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Vendor Kits and Social Media

Julia Kelleher

The Creative Newborn Photography Studio

Julia Kelleher

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34. Vendor Kits and Social Media

Lesson Info

Vendor Kits and Social Media

I have a little kid that I bring to lunch with a vendor I want a partner with okay and I don't pull it out until we get talking to business you know we have lunch we're kind of this is a business meeting they know it and then usually kind of a desert dorothy enter coffee we start talking about business as well you know what I just really want to give you some information about us and what we do and how we can help you so inside here is basically just a kit that shows off who we are now a lot of this is my o b display kit but I'll talk about that a second um it's very simple and it just talks about what we do our work so they can see us right away and it talks about how we can benefit them what can we do for them to help them increase their clientele what message does this send to them we want you we know how to market we know what we're doing we're branded were solid we're professional and if you rub my back I'll rub yours that's what that says okay I look like I have a lot of clients ...

by showing a nice presented image to a vendor I'm considering partnering with okay other promotional pieces you khun dio promote to our clients this is for our baby plan okay we have a little welcome kit that we send our baby planners here I'm sorry I didn't mean to run away from you with it but we have a little welcome kid everybody who joins the baby plan gets a little diaper bag tag that has their personalized baby on if they've done a newborn session with us molly stuff okay and inside is a little kid I just want this off my partner real quick if I didn't have time to put it all together but inside is a little kid ages and stages you know signature products that we do how the baby plan works and so we also send gift cards from other vendors in this kit so anybody who joins the baby plan gets a little gift card from the local retail shop down the street as well so in the vendor packet when I have this in there and say hey promote to our clients what does that say it says I'm gonna give you my client list you can put your little gift card or keep on and our and our bucket and get marketing tow our clients that you increase your revenue do you see what that does okay so creating this kind of impact and look to your consume to your vendors is going to create that sense that hey we know what we're doing we care about making your business grow we care about the community is that the pregnancy community as a whole in our industry and we want to show that to you so when you present that to the person you're trying to partner with they go oh god really got their stuff together we should think about this so just do an inter letter information about what you provide the vendors vendors the benefit to them stress the benefits to you too I mean my vendor kit talks about how it helps us as well what's in it for us we get to promote our business to admit fully the truth say hey I want to help you you're gonna help me too this is a duel thing it's that way it doesn't seem like scam me it doesn't seem like fishy is hey I'm going to get something out of this as well I'm not doing this for nothing but I do want to partner because I think we could be successful together okay make it pretty brandon right according to who you are make it have an impact okay this looks professional you have an image that's put together and the message this sends is that we want you for organized we're committed were high end and if you rub are back we will rob yours we understand what targeted marketing is all about other businesses get kind of excited when they see somebody who gets it okay how you can help them displays in their location photograph the business owner free gift cards for their best clients promo opportunities at your charity events many sessions at their location commercial images designed for their business social media cross promotion a resource guy which I'm going to talk to you about in about two seconds here charity events holding them at your facility or theirs if you're on location or whatever is a great way to partner with a vendor every year and I'll talk about this more here in a few minutes but every year we have um an event called the mommy mingle which takes place at baby phases which is the local baby store in town that we partner with and it's basically molly gets in all these awesome vendors to donate to the raffle it's like fifteen or twenty different baby vendors doulas midwives massage therapists lactation consultants I mean photographers I mean everybody who targets a pregnant mommy if you get in it's first come first serve you can set up a table a booth or display on that night and there is a line of fifty pregnant woman out the door before we open up who want to come in because there's all these free gift bags with free stuff in it there's these raffles for cribs and bob strollers and all this expensive stuff I mean if you know in the states you know some of the stuff is very high and baby supply stuff that these moms are pregnant and want so all that stuff is a drawing of course it all benefits the family access network in our town which is a charity that helps children into suits county okay in our county so these kinds of events alley we'll be enormously helpful to your business okay the baby brief this is brand new for us as matter fact it's not even live yet and I had had an idea to start this basically we in our