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Build an Album with Page Gallery

Okay, before we go there, I'm going to show you another layer with an album. This is a wedding I shot in armenia and this's on ly part off the wedding album because they have a huge album. So it's good let's have a look. Wait, wait, family wait. Okay, I had to make a mistake and this was a mistake because this is not the album we ended up having somebody. Anyway, it will guide you. All right now, let's, start building an album. Ok, one thing you have to look at it. I'm not because we didn't finish all the images. I'm going to import all the pictures I'm finished. There will be only a couple of finished there, it's just because ofthe we're running out of time. But you you got an idea off hyo how? I finished the images. Now I'm going to open page gallery let's go page gallery is a software than my studio users. So let's, missy, where is page color? It's should have been there. Authorities? What? What I do is I create a new album. Let me close this because I tried tested before I start so...

open page gallery what page gallery does it it sends, commence to photo shop and photoshopped will build up the pages with layers so if you want make changes, you do it after you can either you can do a batch process or you can open each individual paid work on it, finish on it and it's done. There is a huge upgrade happening in december it's nearly done but we have to test it before being get out it's a free upgrade so everyone who has a page callie, we will get a free upgrade, wei have reviewed the price and the price has dropped quite dramatically and there's a spatial for creative life it's two hundred fifty dollars, originally was nearly five hundred dollars, and the normal price is going to be two, ninety okay, here you have a selection of albums, many different friends, and this is the limited vision version there's a lot more prints there. So what? I'm going to do the graphics square, although I'm going to create a square album because what this couple want and I start a new album, so when I create a new album, I do the location off the argonne sew it on my desktop. This is the folder where the album is going to be created it's very simple it's a software that works if you do it right, andi, I'm going to show you how good it works eso what I'm going to do is you can easily drop the whole folder off images into page calorie sauce let's select the images there two hundred seventy images just drop into page gallery it takes a few seconds to lot the falls so while months you lord it's best to save it so every time you do something save it because with any software if you don't save and you close or something it will will those three information so while well I'm loading the pages is there any questions ladies or audience so my question was inthe e albums that he showed in the slide show there wasnt like I always thought you had tohave your pictures on this side of the crease and then your pictures on this side but he with his their you know he'd have a gn image three quarters of the way and then images next to us and so I was wondering if that bothered brides night didn't as long as the crease doesn't happen in their face in their eyes in their mouth and we're careful about it it's important that it's not in the wrong place especially when you have a group of people families and everything if you do white picture make sure that people are not in their faith because it's going to be distorted but other than that graff is doing a great job we did what I started a numbers going very I was terrified of anything books because I took pictures I didn't make books I wasn't a graphic designer how can you encourage the people out there that aren't making books to start and give it a try? You see it's, the reason I like book my icon vision, our version ofthe what we've captured and when you look at photograph furs, fashion photograph for st photograph furs if you pick up their books and say some of them are very really simple, if you don't want to do the book busy, make it very simple don't toe don't overdo it and that's what we do because that's what I love, I don't like to put too many crimes because if the client doesn't like it unless they requested, we want to it because it's going out over killed so I like to bring a bit off colors depending from the dress and everything. I'm going to show you with this, but keep it as simple as possible. For example, of one of my books here, this is actually a copy off the bride's book. Each page is one image I'm proud to show this. I'm proud of my pictures, so I don't care if there's many pictures or one and this bright went crazy about it, she loved it, you see they're all square format, the round ages was done in fortune shop if you want to see that occasion you later on, but keep it simple it doesn't need to have many pictures to make it exciting and if you show this years ago I I felt guilty and I loaded a lot of images in an album a lot of images because I'm taking money I'd pick mistake you're my albums looked like a mess it looked like a college book and it didn't work as good I'm proud of my pictures and I liked the space and we explain this to the bright I like to space around it because praise space put separation go to any art gallery they have a nice porter around ages so so don't be scared off putting space and show them and explained them why you have the space around it. Okay, now the images are lauded are loaded in paid gallery, so we have let me see we have two hundred seventy