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10:45 am - Branding

Lesson 8 from: Shoot & Design Wedding Albums


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Lesson Info

8. 10:45 am - Branding

Lesson Info

10:45 am - Branding

I've got my special drink I can't spend it it's t hi guys welcome back no camera is there a camera there? Berries there are many camera so next I'm going toc like I told you guys fall is part of our business now but instead of giving them them away make money out of it let's go about the most important prime the branding off your business it is very important you need to brand a business you need to have a sprained this style a name, a logo anything so carefully bring yourself in the right the way that can be popular you see, my name is air vent but it's it's very uncommon name so people don't know what here one it could be a camera it could be the floor or it community so we've branded the air vent so it it sounds different people can remember and it can be very unique and it's simple iran can be fotografia grand kids can be a cafe here van can be anything I can market iran's toe tow anything so it's it's very important branding is right every every place you you should put your lager...

in trial sorting through your lager you sigh when when we do the graphic books when I talk about cathy books everywhere are branding is there thiss one doesn't weigh have are our logo also brandon death and clearly mark so this is the box the bride takes on and I don't care if she doesn't want my name on it. So it's it's very important that the branding is all over your books when you buy a beautiful shirt the brandy is good you have it and also we love to have made in italy so we prove producing something special you know, I wass I was listening conversation off facebook off two of my friends I was reading one said I just ordered my ferrari it's this one depicted here the iphone pictures this is one guy in australia the other guy in usa said I just ordered my ferrari but this is the picture they were the same picture but it was all about the branding. If you boy went and bought a fort, you would have never taken a picture off it and send it all the way the other side off the world to say that you bought the fort you know? But when you buy a ferrari you're proud of it you you will we will mentioning this is all about branding unfortunately or maybe fortunately we are living in this society. When I was young I never cared what the brand off my jeans wass I think there was only one brendan and I bought what was available but now in my boy mom goes and buys him something really nice oh mom this is not the friend I don't like it my friends don't like this so it's about everything is about corporation if you can win them join them so so why not create our own banding who had not be part of it empire because that's how things are going it's all about branding everyone is buying brenda I see thes brand stores in melbourne people line up outside the store there waiting waiting waiting the door close because there's too many people inside security at the front I go to hong kong the same train thing you know people are going crazy it could be made in sam factory is the cheaper brand but because there's abandon people are spending their money maybe the trend will change tomorrow but what about today think off tomorrow but to what everyone is doing today but if tomorrow you think is going to change be ready for it you see when I talked to you yesterday why did cameras being the video in it? If you sit down and say well what a disaster why digital? Why not film? Why this and then we're going to stay where you are and you're not going to advance yourself it's very important that you be always ahead off the market ahead off the market again a brand here they introduced this tablet they said this is here you came by tomorrow from our stores the prices this much they showed it everyone get class class oh wow this is the best thing it's a technology that they're wass with other people they bit the other people to come up on stage and then another competition off the big friend came on staged two weeks later they brought up the same it looked like the same thing but there it was playing the different they came on stage and this is our new product and it's going to come out next year what the the mess it is too late already there taken over the market no one is gonna wait next year so yep plan for next year but also be ready for today always move with the market move with the market and the way you can maybe different from others is the way you present your books the way you design your books the way do your books look? Because a single picture is a single picture you know you can short beautiful single pictures but at the end of the day it's the whole presentation because a wedding or a gn event is part ofthe groups off pictures it's part ofthe set off pictures you know it's it it's not only about one picture it tells the story so the better you tell the story, the better it's going to be selling the better you a story comes from your heart story you create the story because you are the one who capturing the story but it can be created the way you saw it beautifully laid out and the person likes it advise it so that's all part of their branding so that's the business part there could we have a lot more business? We can go for a whole day but I'm trying to give you small sections off it so you can you can experience the best so you do you have your branding on the album box but do you have it on the actual album? Yes at the bake off diablo and what we have also interesting unnie has made little detail metal, metals, corners, metal and it gets talking to the album. Every album goes out with our branding on it even the prince when we have the big prints in the corner we have ah metal branding so so when people seeing your house, the print it looks very gorgeous so people like it, they don't even pass a comment it looks gorgeous any tells who the photo rougher wass because sometimes if a bride likes you there's also another thing they might like you and this is the new new ten I'm not going to tell whom my photograph for one because I don't want him to have the same thing so so she might not tell you about the brand is there they can see and they can sew so it's important that your brain is viewed everywhere okay let's go to a slighter let me show you some more pictures after the rain after the flood nothing can ever take away on off and no matter what is going on all that matters is now I don't know I saw the way your face in your ass no matter what is going on all that matters is now no matter what it's cool window what matters is now I won't take a ground anything that's have I will take for granted having you with my life you oh my god I take for granted wait nothing in the past is gonna hurt us nothing in the past come between us way away way okay at triple scoop provides great music I saw all the music coming from two passcode it's good because it's safe if you can use their music in the background and you can sell your images with music so when we do a presentation in the studio wait put music on the screen and we run