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Lesson 11 from: Shoot & Design Wedding Albums


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11. 1:30 pm - Sale

Lesson Info

1:30 pm - Sale

Let's talk about six it's spelled not with x. So uh, this is when I kept her frames out off outof the video I'm going today and demonstrate to you tomorrow how I do it from the actual file. Ah, because this's quite an easy process to go through a photo shop. Let me talk to you about about the process. What it is about four, five years ago, cameras became with video cameras became with video four versions ofthe photo shop. Everyone off them can open videos. So the history ofthe resolution iran can I interrupt you for a minute? I just want to read a couple things to you photo I'm sorry photo, graphic elements said, I'm so inspired that I'm never going to shoot and burn again actually, that was p d photography I'm so inspired by you, I will never shoot and burn again, but on you it's my message, you will be much more successful if you continue doing that, you become photograph er to create pictures you don't become photograph for to give the disc this's my message guys achieve what you wa...

nt, toby, if you just want to click and make money, okay that's a different story good on you do it quickly, but you're going to be out of business quickly because you're going to get port if you finish every picture is excitement then you stay excited like I am because you know that's something magic is gonna happen it's not repetition another waiting let me take a picture under these thank you very much. I've got the money but it's not gonna happen where is when we deliver the albums? The x experience you know, honey organizer's coverings paperworks on the table champagne next to eat the books the presentation, the little album the bride counts this's your album it's like a brand new mercedes spent sitting on their everything worst everything finished everything beautiful and say this is your album sit down, please show her with the glove how beautiful this album! I don't want to touch it this is your beautiful album the presentation this is one off in the world there's no other copy of this maybe your parents gave a couple if they don't buy a cup parents album put a note in there that parents you can have a copy off this quickly you make another cell and it's not heavy selling we're suggesting, why don't you buy another abu? You know those little albums those months for the parents, not the full version, so it create extra white what about your bridal party? I have about them a gift here's a gift you see it's it's don't worry about those things every business does this we are business also I keep on telling you guys you told me how I could excited I was to should take pictures then I hide behind the world and I let the cells people tell me so they can make money so I came by all the stuff I want so don't be scared don't be feeling guilty this's the problem off off our industry we feel guilty selling products don't be scared he don't give them one product seldom product keep them happy every time I have brides millionaire bright who cook biscuits for me and once a month they come to muster your your mind they're brisket is your love is here I have brides continuously buying aversion off their wedding a version ofthe their family every year a volume off their life I have twenty five brides liked it every year I know that that girl is not going to miss a moment this year's volume so I go in photograph their family the kids in their room having fun the growing up anything so she keeps all the albums on the shelf because she loves to have this give them a disc it's going to go into drawer she has this beautiful album collection and every year next to the drawer one off the ghost changes the picture port it's she has a big portrait this year's portrait off the family I don't force her she comes to me because she want to heavy chairs the money to spend on it letter not buy a very expensive shoes which gets ruined in couple of years or one year or six months have a beautiful picture off to your family on the world why don't you spend on it? You know the history, the story off your family it's the most beautiful thing you know who was saying maureen was saying there's an advertising happening now that oh it's the superman movie there's a section where they're saying that there's a fire on the house I haven't seen the movie so I'm telling and thie only thing they say is the waiting or the pictures that's what I think if god forbid I have a fire in my house I have so many beautiful things my cameras, my clothing, my my many things my computers my but the first thing I will think it saved my pictures I don't care if I don't save anything else because everything can be replaced but my picture's can't be replaced let me give you a good good example about this a famous a celebrity in australia had a wedding photograph by a friend of mine the the guy photographed team he took the album he said please known you can use my pictures celebrities typical there you can't use these you can't used it so my friend accidentally had a pick small picture off his celebrity on the table when a customer came and happened to be so spends off the celebrity they went to the celebrity said and we saw your picture on the table celebrity sued my friend he hand up paying fifty thousand dollars in court so it was really upset unfortunately another day the celebrities the house caught fire and the album was gone my friend said yes I can make you another album it's going to cost you fifty thousand dollars fifty one thousand