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Intro to EZDrummer

And uh while we're talking about easy drummer as a writing tool lets ah let's discuss the difference between superior drummer and easy term because lots of people have asked me why would I use easy when I could use superior superior drummer is a program also made by tune track software that basically is everything that easy is and more a whole lot more and basically it would be the professionals choice meaning the professional mixers choice uh everything comes raw you can add the cumin compression effects and all that to the sounds but they're not out the gate good to go like an easy drummer and not just that you can see it's twenty gigs it's huge that's not very friendly on the laptop so if you're on the go like I am right now where basically five cities in ten days have to write music this entire time having superior drummer running would just be bog down the system just wouldn't work uh do you guys we'll start with you you ever had a situation where you try to right and your compute...

r just starts lagging oh, yeah oh yeah um more so in the past when I was on a loud top running spear jumper really? Yeah, one point um yeah what did you do to resolve it got more ram there you go and you said you used to you superior drummer on your laptop yeah okay. Um I'm familiar with disappeared driver as well um it's you could definitely geek out a lot more was superior driver and now with these drivers like just messing with the failures what period gets real deep? I think the point of easy drummer is that you can just get something done that sounds good quickly you can get to writing the superior that's if you want to actually mixed something uh, you know, that's kind of the it's like having ah studio yeah, like they're gonna bleed studio with full access to every parameter yeah, that's more somehow it explained as well, like it's more yeah it's drums but it's more so controlling the studio versus controlling the drums, you know? And you can control the drums as well, you know, with the pitch of the drums and basically every if you want to control every single parameter that's that's your gig but that takes a lot of time and stephen path is yes, two completely different paths. And even if you are going to mix your own stuff, I'm sure that when you're writing your stuff, you're not mixing at the same time or I could be wrong but just enough to write, you know, and then do afterwards yeah, mac like slight slight mix on the go but not a full mixed by any means just enough to where I could like tolerated as I'm writing well, yeah, you have to be able to tolerate yet so yeah makes later than um that's the nice thing about easy drummer is it to pull it off it just sounds good already and just start going right away that's that's what I like about it is like if I want drums I just pull it up and start making drums happen without really thinking about the drums to begin with they just there they are and your computer doesn't seem to lag with it not at all I'll have, like multiple instances of easy drummer going and sometimes um not with rock and metal but with other genres and whatnot and it works perfect that's that's one of the reasons I really like it is having like two or three instances of easy drummer running sometimes yeah, I cannot hang with computer lag issues. It drives me insane because when I like when I start working, I want to start and not have anything interrupt me whatsoever. It's almost like that scene in the movie the shining where she brings him the sandwiches he flips out because I don't like to be interrupted a computer computer lag issues drive me absolutely insane and I've seen it drive a lot of other people instead of saying draw my client's insane and we superior on a laptop is not gonna work I mean, it will work but it's not going to be quite as fast, it will lag some I would say go easy on the way I haven't had a single lag issue this entire time that I've been using it not one everything has just been perfect, so yeah, when I used to lag a lot more, um was mandy just because of a huge plug in chains with giant plug ins and then to avoid it, I just simplified it until it wouldn't lag anymore? Yes, kind of what you just said it was easy all the way as far as those two go. Yeah, totally. What about you, tyler? Yeah, pewter issues. I have had nonstop computer issues so huge program on my computer and like, I've done the hotel writing thing before with just like very basics going from idaho to tucson and, um yeah, easy drummer would definitely be something that would have the right size limits for my computer. I use a pc at the moment which most the times crashes with bigger programs, so it definitely be ideal. Um, yeah, I I did. I'd have to agree with thea ends of sanity type of situation fading quick with writing ah, on a crashing computer so you definitely be some toe go for the smaller one for sure, especially with something that's going to crash on the on bigger programs yeah it's it's impossible to get anything done when your computer can hang with it you know and the same as you I think I can't see and leg or whenever my computers seems like it's about to crap out or like you get that spinning wheel of death I can't stand it and it just freaks me out so I'd much rather just keep it real thin at um you know, when I'm writing and then dumped kind of all the all the, um, tail end of it like the compression all the you do that at the very end of the process, okay, so the so the stability and power of the computer is an issue to you right now? Um, I only really notice it when I'm using a ton of when there's like twenty plus tracks and there's like multiple plug ins on all those tracks or a lot of those. So I can see that being an issue with especially with just having twenty gigs of extra sound yeah, of trump's in there and then on top of that that's just wrong, so and especially if you're writing and you have to keep your buffer settings lo uh for anyone out there who doesn't know what that means I'll just say when you're writing and recording into software there's something called buffer settings and in order to be able to record and actually hear what your recording in real time, you had