the slight office when we do the album presentation we run a slight show off how their album is going to look we have a large screen liked it but we try to keep the screen size the abu size similar to the album they're going here so it's not to be so they can see details it's very important that excite them first with music then go to each page explaining why how you designed is why you created this layout why the colors? Why the borders wide two textures tell them the story this's a girl sitting in front of you with her husband there having a champagne or a drink and now they want to see their day they've seen maybe the video now it's time to see the picture so it should be is exciting as the video presentation or they end it should be very different from what they've seen from the family shots, so so we'll give them the experience and you tell her the story each page we go through, we will tell them the story we will tell them what what we've done what it's going to happen so so it's it's really exciting and I show if I do the demonstration, I show a lot of excitement I said this last moment your father grabbed you and kissed you I shot that and this is when you're walking down the r and isn't that beautiful look at me in the background look at him he's looking at you tell him tell them her story you've got a book, not teller the story and continued through through the whole album once you tell her the story if tell told her how it's going what the book is going to look like and this is the preview when they come to place their order the first stage we tell them that look this is the album design the first thing I did wass I designed it for myself I designed the way I said I want to see my pictures it's okay for you to change if you don't like anything but if it was my personal album I love it the way it is so tell them that you did it for yourself not for the customer because it becomes more person and I did it for myself this is how I want to see your pictures this is a book I created off your waiting li from the start to the end and they said let's see let's see let's see and tell them the story excite him and make sure that you don't try to give them a hint that you can't change these you can't change it because if you start telling them that everything is going to be changed, changed and it's going to be missing it's not going to be the way I want my album to be presented this is very, very important guys your album presentation should be the way you imagined the shoot was going to be so when I should for abu I I should for all them I I go out there and I start telling the story in my head the way I'm seeing it I'm looking in my way I'm looking at the way I should I'm not looking for said moments I'm not looking for I want I'm shooting the way I'm seeing this girl's day I'm recording it through my eyes and that should be converted the way I saw it into the book so it becomes the reality because much more nicer see when you buy a photograph is book the photograph er's dreamed that that book was going to be created so so every week we create a book for a bright and that book is a new version of my book limited toe one publication it so it's a very special book but it's my book it's a book off my so if I if I had gone to a party and I ies I recorded the party and created it or traveled somewhere in the world and I created the story off the off the city I wass at the same way I treat this book I was a guest at their wedding I recorded their day from the start to the end and now I'm giving them the book okay so so that's the whole idea that's the whole idea now I said yesterday you capture a picture a beautiful picture it's perfect you don't need to do anything and that's such a big subject on internet show me the real picture what do you mean by that I'm showing you the picture I wanted it to be what are you talking about camera is not well you know there's so many people out there I sometimes I feel like I shot their internet totally get rid off them out of the face off the world what do you mean show me the picture didn't answer adam finishes pictures didn't any fortunately speed finished their picture it came out off the camera black and white or was blanket one natural really what are you talking about? A narn is not what comes out of the camera you don't buy a brush in just let the brush run by itself on the on the commas to create the picture it you create a picture the way you imagined it sandal does those things happening on internet saying show me the real picture what's the real picture there's no sighting at the real picture it's even when I click that button it's I clicked the way I saw it I click from the angle I saw it I clicked from the light I had I I painted the light on the subject it's all mine so I will finish it the way I wanted to go if I want it black and white I'll do it like in weight if I want grainy are doing green me I want you to see my final picture I don't want you to see my finished picture because there's unfinished picture when I was in the dark you mira I finished pictures I went in the dark room in the nineteen forties nineteen fifty's days to retouch the negatives were they big my father's studio has four five rita cher's retouching the negative before it was painted s o what are we talking about? You know be really and the realistic is what you create on the final paper that's the finished picture not the one that wasn't out of your camera the camera captures everything that's why we shouldn't grow grow shoot everything and when you converted in photo shop or when you converted in light room or when you converted in our preacher you converted the way you want it to be the final picture s o that's why we should draw so that's what it is all about you know when you shoot the commercial work you put the lights where you want to put the big crowds where you want so you create your image again then the graphic artist will et stuff that's the finished picture again that's what it is all about that's what I'm selling I'm not selling what I got out on my camera but let me tell you something when we sell the fast to the customer and the customer can have the origin off and what's the original files rafa that's my origin off us we give the customer on finished falls but they seem the finnish fires in my album they know how I can finish my fast if the customer wants them to look like the one in the album they have to bring the file back so I can create what's in the album because that's my talent to finish two dead stage so so the customer is buying the origin of file not to finish because the finish is my property the finished file is my talent I spend time on it I'm not going to work on eight hundred pictures finish them and give them four thousand dollars my working hour is more than a thousand dollars you know this is what we have to understand go shoot a wedding on saturday you spend a whole day, then you spend the whole two weeks to finish those eight hundred because it takes time to could finish and then give it to the customer one thousand dollars I think you're better off to go and work somewhere else because that's not going to give you enough income. So if I work on an image some images