dollars so he ended up getting his money bick so so so really don't be scared don't be scared asking for the value your value that's very very important I am scared of the slide however this'll light is very scary because it's the progress ofthe the resolution off our cameras you know sick is normal tv's is toby there and we used to love it and it's getting bigger bigger nineteen twenty which is this screen here we've gone past it to our computers our cameras have gone past there but what's happening also the video video is going there you see okay is two thousand forty eight by ten eighty and then we come so this is now this's the tv's now but already if you go downtown into shopping centers any brand they've got this four case four case death sighs this's my first digital cameras bigger five six years ago, my camera's resolution was smaller dendys and this is video. Each frame off the video is thes thirty frames a second each frame is that resolution. You know what you can print out of that? A poster from a video frame so the whole industry is changing. This is going to become role and they're working on this resolution now not too far, but I would say in five years we're going to go there, so that will be the dot. How big is it? Look at it! This is the progress and if us photographers say it's not gonna happen two years I talk about this and we were not even there three years ago we were not there. Look how quickly we are going there. So if we think that it's not going to touch us, think twice because video is coming there and the video great grafters are excellent these days. It's not like the old days, a home video now the video golfers are using tools. They're creating beautiful images they know what they're doing. The professional is coming. Basically, what I'm saying the professional who's educated to create movies is coming in our industry because there's less employment in the movie around and they're experimenting and everything they're coming in our industry, they can easily produce a video and in an album which one should easily so where are where are we gonna be? I'm own natural law was born with one click I was not forming monk like I don't know if my mom told me about it we were born without anything we took tools from from the what was created and we've evolved we need like I was there during the world many gunshots were shot on like a it progressed it became larger format, it became the jitter it's progressing. We need to move with technology if video is going to come into my industry and if they want to do that are going to their industry also and I will start doing the director direction work. I don't want to be challenged by another industry and it is happening I'm talking about this because it's the challenge is coming now from the video guys these are the new guy's a good friend of mine in sydney demonstrated for cannon how to create an album out of a video and this was a live demonstration it's on internet you can go and see how creed created an album out ofthe video, but no one knows that I created there three years ago I talk about it, but no people don't remember this is an album created from video friends out of a video and it's actually printed in an album it's an engagement shit it's it's actually printed in an album this is a spread or from with the videos its two sides and this was shot the video was shot with the mark too are marked three mark to okay this was the first mark so I got the baby and kanan wanted me to do something with it and I did this this's a couple that I shot their wedding I asked them they want to be photographed I asked them if I can so I shot this and created an album and they bought a copy of the album so this was all shot the funny thing with video it's amazing tomorrow I'm going to show you each frame you can go to thirty friends one could be the eyes it's because it's a millisecond each frame thirty seconds thirty frames per second so there's I closed there's a movement and then the next frame is perfect then go again quickly click and it's so easy there's a software I'm going to show you tomorrow so it can capture each frame outof the thing out of the video and it's people say oh I'm goingto edit twenty million frames it takes two you know which strange jen you want you go there click on it to one two three four this is the great safe then go another section so you don't need to watch every frame you know where you want to go find the best expression for for photo journalistic photographs this is magic because you are there things are happening in front of you you filmed the whole frame you don't even see a moment that there was a guy making funny faces the bake he's on that articles this's what generally start doing this's the idea why can it came with the video in the for the journalists so they can have a lot of friends and suddenly that frame that you missed there's a bomb going in the background and you miss but it's in the frame there freeze that frame and happens so this was all and full of all created you see there was a bit off movement on the groom but I didn't mind because everything else was sharp this was all handheld and it's a full size album that I created and if you say you will never know that it's it's captured from video and the cameras are better getting better the videos are this is mark too you see I asked him to dance I had the camera on the floor they danced and I captured the best moment off the feet and everything working past me on on internet actually I've got video on video I've got the video off these with the motion off incorporated and once it becomes a picture you can you can