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Creative Photography Challenge

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Creative Photography Challenge

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Hey, guys, Welcome to creative lives. Creative photography challenge. I'm Justin Cats were here at the top of the Marin Headlands, and today we're shooting a panorama. I personally love shooting panoramas. I think it's a really creative way to display landscape. The act of taking multiple exposures really ensures that your final image will be very high quality. For this challenge, you're gonna need a camera, a lens with a long focal length, preferably a tripod, ideally with a rotating ball head for the shot. The first thing I'm gonna do is try and pre visualize the panorama that I want to take. Basically, capture Alcatraz on the left, get all the way, possibly all the way to Sutro Tower on the right. To do this, I'm gonna turn my camera to the vertical position. Another good tip is to zoom out a little bit past where you would division the end result being the reason Use the amount is to account for any possible lineman issues that may have in your finished product to learn how to do t...

hese kind of shots in much better detail. Be sure and check out creative lives. Panorama course with Mike Hagen to really do this, you need to shoot entirely in manual. The reason is, as you adjust throughout the scene, you don't want the camera to compensate differently based on the lighting situation. Indeed shot. You need to keep a consistent exposure throughout a each individual frame from a camera settings. Today I'm shooting at aperture shutter speed of 1 25 and I eso of 80 choosing a prioritized aperture here just to see if I get is much step, the field is possible and everything else I'm just going to adjust according to the light. You're also gonna be entirely in manual focus because you don't want to be having your camera. Just auto focus. Depending on where you're shooting, you need to have consistency in terms of how I want to take the shot. It doesn't really matter, but personally, I love to shoot from left to right. That way they align perfectly how you're gonna view them in light room or whatever post processing software you're using. Another key element here is gonna want overlap by 1/3 in each frame like that. Essentially, that gives the post processing software enough pixels that they can really try and match it up. So you're gonna get one complete image. Something I've learned the hard way is you really don't want to take too much time between its exposure Because especially if you have things like clouds. Over time, those clouds may move. And then your soft is going Have a really hard time matching up those pixels. So try and do it as quickly as you can in succession. All right, let's go Emergent and post processing. Alright, guys, here we are, back in studio. We got our six individual raw files from our panorama shot. I'm just going to grab them all and open him up in the light room. So first thing you'll notice is that I have them in order you can see panning through. So I'm gonna select all six right click photo merge Panorama. I choose to leave auto crop off because I like to see where I made mistakes into the shooting. And there I can also kind of adjust accordingly. Okay, Preview looks pretty good. Where can emerge? We got our finished file right here is going to see I wasn't perfect in my friends. But that's ok because I left enough buffer space, so I'm just gonna crop it down to a place that I want. Basically I just up the shadows down the highlights a tiny bit graduated neutral density filter adjusted my weitz, my blacks tiny bit and I warmed up the whole image s Oh, yeah, What you're left with is a final image that is still a raw file and you can edit to your heart's content. Really, This is just a starting point, but here's your final panoramic image. We're really excited to see what you guys come up with for this one. So upload your stuff to instagram use the hashtag creative photo challenge will select some of our favorites and explained every week also, if you haven't done so already, make sure you go to creativelive dot com slash CPC Sign up to receive challenges like these in your inbox.

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Lacking ideas on what to shoot? Feeling uninspired behind the lens? Not sure what to do to flip the switch on your internal lightbulb? 

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What is the Creative Photography Challenge?

As fellow photographers, we know exactly how you feel. We've all felt drained of ideas of what to shoot next. This is why our team got together and designed the Creative Photography Challenge: a series of short, snackable videos that will help you discover and harness new photography techniques.  You'll be inspired by our community of fellow photographers that are participating in this challenge right along with you. 

The challenges are simple; Each video is under five minutes long, so they won't take forever to watch, and you can complete each challenge in just a few minutes or take an entire day to really hone in on your new skills. 

Here are the episodes:

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Tanya Lillie

I love the format of this class. Each challenge is presented in a quick, yet thorough manner. It is a great way to try new techniques. The best way for me to learn is by doing and the format of this class gives me the perfect opportunity to do so.

Aoife Lynch

Really love this idea and excited to take this challenge. Loved the live Facebook chat with Chase last night. Feeling inspired :D

Bobbie Jo Shirley

These challenges are so much fun and its fantastic learning new skills and practicing in general. I would love to see this be an ongoing thing. :)