might take five minutes some images might take fifteen minutes and some might take a whole hour what do I give the bright I don't give images all worked on are because it will be too exaggerated you know it's it's too many pictures so there will be individual pictures which will be worked on for many hours but that the hero picture that's the picture that's going to sell the album that's going to make the album look different and the rest are going to be similar booms toe what are our other albums I've done? They're going to be family shorts. They're going to be a church shorts, they're going to be all those short those are you can do much different than what? Why what issued? So those are going to be in the album? But what the album is going to be individual is because ten fifteen special pictures that's what it's going to make it individual s o I don't use too many software's I have them all I buy everything that comes out this way anything that comes out on mama some people spend their money on campbell ing I spend my money or software and equipment so that's that's my guilt sorry, but it's in in many ways also it's good because I know what's out there. I know what's out there and I I compare with you know, if I have a picture I have light room, I have capture one, I have all of them so I don't want follow behind if one off the software is better the next one when it's been updated so every software gets updated I'll update myself and tried again to see maybe this is better I should move them I make those decisions and nothing us I decide if this is better I'm going to use this and that's how I get my sponsors because I love this sort in the taiwan is I'm a good fun off the knicks software you are not to lead it's quite well priced software like software the one I used the most is the color effects I don't have anything else but I have the older package cholera effects probably has a lot ofthe good effects I don't use all of them but I combined them some off so what I do is I create a new layer in my my photo shop I always work with photo shop so let's start from the beginning the post production happens like I should've waiting I met at the wedding I don't pick up my work on another cart outside the camera but I pick up inside the camera so I should want card grow and the other cart jay pick the second card doesn't leave the camera because it will cover the whole day the one the first camera is is big enough to give me three four cards in the day s o I should with two or three cameras on the day of I use now the smaller cameras also so I don't do anything with this guy because when you shoot a wedding and you try to pick up on the wedding there you can easily make a mistake I don't want to me make a mistake I don't want to strain my cards I don't want to do they go back in the pocket and I keep them on me because I can take it to my car and if my car gets stolen the fastco with it so I always make sure that it's only those cards until I arrived home why I'm worried about the cars getting stolen about twenty years ago I went to this wedding it wass high end italian wedding eight hundred guests and the phone from from from melbourne country area there in the fruit market so it's it's very traditional but it's very good waiting so I shot with my partner a hole the whole wedding it's such a beautiful coverage it wass or phil way arrived at the reception way shot the reception and everything in those days because we used to have a little fridge in our car because it was hot weather so we kept the film in the fridge so it doesn't get hold the temperature and everything's always kept the film in the fridge in the car so every film finished take it to the car everything finished etiquette in the car at the end of the day we went to the car and car is not there it's gone and no break up those days we worried about digital pig help no backup on film days so put call police and everything one my partners stayed outside I went back inside I said we have to tell the bright now this is the best time to tell the bride because she's still dressed you know if she takes their place off it's a disaster how can you tell a bride that your films are gone when she's excited on the day that was the hardest part so we went to the bride and said look first we went to the father off the bright because he could help us with the event we said our carry stolen the films are gone we don't know what's going to happen the solution now let's not think of it and that's reshoot the wedding today tomorrow we are ready to give you your service crying now the guest the rumor has gone everywhere now everyone is hugging each other crying that what to set moment and think I wish I had a little camera to record all this moments we didn't think that and the we went we were ranked the hotel sheraton they had beautiful for your we hide everything we we set up studio lighting we reshot the whole waiting the next day the bright said bride mate said will trace up we ring the priest everything done we shot the whole wedding and then after we finish the wedding polish rings I'll say we found the current the films are in it esa so but but what was the best thing about it? The bride give us a hug big and said it's not your fault guys let's work on it it happened it happened if we told her after the wedding she wouldn't have reacted the same way we told there on the day not our fault there was a reason why we kept the film in the in the boot and that was it so so always be prepared for negativity also because it will happen we're not god we're not perfect so so the cards are picked up one in the camera one in my pocket I go home I copy all the origin is on hard drive at the same time I copy a second hard drive one hard drive those tow my car so I can go to the studio one hard drive stays there I will edit the originals and copy the edited one when I say it it is edit is take out pictures not finished pictures not retouch pictures edit is just take the bed pictures out and I move itto a second hard drive editor if it was two thousand pictures now I have eight hundred pictures left so co pay off. That also goes to the studio. So we we backed up twice a day today. Not original. So that way, way hope that we are quite safe. So it so it it's it it saved at the state when I did. After I go through a picture, create a folder with the customer's name color correct the images. Just color corrected meters once I collect color correct images I have a plugging in our picture. It's goes to same folio and goes on on the website. We sent une mail to the customer saying that your proofs are ready and you can view it online. So that's the process initial process with that message we send them a message explaining how they can order, how can they select their pictures and how much time they have to order. But before we do that before we send them the email for for wit, a link we make sure that we have another payment from the customer. So so most off the payment will be paid before we delivered the proof. So if there was a balance, we will take that before we delivered the proof so so basically the customer is left with no balance settled

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