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S.A.N.E. Cooking Demo with Carrie Brown

Jonathan Bailor

Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

Jonathan Bailor

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16. S.A.N.E. Cooking Demo with Carrie Brown

Lesson Info

S.A.N.E. Cooking Demo with Carrie Brown

We can't express enough how excited we are to have back to the stage, jonathan baylor donathan come on out wonderful to have you back so happy to be back it was gone to sleep last night why I was because yesterday we had to we had to explain the tool so we had to give ourselves the tools today we get to play that's, right? You get to play with those tools that it's it's gonna be a lot of fun it's going to a lot of fun that is right we have this that we're going to play with yes, but then we also have some exercise equipment over in the corner up, so we're going to get into that part of everything that you're teaching us here so that I know we have a very special guest. Teo is part of your podcast as well, which you confined on itunes and beautiful beautiful podcast we have some folks who are who are avid listeners here in the audience and online yes eso without further ado turn it over to you thank you so much can't appreciate it let's have a great day thank you well, thank you everyon...

e for being here this is absolute joy I'm so excited about today because yesterday we talked about something like what's what's wrong right like something? Oh it's what's wrong things aren't going well today, we're going to talk about like, how to make things go better, and by the end of the day, I promise you you're going to be shocked at how practical and easy this really seems, because the guest we have in this first segment is an amazing woman. You you've heard her voice many times, hopefully on our podcast if you haven't check it out. It's the smarter science of slim show get that on itunes, stitcher, youtube, all the fun stuff, and she is going to show you just how easy it is to go saying in the kitchen and it's, not about depriving yourself it's not about complicated recipes it's about deliciousness, and then after that, we're going to get into howto exercise smarter if you like, oh my gosh, I don't have time to cook. Well, imagine if we could give you ten hours back a week because you don't need to spend all the I'm exercising anymore. So a little bit more time in the kitchen. Ah, lot less time in the gym will be full and satisfied the whole time and, you know, who's gonna help you do that. Karen brown hair around I am fabulous tohave we've never been on camera. Together before you have no ever, we've been on the air for like two years, but we've never been on camera together and we don't look like this when we podcasting, we do not look like this one were five casting at all. Well, folks, we just give a quick bit of background on you if you don't mind. So carrie, uh, is an angel that dropped into my life about two years ago, and she was just had read my first book and liked it and said, jonathan, I'm I'm a former pastry chef, so I was like, well, immediately that's a great yeah, you cooked with insane starches and sweets all day, but she then started to do something that I, as a more of a sci fi person, didn't actually think it was possible, and she started to take these dishes, which, when I was doing this research, I was just like, no, no more of that gnome or cakes, pies, no more ice cream no more I mean, you're gonna have to eat like a body builder, you know, chicken breast, broccoli. Carrie was like, nope, she started sanitizing really anything and everything I could imagine and it's a match made in heaven, and I'm so happy to have you here to show people how simple and delicious sane eating khun b the stars definitely aligned when we met I love it, I love it, we'll carry what? What do you have in store for us to actually and before we get started, folks, I'm gonna mention this a couple times because there's a few things that have changed my life more than this book. So this is carrie's recipe book for soups, and if you are lazy like me think you can cook once on weekends, freeze things and reheat them, and it is literally the easiest and most satisfying way to eat a lot of vegetables, a lot of nutrient dense protein and a lot of whole food fats, it's delicious and it's easy and, of course, saying ice cream so thirty saying ice cream recipes you'll see examples of both of these today, but grab these on amazon to search for carrie brown recipes, ice cream, soups I cannot endorse anything more heavily than I endorse this because I eat them daily carry what we've got in store, okay, so what I decided to do, we're going to do seven recipes, and I wanted you to see how easy it is to use simple ingredients that you probably already have at home and turn them into something that is more delicious than the stuff you're eating at the moment. Does that sound good? It sounds great and I want to reiterate the key three key messes we're gonna keep hitting on someone everyone to remember is this is this is simple. We're gonna prove it simple we're going to show that it's delicious. We're also going to show that it's adaptable meaning like, if you like oatmeal uh, I don't feel like, oh my god, it never have oatmeal we're just gonna show you how to do it smarter you like noodles here's how to do that smarter you like ice cream here's how to do that smarter, which is awesome, right? And if you happen to be in the audience today, you are going to get some taste testers of all of this food. So we have some assistance who are goingto help distribute afterwards. So are you ready? I am ready to cook. I am ready. What is first on the agenda? All right, so I thought I'd start with the number one recipe on my block, which it is still after eighteen months of recipes, this is still the number one recipe. Cary, what is your bargain? It's carrie brown, dot com easy to remember andi, I've called it hot, nutty cereal and this is this is it and so what I did wass I was looking I'm not from here if you can probably tell I'm not from seattle not from seattle three east of that nobody's about five thousand excellent on dh I grew up eating oatmeal as weak