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Lesson 18 from: Shoot & Design Wedding Albums


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18. Graphi Studio

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Graphi Studio

This thiss workshop when I when I was offered to do I thought I will bring my friends in and my friends are the suppliers. I choose my suppliers and then they become my friends. I need to use them before I liked him. So my my biggest friends are the apple computers, the arm, a geek for debt, canon cameras and graphics studio I love graf spee product are visited there five carry so many times on friends more than anything. Yes, they treat me like a family and because I love what I do I like to promote I like to promote this's one of my books weii designed finishing graph it's a gorgeous book it's so popular way we create always new stuff and they're still have full it's gets their perfect I love the lamination off each prince this's, a photographic paper and the lamination everything is so perfect so I saw instead on me telling all about them I got more in my friend's maureen was my friend before I was customer off graphics studio she was my friend for so many years I love maury she's t...

he best american. Everyone is great, but my top is the american is maureen so I asked marin, can you come and help me? She she said with pleasure so, maureen, this year morin, come on down. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. Did you miss your friends and order? You're the number one because I was on the bottom of that list, I think, but we're going to show a quick video of graphics studio before we get started, so let me kick things off here. Wait has got to have the same thoughts, passions. We're really dedicated to our clients, and if you just take a look around here, it's, clear that this company has the same dedication to us. Andi, obviously, with graffiti, they do have the same passions. And I trust this company to be my partner that is outside graffiti has been a company that's never stopped in nineteen eighty five when we're starting the spencer general aim was to raine van market is like twenty five years of innovation this is the home the originators of the flush mount album at that point the market was all about tradition of albums on thanks to the digital way were able to shock the market and the prize on then step by step year after year we are really fine bring van refined product way have patented our binding system we have invented literally brother that was the real beginning of the rules of this company men in italy it's a global way are all about art on all about craftsmanship way design and offer a product we start from our italian will it is a marriage of the old fashioned hand craftsmanship with modern technology wear simply apply the same passion that you can find the exclusive cars are in the final talent better it just comes together on dh it's a perfect marriage grabby studio factory is state of the art facility if you look around behind me you'll see dedication station after station lively, hardworking young talented people this facility is quite large there's equipment everywhere proprietary equipment huge machines that print a page every second but still I'm so impressed by the gal over in the corner hand mounting handcrafting each individual book you just don't expect to see things like that in a facility this size. As an organization, we've always looked new ideas the impossible, sometimes in confront competition here. Come on, we truly believe that the state of the art is here in our bar, one hundred kilometers from venice, developing their own equipment as its not available commercially. So they build their own machine that folds and binds pages together. The way you innovation is paramount to our success, and despite what the market said beforehand, we've always been our attraction way, believing that the future and it's happened the moment you pick up a graphic studio book you could touch and feel the difference it's, unlike anything I've ever been associated with before time after time, my artwork comes back with me. Exactly power seat on my screen, our superior printing capabilities and patented binding process have set the standards in the industry exactly what we send off too graphic as we see on our screens come back almost probably better, I would say it is extremely important to me that this book is delivered with the highest possible quality. And time after time graph is delivered just that for us, it takes imagination and a unique vision to put your energy and effort into something like this. Castle toting helped out by and pulse is just absolutely amazing you can't help but be awestruck commitment this company has to us totally unique way of spreading the word and moving the standards of photography forward gaffey studio showing with tremendous investment that goes way beyond selling books and albums. I don't know anybody with such an amazing building, you know, helping photographers to achieve their goals. I cannot wait to return here and to become inspired tto learn from other photographers in today's age, when so many people have images, they're just going to disappear onto hard drives never to be seen. This could be the century of forgotten images and it's only through a physical representation of those in a book, but people in one hundred hundred fifty years time I'm going to see something beautiful and that's, what, as an organization we're trying to make sure that people remember were more than forty thousand gassing globally, and each one of them is an artist, so for us, the very goal. Is to make sure that each single book out of the factory was truly transfer, passion, talent on the art from the lands to the page of the book, I'm so passionate to be part of an organization that shares some of the same beliefs that are important to me because we want to better both photography on dh products that photographers can supply, from product quality to customer relationships, to our continued commitment to innovation. Thank you, theo, I'm really excited to be here today, and I promise I won't take that much time away from your