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What you guys can see, this is definitely not a lecture to the conversation. So any of you guys here, any of you in internet land, please ask questions, interrupt me let's, talk about this stuff. I'm not here to give him on a log at all, fin you to just interrupt away, and with that let's talk about some virtual drums, so you can see I've got easy drummer up, and I've got pro tools up. I won't talk about why you guys would even be here in the first place, what are virtual drums? And then you guys ever had a situation where you hear a really bad drum machine or written something? Maybe where somebody else said sounds like a terrible drum machine there's something kind of like this again just taken sink in. If anyone is familiar with that kind of sound, I know. Yeah, I've been guilty of it myself. I hear it all the time, and I know I know plenty of people who don't know howto not great that but, you know, that's, basically what people associate or have associate up till now with fake dru...

ms, and for a long time, fake drums weren't even something that would be considered legit in styles of music, where riel instruments happen is something for hip hop elektronik music. But if you wanted you to rock or metal or something like that that involved real players were pretty much out of luck because that's what it would sound like so that's all changed you can do amazing sounding stuff with your laptop now uh this right here here's an example of something that maybe two years ago you guys tell me if you would have ever thought that this is a drum machine I'll let you hear that one more time because it was short so anyways I know that me personally if I had heard that I would have no clue that that was a drum machine no way and even now I hear some things like that and that was fake no way so I think we're in a much better place to where you can do this stuff on a laptop I did this all on my laptop which means you guys didn't do it on your laptop and I did it with a program called easy drummer now there's lots of programs out there but honestly I think the rest of them suck we're going to focus on easy drummer made by a company called tune track because it's the best and like the name says it's pretty easy to use so I won't ask you guys some questions we'll start with you listening awesome you got any, uh, frustrations with your current set up or with programming drums traditionally anything that's you saw recently or there's still an ongoing problem not really because I've been using easy drummer for the last four years maybe before that I had a like a drum machine and reason that I was using that sounds exactly like that first cliff that's what I used a cz well back then and yeah what's that called redrum red room yep yeah yeah I remember that you use easy drama on pretty much all your anything that sounds like real drums thatyou produces all these agreement right? Yeah, almost all the drums even if it doesn't sound like he'll drugs okay just sources from east germany it's easy it really is yeah I'm going toe explain the title later but it actually really is super easy it's not cheap easy either that easy sometimes might throw some people off it well yeah, some people might think it's a toy because of that but it is definitely not it's a really, really serious tool and pretty serious professionals like yourself or like me or you know the list goes on you got people like brendon small from metal aka lips so on arrested development the tv show devin townsend used it you know there's the list goes on and on and on of serious professionals who use it obviously there's something there I just think that sometimes people see the name and they think it might be some intro level software and while in it is intro level in the fact that it's super easy to use and its super light on the computer but yeah that's where it ends I mean you can get amazing results from it pretty fast really fast yeah yeah ah I've had a little bit of experience trying to program drums but the drum machines that I've used are the actual drum machines that have toe plug in and I'm so sorry yeah it's ah e I think it probably ah cut a few years off my life tryinto figure those ones out and they were just the worst I could ever deal with once I actually didn't figure amount there is nothing easy about him fire up the boss dr rhythm yeah yeah I don't know it's a lot of a lot of yeah exactly a lot of punching in lot of trying to figure out stuff in little screen and by the time you got anything done it was just like oh well I guess this is something nothing too special at all so very frustrating and how did that ah affect your work flow as faras I'm assuming that you wanted to actually get a song done with guitars absolutely it it killed the work full flow one hundred percent because I was spending the entire day trying to figure out a couple bars of drums so just getting that going and then try to figure out the guitar parts where the snares go. It's it just killed all creativity yeah, because once you had something down how easy would it be to change it? Oh, not at all you got to go in and pretty much I mean maybe there's an easier way but and what I'd have to do as I had pretty much have to scratch the whole thing and start fresh so if I had to some stairs in the wrong spot or anything or the temple was little bit off scratch yeah, well, those days are over. Yeah that's that's how I started as well I would never ever go back to that yeah, what about you? I'm so my background is piano and so I'm like, oh, my musical pieces I make their super melodic um and I will just lay down the ascent their keys first and then go to drums and I hey drums that's kind of why I was, like, super excited for this class because I wanted to see, you know, kind of behind the scenes and into your life and how you actually later drums down and get your perspective on on this because drums for mere like there I just don't like him, so I mean, they were just like a nightmare for me I mean, I think there or they have been a nightmare traditionally for lots of people who who tried to write music and create their own stuff? Uh, kellen, the drums don't really have a lot of great things to say about you either, so I know they don't just use the same kid and I'm just like playing the scene, seeing patterns that's that's what they told me. Yeah, well, no longer if you that used to be mia's well and it's funny that you said redrum I think that that was my fifth drum machine, though I got to say, like, you are on one of your on one of those that you got a tr seven seventy yeah, yeah, I was actually using ah, analysis releases yes. So I started with a program called making waves that proceeds acid pro, then want tacit pro than to reason and redrum yeah, I mean, I've been through everything you guys were saying, and so I consider just from having done all that this just trounces it and I'm sure you would agree with me on that, so yeah. So basically, we just talked about what virtual drums are and there's basically two ways you can use easy drummer use it is writing tool raises a replacement for a real drummer or that one in the same thing um say you're in a situation where you have toe right something quickly or like you tyler you just want to get some tracks down you have all night in a song you want to record and there is no drummer in sight uh here you go you khun get your drums done