community we um we used to have a couple parenting mags made them in the economy crashed they all went out and so there's really no place in our small little town to find resource is when you're pregnant so if you get pregnant for the first time it's like okay I know baby faces that down the street I can call my o b g y n but other than that especially if you've never had a baby before you don't know what what the heck is a doula what's a midwife what's the difference no I mean you don't know this when your first pregnant you have no idea okay so you need this information so um we developed a web site called the baby brief okay every vendor in my community who targets newborns is going to be on this list whether they pay or not I wanted to be credible I wanted to be every single business duelist lactation consultants photographers everybody could be on this of course it's going to feature my work there's gonna be articles on there what's the difference between tool a midwife your registry what do you really need to register for do you really need all that stuff no okay photography what to look for in a pro of course that's going to be on there okay so if you develop something like this and what does this do for the vendors out there like wow she's promoted me for freaky I didn't do anything this is awesome they're gonna want to talk to me and one of the reasons they want to talk to me is because of ah hospital display that we have a year and a half ago we signed exclusive long term deal with our hospital to display our art in the hallways of the birthing center that is me and my boy in the room that I labored him very proud of that um so every single room has our art in it and the hallways are lined with forty inch campuses going down this is where I y about my printer was to do this display and we have exclusive rights to be in there nobody else could be in there so vendors in town know that and so they know I have access to a pretty cool opportunity so now that we have the hospital we're kind of seeing these vendors come to us and be like hey we kind of wanna partner with you do you know I mean whereas before it was the opposite I was like a whole please border with me we're just kind of a cool position to be in that's what I say when I say the snowball rolls down the hill it will eventually roll down the hill so much ninety percent of my clients come from this display okay so hospital displays are not easy to get it took me three years to get into the hospital of constant work and networking knowing the right people sending the right letters going to the right events it took me three years to get in there hospitals haven't enormous amount of red tape oftentimes when it's a religious a catholic associate a hospital like st charles is they have very strict regulations on advertising in the hospital so art has to be a donation so when you proposed to a hospital make sure you talk about everything that has to do with it okay installation project scope how big it is locations where the art is gonna hang the schedule of when you're gonna hang it the cost and budget are you paying for it are they pairing paying for it exclusivity copyright model releases all these things have to go into your project proposal for the hospital so they know exactly what's happening some birthing centers have a budget and an art budget not always if they don't if it were me I would pay for it do anything in my power to pay for it because it has come back to me tenfold with clients I um spent ten to twelve thousand dollars of my own money to display in that hospital I have gotten that back thousand times over in clients and other marketing opportunities that have developed okay so when you do do a hospital display it's really important to tell the world what you've done send out a press release when you are contacting the hospital tell them that you want to donate art that approach is much better than just saying hey I want a partner with you will you put my art on the walls when you say I want to donate seventy thousand dollars with art to this to the hospital birthing center teo help local moms to inspire them and encourage them that's a different approach then hey when you put my art on the walls I really want to have your business do you know I'm saying so when we released the press release we said local furs a photographer donate sixty thousand dollar fine art display to support newborn babies and burning mothers at st charles okay press release went out media covered it here and there not a ton but enough that it was fun you know fun for like about a bird that was sorry tired it was it was fun but enough that it would made an impact on the community if you don't I mean it wasn't you know ridiculous everywhere everybody covering it that's wasn't the case at all the newspaper cover and I think one tv station did but that's that's it but seriously what happened is once we put in art at st charles the hospital and redman one of us the major obi center and redman wanted us so once we got one then it started rolling like oh this is so pretty we want that two will you do it for us expensive so you have to start calculating what's going to be beneficial to so we installed it redmen as well which is it is a branch of st charles and again got exclusivity so no other photographer can go in there and display their stuff no other vendor period so now all of a sudden I have control over that I can use that or not to my advantage we don't really right now not a ton but you know that also gave me exclusive rights to the birthing classes that st charles puts on because my contract is with st charles and I have exclusivity now