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Draw like an Interior Designer

Lesson 13 of 23

Using Different Textures of Materials in your Drawing

Jorge Paricio

Draw like an Interior Designer

Jorge Paricio

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Lesson Info

13. Using Different Textures of Materials in your Drawing

Lesson Info

Using Different Textures of Materials in your Drawing

All right, So let's start working on different materials. When you have an interior, you always have to have a sense off how the materials will be rendered. Um, at this point, I don't have you work this way or not. They're different methods of working, but you always have to have an inquisitive mind. So what that means is I'm sure you watch TV shows and that you get into interior design where you like to just read magazines. Um, if you're at a library and you cannot really rape part that page, you take a picture off what you like, make an effort of taking a picture. And then, if you want, just print that out. Review the magazine is yours. You print that out and you start putting together a book off the materials and and or objects that you find that are interesting. So, for example, I have over here from the magazines that I have, I took some ideas for faucets, for example, how reflective the our living room, Who that's That's leather. Maybe I can use that to render this right. You jus...

t make a collection. He doesn't have to be as fancy as thes putting on sleeves. He could just be in a regular manila folder. And you just have a serious of photographs there. Let me tell you one thing. This is what you will never dio. Okay? I love this magazine. This pictures. I'll get to that later, and then I'll read them later. I can assure you, a month from now, you don't know where that magazine went. You might even have giving it to ah, somebody else for you. Discarded or recycled. Did you don't know where it is in the house. Do it in the moment. Just rip. It is your own magazine, You said for your own purpose, right? So in this case, I took some photographs that I thought would be good for leather because we'll be rendering it. And then we have wall to wall carpet over here. I love how these windows look. Since I have an interior with a living room with lots of windows over here, I certainly want to have a sense off that open view. All right, So collect your images, and later over here, I have some kitchen. When we get into the second part, we want to do it in white. I want to do it in grey and some wood tones. What I want to go in black. This is when it gets fun. Us. A designer in control on you. Just take everything. Everything is an excuse for you to know about materials and textures or colors. All those three combined okay? Materials, texture and color texture. You could have the same material, but finished it differently. Could be shiny. Rick would be more course. Think, for example, would right materials. It could also be would, but it could be stained where it could be would. But there so many different types of wood could be for almost purplish brown all the way. Teoh. Maybe kind of bleached wood kind of grayish brown. Did you have a wide variety? And then, of course, just the materials themselves. Chinese it not. It's a glasses. Sustained steel. Just gather. Be inquisitive. Gather what you think. It's fun and just get your own collection of materials, and this is changing all the time. So be curious enough to really have your collection

Class Description

Digital rendering brings design ideas to life. In Draw like an Interior Designer, Jorge Paricio will teach you how to create professional freehand renderings of interior spaces.

Renderings of interiors validate design ideas and help teams improve their projects. In this class, Jorge will teach you the fundamentals of rendering indoor spaces. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Work with Sketchbook Pro to create interiors and objects
  • Manage the process – from preliminary sketches to final rendering
  • Draw multiple perspectives

Jorge will teach you how to work with different materials for hand-rendering, including: pencils, markers, pastels, grid paper, and color paper.

Find out exactly what tools and techniques you need to produce high-quality, interior renderings in Draw like an Interior Designer with Jorge Paricio.

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