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Lesson 7 from: Developing and Global Adjustments in Adobe Lightroom Classic

Jared Platt

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7. HSL

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Now let's talk about and I'm gonna turn that curve off for a moment. Um, just so that you can see and remember these toggles here turn things on and off. So I'm turning off that tone curve so that we can still see this image for what it is. Um, and I'm going to go into what's called the H S l's. And there's a great image for the HSE cells simply because I want to play around with the shirt itself so I can go into the HS cells. Um, and I can adjust any one of my colors for their luminous there saturation or their hue. So if I think that yellow is a little bit wrong on the Hugh, I don't like the hue of it that much. I can come into my HS cells, and I can either say I think that's yellow and grab the yellow and make it a little bit more green or bring it to a little so I can see how I can change the actual tone of yellows. Now remember, it's doing it across all of the colors in that entire photo, so it's not like it's just adjusting her shirt. It's adjusting your face. It's any yellow is ...

getting adjusted. If I want to specifically know what color that is, remember, it's still global. I can click on this little tool right here, which is a target adjustment. If I click on that, I can actually point at her her sweater and roll it up, and I'll notice that actually, this is Mawr to do with orange than it has to do with yellow. So if I if I'm I'm changing her sweater and you can see that the orange and the yellow were going down and up. Now it's easier to see if instead I double click these and reset. And, by the way, any of these, um, sliders. If you just double click the actual slider, it will go back to zero. It will go back to the original so I can take the saturation if I want. Actually, let's go with Luminess. If I want this to be a little bit darker of a sweater I'll have to do is keep that target adjustment tool Active point at the color and roll it down and see. I'm darkening up all the yellows and oranges inside of this photograph there, so I like that. So that's what the HS Cells does. Remember its global. But play around with it because it could be very, very useful, especially if you're in ah, looking at at landscapes of some sort. So, um, let's go here and take a look at this photograph here. I can actually play around with the Hughes saturation and luminous of specific tones and blues and war. So So now I can just point at this ocean, and I can say I want all like blue to get darker. So if I click on the ocean and just scroll, see how all that blue now there's blew up here in the in the rotted out doc area. But it's it's becoming more blue everywhere there's blue, the blue is getting richer, and now I know exactly where that target is, and I could grab the slider and move it myself if I like. But it's really fantastic when you're dealing with skies and green foliage and you know, warm tones skins that are against other colors that aren't you can just you can pop a sky without ruining the skin tone. Be careful, though because again it's global. And when you if you if you start messing with a sky, which is blue and you have a bride and address there's gonna be blue in the shadow of her dress. So in the fold where their shadow it's blue, that the color is blue and so that area will get darker on her dress. So you have to be aware of that. And this might not be the tool if you have blues that are gonna be effective Negatively. Um so hopefully someday, uh, you'll actually have the capability to adjust the HSE cells inside of a brush like you can other things. So but right now, just be aware that it is global, completely global, and you have to deal with it as such. Okay, so that is the hue, saturation and luminous panel

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