every single birthing class labor and deluca for the class where they teach moms about labor and how it works and stuff I have exclusive access rights to that to every single mom who takes a birthing class at st charles gets a gift card from our studio now you know why nobody presented my clients come from st charles okay yeah ollie what's the what is the gift card for fifty bucks for the studio how much but they come at me a lot they come all the time it's enough to make a dent in the session fee and that's about it the whole point is the marketing mean nowadays when I ask clients you know how they see how they found out of us oh my gosh well I saw your pictures in the hospital but cause you're just everywhere I've seen you everywhere I get that remark a lot and that's what you want you want every time a pregnant mom goes into a pregnancy resource to see you oh yeah that's that studio people have to see things seven times in order for two remember remember it okay it's a very common marketing thing where they have to see things seven times it's a lot of work I know how you say and what work it is a lot of stuff people there's so much I mean think about the bombardment of advertising and visual simulation that's coming at you constantly your client has to sort through all that so you got to stand out not only in your brand and how authentic you are and what kind of experience you provide but where your logo is seen everywhere there's several types of marketing there's there's you know acting marketing where people have to do something call the action type stuff then there's just brand awareness this where someone sees your logo somewhere like oh yeah I've seen that before there's terrible marking marketing where you give something to get your name out there do you know I mean so if you do get a hospital display make sure you scream it from the walls of the you know the great wall of china I mean make sure you really announce it hey we got this this is amazing because then a lover the local vendors in your community are going to go okay do you know what I mean do you see what I'm saying o b g y n displays are the same way o be with yu hyeon displays are much easier to get but you're gonna want to develop a contract do a project proposal come up with a contract that gives yourself exclusivity now we're getting to the point where people want us to like they're asking us to display so we have an ankle reform if they want us to display they fill this out give us their information so that we know who they are what their project scope is what their target market is you know do they have a budget do they want to pay us what kind of images do theywant etcetera etcetera okay so once you start getting to this point you need to have you need to have the professional tools to say hey we're a business we mean it doesn't resonate do you know what I'm saying okay in our o b display kit you know when we're when we really want toby display I not only give him the vendor kid but I put together a project proposal for them I you know talk about promoting to our baby plan clients say with pretty this is great for pediatrician's offices because pediatricians when after you have a baby you have like wellness check ups like at once was that one month she'd probably I forgot them all now but eighteen months to yes she knows I knew she would that's a lot can you repeat those again please well two weeks six weeks three months six months nine months twelve months eighteen months and then annual baby plan I mean seriously if you you partner with the pediatrician's office and put sweet little baby images in there that's going to get your mom's even though you might not know about the newborn session and ensure his head get the baby for the first year right if you have a good baby plan in place and all of a sudden you're just doubling your client base we also have a flyer and there that explains our current partners where we currently have displays or partnerships in the community this is nice because it says hey other people want to work with us too it's not just you do know what I'm saying so it just adds that heightens that level of professional quality so I'm really gonna encourage you this's all about brandon guys this is a brand you could feel it right you can see it yeah ebony so once you get the okay you you say that you want to be in these different locations as faras the images that go on the wall who decides which ones go do your clients have to ok at first are they having to sign a release yes good questions the client you have to have a model release from your client's first and foremost okay you have to have permission my questionnaire that I give to my clients before their session they can check yes or no for the model release at the bottom so every single plane who comes to my door has to answer whether they're willing to sign a model release for us to use the images now and in the future so I'd say about eighty five to ninety percent of my clients say yes to that and then once they go on the wall do you notify them so they're not surprised it's fun to surprise him I've had a couple of surprises where is band is such a small town that a friend of a friend well cia friends images on the wall in collar and she'll go nto usually they're super excited about it and then they checked yes so it's not it's they know that that that could happen in the future and sometimes if I really love an image I'll say you know I know you didn't sign a model release but I really want to put this set up the hospital would you reconsider because these images are just some of my favorite I've ever shot and usually that's the