do anything to it so hey see this was all more motion all and nighttime also so very low light so that was the full of off so this is why I mean the are this's what now what's my idea. Okay and three years ago when I started to do this it was nearly impossible to control it now at the church I got this excuse me sir, can I take pictures? No, you're not a lot going to make okay, so who is going to be okay? I'll come here so I can take a shot from a distance nicely but who stop me putting a little tripod next to the bride and groom not the tripod there like the video guys do and I have no wifi connections that I can control each camera more on my ipod and I can click where I want or I can feel more when I want and I can control take cameras I can have a cruel so videoing taking pictures always take pictures also and then combining two into a production am I going to charge the same price for this? No, of course not it's going to be double what I charge or triple while I charge because this is what you want this is what I'm going to deliver. Customers are hugging those beautiful video productions five minutes off beautiful presentation you know there's so many great stuff out there there's a guy in croatia a couple of guys out in miami amazing video grafters they're producing beautiful it's like a real movie there click creating cliffs so so now we have another generation off artists coming in our industry twenty years ago it was me myself and I now I have many myself around me the hardest part is also this video guys are bringing three for videographers and I went I'm going to shoot take a shoot there right behind the bride taking the big short they're everywhere so this is not a problem I talked to them I say guys let's be considered to each other make sure they do not eat them background let's work together is a team so we get good good results and if they insist that they're going to have people in the background and I'll bring a photograph or behind and it's going to be world war three so I'm let's try to avoid it let's work together let's bring the industry together let's hug each other and it will work let's make it a peaceful getting together and most of the video guys love working with me because I always help them. I always give them a chance to video graph because I say please move back because I'm the photograph for I'll give you a chance and never give them a chance is not gonna work they're there to make a business also so it's very important that we re cooperate so that's what it is about sex tomorrow will demonstrate destruction so I mentioned this the future ofthe wedding photography is in art full stop if you want to survive in this industry you have to start becoming an artist when it's you call it art the price changes when you call it a wedding album it drops wedding album is not you can buy it from anywhere now we don't sell wedding album in my studio we sell books books made in italy by graffiti that's what we go for that's how it is for simple isn't it simple is dead frank supper aren't you can sell wedding album everyone can do it wedding pictures everyone can do it dignitary make just makes the difference so have your signature images mixed with traditional normal emitters don't only have standard I'll make it look different okay I'm goingto go through the whole studio ting first contact is the most important presentation it doesn't make her how the thing is you see I was talking few people in seattle they're more relax california, they're more try toe dress and in new york they're more business like and this is what your studio is going to represent if you're trying to get the hippie wedding where like a hippie, if you're tryingto get the high and wedding, try to be like a business person, try toe to match with your market you're after so it's very important dress well threats present table always have good smell in the studio everything is designed in my art studio we're tryingto be designers to do we have brains were not close their toe put brands in our studio even the chairs have a print on it and the bride and groom connoisseur wow I wanted to buy those chairs so it's a positive you know if a bright comes and say oh you must making money that chair is not good you spend so much money on the terri or you must be making money driving a good car she's not my bright I don't want her I want the bright to support me I want to bright to tell me that you must be very good that's why he's driving that car I don't want to tell me all you must be making a lot of money that's why you're driving that car that's that's not what I wanted to be I want them to respect for what I achieve for what I make not for how much money I make because we're in a free world we can make whatever we want let them give me a compliment because of my work I appeal to your client in many senses personalized presentation the boxes everything so our later reedus in okay got to the next right albert einstein's imagination it's beautiful always try toe imagine thing when you capture a picture imagine where it's gonna go take the picture because you imagined this beautiful thing if even if there's a bean off rubbish next to it, it doesn't matter you get rid off the travis but imagine how it's going to end up being capture captured the story don't sit there and wait for things to happen if I'm going to sit down and wait for the bride's veil to fly out it's not gonna happen make the moment because you have only one hour you have only half a now er to take those pictures we're not commercial or fashion designers that we have a whole week to take a picture we have one hour in that one