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Digital Sports Photography

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Swim Outdoor Portrait Poses

Dustin Snipes

Digital Sports Photography

Dustin Snipes

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22. Swim Outdoor Portrait Poses

Lesson Info

Swim Outdoor Portrait Poses

Okay, there we go. And, let me see here. Just a lil', come over this way with my arms. Perfect! Don't move! Actually, come a little bit more. Now don't move. Okay. Let me see if that's even. Just stare right at me for a second. Take your no, yep. Small, there right there, perfect! Okay, let me see. (camera snap) I might need an apple box or somethin'. We are losing your eyes a little bit. So, let's take a half step back, maybe feet behind there. Let me see what we got. Just cause your goggles are giving you a little bit of a shadow. We wanna keep 'em naturally how you do 'em. So, let me see really fast. Lean a little this way. Perfect! It's all, it's such small movements in these, yeah. (mumbles) with these ones. They're so precise. (camera snap) Cool, let's check that. Great, that looks much, much better. Just make sure all the light looks even. Great. Yeah, this looks awesome. It's a little bit more shadow on the right hand side we're gettin', so it must be. Chin up just a tad, r...

ight there, yeah. I might come up a little bit above you. Tilt your top of your head a little bit, yep, stop. (laughs) Great! (camera snap) Full apple coming in. Cool. Thank you sir. Right here is fine. Yeah, right there is great. Thank you very much. Okay. Okay. Flags, great. Right there. Good. Little bit right there. Good, perfect! Okay. Right here Jessie. Perfect. (camera snaps) Good. Don't move. (camera snap) Check that. Good. I wanna do a three quarter with you really quick. Just same spot. Just like that, perfect. (camera snap) Good. (camera snap) Glance towards me. Keep your face a little bit off though. So, turn back where you were. I've got it, yep. Yep. Yeah, there you go. (camera snap) Kinda glare over at me, good. (camera snap) Check this real fast. Perfect. Go ahead and put your hands (camera snap) up on your goggles, like you're about to put 'em on. Yep, look off now, like you were, yep. Good. (camera snap) There ya go. (camera snaps) Square up at me. Good. Now do the same thing. (camera snaps) Good. Drop 'em on, we're gonna spray you down. And, then we're gonna spray some water behind you too. Thank you very much. I appreciate that Kat. (water spraying) Oh boy. There ya go. That's great. Now you're gonna-- That's nice, it's refreshing. Yeah, I bet it feels really good, yeah. Okay, face. Ready? (water spraying) Sorry. (water spraying) I'm so sorry. Let's get your hands a little bit more, so, and just flip your arms over. Yeah, there ya go. (water spraying) Like a spray tan. Yeah, I know it. (laughter) I give spray tans in my spare time, so. I'm gonna jump back up here. Let's do a shot without the thing first. Take a lean a little bit over to your right foot. Perfect. Don't move. Let's see. Do a shot. (camera snap) Test. Great. Looks exactly like the last one. Tilt the top of your head. Perfect. (camera snap) Good. (camera snap) Give me a three-quarter turn again. Same thing we did before. Perfect, just like that. Don't move. (camera snap) Good. (camera snap) Hands to goggles. (camera snap) Good. (camera snap) Kat, get in there and do some sprayin'. Straight up like we did before, I think that worked the best. One or both? Let's do one for a second. Okay. Okay, go ahead. (camera snaps) Great. (camera snap) Okay, stop real quick. Square up at me. Stay right there Kat. Okay, spray. (camera snaps) Let's do both. (camera snaps) Hands at goggles. Chin down just a tad. Good, right there. (camera snap) Let me scoot back just a little bit. Kat, try to get down, hide a little bit more if you can. A little higher? No, hide a little bit more if you can, yeah, so. I know it's hard, (laughs) sorry. Thank you very much, by the way. You're doing a great job. Okay, thank you. Right there's good. Lean in a little bit more Caleb. Perfect. And, go ahead! (camera snap) Bring your left arm up just a little higher. Perfect. Good. (camera snap) Spray, spray, spray! (camera snaps) We do some horizontals. (camera snaps) Good. (camera snap) A little bit more spray. (camera snaps) Try to get some more spray on his left. Yeah, there you go! (camera snap) Perfect! (camera snaps) Kat is literally the hardest-working person right now. Okay, get a little higher if you can, cause you can come up a little bit more. Is their almost running out of water? Yeah, it's-- Just do a couple more and we'll be done. Cause we got some good stuff already actually. Okay ready? Bring up that left elbow. Perfect right there. Face just a little bit this way. Stop. Good, go ahead spray! (camera snaps) Great. Get a little higher there Kat. (camera snap) And, try to get to your left more cause the wind's (camera snap) blowin' a little bit to the other way. (camera snap) Perfect. A little bit more to your left. (camera snaps) Great! Can we take a break? We're done, wanna check these out? Sure! Cool! Alright, yeah, those look pretty cool. Yeah-- I like that last one honestly. Yeah, totally. Yeah, they worked really nicely. They have, yeah.

Class Description

When starting out in Sports Photography it’s difficult to begin finding your creative style. Going out and practicing with friends or local athletes is the best way to start building your portfolio. But what happens when you want to take your images to the next level?

Join Red Bull Photographer Dustin Snipes, as he takes you on a journey through the creative process behind photographing 3 sports at 5 locations with 5 athletes. He'll be working with students to show the best ways to communicate and inspire the athletes he's photographing, as well as how to maximize time spent with them. Dustin takes students through the challenges of photographing in direct sunlight, at public locations, in parks with mixed light, and in water.

Dustin teaches:

  • How to photograph basketball athletes, triathletes, and a fencer
  • The pros and cons to working outside in direct sunlight
  • How to communicate with and work with professional athletes and non-pros
  • Working through unique challenges of on-location shoots
  • Lighting techniques to capture the athlete
  • On-location portraits
  • Freeze motion and capture water to get that hero shot
  • How to use motion blur to capture a moving bicycle
  • The importance of being flexible on location to maximize your surroundings

Do you dream of taking professional athlete’s portraits? Do you want to have your images on the covers of magazines? Then join Dustin Snipes as he teaches you his secrets to maximizing locations in short periods of time, communicating with athletes to get the most out of their movements, and lighting a scene to capture the frame you want. 



Loved all the ideas and why he's positioned his athletes the way he did, and positioned the lighting. I met Dustin a few years ago at and NPAC conference. It's nice to see him doing these teaching videos. His work is very inspiring to me.

a Creativelive Student

Less talk and all action.. This is the best no mumbo jumbo talks and straight to practical work..

Alexandra Schaede

I really enjoyed the multiple exposure video, the pity is that they are no videos to talk about the post processing of this image.