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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Digital Printing using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

Daniel Gregory

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

print of the photograph is really, really important to me personally, because I'm a person believes the photograph is the artifact, the actual creation of the object. But in addition to that, in all my years of teaching, if people came to me and said, What's the one thing I could do to become a better photographer? Outside of buying really expansive, expensive camera here, it would be the print. The print is the absolute fastest way to become a better photographer. There's a number of reasons for that. One is you actually get to physically hold the object, and what that does is that has a permanence to it. It has, ah, way of becoming something else than looking at something on the screen, because in the screen it's forever changeable. And the way our brains work we look at the screen, is we. We fixate on certain things, so we're fixing color if we're fixing objects of her cloning things out. Whatever we're doing, we tend to miss other elements. So when we get the print, all the sudden ...

were like, uh were that big white truck come from you go back and you look at your screen you're like, I don't see it. They were like, Oh, the big white truck Or when you print bigger, we'll look at some bigger prints. What looks like dust spots on your sensors Sometimes turns out that might be a bird. You're cloning out all the birds, so there's a bunch of reasons to actually think about the print. There's also a number of business things about how we see color, how we associate with color and things like that to become important. That all being said most of the time, when I work with people, they go to print and the print never looks right. And so they assume that it's not worth printing and they stop because they get frustrated. I'm not gonna do it or they have the classic. My print never looks like my screen, and somehow we've decided this print should look exactly like it should on the screen. And so we stopped printing for that reason. So getting past all of that, I think, is really important because, like I said, the benefit of the payout of actually getting to the print is significant. So what we're gonna do today is we're gonna talk about a number of different aspects of the print. And then we're actually gonna look at ways we approach printing and photo shop and in light room, both We're going talk about some of the pros and the cons of why you would pick one over the other. And then we're gonna talk in the end about how we actually go about storing archive. And our prints were how we sign our prints and things like that. And I've brought some sample prints we can look at from different sizes and different, different choices.

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Ratings and Reviews

Keith Pinn

Great course! Daniel's ability to walk you through all aspects of properly printing is very helpful. His passion for the 'art' of printing is evident throughout this video. I am really excited and certainly more confident in my ability to enjoy printing as well. I hope that he develops further courses on printing. Cheers, Keith

Pablo Fregoso

This course is just an hour and a half. I wish it was a ten hour course because how amazing the content and instruction is. Thank you Daniel, it was informative, interesting, fun, and full of valuable information.

richard patterson

Top Class information ! Thank you very much for taking the time to deliver a very professional and insightful first hand hand experience across to us - regards the final and the most important aspect - getting our images printed, we should all be printing more, and getting due value & pleasure out of our prints.. Many years ago i struggled with alto few books to make sense (not being in any form of print industry) to get to grips with this, wish these instructional / very helpful videos had been around then. thanks again CreativeLive & Daniel Gregory.. RP

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