hour tell the story capture as much as you can then decide which one shouldn't go in the in the in the proof you edit after you take the pictures after but capture as much as you came sometimes you kept her you don't say anything, then you go home, you look at it and say, wow, I didn't see this it's there so capture moments captured anything that moves in front of you once way were we were trying to get the jewish market and it's a very hard market, but I love this market to jewish market and we were right in the area off the jewish market, so because I didn't have any jewish clientele before it wass nearly impossible they come to my studio because I'm in the area there area they love the pictures and they say can you give us a recommendation I said what do you mean recommendation a family data photographed I give you smeets pondering on the telly's and whatever there no no can you give me a jewish ning and I didn't have any so they didn't book me eventually I had to decide okay well how am I going to get this beautiful market I want to shoot jewish weddings there's no reason why I can treat it it's another wedding you know so what I did wass the first jewish girl that's going to work in my studio I'm going to offer her a free service and eventually a few days later this beautiful gorgeous woman walked I said are you jewish she said yes I wish that you're waiting for nothing she she said why why why y y and until I convinced there and everything then she laughed and we we became very good friends and she said yes place fish for my wedding and I shot the wedding but my deal was I didn't do it for free my deal wass I'm going to shoot your wedding and I'm going to use you tow in my studio so that was the deal I give you five thousand dollars so I can have the privilege off your wedding so she we agreed oh my oh no! Sunday I had five photographs, top photographers I hide them all. We went to this wedding anything that was flying past or going past we photographed we photograph summon immediately. It was film days those one so we had rolls and rolls of film. I produced a new album on monday here's day they picked the window was covered with jewish weddings and we have never looked big. We build up our jewish clientele because off what we did, so sometimes you need to spend money to get what you want. So it's very important food for album pages always everytime we should one maybe you should put movement into the pages, you know, so one, two, three, four don't shoot for what for a siri's should for details, you know, details always work fantastic in an album because the bride has organized this is a gift for the for the bridal party keep fraud, groomsmen, her makeup, her beautiful lettering that grandma giver her her got her, her shoes, who spent two thousand dollars for that, her dress she spent ten thousand dollars for they take a lot off detail shots, a lot of detail shots because that was a compliment the page all the brides usually don't select those pain pages it's important that you put them in the album when you design because he might select just once she does she can't imagine she's not the photograph so create a lot ofthe information into the album but to feel many pages but that means also not to feel many images on a page spread the pages as much as you came designed it for yourself pretend it's just for you and just created for you it's some pictures he chose and you don't like take it out and say no I don't like that picture it's going to ruin the album peller did you took it out if she wants it put it back but sale this's not working this's not fitting anywhere it's a one off picture maybe we should print a single picture off this you can have a single picture it's not fitting in the album so design it because you wanted to look like that don't just fill up with pictures every segment off the wedding dais plant so you you recorded the way the girl plant I never go to the bright house and say ok that furniture doesn't fit there let's move it and bring it here that table is not good there let's take it out that picture on the wall doesn't look great let's get rid off it don't critic her her set up but if I need this background and I think there's a picture family thing that it's not it's blocking my way my view and it's the only section I can photograph I would say look darling do you mind if I remove that picture I'll put it back there again it just it's going to give me space that's all I loved the picture I'm not quitting but I think the simpler we keep the better it is mom wants that vase there it's great I'll do a couple of shots that but can we move it over here just nice and gently then make sure that you put it back where it was because this is important I don't want to mess up the bride's house because I'm going to take good pictures you know be careful don't hit your furniture's with tripods or things like that because they might have a fifty thousand dollars cabinet there and you put a scratch on it you know you can you might be suit or you might upset people so be always careful when you go into that thing so take whatever there is in photograph but without overdoing it I put let's go to the output self proofs go online we designed with paige gallery so clearance on the screen exciting with the mood we're in you know with the utmost care of the place make sure that if it's in the house don't have food cooked during viewing you know make sure that the kids are locked in a room and soundproofed eso you don't want anything to distract the presentation because you know if you have kids and they just walking mom where's the bread and that wears the better