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Crochet Maker: Skills & Techniques

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Class Introduction

Vickie Howell

Crochet Maker: Skills & Techniques

Vickie Howell

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

I kind of want to just dive right in. But I thought that maybe I would give a little overview of what you could expect for me. I'm super practical when it comes to being crafty when I What I mean by that is that I assume that everybody is as busy as I am, right? I'm a mother of three. I work full time week. We all, especially as women. But as creative people know what it's like to feel spread thin. But we still have to be creative. And today we're focusing on Cochet being our creativity like self expressive venue. But what I love about teaching courses like this is that we're gonna do sort of like a speed dating version of skills and techniques and just handy little tips so that in the small amount of time, we're gonna give you a full arsenal of great things. So we're gonna we're gonna fit that into your busy schedule. So I'm super excited to dive right in. We're going to talk about everything from doing foundation chains that are gonna be as tight as the traditional ones all the way t...

o joining motifs and then adding a little crush, a tow fabric pieces I have provided in studio guests with some details. If you're at home, if you want to grab, you know, a little piece of fabric or a towel or anything with, ahem, that'll work. If you don't have swatches at home, don't worry about it. You can watch this class at any time and, you know, meet up with us. Just soak in the little tidbits as you can, and there are bonus materials that will give you swatch guidelines if you want. So I'm totally got your creative back. Just sit back, enjoy and feel free to interact as much as you want. Ask any questions. We're gonna take it a slow as we can in the speed dating kind of platform. All right, you guys ready? Yeah, good, Good. I should also say that there is some supplies here for in studio guests that were provided by premier yarns. There's the Downton Abbey yearns with which, you know, that's like one of my jams. My show jams, and they have a yard line that is licensed for them. So there's some great yarn. I think it's the Branson your that you have here and then Clover USA provided there are more hooks and also there bent tapestry needle. So just a shout out to them. We really appreciate the support, and you definitely give their product to try because they're super awesome to work with.

Class Description

It can be hard to set aside time for your creative outlet, and even harder to put time and energy into doing the research and legwork to advance your skills. Vickie Howell turns this formula on its head. Your craft should be your inspiration, and learning new techniques should be fun, attainable, and energizing. Vickie is an easy-to-follow crochet master who can help you learn the just-out-of-reach skills you need to tackle advanced patterns.

Join Vickie for this class, and you’ll learn:

  • How to get started with handy foundation crochets.
  • How to prevent color jogs in the round, and join motifs as you go.
  • How to create buttonholes, and linked stitches.
Vickie will also teach you advanced techniques like picot and net stitch edging, and you’ll learn how to add crochet edging to fabric pieces. Take the time to invest in your crochet skills, and invigorate your creative practice!


Jan Piromalli

I just want to say that I'm watching from Australia and because of the time difference I only got to catch the last few lessons (it started at 1am). I'm so sorry I didn't see the other lessons. Vickie was an excellent instructor and I enjoyed what I did see SO much. Thank you.


I learned something new in the first five minutes. Vicki is a wonderful teacher. She encourages "design elements" so there is no "wrong" way to do something. I highly recommend any of her classes!

Sandra Willett

I found it pretty easy to understand despite the fact that I am a very new beginner.