images what the first thing we'll do is all these folders there s so what I'll do is goingto preference if you do this once it will it's done so we called it right the second one groom the third one church or synagogue or gardens or most whatever you want to know where whatever you're going to use, you can type your studio name so it prints in the slideshow you can't even bring a logo on the new one so you can never log off your because it page gallery creates beautiful slide shows in the preference you can click if you double click an image it will open in fourteen shop because this is working with forster shop and there's a few extras just I will click them all and effect this is this is very important this is all the photo shop effect I want applied so if I go into photo shopped for example and I want to apply one of my new effects for examples from this folder what all these are copy the folder name which is your band master copy in icu object of page gallery paste the title off the action the folder off the action then I will go in few off the actions into there so let's let's get vindicating page gallery copy let's put that in today into the page gallery and if you do this once it will stay there so let's try another one let's go back to four porter shop let's pick up another one there let's see which one it's called done maybe let's get one off the let's get this one holla parries it will give that taunt okay become baked preferences and I'm going to get it into effect so every time I applied this effect the effect will automatically applied to the actual picture not to the whole picture's click ok and we're done now when I said bride groom church and you can go on reception whatever all I'm going to do is now divide into groups so that it might go in the group five and I'm goingto take this crew shots and drop it in the groom's folder so I'm organizing each each a location separately so these are all the brighter we live in that folder let's go away from the bright and arriving at the church those are church arriving pictures I will include them in the church shot so let's let's see how far we go this's all church her church yeah let's go up to up to here outside the church and dropped his drop this in folder church there's the family groups let's go to those hold on there wasa this's the family groups and are still outside the church so we'll start from here from here and upto up to syria these are all outside the church then I'm going to go toe locations you can have few folders off locations or different locations different for this so let's go street shots there we might keep up to here is there inside the group five I think I didn't use group five years if it put title it will be much much is here and go grab another group so this way I'm dividing all in different groups so it will be the year for me to design the album so let's go the last few groups their toe all the way to inside a hotel room there in group six in their room let's get the rest so from here two two here let's drop it in seven and we'll drop the rest into the reception so the last cook it's also inside the receptions are well because india okay now I've divided the group's on and I start with the bride's with the bride's picture so I can organize their to see which groups I went together so there's preparation shots there's flowers this can go there I might leave some of those are because I don't I don't wantto make a rush design so I'm going to bring this one with this group because it's preparation and let's see okay I've got one two three four five six vertical images so so we go down into six verticals there's some selection there are if I got to them I like this one so let's goes to see if there's another one no it was the one I wanted this one so I'm going to end and now I'm going to drop the details one all you have to do is drop into a b and if you click here the ones you've used it will disappear see the okay let me explain what I'm trying to do here all those little detail once army two pictures so what I'm going to do is I'm going to apply an effect to those and it was all a paris so I'm going to make them all soft so and when they start counts at the bottom that saying that I'm going to run an action on it, this one here, I'm goingto keep it as it is, and if it is, we will no no effects. So the background I'm going to decide what color I'm going to go through because she hit still very colors or just a bit off silver because she wants a metallic paper from graffiti, we take soft para lamination that's very popular with my studio, so I'm going to click on there and select from the defaults colors I'm going to select its silvery color so that cause into the background off all the pictures if if I think it's too heavy when I do the adjustment, wei can go to it. The first page I'm going to create a look out how fast it can create also each template you can rotate so each temple, his what I've done is the spread it's two pages, so I'm going to do make pages current and I'm going to keep open for the shop, so I'm going to do one page at a time at the moment, so album size eleven fourteen at the square graphic book start to make the album size in the background now forty shop is working hard to create the pages and what you see there is applying that effect also because I applied effect to that picture so it's opening nick software applying the effect so you can the usual way we do is with designed the whole album in one go we go for a coffee break in about an hour if you have about forty spreads in an hour maximum it