you know you don't want that to happen if you're demonstrating in a in a in a restaurant in the cafe a go go to night place goto hired the hotel across the road they've got beautiful for order a drink if you order drink no one is going to ask you to leave you're a guest in your and two nice presentation so then there are some layout tell them that you have extra pages and you can take it out I'm not trying to sell you I'm just demonstrating to you dead how would your are gonna be best my version and give them a chance to change it don't say this is it get out guys this is your chance if you want changes let's do it if no we will send it straight to graphics studio and received the perfect when I deliver an album I have never had problems one or twice off course you will get that there's not one hundred percent but I see the bright face in her excitement off seeing this book you can't repeat that in any other way it's it's something she's taking home it's not little disc it's not it's a whole beautiful thing she's going to put on the table as faras the groom he might look at once he doesn't care about it but the bride is different mom comes in she sits down with mom on the card if it's called a chestnuts and watching the album or a far place or or or I hope they don't take it to the beach because it's not gonna survive but it's always good to imagine what's going to happen with that album it might go under the table yes I I agreed it it might go under the chair for a while but imagine when that pride becomes thirty forty the more she gets older the more the value ofthe that book is becoming more expensive she's starting to romney's her day she's happily married woman her kids her family this is where it started this will be the most important part of her life having grandchildren and the grandchildren looking at grandma's album the value what's the value we do you think they'll remember how much they paid? No I went toe on italian mom's home she she nearly hold my ear and said come here before you start taking pictures yes I said man I follow you she had this huge frame you train with the one little become five by seventeen I said yeah that's nice she said no it's not nice I said okay why didn't you make it bigger? She said, this calls me five hundred dollars if I make bigger three thousand dollars so the woman was worried that she's not going to get value after off me don't exaggerate your pricing, you know, because she knows that that printer if she does it herself it's few cents but she paid five hundred dollars if you're gonna charge her five hundred dollars, make sure that it's a bigger five hundred dollars work so she takes value for it so give them value don't try to cheat them because the cost of our products the cost of our pictures albums books are not huge but the percentage of profit is huge instead of putting that percentage ofthe prophet onto the picture onto the album put it or your capture put it, divide your pricing into trip sections service abu and extras so service is the most expensive that because you have me I'm one million dollars in your ten thousand dollars or two hundred dollars then they can decide which a month one they want to spend they love you, they hire you it's because off me working in nothing us that's me coming to your home and taking the picture thank you very much there's my service it's like a plumber plumber comes to my house put two tubes together one school in the middle eight hundred fifty cents, eight hundred dollars and fifty cents a hundred dollars fifty cents look at the invoice eight hundred dollars service fifty cents parts can you argue with you now you can't argue with you because he's only charging you fifty cents for the part two hundred dollars for the album ten thousand for the service then it becomes more reasonable if you're going to get married and you're going to have christina aguilera to sing at your concert at your wedding it's goingto cause you two million dollars if you're home they're gonna have the wedding band next door it's going to cost you a hundred dollars if you want christina aguilera off course you're going to pay that money so that's how we have to look our industry it okay so you base yourself on a pricing and hopefully you goto become christina irregular after off the industry reached there you can't reach there in two years you can't reach there in three years it takes time I am thirty years in this industry and I have still not reached there I'm trying to go there and and I said if you climb go up there in con climbed back again because times change always up in there never reached the top because if you reach the top it's finished so I tried to reach the top but there will be always steps down so keep yourself very excited in the holte this may be the new generation don't know but in the darkroom generation it's a very if you saw a car she's another armenian one off the most famous portrait photograph is he shot? He shot the churchill portrait hey lived in canada he was born in armenia let me tell you the interesting story the canada canadian newspaper wanted mr church's picture during world war two toby really stressed that is worried about the world but when you come with the camera to mr churchill he picks up his cigarette and smiles at you it doesn't matter how much you try he shows the smile in the picture but that's not what we want to show we want to show that this leader is worried about the world I thought they hired mr you cash to the deported churchill gives him one minute he says take one picture that's all I want now mr cash has a large format camera he can't he doesn't have