truth and that's the case and I would love to use their image but I need permission first as far as choosing the images go for the st charles hospital but I chose the mall and organized it I did say in the proposal that the hospital could have the choice to have give input on the images or not on dh you definitely want to offer that because some hospitals are you know may not be okay with fully naked babies or mama and dad with our shirts off do you know I'm saying so you need to take that into consideration yeah do you charge a fee if they won't sign the release no I've heard target no no no no no no I have like clients who are criminal psychologists and undercover cops that I would never I mean of course they're not going to sign the model release and I would protect that with my life those images of their children that's serious stuff right there no way never um so hospital displays everybody wants the coveted hospital is play that's like the big the apple off the tree that everybody wants it is very effective but I want you to keep it in mind that there's lots of red tape that you have to find someone and that's how I got my display ult innately there was a lot of groundwork in the beginning but it was finally a client who walked from my door who happened to be in charge of all contracts for st charles and he was having a baby I didn't know that till he walked through my door it was almost a stroke of luck so but if I had not laid the groundwork and gotten to know all these people in advance of who the st charles foundation board people were make friends with them you know go to meetings charitable events that were going on donating things to the st charles foundation the cancer center all this if I wasn't involved in the hospital then it probably wouldn't have happened but chance favors the prepared mind chance favors the prepared mind if you prepare for everything knowing you want it and opportunity strikes you're the one who could take it no one else so prepare your mind get your ducks in a row make sure you're capable of doing this get the materials together that you need get to know the people that are important and then when that one person comes through your door whom you know and you've done all this work and chances are nine times out of ten that person will come to you because you know someone else who knows them all networking people all networking it's who you know okay getting exclusive long term contract make it easy for them that was one of the reasons we got the hostile displays because we did all the work insist that you're marking materials be displayed every print every campus we have the hospital has our logo on it and every thirty feet down the hallways is our brochures and now every thirty feet down that hallways is going to be we're sure that's all about the baby brief the resource is in my community for pregnant moms number one because I think that's gonna be an amazing thing when they go through that hospital tour you know how they do the hospital tour before they have birthday give birth they can grab this oh look at all these things for pregnant women in our community the vendors will really like me won't they yeah but it's it's a service to my community I've really have wanted to do it as a service because when I was pregnant I couldn't find jack squat to about being pregnant what what should I do and where should I go and who should I see and it's overwhelming when the hormones are raging you're like I do it was the first time mom it's it's scary it's very scary so this is something I could do for my community that will comfort new moms give them a place to go and in exchange the vendors will wanna partner with me they'll love me and we can all help each other build business that's the goal okay baby's first portrait program we haven't really implemented this yet but we're trying it's like trying to do all these things it wants us sometimes there's not enough time in the world but it's a great idea if you do get a hospital or even a nobody why and what if you went in once a week and took window like journalistic black and white photographs of each baby and they had to pick him up at your studio it was like fifty bucks for report for a five by seven or whatever I mean they might join your baby plan would that be a great marketing up with any display you made partner with an o b to an office or a pediatrician so say they come in for that two week checkup every you know thursday and tuesday in the afternoon you come in and two baby portrait sor have ah intern or something do it be a fantastic way to grow your business get those birthing classes okay there's several there's lots of that st charles does birthing classes in our town but there's also several midwifery places that do birthing classes you know on them on their certain methods of burning like that look more alert method and all these things so there's different courses in different areas that teach different ways of giving birth I mean if that makes that something unusual there's only really one way to get birth but you know I'm saying they look like there's different like breathing techniques and we always people train it I guess that's what I'm saying so get those birthing classes if you get a display whether it be a hospital and opened a window our pediatrician or whatever baby it don't drop the ball change out the art every year or so go in with brochures bring warm cookies those nurses sitting at that desk are going to be your biggest cheerleaders you better make them happy and if you're constantly in there once a month going oh I brought cookies I'm just filling up the displays go there's doing