oven, because I know everybody's excited tio, listen to him for the next three hours and being inspired and to finish the black I mean that's, that's, what it's all about is finishing the job. So again, I'm maureen nisus with graff e studio, and I manage the us market in canada and graphics studio prints and produces handcrafted books made in italy whenever I say that there's fear and there's excitement, because when you think of italy, you think of high quality, you think of brands such as gucci and prada, but you also think of expensive and that's misconception number one, I want to make sure that everybody understands that graphic studio offers books lesson one hundred dollars, and normally when I say that eyes light up like, really and that's the reality we have books at every price point for every program, every discipline, whether you're a wedding photographer, you should high school seniors boudoir portrait, great think of graphics studio think of books. The other misconception is, when you think of italy, you think of lead times, misconception number two we have awesomely times are lean times average. I know you're about mentioned it yesterday, and I would like to reinforce that message between three to four weeks are high school senior program is half that I know this is a global viewing audience, so I'm talking about lead times for the us market, so of course in europe are lead times are even better than that. So those are a couple of misconceptions that I'd like to clarify let's talk about books really quickly, it's one of my favorite topics other than talking about italy and watching that slideshow, I've watched it a million times, and I could watch it a million more times because my heart beats really fast on every time I watch it because it is a state of the art facility, they are looking so far ahead in the future to help photographers with support materials were going to briefly talk about some of these support materials and if you want more. I'm going to give you a quick on link that you can jot down it would be happy to provide you with additional tips on marketing solutions. We also offer fantastic webinars free educational webinars matter fact, europeans wife was so kind to do a webinar with us last week on pata sell books, how to enhance your brand and sell books we have some of the finest partners in the world that help us bring that message to the global market place. So as far as the marketing tools on this is the quick outline that we're going to talk about today, the company overview to some really quick ways on howto increase revenue with books and albums you heard your mom talk about finishing the job, you know, versus having your images left on a desk where you're not in control of those images and how they're going to be reproduced, and when you finish the job and you have your images in a book, you're reaching a broader audience as well. So you're going to multiply your potential business tenfold on the control factor for me is challenging because for a number of reasons, you want to control the way that your images are being represented in the marketplace it's a it's, a big, big issue, and the other thing is and we could talk about this all day but we won't is the pent up demand that it's created in the marketplace it's really putting at the end consumers and the brides and a challenging position because now they want a high quality product at some point and we're contacted all the time from the un consumer can we get a graphics studio book and we all we find out all too often that their photographer just didn't provide him with the book or they provided him with the dusk and we don't work with young consumers directly I want to make sure that everybody is clear on that we work with the professional photography community direct so if we can sit I could send the message out today to the the industry please finish the job and help your bride's help your customers and be in control of your work selling books often appears to be difficult and I'm here to say it's not I know I'm close I'm on the other side of the fence but I'm here to tell you it's not there are so many different tools that we offer I'm going to talk about two of them today one is some promotional book everybody loves this promotional book everybody here the studio the first thing that they went to was this little pocket book and I see your head shaking up and down because that happens when I go to trade shows as well this book is amazing and it will reap huge awards rewards for your business and I'm just not sure with you two different bullet points on how to use these we have many more, but if you'd like more tips, just go to graph e studio dot com slash c l y I'll say it one more time graphics studio dot com c l y and we will provide you with a pdf document on all of the different marketing and sales solutions on how to use this book. Whether you're a commercial photographer, a wedding photographer, the list is unlimited. So this book one application is a replacement for business card. The most obvious I see your eyes were laying up. So what impact is this going to have on your customers as opposed your business card that has no percy value and I challenge you the next time you go to a trade show a trade event, look at the garbage can. What is in that garbage? Can your marketing dollars your flyers for around the same amount of money? That's what you confessed invest in these little primal books. We have customers that order hundreds and hundreds of these little books. They come in different sizes, this is a small and this is a two by two and a half we have two and a half by four four by five vertical square horizontal lots of options for these books little book, huge impact on your business little book, huge impact I promise you the second application that I love talking about our engagement books so you have your bridegroom and choose the the top ten fifteen engagement images put him in a book and then one put the books on all of the tables at the reception and guess who goes to weddings and receptions potential future clients you will see your business grow exponentially I promise you it works it works it works it's a proven