digital too should many short and he needs to get that expression so he held the cable release make sure everything is right he looks and mr churchill are you ready, sir? Hey held the cigar millions on this is a famous picture you can find it everywhere he leans on the catch you heard the cigar and he's ready to be photographed use of cash goes and grabs the cigar out of his hand and clicks it and the moment happens that's when and he was not upset because off the world because his cigar disappear but but the story was different in the newspaper he looked upset so so it's a great moments of photography he made money manipulation finishing is a must in my books there's no picture if you don't finish it it's not finished it's not a picture adam needs to have individual finished images although you must have at least five world pictures I tried to do slightly more than that you need to have this page and say well this was great this was beautiful and then go back to the normal storytelling designed more than what it is expected tell their story backwards so like I told you tell them that this is why I did this this is why I did that this is why I created the blue background because your bridesmaids were wearing a blue dress so I try to match it I selected their dress color and put it in the background thiss fixture here is from your grace tell them everything why you've done tell them their story so it becomes more interesting so tell them things that there were so many pictures you know I got weddings this day's the guest because in australia they get married also early and reception at night just take photographs then they come they go to walmart or places like that print the pictures, throw it on the bridal table here's your pictures so before I deliver anything it's already they see their own picture before I deliver anything this is the bride in her room in the waiting room or anywhere even church I saw groom taking his on peter when he was getting married with his iphone so how I cannot compete with this goes sitting having fun in the bar when we're having drinks they're all hugging each other taking picture do effecting in the software's and can you do another one off this yes I said all the camera and smile behind it so I'll take him take a picture of it so I will incorporate it so don't don't try to repeat what they're doing just create something fun out of it so it's not going to go go to the bridal rooms to where the bride and the bridesmaids sit this days everyone is doing this no one is talking to each other even the bride her hair is being fixed his facebook sinking herself so there's no point in competing with it her facebook picture is going to be there much before yours I did I did I was asked to do on the same day presentation in the room in the rider in there during the wedding I hate it because by the time I've finished the pictures the way I want it to be it's late so I work even harder to reach there if I put then I say okay I can't do that then I'm goingto I'm going to create pictures, video slide off the row, fast converted in tow, a preacher or whatever, then her her friend decides also to do a slide show. They show her friends one everyone clubs, everyone having my slut shows comes they're bored now from one slice show. My slide show comes second and it's nearly the same as the bridal party because all she did was take pictures with facebook or with my iphone and everything created quicks, lecture and it's not gonna work that's a disaster for me. I don't want to do that even they pay me two thousand dollars three thousand dollars it's not what what I'm all about. I am a photograph for I take pictures, I present them on paper if they want those fun things, why don't he hired the video guy? He can do better than I can do, so I don't do demonstrations at a terrorist reception. I refused to do them because it's not going to present, because if you do something like that reception, you have to impress the crowd with your pictures and you don't have enough time to work on your pictures, so you're going to show them pictures that's all it is our own production customer is given prus online. You share make album or the selection we give them three months to complete the orders so if they don't come within the three months that we've given them I like to give them time I don't want to do it quickly because I want them to select the best pictures then they have to give me time also to do the production so they they come back with the work we designed the album and we select we work on each images and then it's sento graphics studio with graphics studio it takes on lee three four weeks sometimes if it it becomes christmas season in high season it might slow down a little bit because simply they have a lot of work but it's all that's why I love to miss the christmas season I don't want to send any books during christmas I tell my bright look guys it took close to christmas we have one month or two months christmas it's going to be overloaded and I want to finish give you the best products off please let's go past the christmas season let's not talk christmas because even my jewish clientele say can we have it before christmas I said guys you don't have christmas why do you want it people christmas so so so so there's no reason to date christmas christmas not time for wedding audibles there's too many things happening during christmas solid go past eight eight sterling just a question what method do you choose for them to pick what photos they would like in their alma's a digital there okay call you we'll get loaded on them for yo they select the pictures they