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Sync Settings

Lesson 10 from: Developing and Retouching in Lightroom Desktop

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

10. Sync Settings

Lesson Info

Sync Settings

So now that we've talked about adjusting your images, you may have gotten something really cool out of one image and then you realize, Oh, well, the next image I want to keep that image. I want to work on it. But I don't want to do all the work. I just wanted to look exactly like the other one. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna click on the first image that has all the adjustments that you want and click on the three dot button right here at the bottom of all of your adjustments. So the adjustments is here, down at the bottom. There's a little contextual menu. Click on that menu and copy those settings. So I'm just gonna hit copy edit settings, so it's just copy them. By the way, I could also choose specific ones to copy. So if I do that, it will give me a dialogue box and say These are the things that you've changed on this image. So it's checked him for me, which ones do not want. And then I can uncheck ones like, say, the optics or the details or whatever. So I'm gonna copy al...

l those And then when I go to this image here, I just click on that menu again and hit paste or command V. And all of those settings have been changed. Now, once I've done that, I can go in and readjust this image specifically to look a little bit different than the other one. For instance, I may want to remove this little bit of foliage that's creeping up in the bottom, but otherwise I have essentially accomplished everything on this image by simply copying and pasting. If you want to do that to a whole bunch of images, so you're going to go to the grid mode and you're going to click on the image that has the settings you want. Simply hit, copy or command see to copy and then click on the rest of the images that you want to paste it to and hit Command V. And now all of those images have that same setting to them, so it's easy to just edit images in bulk by simply working on one image and then copying and pasting that toe all the rest of them. Now it's very different than light room classic, because light from Classic has a lot of other synchronization options, including my favorite, which is Auto Sync. But that doesn't exist inside of light room desktop. It kind of have a different mentality. They kind of think you're going to just do one image of the time you're going to kind of work through him on a slower pace. Light Room Classic is definitely the workhorse for people who need to get thousands and thousands of images done, but that's how you copy and paste image settings from one image to another.

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