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DIY Mastering

Jesse Cannon

DIY Mastering

Jesse Cannon

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1 Introduction Duration:10:08
2 What is Mastering Duration:25:18
3 Dynamics and Loudness Duration:24:10
6 Headroom and Gain Structure Duration:24:54
7 Bit Depth and Sampling Rate Duration:13:14
8 What is Objectivity Duration:14:09
  Class Trailer
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1 Audio Interface Duration:13:52
2 Speakers Duration:25:10
3 Headphones Duration:21:49
4 Room and Acoustics Duration:16:22
5 DAW & Meters Duration:18:13
6 EQs Duration:13:34
7 Bus Compressor Duration:29:08
9 Clipping and Distortion Duration:26:44
10 Dithering Duration:12:29
11 Common Problems and Solutions Duration:35:42
12 Example Masters Duration:29:38
13 Demo: Mastering a Dance Track Duration:22:17

Class Description

Mastering is often the difference between a good recording and a bad one, but mastering is notoriously difficult to understand. In this two-day workshop, sound engineer Jesse Cannon — who’s worked with the likes of Ross Robinson, Saves the Day, Animal Collective, The Misfits and Man Overboard — shares what he’s learned about mastering from working at top-tier studios like WestWestSide Music and Cannon Found Soundation. 

While there’s no substitute for having an engineer master your music, that’s just not feasible for many artists. This class is the next best thing: a comprehensive guide to DIY mastering.

Jesse breaks down the mastering process from start to finish. You’ll discover the basic principles behind mastering, and learn about the processes and tools at your disposal. Jesse will identify and troubleshoot basic rookie mistakes, discuss lesser-known essential concepts as well as share his essential behind-the-board tools as he takes you through a few real-life examples.

After two days with Jesse, you’ll have everything you need to master your tracks with affordable tools.


Michael Pena

This class was awesome. Jesse goes into detail about the mastering process and best practices for mastering in an easy to understand way. The live mastering session was very informative and educational.

Bruce Wayne Rash

Excellent class. I watched the free broadcast and bought it right away so I can reference it anytime. Full of great information to all a project studio to do good mastering work.

a Creativelive Student

This is an amazing class