want into automatic week it creates ah father off selected pictures then they send it to us we know which pictures are selected what we do is wait we put but selected and originals edited originals on on our our ipad and we go to them and we got through the not selected one also we say which one is missed or which is shouldn't be in the album we make the final selection and that goes straight to the printer to the to the girl who does selection off the falls and then comes to production and it's it's quite a good way off moving around so I used to use zim folio a lot and I found that people were taking screenshots of the images even though I cut it down to the smallest size and then not buying have you ever had that words that I know I have a nice transparent local over the picture? So yeah, but I'm not concerned about that anymore did that copying you see if I sell them the album they can easily goto world might put it on the scanner printed exactly so I'm not going to worry about it whatever they do after myself let them go if dating it's better way let them go because that's why pre selling off the package is very important you sell them you see we have teeth freestyle off packages wait try to sell them the middle middle package because that's the package we like to end with every customer people don't buy the cheapest package people although always going for the second and say let's see how it goes we might go to the top pocket so locked them in a contract the amount you want one if you want to learn her waiting five hundred dollars make sure that you signed them five hundred dollars but if you want to earn ten thousand dollars make sure that they're signed a contract off ten thousand dollars after that if they want to copy my whole studio they can do it after got the money from them you know and make sure that it's a contract and all the money is retained so they can't call you begin se I I canceled my wedding can I have my money back because you could have missed so many bookings? You cunt rely on people to ring you the last week and say you don't have a job this week so you can't it so we explained this that this is a business yo if you commit you have to commit, you can't change your mind if you change your mind you're gonna lose as faras divorces might happen the next day they're committed to it I don't care we've done our job they signed a contract clearly marked we have a beautiful contract clearly marked to say that this is our living you you decide to divorce there's not my problem I'm so sorry about it but you paid the cater's you paid the reception you paid the church what about me who's going to look after me so that's important and you said you compare the ones they choose with with with your and you you pick some more that you think that they may have mauricio really what I do also me and vito we have a folder it passed away at it we added our own work when I say it did I mean go to the best pictures take out the ones now no retouching nothing added to the best pictures we want. We added to the best pictures there are so we showed them to the bright out off those edited once we have a folder that we keep ten twenty for ourselves this is my favorite so it's when they come back I will work or veto will work on those images and that's what we worked on ly on me or veto the rest production crew does it so these twenty pictures are hundreds present ours we created we took the picture we imagined everything and this is what it is all about. You can ask a question this is a kind of a big picture question from p d photography so the bride and groom are choosing the album they want yes and they're doing that when do they do that exactly? They do that in the first consultation or the covers and things that we have so many variety it's on the shelf everything the price doesn't make any difference they can choose any format any size, whatever they want surprises all complete we'll tell you can put it on a contract now or you can decide when we finished the album so we have they can decide after every time, any time because of the wedding yeah, there might be a new design off covers or anything it's ok to change because our price includes old it okay, so it doesn't matter before or after you can decide whenever you they always choose the album they want they always just the way we guide them to see what the best way but they give damage is just the way we have most off the there are bombs that crafty studio heads all stars we have that the letters and they have this amazing broke off different textures and everything so wait here samples there's similar to this party even more so they can come and view there's a there's a viewing area for this take a view and say, oh, I love this. Can we get similar to this? Because I'm in a place where I am this is the one thing I want to offer, and I'm I'm still new, so I really want to launch, right? So you say anything, let me give you a guide for that. You see, when I went to russia, when I went to russia a few years ago, they didn't know anything about wedding photograph it, they didn't have such a industry it's more american, it's, more english, it's, more australian, so they wanted to create that industry and they were all young likely it was all new, so they hurt me and they put a value on the product, and they started marketing the way it should be market, and many off them have become very successful before, because off, because you make the new conditions, you introduce it to the people don't introduce it as a chip option, so go for it don't be scared for it. I appreciate that like this is really so empowering, and I just