within a few minutes of these examples that you just heard or that you will hear later the elapsed time on them everything was under an hour most of them under thirty minutes to get the drums done. So a cz faras a writing tool goes you can get that part of the way and get straight to writing the music which is fantastic and quite quite a breakthrough, I think and also it could be used as a replacement for a real drummer because, uh let's face it it's ah it's a pain in the ass to do with real drummer sometimes if they're not up to par or the studio's not up to par whatever whatever the case may be your combination thereof the studio and the drummer are not up to par there's a lot of work that goes into fixing ah what you end up getting is just not worth it this such a hassle and this is easy because it's easier to use the software than to book the time go in there, mike the drum set record it uh at it at the crap out of these tracks that basically end up sounding like a drum machine anyhow with bad tone because the drummer doesn't hit that well and skip all that just use this on within thirty minutes or so you can have entire songs mapped out sounding great so I think those are the two ways to use it how do you want to point out one more thing which you mentioned before is that you know, dealing with other musicians is not always super fun so you know, maybe you're somebody that wants to be a one man band and I think there's a lot of people who are use easy drummer for that reason because they don't want to deal with anybody else yeah actually the one man band situation is something that I've seen come up more and more these days I'm getting a lot more clients at my studio where there's one guy that does everything or one guy that does everything except for the vocals but it typically the one man band situation for whatever reason they don't want to deal with anybody maybe they can't afford a drummer or they can afford a band or just they have their own musical vision and don't want to interface that with anybody else's vision you know, getting super expensive session drummers is not in the equation maybe the style of music doesn't even need really sounding drums that's a possibility as well whatever the case may be not everybody even needs a drummer and what they do need is a way to get drum sounds and tracks done quickly so it would be two ways to use this I'm gonna talk really quickly about who I am and why you should care and uh is not because I dropped out of berkeley um basically I've been playing music since I was three years old when dad's a symphony conductor I was basically listening to music from the wound started on violin and piano and played those till I was about ten then started on guitar I've been formally educated and self educated uh since since high school went to berkeley dropped out of berkeley started a band started studio band got signed to road runner and eventual central media played over a thousand shows all over the world I mean the whole bit tons of tours van tours, bus tours played on other continents japan, europe everywhere you can think of in front of ten people in front of fifty thousand people have done the whole thing recorded with huge producers uh on one album I remember going to england and watching colin richardson who some of you may be familiar with had him mixed my stuff on a nin enormous need board which is really, really cool and worked with andy sneed jason suk off before he was my business partner my band went and recorded with him and now now I am a partner over it audio hammer and this is some of the stuff I've done recently that you can see a help produce and part of the mix on the latest black dahlia dis amended near enough this devil driver anyway is this is some of the stuff that I've been working on since I made my transition out of touring some studio has become my life and we work all the time on this heavy stuff so that explain who I am anything else you want to know uh well I think that you know, people know you mostly as a producer but you know I think is important to point out you're also a really great songwriter um you know you're not always just recording other people's stuff you write your own stuff and you're pretty great at it too you know, in a variety of different genres and since you know the most important part of getting real sounding drums is writing the right parts you know I think that's another reason that um you know you are the right person to be teaching this today well we will be actually covering a lot on how to write the right parts but yeah, I guess it does bear mentioning that my main focus and music is composition and writing everything else I've done has been supplemental to being able to write so for me a program like easy drummer is super great because I don't have to worry about the studio and of it that's all secondary to me when it comes to writing writing is the number one and uh so you can find me on the internet a instagram twitter's at the rial a levee mike you in a tumbler you guys have any questions after this meaning over the next few weeks if you go to my tumbler I'm always answering questions about recording or anything so I'm sure lots of questions they're going to come up there's I didn't learn how to program drums in six hours and neither will you this is basically going to get you to a place where you can start learning how to do it for real and hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls that come along the way of the learning curve. So anyways future questions about anything related to this course or anything recorded just go to my tumbler hit the ask box and I will most likely respond if if the question is intelligible that's awesome I mean we will be peppering me with questions all day today, but just for all you folks at home if your question doesn't get answered that's really cool that you do that yeah, I mean, I'm sure also that the despite all the questions we get today one week from now someone who took the course will find some issue that we didn't cover or that is unique to their situation or whatever, and that's the avenue of how to reach me and hopefully get an answer. I'll try. So you say that now. But what happens when you get five hundred, e mails? Because the creative live audience has been known to do that five, five hundred good questions, you'd still you'd be willing, well, if it's five hundred good questions, that's ok, five, five hundred e mails could go either way, you know, if they want to send me five hundred good questions, that's fine. I mean, I get I get quite a few a day already. I can't answer all of them, as is, so we'll just try me.

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Whether you use EZDrummer as a writing tool for demos or as a replacement for a human drummer, Toontrack’s plug in is your ticket to self-sufficiency. In his CreativeLive workshop, Eyal Levi of Audiohammer Studios will show you how to get the most out of the industry-leading digital solution for creating real-sounding drums.

Eyal, a seasoned producer, engineer, and musician, will teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of EZDrummer. From writing and arranging realistic drum parts to how to mix the output in your DAW, Eyal will show you how to be the sole arbiter of your sound — no drummer required.

This workshop is taught with ProTools — but includes a QuickStart guide so Logic, Cubase, and Ableton users can follow along.