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Creative Photography Challenge

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Sunset Bracketing

CreativeLive Team

Creative Photography Challenge

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2. Sunset Bracketing

Lesson Info

Sunset Bracketing

everyone. Welcome to Creativelive. My name is Justin. It's almost sunset and we're here at the top of Twin Peaks. SAN Francisco, California Today's challenge Sunset bracketing High dynamic Range, or HDR, usually gets a bad rap. It's mostly associated with over processed, unrealistic looking images. But today we're going to show you how to capture realistic HDR so that you really bring out with the eye sees as opposed to just the camera. Normally, like probably what you're seeing right now, you either have to sacrifice way over exposing the sky or way under exposing the foreground. If you don't have a bracketing function on your camera, you can always simply take three exposures one under exposed, one that exposure that you think it should be and then one overexposed but with exposure bracketing weaken, do our best to capture the best of both worlds. For this challenge, you will need a camera, a wide angle lens, shutter release, remote, a tripod. You don't have to have a shutter release...

remote, but I find it to be incredibly beneficial in order to capture the image that you want in reducing camera. Shake as much as possible on putting the sun and Sutro Tower in the right third section of my photo. I'm going ultra wide, I think about 14 millimeters and I'm trying to capture as much of the scene as possible with a good amount of foreground and a good amount of the sky as well. You're gonna make sure you're attached to a tripod. And if you're tripods good enough, it's gonna have a little latch here at the bottom that's going to allow you to attach a bag or something to weight it down. In this serious win, I also have my shutter release remote attached and ready to go for camera settings. I'm shooting in aperture priority mode with my aperture at F 16. In order captures much depth of field is possible. My I s so I'm keeping it 100 because I don't mind having a slower shutter speed because amounted to a tripod. The other critical point is I've turned my bracketing on with to stop intervals. Now let's go back and post process it. I've already imported my five raw files from our shoot. I mean, open him up in light room and just so we're clear, all I'm really going to do today is show you how to merge these five images into one. So I'm gonna select all five right click photo merge HDR let it generates preview for a minute. We are working with very large 36 megapixel raw files, so it may take a minute. Preview looks good. Press merge. Looks pretty great. Just do some very basic stuff. Crop it down to the aspect ratio that I'm looking for. And then because I was shooting on a extremely wide lens you're going to do a tiny bit of lens correction. I think we got it. If you want to learn more about how to take great sunset shots using exposure, bracketing creative life has a number of excellent courses on the subject. For example, John Green goes fundamentals. Photography will get you all the way there. We'd love to see what you guys come up with, So please, tiger Instagram submissions with hashtag creative photo challenge. If you haven't done so already, make sure you sign up creativelive dot com slash cbc to receive challenges like this in your inbox every week

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Lacking ideas on what to shoot? Feeling uninspired behind the lens? Not sure what to do to flip the switch on your internal lightbulb? 

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As fellow photographers, we know exactly how you feel. We've all felt drained of ideas of what to shoot next. This is why our team got together and designed the Creative Photography Challenge: a series of short, snackable videos that will help you discover and harness new photography techniques.  You'll be inspired by our community of fellow photographers that are participating in this challenge right along with you. 

The challenges are simple; Each video is under five minutes long, so they won't take forever to watch, and you can complete each challenge in just a few minutes or take an entire day to really hone in on your new skills. 

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Tanya Lillie

I love the format of this class. Each challenge is presented in a quick, yet thorough manner. It is a great way to try new techniques. The best way for me to learn is by doing and the format of this class gives me the perfect opportunity to do so.

Aoife Lynch

Really love this idea and excited to take this challenge. Loved the live Facebook chat with Chase last night. Feeling inspired :D

Bobbie Jo Shirley

These challenges are so much fun and its fantastic learning new skills and practicing in general. I would love to see this be an ongoing thing. :)