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Crochet Maker: Skills & Techniques

Lesson 6 of 12

Jogless Join in the Round

Vickie Howell

Crochet Maker: Skills & Techniques

Vickie Howell

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Lesson Info

6. Jogless Join in the Round

Lesson Info

Jogless Join in the Round

Okay, so if you're working on a piece in the round and this is one probably in studio, this is like, this is a bonus. This is a bonus. So you don't have a swatch, probably for this one. So don't worry. You'll just hang out and watch for a second. So you know, when you're working in the round, have any of you worked that anything around and had or whatever? If you doing stripes, there's usually some kind of a little like where you join it does like a little jog action the color like it looks like a little stair step for color. I'm gonna show you a quick tip for making that go away. So I'm working on a piece here that's just a two rounds of single Cochet of a color and then switching. So, um, to the place now where I would normally join. All right, so you know that you join me to bring in just another little hook for as a pointer. So you normally would join with a slip stitch at your first chain One when you're working with single Christian, right? Well, a quick little tip that's fun. To...

get rid of that kind of jog is that Instead of inserting your hook and slipped, slipping the stitch, take your hook out and then insert it in the in the place where you're going to join. Then place the loop back on so that your loop is in the back of the fabric instead of the front of the fabric. And from there you would work with the new color. Pick up the new color as you normally would, and you would slip that stitch. And what that does is that hides that join. And so you can see it's pretty straight, like there's no there's no stair step there, Not cool. And then you would just continue, You know, Chain One, you would continue single crashing. Can I show you again? Some Good. Okay, I'm gonna pull it out. All right, So I have my hook. I've been happily single crushing, and I get to the point where I want to slip by. I want to join the round, so I'm gonna remove the hook. I'm going to insert the hook where I want to slip the stitch. I'm gonna place that loop back on my hook and then I'm gonna pick up the new color that I've carried along the back, and I'm gonna slip stitch to join, and that is that.

Class Description

It can be hard to set aside time for your creative outlet, and even harder to put time and energy into doing the research and legwork to advance your skills. Vickie Howell turns this formula on its head. Your craft should be your inspiration, and learning new techniques should be fun, attainable, and energizing. Vickie is an easy-to-follow crochet master who can help you learn the just-out-of-reach skills you need to tackle advanced patterns.

Join Vickie for this class, and you’ll learn:

  • How to get started with handy foundation crochets.
  • How to prevent color jogs in the round, and join motifs as you go.
  • How to create buttonholes, and linked stitches.
Vickie will also teach you advanced techniques like picot and net stitch edging, and you’ll learn how to add crochet edging to fabric pieces. Take the time to invest in your crochet skills, and invigorate your creative practice!


Jan Piromalli

I just want to say that I'm watching from Australia and because of the time difference I only got to catch the last few lessons (it started at 1am). I'm so sorry I didn't see the other lessons. Vickie was an excellent instructor and I enjoyed what I did see SO much. Thank you.


I learned something new in the first five minutes. Vicki is a wonderful teacher. She encourages "design elements" so there is no "wrong" way to do something. I highly recommend any of her classes!

Sandra Willett

I found it pretty easy to understand despite the fact that I am a very new beginner.