depends from the spit off your computer you will have the layout ready then you can go and individually make adjustments if you wantto so so basically now the process is happening to each page and a few moments and this is working hard it's for images applying nick software on it to two large images this is a huge size file if you look at the bottom sixty three megabyte file so it's a big file this one this is ready to go to the printer so it's it's applying the effect so the final image in what it does also it creates a low resolution off the layout so you can demonstrate it to your clients. Ofcourse if I don't apply the image I prefer sometime to apply the image or to all the pictures in one goal but this is all demonstrations, so let me too distant the rest will do just the normal way so uh applies the image drops it in the template applies the image drops it into the template the cities are faster because they have no effect and charities that the layout is done with all the affected the bottom now, for example, I say, ok, this is good template, but for this layout this is what we do, we personalize the layout, so what I'm going to do is the two because paige gallery also has the lines, the the guidelines where the centers are so what I'm going to do, the two pictures I'm going to take it up and the four pictures here on the in the center, I'm going to move them right into the center, so I've created a different look if I don't like to have any off the pictures I can delete and I will say, ok, the rest I want to center them so quickly I changed the look off the parent that's page one time about the background either I can choose a softer color in introduce it or because it's a layer I can reduce the opacity, make it slightly softer, silver and that's perfect. I can have also borders around the picture if I wantto and you can create actions and drop it in the page calorie action, your own actions that can run on all the pages on all the pictures and always safe that page done don't forget to save and don't safe anywhere I'll save on the same picture because paige calorie needs to understand that you've done changes to the picture let's close this. Okay, now the rest. I'm going to create quickly. Design an approximate album. Look. Okay, I'm goingto go past many images. I'm goingto maybe do this preparation shots that was good. Forget about this one here at the moment. It's not fair that I designed out for the customer because it's it's a big job s oh, let me do this for five images hold on, let me do so what? You can do it you can scroll to the pictures and see what they are. So this is a group of picture that I would like to see on one page. So let me do this five images again vertical into a spread so and I'm going toe give a black and white tow the whole image is so five vertical that's where we go it's not okay let's, let's create with this one. So when you see great, that means it transparent. But if you want to make this transparent or so you're going changed the opacity on the layer because because it's all layer I'm going to have transparent off this image so let's drop that on a cropping is fine let's drop the dress picture on c because it's a bigger picture you see, I try to make the size is off the pictures so the head is not bigger order so this one we can make it into a small one drop it arnie and let's do this tea and the last one this one here be and you can crop the picture if you want to say if you wanted to crop but I don't I really don't want to crop okay now I prefer dis image too if I wanted to be rotated I can do that again I can rotate the other way around so so now I want to select a gray which is lighter dendys this's a very strong prey so what I'll do is I went toe you can add colors there are select the new color I don't know I made it I made a mistake okay let's go click on it you can type a color number in there so what we do is let's get foreign goingto photo shop and let me create a nice gray for example this one in the cord is there I copied it color coat so you can get any colors into it I will click on that and at the color copy purse are paste I change it or you can go there and select the lighter color okay and that's not my selection color for the background so I changed the color off the big round if I want red I click there again and select iet rate but off course I'm not going to use right so let's go and get a nice grave because grace on the metallic paper will give us a nice silver because it's metallic put gray it's gonna look metallic silver with pearl finish it's going to look like a pro brides love this select little betrayed let's get this once you selected color it will stay there until you make a change so let's get a greenish silver okay no it's good there again it's reduced to sit okay it's better all right so now this is a memory wherever you see another color too that means if if there's a plague you can change the color ofthe dead also okay that page two on the side here you will see green or orange that means that the orange is not built the green is ready so let's make another page thiss picture I loved it pictures so what I'm going to do is I'm going to do a spread off that picture horizontal eso let's go full spread it to the albums or dropped it there and this is showing me this is where the half off the bookies so just drop it slightly there you know maybe we keep can visually see and that's one page now if I want to reorganize the orders I came but at the moment I'm going to keep on adding pictures all those moments that's one two three