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Magic Ring

Lesson 5 from: Crochet Maker: Skills & Techniques

Vickie Howell

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Lesson Info

5. Magic Ring

Lesson Info

Magic Ring

Okay, so we've talked a little bit. What? We've talked a lot about things feeling tight and, you know, a little constructive. And that's why foundations such as air so great. Well, there's another method for in the round that helps the center of your circle not be crazy tight so that you have to jab your hook in and hope that you can find the center. And that is called the magic ring. So we're gonna be learning that technique next. Normally, when you or traditionally if you're working in the round, you would do something like when you don't need to do this partly to show you, you would say, you know, chain for and then join the round with a slip stitch and then you would work in the round. Totally fine, right? But there you're never going to get any more space than this. That's not possible, right? Well, the great thing about the magic ring is that it grows. It contracts. It's moveable. So if for whatever reason, you felt like you needed more space or, even more importantly, less space...

. If you didn't like the whole that you get from the traditional method, it'll really close it up. So to start, what we do is we lay our tail a cross, our fingers, and we're going Teoh, wrap the urine around just the two. Your 1st 2 fingers and you'll see that it kind of makes a little See if I can get this under the camera. Better like a little cross. You see that? Yeah, like a little cross. And then you hold that working yard just kind of under your fingers and really, it's just a hold it secure. Then you're gonna take your hook, you're gonna come in and you're going to grab. This is different at this angle. You're going to grab the one that's furthest away and you're gonna pull through that loop, then you're going to. So now you have the sleep on, and then you're going to go ahead and create a chain. So from here, and I'll do it again. Don't worry. I know it's a little like, well, at first, but it'll get better. But what I wanted you to see, I'm gonna set it down and see how you got that little loop de loop. So from here you can work whatever stitch like Let's say I'm doing single crush a into around that ring. But the point being is that then at the end, you'll be ableto sit down, pull the ring, and it completely constricts and closes. So there would be absolutely no hole in the ring. So let me try again, see if I can give you a better angle that doesn't involve the top of my hair. OK, OK, so I wrapped my yarn around my two fingers. I'm holding the working yarn under my other finger. The only reason you're doing that is just to keep it secure in the same way that you pinched the not right next to the chain that's on the hook so that it doesn't go spinning around. That's all you're doing with your stabilising finger, and it's so that you can come under, come under the little X and pull that string that strand through. I don't know sharing. You're giving me a face you got. It's OK and then you're gonna yarn over and I say you aren't over, but I would, I really do is I dip in scoop and then pull it through and that's your chain. Want me to do it again. Okay, Pull it up. Lay the strand, wrap it around a couple fingers so that you can see the little X reaching under the first strand. Grab the next round, pull it through. See that little flare, You're gonna pull it through and scoop. All right. And then we're going to make our chain one by dipping, scooping and pulling that through. Okay. And then I'm gonna go ahead and just let's say here we wanted to do double crashes. I changed one. So now, so now I've got Chain three. And now I'm just gonna work my double crushes, as I normally would. So it doesn't matter the methods the same. No matter what. Your stitch of choices in the center of this ring, the point in this is versatility. This is really great. If you're working motifs like you were talking about, um, earlier or anything that you don't really want a center hole in ladies and studio. Do you have any questions about it? Yes, ma'am. Is there a limit to the number of stitches you could put into a chain now? I mean, you're only limit. Is the tail right? Yeah, because you could only probably pull out to here. So if you think that your I don't know if you're making a joy Enormous rug, you would just want a really long tail. But honestly would still start. I don't think it would be that big of a deal, because your stay, you can only go so high with the stitch, right? And that takes. That's what's gonna take the majority of the of the yarn. How many stitches you have into that ring? You can still pull it tightly closed. Yes, I'm gonna show you. It's soon. I'm gonna try and get 12 of these in here, which is the amount of double crushes that you would usually use to make a the center of a flat circle. 12345678 I'm not gonna count. My chain urine is so nice and silky it keeps coming off my hook. Okay. 123456789 11. Tough. Okay, so now if I pull it, see how it closes up? Look at that. Not pretty. And then you would just join it with the slips touch as you normally would at the top of the chip first beginning, Chain three. Just right here. And so you can really control. You can just tug out that and then you don't feel constricted. There's a tiny bit of a whole, but you'd never feel like you're trying to find the center. I always find that especially for a start with a chain for that I'm staring at and making sure that I'm not getting through a chain, that I'm getting through the center. And that's just something that you don't have to worry about with us. Does that make sense? All right. Does everybody have their say? Why don't everybody in studio? Why don't you go ahead and either single Croce six or double crush a 12 in the center of your ring? So you have a nice little piece to remind you of the skill Andan join it in the round. How are we doing at home? Is there anything to hear anything for this? Nothing popped up for this. Good. There you go. I really tugged at it now. The circle are the open space is completely gone. That someone asked at home, if you can show it again. Yeah, absolutely. What to do it. You know, I'm gonna show it with, um also show it with a lighter color yarn. I don't know if that'll make any difference, but sometimes it helps to be able to see and a hot pain cook. Because why not So And don't forget you're gonna have this on video. Then you can pause and re watch and rewatch again and again. I mean, that's the beauty of online education, right? Is that you could just break it down as much as you need, Teoh. So don't worry about it. A few You're not getting it right away. And honestly, a lot of it takes just processing yourself. I don't know about you, but I'm a very hands on learner. Just watching something doesn't work for me. I have to do it. I have to work along. Um, So go ahead and practice at home with me. All right, so we're laying our tail tail, cross her palm, were wrapping the yarn around those 1st 2 fingers and holding it under our pinky. Or you could do it under your ring and Pinky. Whatever makes you happy bringing our hook go under that first strand grab the second strand pull it through and then Chain one or chain is whatever however many you want to do for the stitch that you're working and that's that. If you lay it down and you could see that it looks like a little like a week pretzel, then you've done you've done right. And also another way to check is that if you start pulling on it a little bit, if it if it starts contracting, you also know it's got flexibility in the same way that a slip knot would have flexibility, which is really great. How wristwatches ladies coming together round it. Hey, that's all you can ask for in life ish.

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Ratings and Reviews

Jan Piromalli

I just want to say that I'm watching from Australia and because of the time difference I only got to catch the last few lessons (it started at 1am). I'm so sorry I didn't see the other lessons. Vickie was an excellent instructor and I enjoyed what I did see SO much. Thank you.


I learned something new in the first five minutes. Vicki is a wonderful teacher. She encourages "design elements" so there is no "wrong" way to do something. I highly recommend any of her classes!

Sandra Willett

I found it pretty easy to understand despite the fact that I am a very new beginner.

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