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Media Page: Examples

Lesson 9 from: DaVinci Resolve: How to Use Every Page

Casey Faris

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9. Media Page: Examples

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Media Page: Examples

Let's go over a little bit more detailed example of how we might stay organized inside of the media page. Here we have our footage of our artist. And again, this is something that's like really useful if you have a lot of media, but just to kind of show you how this works, I can open each piece of media and add a description. I think that's always really helpful to add a description. So we can add a description to each one here. So this is her starting working. This next shot is kind of a medium shot of her face, kind of close up of her face. And then this is a close up of the pencil, or her hand. So now we can look at the text description of all of these shots without having to double click and open every single one of them. But here's what's really cool, now that we have those things we can actually search, again, if we have a lot of media using this little search button right here. All I have to do is go over to Filter By, and here where it says File Name let's find Description. And...

now I can search for walking. And here we have artist walks into studio. Super nice. But let's say that I don't want to search every time, I just want to kind of get some tools together to keep myself organized. Well, what I can do is add keywords to every clip and then we can actually sort them later. So, if I double click on a clip I can go up here to under description, this third one is keywords. And so I can add a keyword. So let's say wide shot and then add a comma and let's see what else we might want to do. We have walking. That sounds good. We can find our next one. So this is more of a let's do a closeup and then we see the paper. We have the ruler. And we can kind of just add anything that we might want to search for. There's the pencil. And we can do that for every single piece of our media here. So let's say this one has Paper. We can add that. I'll just add this to a couple here so we can see, this one has, is a shot of her face. This is a closeup. This one has a closeup and it's a pencil. And now that we have those keywords, not only can we search by the keywords, but if we go down here to where it says smart bins under keywords right here if I click on that, that will give me a little twirl down of all the different keywords that I've added. And I can just click on any of these to find any shot that I've tagged with pencil or any shot that I've tagged with close up or any shot that has paper in it. And I don't have to search any time. I don't have to make a bunch of folders they're automatically made from the keywords that I add to each shot. This doesn't actually change where my media lives in the media pool. It's just kind of a way to filter it. So, my B roll is still in the B roll. All of my other shots are still in the root directory of my, of my project. These are just kind of different views for all of the media that is searchable. So if you have the time for a smaller project or if you're working on a bigger project with lots of media this is really an essential step. I use this quite a bit if we have a project that's going to last, you know, a few weeks or several months where I want to, I wanna make sure that we can quickly find any shot that we want. I use a lot of the keywords and the descriptions to kind of sort my shots. I think this is one of the most helpful pages in resolve. And even though it's kind of optional it's a really great idea to kind of stay organized.

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user 714f13

I'm glad to see the DaVinci Resolve courses have been added to Creative Live. Casey Faris does a great job with his teaching. In this course he clearly explains the layout of each page and shares example workflows for each. It's really good as an intro to Resolve.

a Creativelive Student

Helpful class if you are interested in DaVinci Resolve. Casey Faris presents the information clearly and doesn't waste time. Looking forward to his Color Correction and Fusion classes.


Made navigating through Davinci an exciting thing to do! Great work!

Student Work