again we love her she's so sweet oh yeah then someone talks about the art on the wall a customer oh yeah that's julie she's so awesome she brings us warm cookies once a month I mean that's what's gonna happen and that's what you want king let's talk social the major platforms facebook google plus pinterest instagram twitter youtube and your vlog oh gosh that's a full time job just in itself just looking at that it's like oh it's a full time job you know exactly what I'm saying don't you okay which ones do you really need well let me tell you the benefits of those and this is all information from sarah by the way sarah daily is my social media manager she runs k b dy media out of my studio she rents space for me and has her own business and hiring her was the best darn decision I have ever made in my life the buzz in our community is incredible and I'm gonna show you do a little case down here and show you how much we improve just by her coming on okay facebook is very popular it's targeted google you can raise your ceo just by being on google plus plus it's public everybody can see everything facebook targets not everybody sees every post google plus is different that way pinterest it's female visual baby's happiness pan your images your clients love this stuff they're looking for images have aboard on nurseries and pin nurseries like crazy don't go googling gaga over that stuff instagram is all about images where photographers we should be on it period end of statement twitter is about connection news it's very current it's very direct the information flies through quickly and leaves quickly twitter is not that important for clients it's more important for other photographers yeah on instagram isn't there some issues with instagram owning your images you know used to be on that and I got off of it because I heard that they can usually um and just sell your image very much I'll do it I think facebook is I don't facebook owns instagram anyway is that right sir space books sarah does facebook on instagram yeah she says yeah so you're gonna have that issue and water mark I'm like crazy that's all I can say you're watermarked images yeah they raised a lot of trust me um youtube it's about video but it's about learning to and it's one of the based or changes in the world after google okay your block how many of your blogging I always like maybe kinda sorta it's personal you can create amazing stories and it up sure seo search engine optimization you should be blogging at least once a week I heard sarah to do it cause I wasn't doing it okay huh with videos there you go yeah susan content is king you have tohave good content and content that is constantly changing new information that keeps coming through it's going to keep your viewers coming back to you consistently all right I wanted to show you a little case study of us and what happened to our social media once I hired sara okay so now there's a couple of anomalies in here that I'm gonna warn you about in january of two thousand thirteen last year I had seven hundred thirty seven page likes as you all know we're trying to get to ten thousand today okay a year ago little over a year ago okay in september this was my first time on creative life okay so that little spike it's because what I did photo weak and creative live and a lot of the people on my page are photographers but that's okay way started amazing growth it's very it's very steady I hired sarah in march of last year was it march of last year it was two thousand thirteen yeah just like I think so steady steady steady steady steady steady growth then we went on creative life there's nice big blip okay so creative live did haven't impact what's even mohr impactful is our reach organic reach not paid reach okay back when I was doing nothing okay guess where I hired sarah woo okay she's posting every day on my facebook page I go in there all the time too and all occasionally post stuff as well but she's the one who's in there at least getting a baby up every day okay that organic reach exploded when we started doing it every day okay so find yourself a sarah if you're not going to do it and in case you want mind there it is don't take her too much because I love her sarah tiffany and sara no I'm serious there's tons of students out there college interns who are studying this stuff there there's going to be degrees and social media before word we're done with him there are there really there's degrees in social media for pizza from college this is huge stuff so find it in turn find a college student high school students are amazing at this there's gotta be a nanny slash high school student who's interested in social media who loves babies and can help you do this okay give them their senior pictures there's all kinds of stuff you can do too partner and find this cheap sarah is a contract and put she has her own business so she does this for companies all over the u s all over the you know all over the planet really shaken do social media for anyone anywhere so she kind of has this unique little business she happens to be in my studio which I really like but the benefits or social media are fantastic you look engaged you look busy you look popular you can connect you can keep the buzz going you look like you care you don't look lazy and for those of you who can't afford to do this sarah has put together what a fifty page guide is it fifty pages she says thirty four thirty five thirty five page guide on getting started in social media you confined on our website okay yes you have to buy it she's trying to make a living too but she tells you how to get started on each of the platforms what's