversations about what to keep in and women talking about possibly wanting to keep that in yes possible do ask them first yes most definitely okay and most moms will be very self conscious about anyway if they don't like it they'll say oh you know I'm gonna stretch marks I don't want to photograph that or you know you saw today that lube you had that uh ivy mark on there and that's something I'm gonna take out for sure she also had this gorgeous birthmark on her neck that some people might have been really self conscious about but I when she was in makeup I asked him said do you want me to take that out and she said no I did it my grandma told me it's where god kissed me and loves me and she told me he loves me and so I was like oh my gosh well then we're going to highlight it we're not going to take this off so yeah asking those questions is really important and holly wanted to know about the umbilical cord you photoshopped battle heck no no no no always stays in me and that's a natural component of being a baby and it shows how young they were I mean it shows that that is fresh new and some people don't like it I mean I've had people like take pictures of other belly buttons and then superimpose them onto the belly button that was had the umbilical cord on and I'm like that's not something I would do I happen to love umbilical cords but I know it gives some people the heebie jeebies so it's it's up to you

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