four five six seven eight nine ten maybe eleven living pictures let's go eat somewhere well let's get an eight and let's see which will that's nice one let's go at the picture off her father there and let all the mito pictures on the site okay it's it's so quick and the new templates are going to be amazing I've been playing with them I've been creating the layout it's it's it's so many because ofthe modernized the whole thing okay and now to apply black and white to each one there's a shortcut for did command one keep keep on going and command one on all off them and this was going to apply black and white to all the pictures okay so that's starting to tell me story that's the parents coming she's getting ready touching her father that's that's a beautiful moment let's create some pages with more details why don't we grab the flower shorts let's see what's killing it I think that's that's a nice shot off these two images so let's go one one vertical and horizontal mom vertical to horizontal not this one it's the one I want ok I'm going to add this vertical one here just position where I want the the bridesmaids flower put it on top and there so don't forget to add the background color ok we've done already five pages okay this is all I want from the bride's house at the moment let's go to the groom we have five details and that creature there off the group clicked double click the picture came in for the shop if I need to make modified I do the modification and go back to page carol okay here it is let's select all those because I have vertical images here so I'm going to go one two three four five vertical six vertical six vertical so let's do this no hi pictures horizontal sorry for six vertical let's go let's go that at this one here so the bottle there to champagne bottle don't forget let's make it white come on e horizontal picture there by if you have a horizontal and the rest are all vertical and you want to fit just drop a horizontal in their crop it and it will fit correctly in there so but it was the same picture sorry huh I've got the whole media selected so we go okay now let's drop this on b if you make a mistake all you do is just drop another picture on it so this one was the one I want to change draw another picture that will change and all this is a guidance for you it sze goingto stand off the effect toe photoshopped in this background picture I want to do a transparent picture also I drop it this one here and at the background go to the next you're a quick question in the queues room room from beets for three five does this software update the photos dynamically if you work on them often on while you're building the album or do you have to be finished with the photograph when you finally buy usually finished the photograph veto veto when he designs he lays out and then work on each individual layer so you can go either way or if you if you see this image here for example and you want to make a change doubleclick just make a bit of vignette ing feather three hundred in verse just livers just I'm creating a video for example and safe safe so always save on the same file if I go back to paige gallery all I have to do is go click on the picture that image and reimport selected in mitchell automatically three important selected image so it sze very fast very effective okay let's put some shots like this for her horizontal images so for horizontal images let that nice I liked the picture with his father or no maybe we should do this one here because what I look at it now is the head sizes it's very important if you create an album the hits I should make don't have a smaller head than a big head it's not going to flow nicely so this is a big image so if I dropped it on eh position where I want maybe somewhere like that flip the page because he's looking towards the other pictures eight months picture first then I can do a snapshot ofthe dead because their rest are not similar similar size so our dropsy so I can't compare where the cropping is because it's not matching maybe I'll do something like that I include the father into the picture this with this picture it's not gonna work is good but anyway given idea like that okay then I I dropped this one the d dead slightly smaller so I crop it in so there are all the four images and at the big crunch select so then there's another page down so it's quite nice much matching there let's go that's enough for the groom let's go arriving to the church I don't want to use the groom on at the moment but let's use this one here the one with her father the one with the father and the kids small pictures off the kids I believe brandy has a question. Yes when you were talking about matching heads is it just for that little group being just for this groupie? Not yeah so then the big one is not bed also that's wise selectees because it's not too huge then did the other one this way it falls nicely this way it flows nicely so let's get all the kids charles let's see how we're going to use this? Okay? After looking at those images because there's more I might I might decide to use just one off the picture to go looking toward the guilt toward the kids. I want to tell a story that there waiting for her and one horizontal and I'm going to do four verticals because I'm going to crop this pictures so I'm going to try to make it to those pictures here. So one, two, three, four, five verticals! What was this? Mike used the other little girl in defectors judicial center. Okay, one horizontal in five vertical so I go down one, one horizontal and five vertical so it