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Picot Edging

Lesson 10 from: Crochet Maker: Skills & Techniques

Vickie Howell

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10. Picot Edging

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Lesson Info

Picot Edging

I love me some peak of edging seriously at it toe anything that I can Mitt or Cochet. In fact, I have a crush, a class or excuse me a knitting class. The knitting to a one class where it's a class of project. It cost making socks. They're knit socks, but I added a crow shape ICO edging to the net socks. I mean, come on. That's pretty cute, right? I just love it. I think it has a little tiny bit of whimsy without being like crazy Loop de Loop. Um, I think it's a really nice feminine touch, and it just makes it just as a little bit of special. And it's a really great edging toe. Add two really anything you can add it to. Cuffs Really sweet on little baby items I've done as you saw with Socks. Um, really, just any anything that you want a little and added extra flair. I'm just joining rejoining me are because I don't think I have enough year and life so nothing to see here. Okay, Is everybody set up with some form of Swatch and I have spare swatches up here For some reason you're out or w...

hatever, or you can work on one of your other swatches that you've already is. That's totally fine. Okay, So if you are working along at home again, this is going to be in the bonus materials, and we're going to be on page two. It will be under PICO edging instructions. So PICO edging Czar always worked with a number of stitches. That is multiples of three plus one. This will not matter for our practice watching, but just if you decide to design something with it, just know that. And I've written that in the course material, so don't feel like you have to memorize that. And what we're gonna do is we're going to join our yearn as I've already done. You probably wouldn't join your you might join your urine, or you might just be continuing with the same piece. Either way, you're working on a knitted piece. You would just join it, um, with a crochet hook. All right, so we're going Teoh chain four stitches, and then we're going to slip stitch in the first chain that you made that makes your little PICO nubbin right there. And then you're gonna single Cochet and the next stitch, and that kind of stabilizes it. And it also gives your PICO room to bloom. You could do your Peco's one after another after another, but it will end up looking a little bit more roughly, totally fine. Just a different look because there won't be enough space for it to spread out. So you just get it all kind of rap. You can kind of tell here because when it stretched, it doesn't look that way. But when it's not stretched, you can see what it looks like. It kind of waves a bet when they're really close together again, whatever your preference is. All right, so of single crush eight. I'm gonna single cachet in the next stitch and then I'm going to change three. We change fourth the beginning because we were treating that first. That was our establishing statue. Were we treated the first of the four stitches as a single crush? A. So this is a single Cochet. We've changed three. We're gonna slip stitch in the third stitch from the hook, and then we're gonna single Cochet in that next stitch. That's all there is to it. Really easy, really. sweet she of three slip stitch Losing my applies to try again Single crash And the next one chain Slip Stitch. And that first chain that you'd made or the third from the hook. How everyone a approach? It single crush a super cute. I'm gonna keep working, but I'm gonna come to take my urine with me, and I'm gonna check out what you ladies air doing over here. How's it going? Okay, so, Sharon is space more in between. And so I'm gonna grab your piece really quickly and put it under the Are you attached? What we attached to here? Um, I want to show what it looks like. If you add more spaces in between, it gives a different pulling. It gives a pretty different look. But I love that with this one skill by just adding another stitch or taking one away that you can get a lot of versatility out of it. Hopefully, I don't You know, I'll take myself out with my platforms in your yarn. I got I'm good. I'm good. I'm gonna Good. How's it going over here? Those look good. Look good, Denise. Cute. Great. You can also riff a little bit with how many chains that you dio, um, that you make before you slip stitch. And that would change the height of the pekoe. Just have fun with it. One, In fact, why don't we give that a try? I'm going to single crush A. Let's see what it looks like if I change five. It may be a hot mess, but we'll give it a try. How live? Broadcast. What matters? It'll either go well or not. What else? Okay, so there's that and then So it's not as significant as I thought it might be. And it actually kind of gives it more like, vaguely kind of the loop de loop look of the buttonholes we're talking about early, but it's kind of fun. It could be fun. And you know what it might be really fun is, if you are using a textured yarn like a thick or thin yard, it might give it kind of a really cool little textural flair to it. Something to consider. All right, so let's go ahead and finish the edge of your row. Um, with the PICO edging and we're gonna move on to our next edging single crash a single Christian in the next one Chain three Slip stitch Single crash A single Cochet Chain three slip stitch And then I'm just gonna single crush a to the end When you're done, you would just snip the yarn yarn over Pull it through, Fasten off You can see my one lone rogue one It actually might really be really fun to is if you alternated if you did You know a longer PICO and then a shorter PICO That might be fun to So just when you're at home play around Just watch and see see where it takes you

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Ratings and Reviews

Jan Piromalli

I just want to say that I'm watching from Australia and because of the time difference I only got to catch the last few lessons (it started at 1am). I'm so sorry I didn't see the other lessons. Vickie was an excellent instructor and I enjoyed what I did see SO much. Thank you.


I learned something new in the first five minutes. Vicki is a wonderful teacher. She encourages "design elements" so there is no "wrong" way to do something. I highly recommend any of her classes!

Sandra Willett

I found it pretty easy to understand despite the fact that I am a very new beginner.

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