formula and then I provided some other bullet points bridal shows and I won't go into great detail on that but there's a long list and again go to that length that I provided not to be happy to share with you more details on that so books selling books incorporating books into your program again does not have to be difficulty other tool that we have is called the material swatch book and it is a handcrafted book that has all of our different cover options. We have hundreds of different cover options and we certainly don't expect all of our customers to have as many samples as your avante nanny that would be fabulous that they did and I applaud you you're about wherever you are thank you thank you for having so many studio samples but this material's watch book has a name a beautiful selection of the finest italian brothers and medals and it shows all of our personalized cover options it has a section on the paper examples with and without lamination and the final section is our page thickness is the thin the thick and the rigid all contained in one book so we talk about workflow we talk about working smarter vs harder that tool has just allowed our customers to cut their workflow in half we have clients that take that book when they go to destination events when they're selling brides that are not in their studio it is such a powerful tool it's called the material swatch book and it's an amazing tool for for all of our clients worldwide I can't talk enough about that so two amazing tools we have many more and I'd love to talk to you about just the concept of of how far ahead the team in italy the founder of graphics studio mr trauma tina and his founders are never satisfied there always restless thinking of the next the next the next and I'm gonna show you a concept shortly it's called them the digital matted album it's a product that we're launching this year it'll blow you away but as faras tools for photographers to sell to their clients we feel that's equally important because you can have the best product but if you don't know how to sell that product, your client doesn't matter so they're working on it's almost like science fiction to use these amazing tools that rotate three dimensionally and and and and I'm probably sharing too much already because it is that amazing it will change the way this industry sells books and albums to the industry and it's going to make you look technically savvy and it's fun and it's something that could be demonstrated on all different mediums ipads, iphones your computer does not seem like fun does to me too so moving on we have the material swatch book and there's three three rules that I have in selling books that's it it's so simple building packages you haven't talked about that yesterday and so I won't go into great detail on that but my belief is building packages create more perceived value instead of thinking of just selling a book with graphics studio where one of the few cos when you offer the parent books because remember the cost was all done with the primary book so offering the parent books it's a fraction of the cost and we're one of the few companies that you don't have to redesign the parent book we'll do it all for you so now you have packages that good better best and those additional books parent books and little smaller books create more value so add more value no don't satisfy your client's wow your clients because what is wow dio while brings back referrals why was going to promote your work? The second is samples what if your current client we always have this amazing studio sample program disc kind of studio samples because you're not going to be successful something books if you don't have books to show your clients that's rule number one rule number two is if you don't have an account with graphics studio set one up because we have the best worldwide hands down studio sample program for new accounts than anybody else in this industry the third point I want to talk about his work blow and I know you're a bond's gonna wrap up today and talking a little bit more about book design his software is amazing absolutely amazing and you'll see firsthand what it can do for your book layouts we also offer software with graphics studio in the whole workflow process is so user friendly so packages pricing samples in workflow that's it that's a z z it is selling books I am going to show you a sneak preview of the next big thing that's going to hit this industry there's a short little video and then we're gonna show you a couple of product slides ah some the digital matted album so we had a chance to show the product all the products matter of fact at w p p in march were brand new hundreds and hundreds of new concepts but when you look at the digital matted album what we have done gang is we have transformed the traditional album, so our clients and they first see it they're like, wait a second is that cut out and like no it's not cut out look at it again so the second thing they do is they start touching it you know you have a product that's awhile factor when your clients start touching your product in your work and that's exactly what's happening. So this is all achieved through our digital technology. This is the first time ever that were bringing this technology to the market that anybody is doing anything like this. So what are we doing? We're allowing you to take your images to a completely different level you're now creating art for your clients the first time ever where you can combine different paper mediums because it's all about the experience every single page should still should tell a story every spread should be a piece of art work you can customize that artwork. This book has a combination of different colored mats, blue mads, beautiful beige mats and this can all be done in our software. So you're now visualizing what you want and right now you're limited but not with this book there are no limitations this book you can create art that you can see but you have never been able to achieve until now you can use the embellishments or you don't have to they're all optional. We have hundreds of different options. Thank you. You're a vent for providing us