should be further down. You can also find the template to you. We will go. We had five vertical and one horizontal and all the templates that coming is going to be here. So let's, grab this one in our will. Modified later on at twelve. Oh, so the main picture off the bright will be a but I'm going to flip it. So it's it's the other way around, the little boy here on see so he's facing towards the other little boy will do e so if I put this against the other little boy and just resize it too the same size now it's starting to tell me what this lived this little boy is doing something he is not too happy there, you know try to make a story out of it and let this'll little girls on if because I'm going to crop it. So this is the shot there's something like that maybe crop just towards this little guy because thea the one I have another picture crop it to there and the young boy there d just there let's try to match to the hit or so you see, when you try to match the head it will become much more pleasant. Get rid off the driver at the big thiss little girl needs toby enlarge a little bit more at the moment I'm doing it very fast because because off the time factor you know you need to be with inspiration those things you can't just rush it this fast first they need to be retired first they need to reach where you wanted to go and then bring it and this little girl again here with b is a picture a picture with the girls in it also protects it at the background color select the pages in that square right there are those the numbers for the spreads or those how many pages there you see the spread numbers spread number eight this is the temple um temporary number this is the f is telling you that it's flipped the template is flipped okay now let's go to the inside off the church let's tow going walking in the church so there's the father there they're walking behind front groom and maybe this one here horizontal picture off the fry father giving her away so we have four verticals and one horizontal for vertical and one more reason to so let's go forward because one horizontal let's find a right template that one eye like I usually like to simple templates and the new one has amazing beautiful templates also added so you're looking thousands off template so let's let's make a page out off this let me see okay I'm going to modify when I designed the album a little bit so at the moment I'm goingto drop the pictures because I won't be toby on it the bottom so head album I love this picture off the father looking at her daughter that's a great picture you know and and then this's going to be the picture in b what working in c let's crop it slightly usually those pictures also I make them quite big also because they're beautiful background pictures but at the moment I'm not thinking I'm just dropping okay needs to be rotated a little besides straight it can also flipped the images if you wantto okay that's about the same height is walking in coming in and the groom waiting for her okay I would prefer would prefer maybe the grumman toby on the outside so that's the lettuce and see if you can easily call back so I preferred the groom to looking forward he knows that she's working goto the he's working in I'm going to crop it even closer for the page there it is and forward okay all right so that's dead now because we're running out of time I'm going sorry about this so now will demonstrate this on my website also so there will be a nice demonstration on my website so in a month look for it because everyone needs ten days to doe of complete seminar a lot of red her three days is not enough for me ok so let's add a couple more pages then let's see how quick it runs s o two vertical one horizontal so I liked that paige let me at this year at a and I'm going to flip it because it's it's cutting through their head I'd much rather have it the other way around sixty thousand cropping on lets to do is to vertical images I think we have time to do a few more okay let's tio this beautiful cafe shorts I it on this page I want to use just too simple pictures make sure they put the background there no okay now always choose two verticals some pictures don't need two member too many ana paid two vertical that's exactly what I wanted it to the page a and b okay need to match the cropping you see this is slightly lower cropping go to the other picture I want to make it as close as possible just go there just less okay it's good I'm going to crop the other one slightly more fine okay let's let's give in effect to those pictures effect less school photo or c p r let's make it okay just two more let's find you see this is these are images that I showed you the other day asking them to move in the create fun and it's it's nice on the page so one two three four five six seven are prefer to use just six or six horizontal sze six horizontal let's go yet that's good let it this one is a big one eh let's elect another big one maybe with thiss one is fun let's not this on b and the rest on see the I'm going to crop the a little bit closer and rotated let's go to e you see it it creates a mood it creates a field movement into the page and if and that's all pages matching and telling a fun paige creating a fan story so it select ok let's get a couple of those shots just those two and maybe a three verticals three verticals preen pick up this one b c you see this is again in a shop the bay it's a lighting shop in the background so by using the light in the background I created a nice field to the picture it's a shop front fatalities and drop in