important did you know that you have to put you should post as your business I didn't know that until a year ago she's like you're posting as yourself juliet that's not going to show up on your this page feed you gotta post is you as the business oh okay I mean there's so many little secrets and eccentricities of the inn workings of facebook and google plus that it can get just overwhelming so you know read books research this find out how to do it get everything set up if you spend twenty minutes a day on your social media you will see fantastic results look at that a less than a year and granted creative life had a lot to do with it but still we were growing and likes at least one hundred one hundred a month that's good growth on facebook okay that's really good growth and that creates a buzzing community when these moms go to your facebook page to check out your work they see that you're posting all the time they see that people like you and I are engaged whether it's photographers or not they're going to go nuts over you like oh my gosh that's its studio in town okay so social media I didn't think it was important boy was I wrong and just simply by trying sarah sitting there I remember when we were talking she's like yeah you know you should really do it I'm like oh spend the money in the world but what has been the money on you I love you but I don't want to spend the money on you I mean we were giggling about this a couple days ago and so I did it I said okay I'll just try it for a few months and see what happens and when I saw the results she was present I was like holy cow this is working this has a buzz about it our brand has a buzz now in the community and you know why it's so important because no one else is doing it photographers are lazy and no one else is doing it so it makes us look really good with a minimal effort okay yeah question about hiring a social media manager does she live in your town yeah she has she rents a desk space out of my studio she comes to my work everyday that's right okay so you better find somebody that lives in your town so the buzz is creating I don't think so I think it's just fine someone who's affordable because you can use dropbox you know she doesn't for other photographers and other towns as well you use dropbox and she'll just send your images via dropbox and maybe name rank and baby weight and all that stuff in the information and she'll just she's a chaste she has a journalism backgrounds which is right a quick little sweet story about your your baby and of image and post it it'd be nice to have somebody I mean I just it's so it's a full time job it's it's incredibly challenging but the benefits are so huge that is worth it okay if you but it doesn't take much time if you don't have the money to hire somebody you know number one do research get a book her guide whatever to help you get started and get it set and then once it's it'll take a lot of leg work to get it all together but then if you just baby sitting and do ten fifteen twenty minutes a day on social media were all on it anyway for pete's sake aren't we who rule in their phones going well why can't you two supposed to cue picture of a baby people and we have such a great medium it's like you know how much businesses would kill for cute images of babies to put in peoples feeds all day long we have this awesome material just sitting right in front of us ready to be posted and we don't what a wasted opportunity I know I'm beating you guys up a little bit but that's on purpose mommy mangle the charitable event that we do with baby faces every year is like I was talking about with you allie and it's a wonderful event we market it all over town has its own facebook page and the moms get really really excited about it and it gives them an opportunity to come see the different vendors in our area who service mothers who were pregnant and it it's it's donated to a local charity in our area and it's really an amazing an amazing opportunity for different vendors in there and that's number one you could get to know other vendors who were at the event another networking opportunity so you can donate to any kind of program or do charitable event ants in your town the nick you the neonatal intensive care unit your hospital that's one of the ways I got in with the hospital I started doing the holiday hiatus which was a break for mom's during the holiday season at the studio and I would donate the money to the dick you so by starting to do that the hospital knew I was donating and that's one of the reasons we got into the hospital two years later because we already have an established relationship with them we were giving to them even without getting in return okay all kinds of neat organization any organization that main something too but that was a typo wasn't it that means something to you and targets young children is probably a good one you can do all kinds of event types fashion shows information fares girls night out why don't you do facebook face lifts for all the moms well on that stuff blow a fan on him to acute portrait of mom you know she gets the free facebook page for thirty dollar donation to the charity are free facebook profile image with your logo on it hello oh you're like I don't know what you're talking about a first facebook yeah now it makes sense that makes that like to give them a new profile picture exactly give them a new profile picture with your logo on it wind blowing in the hair all cute they look fun they went to this girl's night out thing had wine there's all kinds of vendors there they paid thirty bucks for their profile picture the money went to charity and