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Draw like an Interior Designer

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Isometric Perspective

Jorge Paricio

Draw like an Interior Designer

Jorge Paricio

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9. Isometric Perspective

Lesson Info

Isometric Perspective

Now let's let's start a new face over here talking about perspective now that we have cover a little bit of floor plans, how they work and how we can work with different scales. Let's take a look at perspective and all right, the EEC is want to use would be an isometric perspective isometric meaning equal. You work with three Axis three access like this. We have X, Y and Z, and the interesting thing about this is that each of these three access have 100 and 20 degrees. Okay, well, that means ISS. Let's use no some rulers. If I extend these lines, let's do an exercise here very simple, and you'll understand all the lines that I'm going to be marking in green would be parallel to each other. Well, that's a very juicy green. I don't want to use that one that's changed that too well. That's another juicy one. Let's pick one that would be less all right. This would be good. Okay, let's use red. All right, that's a better read, and I could go on all the lines that are parallel to each other ...

When we started drawing in, rendering when we start rendering. We need to figure out how the objects are situated in the scene. The lines are parallel to each other. Go to the same vanishing point. Or at least they are pilot to each other. It's kind of redundant, but all these lines are probably to each other. And that's exactly how I draw them. All right, that takes care of this angle. All right, so now let's work with the next one. Its biggest second colored sleep. This one here, pick this, uh, green. All these lines are parallel to each other. And again, we're still talking about isometric. Okay, isometric right there. All these lines are parallel to each other, and that takes care of this angle. Now, let's use blue. Hopefully, the camera can pick this color. Um, blue vertical lines are parallel to each other, and they are taking care on this ago. All right, so this is very easy to draw. We don't have objects that get smaller or bigger. That's why I put distressing paper on top. If I wanted to have, let's say I have these wall with different cabinets and if I wanted, but if I wanted to ADM or If I had a light table, I can put it on top and then kind of just draw this one right next to it and then another one and then another one, just tracing the shape. The nice thing about isometric is that I can just duplicate my pieces. We've had worrying that they would get smaller in the, uh in the drawing. Very. He said to take care off.

Class Description

Digital rendering brings design ideas to life. In Draw like an Interior Designer, Jorge Paricio will teach you how to create professional freehand renderings of interior spaces.

Renderings of interiors validate design ideas and help teams improve their projects. In this class, Jorge will teach you the fundamentals of rendering indoor spaces. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Work with Sketchbook Pro to create interiors and objects
  • Manage the process – from preliminary sketches to final rendering
  • Draw multiple perspectives

Jorge will teach you how to work with different materials for hand-rendering, including: pencils, markers, pastels, grid paper, and color paper.

Find out exactly what tools and techniques you need to produce high-quality, interior renderings in Draw like an Interior Designer with Jorge Paricio.



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