I mean, I mean, I really like the details that's what I kind of want to push into this is when so your clients give you their their selection through san folio and then you said you you add some that maybe you feel they missed to complete the snow okay let me clarify that part way asked the kinds to come back or we need to have person to person conversation that's very important because darling was this the question you were coming or this ok so comeback guys with received your selection we worked out that's why we put on the night a couple of ipads and we go to the horse selection together we consult together yet this is a great selection this is not a good picture this is most off the eight hundred should be great pictures but way try to work it out together maybe should at this maybe we should get that you can do easily this on skype also have all the thousand got to them and say you missed this one this is going to be great now let me show you my favorite twenties those will be finished and say look at it how what is going on? You excite them and then that's when that's when they say okay we live in two years you're the best so I wanted excitement I give them excitement stage by stage so so they appreciate what I'm doing sorry remount those twenty pictures that you personally retouch are those in the general population off the pictures that taken local approves no it will never be on the proofs that states my property they're not in the proofs I don't want them to see that and get bored of it it's the surprise factor okay I need toe excite them a little bit more until the album he's delivered so the dead costume status and I can take I cannot do those pictures before spruce because I might not have the time so I don't want to delay the press because ofthe this so it's very important ladies how are we going doing great doing great we have a handful of questions kind of covering all that you've talked about today um I'm not sure if you answer this capital b s you ever show more than one version of a single image multiple edits color or black and white no no I don't I might try it myself at the first stage my same maybe it will look guys in black and white maybe but I decide the final look I decide which one is going to be because if I give them the choice is going to be very hard to sell them they might want one they can't decide I don't want confusion another simple example for these I take a portrait off the girl on the bed five three great portrait they all look nice I can include them all in the proof but then she's not goingto be able to choose which one I will eliminate most of it always keep on ly two good ones so she has less problem I make it simple for her because if you leave it all year round I don't know I love my face there but my husband wants this one it creates a lot off and I'm I'm in the photographs is so I can have a better view ofthe what she looked because when you look at yourself it's always in the mirror reversed so it's not the real you when I listen to my voice on internet I say oh is that my voice is terrible so so so when you look at yourself you know this's you but that's not really you because it's reversed so that's how he thinks happened and sometimes the bride says this doesn't look like me I said downing okay can reverse you as a mirror but your hairpiece is gonna go on the other side we can't do that but sometimes if I can reverse it I do because it's going to look better if there's nothing identifying the it's reverse because that's how we see ourselves we c go to the mirror reversed kind of a follow up question from todd australia would you ever consider backing off on the darker tones a little at the client's request if they don't like it too dark without compromising your post will be images which I will keep a lot of details in the dark pictures no, but I'm saying if a client comes in and sees a photo and they say, oh, I love the photo but it's too dark and I don't like the dark would you do you wear consent because attend off the day if there's a negativity from the bright side it's going to give me negativity there will still going to stick with dead idea it's going to be always negative so so sometimes you have to go with their don't go against them, give them maybe show them two versions off it's a okay guys, I'll show youto version you decide which one you want attend off the dates there are not mine they're going to keep it and it has to be loved every page and that's so important we end up designing the album they approved then suddenly two days after she says can you solve stopped the album because I'm not sure about that picture, so we need to stop it if it's not in production because she still not convinced about it simple example the girl is embraced ben not in melbourne I designed the beautiful album way talked about the paper I described at the different type of papers I said your image looks best in this paper she said ok, I trust you we made the album, send it to brisbane, she start trying, I said, darling, why are you crying or I was imagining too close, hi glows metallic paper you had. I said, you you remember dead. Why didn't you tell me that? Because I love that they now you change my mind, and I'm not happy in this case is this's a girl, who's been waiting, impatient and she's, not happy, okay, I can use the original I did for her is a sample, and I'll make the album became because I don't want to lose this girl for stupid paper reason. So I try to make not make these mistakes it to start, so we don't have problems. But if it happens, we have to do it.

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