you look great and your logo was stamped all over their facebook profile okay charity dinner silent auctions I used to do a lot of schools I don't do school so much anymore for family portrait but that's a great way to get new clients for the door many session marathons in a baby store this's how jannie started there was a baby boutique in the southern california area and she went in and offered free many sessions one saturday a month in one saturday a month and then came back a week later to sell the image is on her computer then she delivered the product to the store for them to pick up the store got a percentage what was it like five or ten percent ten percent the of the sales jenny got a customer in that store three times oh did that store owner love her and she was building clientele like crazy building her email this etcetera etcetera they were coming to her for family sessions later and then eventually the thing franchise and she got like six doors what in a couple years she was doing baby sessions every weekend for a couple years and of course the economy crashed and that kind of tanked that that store franchise because it wasn't a very wrong one business but you know it launched her business from there on out she had the buzz going in her community next we're going talk about finding her style and being inspired do we have questions do we have do we ever way ever let's start with the internet this time and then you guys think about whatever questions you have will try to get as many as we can um so holly asked polly's been really active in the chat room for the last three days holly holly holly says uh something I struggle with is balancing what I think is more me and balancing what is more in the best interest of my ideal customer if you follow what's in you you will find the customer who likes you do you know what I mean if you try to be something you're not it's not authentic and it will eventually start to crumble if you are who you are uniquely and photographing the way you love and branding that beautifully and marketing that effectively the client who loves that too is going to be an evangelist for you do you know what I mean not every piece of art appeals to every single consumer right but there are people who love it those are the people you want because those are your customers they're they're the ones who are going to do that word of mouth glorifying for you now that I am myself in my business I don't think I could ever try to be something I'm not because it's so uncomfortable it's really an uncomfortable position to be in to try to be something they're not and once you realize who you are you look back and you go oh that wasn't me like you have to look back at your old work just like woo look that's I mean everybody's nine that we all do it especially your early stuff where you're trying to figure out who you were be true to yourself it's kind of my mantra I love that in one more michelle is asking well she says I know you talked a lot in previous days of the workshop about being creative and in today a little bit too on dh now there's so much business information this is what I've been struggling with how on earth do balance business with the creative side and she says is it all a part of your systems and scheduling yes it is part of your systems and scheduling and there's sometimes when I just don't have time for creative work mean this past these past few weeks I've been prepping for creative life and that's been my like focus and trying to do anything creative in that time curia has been really challenging um you have to carve out time and set it aside for your creativity person's personal time it's time for you and then as you become more and more creative with your work that'll start filtering into the systematic day today approach I mean like look at yesterday I had never shot a concept shoot like that before with the tool and the hair and the stuff like that but I took the skills that I knew I had opposing the lighting the composition the color harmony and I just incorporated the new creator of tool into it to create something creative to be creative whether it's successful or not that's for the world to judge I like it it makes me happy personally but once you start being more creative on a daily basis you become more creative in your other work so if you carve out time for yourself when you're trying to balance I mean schedule it put it on your calendar one day a month be you know do a model shoot called you a model call into a concept shoot and have some fun don't worry about the result just go have a good time it's do you time meditation me time okay and then as you do that more and more you'll be more creative it's creative is not an expendable well it doesn't go away when you've used it all the more you use it the port fills up the more you are creative the more creative you will be and then when you go to your systematic data they work all of a sudden all that creative is gonna start filtering in like a little ribbons going into your systematic work and then you'll see your work over tea it flows it does you just have to give it time you dio and you have to work at it create good creative works come from perseverance passion patient's permission hard work most people who produce these beautiful works of art that's from many many failures you don't see the failures you only see the good thing and it's like oh my gosh I could never create something like that that's so amazing well have you seen all the bombs they did no once you see the bombs you're like wow they really did work hard to make that piece so being creative is not about like lightning strike