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Top 10 Things to Let Go Of

Lesson 37 from: The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

Top 10 Things to Let Go Of

Lesson 37 from: The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

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37. Top 10 Things to Let Go Of

Lesson Info

Top 10 Things to Let Go Of

top ten things to let to go off and then the top ten there's another one but so there's really twenty things these are not mine just so you know and sadly I I got these off a pinterest thing and it didn't have attribution so I'm really sorry but I don't I can't quite credit the author because I don't know who they are so I'm going to say it's unknown but I definitely want you to know that these are not mine okay the top ten things to let go off the opinions of others and I know that's really hard because george loves to tell you how much everyone else hates your work so try real hard too and one of the best things you can do in your life is learned howto if not kill george shut him up you know and really it comes down to you're the only one who could do that george is part of you george is in your head and he is brain cells in your head so it's up to you to learn how to meet button him and it's not always easy I've got george to you guys heard it yesterday with me I was like did that g...

o okay oh my gosh george is killing me right now and you all came up to me like it's george it's george shut him up shut him up shut up and and it worked okay you have to be in it and I know it's george I mean I can sit here and look at him and go you little devil get away from me okay so I know it's simple and it's also really hard to shut him up sometimes but sometimes just recognizing that it's him there and you khun externalize it a little bit that it helps to quiet him down and the opinions of others is sometimes just george it's really not the opinions of others but george is telling you that it iss okay let go of the shame of past failures okay we all have them you guys have all failed at something it's how we learn and in fact the only way to get better the knife is to fail so let go of the shame that you associate with out again it's george shaming you think about what you learned from that and what a positive experience it is and how it helped you rather than hurt you there's always a silver lining to every bad experience as horrible as it may be I mean even in the midst of tragedy in painting minuscule but there's always something and when you can grab onto that positive thing even how infant test only small it is that only does you good I was a very my mother is extremely negative person and s so I kind of grew up in a very negative environment and I learned to be a negative I mean you obviously learnt from your parents it took me probably five years to learn how to undo that because I realized that nobody likes a negative person I mean really anybody who's negative in your life they're not really fun to be around are they know it's like everybody who complains about things all the time and of course we all complain we have teo but when you're around somebody who's positive it just lifts you out doesn't it so I had this epiphany one a few years back and I'm like I want to be a positive person so grab onto each nugget of bad experience no matter how bad it is and run with it because it does you more good than anyone else so in other words be good to yourself let go of being indecisive about what you want now police over there going boom girl tio que um we're all indecisive about things and it's okay to take time to make a decision I mean look at my sisters she totally admitted that she was she she takes her time with everything but know that about yourself and be okay with it okay but don't just sit there in limbo expecting life to come to you because it's not going to you have to make it happen okay so let go of being indecisive about what you really want because you're the one who controls that destiny okay let go procrastinating on the goals that matter to you sometimes you just gotta get in the car and go to the gym as much as you don't want to just get in the car and go to the gym and I mean that figuratively I don't mean that literally I mean if you have a goal like learning painter it's simple like that just sit down for goodness they can do it carve out some time and do it your piece okay nobody likes cream vegetables why I do I love peace but seriously it some people don't like that so I you know what I'm saying I'm saying um let go of choosing to do nothing again waiting for the world to happen to you is never going to get you anywhere the only way to move forward is to get on your own ship pull out your oars or your motor your sale whatever you've got and go okay you're the one who controls that let go of your need to be right you okay honey your need to be right all the time you don't need to be right as a matter of fact sometimes it's just magnificent to be wrong what I said my husband I love that one my husband loves it too right he's always right uh just like all of it because when you let go of the need to be right and khun say to yourself I was wrong you're going to grow so muchmore than I you just need to be right oh my gosh they're passing the tissue box around I love it just for you patty are you okay okay all right other top things to let go of running from problems that should be fixed you know them you know what they are ok and we all have them I've got problems I'm working on right now they need to be fixed and sometimes you just gotta put it off for a little bit but just know that it's there and don't buried under the rug fix your issues and sometimes it's could be overwhelming when you think about all the problems you got how to fix him but you can do it combine that with a positive attitude and perseverance and passion and anything is possible okay john adams quote john quincy adams is one of my favorite quotes and I will probably have shut up but patience and perseverance have a magical way from which obstacles subside and differences vanish is that what it is you look it up for me excuse me I gotta find me john quincy adams president patience and perseverance have a magical way for which obstacles vanish and there's the last part of it I'm