with images for the book. Look at this image she's floating off the page how did we do that that's what everybody the susan's product how did you accomplish that? Your client is going to experience so many emotions when they're looking at this book your work again it's not about satisfying our clients is about wowing our clients. This is going to while your clients the combination again of metallic and the gold matt this is fascinating but the lights are right at the camera can hit it. When I turned this page and the little sparkles they will actually sparkle. They are glimmering with spot varnishing how amazing is that? So we truly have a piece of art that is going to separate you from the rest. The pack it's about having a competitive edge different shaving yourself, finishing the job in proud of finishing the job and providing a a product to your clients that is nothing like anything else available in the marketplace. We have varnish options with beautiful poems that could be incorporated into the layout. The bridegroom's names translucent inserts with special coating just a special touch and then we have personalized liners throughout the book and hundreds and hundreds of new cover options that were introducing then what we are doing and I'm wrapping up here I'm going to jump ahead because we won't have to use my slides now that I'm using the books toe teo to illustrate the products that same printing technology we're making available in what's called the image box high end art man that will be available in six by eights all the way up to twelve by sixteen so what can you do with this pink boudoir think weddings think the best selection of the wedding day you can also mount and frame display these art mats as a gallery so there's so many different applications the art box could be a standalone item or they could be sold in conjunction with the book and last but not least I want to talk to you about education it's the final slide that I'm gonna jump right to and they want to turn it back to your event here we go you can see these are all of the slides that I went through with the book so this is such an exciting facility all of your avants attendees that go to his workshop in october spend a day at the castle that's not a bad deal is that we are so we're equally excited to introduce these new innovations the digital matted album and equally excited about the castle because that is going to be launched the syrian october the castle is going to bridge photographers around the world and help with education way feel obligated to be able to drive some of these these changes occurring in the marketplace and we're going to do that under the umbrella, the academia so we're going to unite photographers together globally so we can all learn together now and improve our craft and inspire each other. We're going to hold amazing events at this facility there's so many different ideas, so I hope all of you worldwide are able to tune into graphics studio tto learn how you could be part of this exciting transition exciting company and if you haven't picked up on a graph e studios all about inventing, reinventing, delivering solutions that create value and always thinking forward that's what we have to do is always think forward thank you so much for your time today sorry I always jumping on I've been to the castle and I've talked to the sea or to your but thiss and his idea for the castle is for us he's going to help us bring education in an environment. This is where the artists are. This is in the most serene environment in the world the most beautiful location and he wants us the whole world, not only italy or anything and they're all whole all work together there and become a photograph furs, paradise, it's his dedicating he has no interest off making profit out of this his interest is to be educating our photographs and also he wants to educate our bright that's another bonus he's going to do he's going to indicate our bright so they desire or novel why should they should have an album? So they're doing an amazing I think that these people are in a little town, they are simple people and all they want is the war to be all happy and not so it's it's amazing with the method album we've already have some samples in our studio customers are going crazy, everyone is wanting it and maureen by talking toa tool your d a ceo, we're going to introduce graphics studio toe asia australia and new zealand very soon so be prepared for in it's a begin the first time announced so it's coming also to the others type off part of the world because you guys are very like yusa gets everything first, but we're bringing to the rest off the world or so so it's going to be I'm going to help bring it to those countries so I hope guys it would be great way couldn't have asked for a better partner because intestines I've been selfish a little bit I have to admit on camera originally when I started using graphics too though I said I don't want anyone else in australia to have one it was that was my deal with graphics studio, but now I'm saying I'm too selfish, I want to share my other photographs are my friend also they're not my enemies. So I changed my mind and I said let's share together so that's the idea well, I know everybody is excited for you to continue to share this afternoon so it's not over a matter of fact, I think it was kind of like save the grand finale for the end and that's. Why maureen the guy's in france, spain have we saw in england to jeremy? They've been so welcoming me with no interest at all. I have never demanded anything from this guy's whenever I got there welcome me that's. Why I love the company there's no there's, no, you give me a million dollars they're not talk to you about it. There's no such thing it's the product I loved and I loved the company I love the people I love the people in italy are made them about five years ago and we've become a family a week I go for dinner in their house, their qualities that's my friendship with graphics studio so I'm proud to use this product and I'm proud that I can talk about it well, thank you you're about to think great, thanks

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