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Defining Your Style

John Keatley

Defining Your Style

John Keatley

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Class Description

With the increased accessibility of cameras, the ease of snapping digital photographs, and the sheer number of quality photographers today, how do you differentiate yourself from the masses?

Pro photographer John Keatley will break down what goes through his mind during a shoot and shed light on how you can actively work to define YOUR personal style. John will speak to his own experience, and show you how to strategically incorporate your style as you build your portfolio and client base.

Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

I really loved this class and was very inspired by his work, great style. Now I have the motivation to find mine !

Margaret Lovell

I'm trying to narrow down what my style is. I took this class to find inspiration and direction. I enjoyed John's commentary about the trajectory of his career. I'm taking his other classes, and look forward to completing those. I wound up feeling inspired once I completed this course.

Dana Miller

This was my first class with Creative Live and it was amazing! John Keatley is very informative and made sure he took the time to answer any questions thoroughly. I will definitely take another of John's courses!

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