here for linked in background select and let's create a horizontal reception shots or let's call it off too many pictures there I'm not going okay let's create a reception short maybe some detail pages so one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen forty so I've got fourteen details shots there so let's call it see what we've got let's do a twelve no sorry it's should go vertical let's go ten to nine it's a nice solid egg b d you have to do is just ended a lot of images on the peso it's you see you're going to see how quick it created put the cake are out leader put the cake on a or b let me put this one on a that's the table so hold it like this maybe just rotate a little bit crop it the table shot and one more on j let's go flowers okay they can't select and let's stop it here I've got fourteen spades here make pages now I'm going to tell paige gallery hold on I've done the top paid so I don't need to do to top it I'll select only the bottom ones make pages all pages in the album or currently selected a fourteen by fourteen graphic book creates the selected and paige gallery is going to create thirteen spread for me while I have questions and us two answers happening okay all right did I catch you on the surprise no already never you see now it's on page three already so that's how quick page galleries and I can apply I'm going to show you a quick effect to apply on a couple of pages and you will see how is it is and we'll do more demonstrations with this in the future okay tuff tito last do you find yourself using the same templates over and over? Do you always look for variety? I used the same template over and over for the last how many years but I modified him I go to each page and rearrange me to do because I understand it's not anymore about temple it's like I talk about not about the background it's not about template it's about the pictures and each bride to make a book it's not going to be the same like any other bride because the pictures that they know bride is going to say why I've this layout and my dough I don't it doesn't happen so everyone is an individual and I'll show you a couple off pages how we individual is it's very important how many we have? We have three minutes. We can do that in the meantime. You know, I just want to say I so appreciate you stopping so that to answer our questions we've got you well trained. Yeah, that's, right? I'm an expert, but by the way, this is ready. So ask me questions quickly. Yeah, we're a couple questions and people have been asking a lot about the software that you use for slide shows mars photo want to know if paige gallery is the same software used for the slide shows it is okay and I'm going to show you how to create two slighter in a minute. Okay, perfect. And then your name had asked, are the slide shows with music offered for sale to the clients or they're just being used? We can offer it is an option. Do you do that regularly? Yes, yes. A lot of brides want a dvd off the slight shock. Put a music you say I chauffeur every wedding. Not everyone wants it's whoever worry because we will do a presentation with the music so if they like it say we can buy this also, if they're excellent customer, they bought so much just try theo and off the day here is a couple of dvds for you why not? We're saying basically when you show them their images when they come in for the sale and then you show them the images yes when you show them when I showed them a slice off their argo before it goes to the book for example let's go to this last page so all the pages are created that they're highlighted with cream so if I click on the light prayed and command age it opens in potential there's my picture ok what I'm going to do is dead lights the cake shot is not correctly colored because we didn't do it you can go always color corrected adjust color you see because it's individual layer each one is individually layer and I can apply effect to it if you're going to create the graffiti method album which which option will be available also on page gallery as long as it's textures and graph is bringing I used graphics software when I finished my layout each layer while they are becomes a single picture and I drop it on graphics software so I know that it's fitting on the album pitch perfectly and it's easy to send it with the graphic software so I drop it with the graphic software or if you say designed some album with paige calorie and you want to create a couple of your lay odds. You can take it to graphic, and you can eat more pages, toe to the layout. So it's. In another thing, graphics software has my templates. Also, you can buy that from graphic my website if you want graff, if you are here, is in graphics off very came by some off this template source on the thing, so it is theirs. All dis options. Okay, I have a blake, because this automatically came with with the template, because it's a layer, I will change the opacity, or a little bit more, so give a silvery look. But what I want is, I want to move this caked right to the age. So that's, I've done the changes I save.

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Thank you very much for the wonderful lessons. I learned a lot of interesting despite the fact that there is strong in English. Please tell us how to do touch-3 band. Many thanks


Yervant shares his knowledge with a passion. If you are a wedding photographer and even if you're not, you will love this course. Thank you Creative Live for sourcing the very best in creativity and making it available to us. Frank Jun 24, 2016