to keep it pretty low. Now the problem with that is that memory intensive plug ins start tio crash out on you and start to get clicks and pops and the software will stop working and it's just a problem so you can't have huge mixes or tons and tons of plug ins on every single track, keep the buffer low and be recording it just doesn't work, I mean, it can but it's going to be clunky and you or you need to just have a supercomputer to pull that off, but I don't know any laptops that can pull that off, right? So I'm using my mac pro. I don't I don't run a lot of that on my laptop, but so even on your mac pro macro on it gets it got clunky at the very beginning, I kind of figured out how to channel everything, what hard drives use and but at the at the beginning of when I was like starting how it was super clunky get lots of pops and clicks and lots of restarting computer yeah, I've been there for sure eso once again easy drummer is a one gig install so that's tying and for everything you can do with it that and say that's, a lot of bang for the buck and is also super easy to install. Yeah, it really is their websites. Super easy to use, toe installed, upgrade and download expansions. It's, all, like, really, is the register. And I doubt that whole thing about the, uh, installs super easy, not confusing at all. Some some programs have get kind of weird to install some programs of seemed to be like they thought everything out, except for the part where the user actually has to get this stuff working on their machine. Yeah, these guys thought everything through. And I can tell you that I have installed maybe the entire, the entire easy exit expansion pack, library, midi pack, library. Maybe in the past month, I did it all in two hours. I that's incredible. I could never imagine installing that amount of plug in content in the past that quickly and everything just works. The authorization is super easy. Uh, you don't have to jump through rings of fire to get your stuff working. So also, the other thing that bears noting is, like I said, before, samples already acute and compressed that's, why it sounds good at the gate, and that that is very, very important you want your demos to be tolerable like you said tolerable toe listen to so that you can get inspired by them other people can listen to them you don't want to go with the age old cliche of somebody hearing your demos and saying yeah I can tell what it will be when it sounds good I think that those days are over that's an old music industry thing I think now the standard is pretty high and things need to sound great and if you're not a mixer, not a producer it's good to have something that's already sounds good you don't have to do anything except in stan she ate it already pretty good and I'll show you howto get it even better than that so you can ask a couple questions? Sure. All right, we have quite a few people in our audience here online, so this is really exciting. W corsini asked what works better for easy drummer macro pc well, since I haven't used a pc and about ten years, I'm going to go with mac uh tyler here uses a pc and apparently it's nothing but trouble. I'm sure there's a a few pcs out there have been tricked out well enough to work with this stuff, but there's a reason for why ninety nine percent of all audio people use max and because they just work better so yeah, I would say mac yeah I'd have to second that quite a bit I've been slowly worked my way in the max and I've tried pcs for years now and it doesn't most programs that kind of the run on them to an extent but you have to do so much other manipulation of it to just get a running decent for an hour or so until you have to restart it or yeah, you know, just go mac all you'll have to do is install it and takes a few minutes and you're good to go so that's that's what I say awesome can I ask another question from the same person feel for w corsini have there been any studio albums of note that have used easy drummer on corsini is from cincinnati, ohio I wonder he meant from our studio or just in general maybe just in general? Well uh like I was saying brendon small the creator metal aka lips all that stuff it was done with easy drummer um you use easy drummer for your stuff uh devin townsend some of devin townsend's records and there's many, many more I know uh, you know, over the past couple days where you're working through the examples for this class you're like do you think I'm going to use this next time instead of spear? Yeah, I have said that I've got in such good results out of easy drummer and preparing for this class that it might become my go to for virtual dramas instead of superior. And I love superior for many of its options, which I'll go into in january that something else will talk about. But easy drummer sounds so good. I think I'm going to switch over to that, and cam was saying that he heard in a little way in record. So, yeah, little wayne was awesome, and we've just answer the question. If if he meant from our studio on our records, I can tell you that half of my year it has been using superior drummer. However, I was using easy ex expansions that are for easy drummer expansions like metal machine or rock solid, just via superior drummer. So, uh, I've been using stuff that you can still use with easy drummer. And, yes, they are on actual records. And like I said, half of my year has been getting rid of drummers and using these virtual drums.

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Whether you use EZDrummer as a writing tool for demos or as a replacement for a human drummer, Toontrack’s plug in is your ticket to self-sufficiency. In his CreativeLive workshop, Eyal Levi of Audiohammer Studios will show you how to get the most out of the industry-leading digital solution for creating real-sounding drums.

Eyal, a seasoned producer, engineer, and musician, will teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of EZDrummer. From writing and arranging realistic drum parts to how to mix the output in your DAW, Eyal will show you how to be the sole arbiter of your sound — no drummer required.

This workshop is taught with ProTools — but includes a QuickStart guide so Logic, Cubase, and Ableton users can follow along.