not getting in would you grab it for me other top things to like ten things to let go off masking that same asking I met making sorry making excuses rather the rather than decisions we've all done it right don't make excuses it's only hurting you make decisions and move forward overlooking the positive in your life we love to let george rule the roost I don't know why it's a survival thing but really stop overlooking the positive in your life there are so many magnificent things about living and being in business and it's hard but it's also amazing and when you focus on the positive it puts you in the frame of mind and the frame of body to move forward and make decisions that are in your best interest when you hamper on yourself and be negative about things it's just self perpetuating you're just falling down a well you can't get out of but once you're positive and moving forward and making decisions based on a positive environment that's huge in helping you progress quickly and finally not appreciating the present moment let's just sit here and look at each other for a second look what we're doing it's so cool this very particular moment right now is awesome sauce isn't it that's just kind of cool look what we're doing we're learning we're talking to have this conversation we're all just envisioning our futures and thinking about we love and it's just a every moment in life is magnificent and if you could live in your present moment you're going to live life happier and your business happier okay top ten things to remember people are not against you they are for themselves okay it's true isn't it nobody's against you they're just in it for themselves so when you could recognize that you have you tend to have a forgiving heart you tend to go oh yeah I guess this for you isn't it you forgive more forgiveness forgiving other people on forgiving problems and clients and stuff like that is so much more freeing to you then it ever does for them let go climb mountains not so the world can see you but so you can see the world it's a beautiful place you learn more from failure than from success but don't let that stop you failure builds character does doesn't it makes you a better person to fail it really does you have empathy for others you could understand what help were someone else's coming from because you've been there and done that made the same mistake it makes you a better person to fail so don't be afraid of failure the most dangerous risk of all the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet that you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later st louis is your husband and that is truly the most dangerous risk of on this this this rings true from what krista and susan I talked about it lunch about leaving your your day job the most dangerous risk of all the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bed that you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later what a waste of time next number five go where you are celebrated not where you are tolerated if someone's just tolerating you get him out of your life you want to be celebrated in your life the person who will spend who you will spend the most time with in your life is yourself so you better try to make yourself is interesting as possible I mean really you gotta like yourself so why not make yourself interesting if you accept your limitations you go beyond them if you accept what you cannot do or what you're not good at that's when you will go beyond it and get better if you're not good at forgiveness and you recognize that then you'll be able to overcome it do you know what I mean when this comes to your client's comes your business comes to your life's comes your art comes to everything okay people often say that motivation doesn't last well neither does bathing that's why we recommend it daily okay motivate yourself every day a lot of that comes from a positive attitude being kind to yourself letting gertrude win the battle between george and gertrude okay and just being a kind person number nine everyone you meet is afraid of something loves something and has lost something everyone so when I look at you and you look at me we're all spoke together mean for pete's sake let's be kind to one another and I hurts me so much when photographers are mean or spiteful to one another in their town or they don't want to share their knowledge or they don't want to help the little guy and you know sometimes I understand it is running a business I mean trust me I understand it's a business you your time is valuable and you know people who want to learn from you need to respect that but at the same time you can be kind about it sure I mean we're all in the same boat comfort is the enemy of achievement if you get comfortable you'll go nowhere always wanted dream if your dreams aren't don't quite make you feel like scared then your dreams aren't big enough comfort is the enemy of achievement how do you feel and you know here I am saying all this do I do I practice at all no it's so hard we all stink it's tough but hopefully I mean these air just quotes that really inspired me so I hope they do you too

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Norma Martiri

Julia is amazing and has delivered a brilliant class here. Her wealth of knowledge and positive energy is inspiring to say the least. Julia is a brilliant teacher and I've learned so much. I am so grateful to Julia and to Creative Live for recording this and for the fact the I can rewatch over and over from the other side of the world. Thank you!!!!!!


Amazing course! I love it! I will for sure be re-watching it very soon. Julia is brilliant, honest, unselfish and just a great inspiration. This course definitely has given me the boost I needed to be true to my style. Thank you!


I've had the privilege of attending a few of Julia Kelleher's workshops and I love them. She's a great instructor with a cheerful disposition and a great sense of humor. Julia's photographic genius is like no other. This truly talented woman creates masterpieces out of her photos. It is really amazing to watch. I'm beginning to collect her workshops b/c for me attending her workshops is not enough. I have to own them so I may go over them again and again.

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