inspiration it's about putting one foot in front of other every day and working at it if there's somebody that just has a dying question they really want to ask go right ahead steve's like so the analytical part of my brain is really kicking in right now and my head's spinning and even the synapses you're bleeding a little bit right now so I think the price speak for a lot of people with all of this where do we start I mean we have product branding we have you know everything else that we talk about marketing and such is their kind of you know especially for us that we're kind of in the beginning in I've been doing photographer while for newborns you know where do we start website and everything is there kind of a blueprint or flow this is kind of start here working away hospitals or maybe at this and the and such is there kind of a start so you just kind of go through ah someone intelligent path so you're not getting ahead of yourself sure and I'm first of all let me apologize if I've overwhelmed you know that I didn't mean to and I know I'm vomiting a lot of information on you right now and part of that is tthe e educator and matron wanting to just give you everything I learned I learned it bring it in you know so that I apologize if I've five overwhelmed you a little bit um in the last class I talked about the six p's purpose pre consultations pricing products production sales and policies okay that's a very technical aspect of the business I talked about it being a circle you have all these piece on around the circle and then you have your purpose in the middle we actually talked about this little in the next segment but the hard part about all this is it is a circle it's not a linear progression where you could just do one thing at a time and all of a sudden you'll climb the ladder it's like a spiral staircase and you got to touch all points before you go up to the top where you'll be successful and all these little things you gotta pick up on each side okay so if it were me and I was in the very beginning I know that you have these compartments you've got this branding and marketing compartment you've got all the products that you're going to carry you've got the pricing in the strategic structure of the business you've got your policies and procedures and how you're going to how you're going to you know maintain that what else do you have you have marketing strategies brandon's kind of one thing and you have marketing strategies which is this whole little animal I mean the market is like about this eighty percent of my business is marketing right now really so marketing will always be there yeah and then you got the social media thing over here which is kind of part of marketing I mean there's so much to I understand it's very overwhelming and then the whole thing is encompassed in this big bubble called purpose if they were me I would dig very deep find out who I am and what my purpose is if I want to be in business one of the first things you have to do is get a business license pay your texas and get liability insurance seriously don't be that guy gal okay be a good business person treat yourself the way a major corporation would treat yourself ok nike prada target they all have license to do business and they do it honestly and with integrity okay so you want to be that person so that's the end of the first thing that you would do and then I would develop a product line and pricing strategy okay what am I going to carry at the same time you need to just developed your brand and your style because these products inter relate with that so I would start off with my branding my identity who I am and my purpose and then from there I would go into the strategic structure of my business all the while maintaining that purpose in all facets of that

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There are few images more powerful and moving than those capturing a newborn’s first days and months in the world. Join international award-winning photographer Julia Kelleher to learn how to create your own captivating style as an infant and newborn photographer.

Julia will teach you how to stand out in the crowded newborn photography market by honing your unique voice and artistic point of view. You’ll learn how to connect with clients and capture the spirit of the parent-child relationship in every image. Julia will also show you how to replace tired, familiar positioning with fresh, one-of-a-kind poses. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of all the composition elements that make infant portraits more personal, vibrant, and evocative. Julia will also cover tried-and-true sales and pricing methods — so that selling your services becomes a natural, seamless practice.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools and techniques to become the go-to newborn photography studio in your area and to offer soul-stirring, artistic photographs new parents will clamor to hang in their homes.

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Julia is amazing and has delivered a brilliant class here. Her wealth of knowledge and positive energy is inspiring to say the least. Julia is a brilliant teacher and I've learned so much. I am so grateful to Julia and to Creative Live for recording this and for the fact the I can rewatch over and over from the other side of the world. Thank you!!!!!!


Amazing course! I love it! I will for sure be re-watching it very soon. Julia is brilliant, honest, unselfish and just a great inspiration. This course definitely has given me the boost I needed to be true to my style. Thank you!


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