call in england porridge and I absolutely love it and for me in the winter or in the fall or in the spring it was just just the fabulous comfort food for me in the morning a hot bowl of porridge where then of course I met jonathan and were just like well, no more porridge for may so I came up with what I call hot nutty cereal which is a blend off several different seeds and nuts and cem protein powder and some vanilla essence and which you make simply with hot water so then I decided to make on instant mix so this is a bulk so this free this jar came from my fridge it lives in my federal the time and when I want pop porridge I just switch on my cattle so while carries it on I just want to just pop out a second and talk about how awesome this is so carrie brown brilliant person right carrie learns the science and then says you know what I like oatmeal how can I make saying oatmeal and because she understands the underlying principles and the underlying framework she's able to create serial for herself that is totally saying and there's nothing why could hope for for anyone then to understand the modern science and then to have the power to feel like we're going to just make up recipes like that's so awesome I love it I have a friend, actually who says, yeah carrie brown? She just makes stuff up. Well, you know what? We're all just making stuff up, all right? So we're just going through life as best weekend, so when I won't mike, my parish thiss is doing its thing. We're getting hot, it's getting hot this spur those of you who live in england you know, this is a cattle for those of you who live in america, these are fantastic no more heating your water in the microwave so that's boiling away there I get my jar out the fridge, I get to sculpt do a big batch, get two scoops of this, which is my insistence someone timing how long this takes and then we just wait for the kettle to boil on house and we'd sit out if you're if you're traveling ziploc bag, you can take this on your carry on easy hotel room hot water from the faucet need be you've got sanity in your sanity in your hotel for me that this's my, I have a jar of this at the office, and if I'm hitting, you know if everyone else is eating cakes or I just I'm hitting that peak in the afternoon, where I just need something to eat a half a cup of this half a cup of hot water out the kitchen, and I have an instant saying, delicious meal right there very, very filling, uh, quick question from induced carl, we're talking scene up water. Is there a problem with heating water in the microwave? If there's people who said that, what do you think? That I just I I just don't like microwaves, but that's a personal thing, and when you have a kettle it's just so easy and it boils, whereas a mark wife typically doesn't boil my recommendation, be whatever it takes to get you to eat same serial versus insane serial. Go ahead and do so if that requires using a microwave, you're going to get more benefit from the same cereal in the microwave than you would from a toaster pastry. I'm wondering, jonathan, if we can just reframe same and insane just a little bit before we get started here with all these recipes for people who might not have been with us yesterday. Absolutely so saying, remember, is our foods found directly in nature that are high in the water, fiber and proteins in the same nest foods in the world let's just quickly recap visually non starchy vegetables vegetables you could eat raw carrie is going to show you a bunch of awesome ways to eat vegetables that don't include just salad so non starchy vegetables green leafy vegetables that kind of good stuff the nutrient dense proteins so thanks seafood think meet humanely raised meat thinks certain forms of dairy like greek yogurt and cottage cheese and then whole food fats whole food is critical, so like the whole avocado the whole coconut obviously not the exterior almonds, macadamia nuts, cocoa eggs, olives, whole food, nutrient dense sources of fat and then we get into low fructose fruits like berries and citrus such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, lemons, grapefruits and oranges and lines and then then we get into some or insanity and insanity is pretty easy to spot it's dry it's low fiber it's low protein it's by enlarged starches and sweets so processed stuff sugar snack cookie's, sweet nurse corn potatoes but then also things which sometimes are marketed it as healthy, such as certain cereals, certain grains really if it's in a box or it's something you would buy in the interior of your grocery store rather than on the perimeter that's something that doesn't need to be refrigerated of frozen chances are it might be a bit insane, so what carrie again is going to show you today we're always gonna be talking about is how to saying a ties or how to just take what you do with stuff on this end of the spectrum like noodles, for example and how to create sane versions of those thank you call our oatmeal we've got a cup of mix india and carry what is in the mix two seconds let me stir this in because it takes thirty seconds perfection wait gonna put in that water and we're gonna give it a stir and we have a fabulous camera above us correct that's awesome so you can see it over here and it does take thirty seconds to thicken thirty seconds but I want it now while you sorry it's a simpsons quote for all the sins while you're waiting for that if you want to give extra flamer is that I know about some vanilla extract in there on when you're starting to go saying you may find that um if you still have your sweet tooth that you may want to add sweetener to this this is isla told this is the sweetener of choice that I use so and for folks who don't know zyla tall is a sugar alcohol derived from birch bark and not only is it not bad for you, but it has been shown to have certain therapeutic effects such as helping with a dental health as well as hear health it has also been shown interestingly enough recently if you do not like the taste of green tea and you add a little bit of zyla tall to your green tea it actually helps green tea do its thing mohr effectively in your body so not only is it sweet and delicious but it is also a bit therapeutic which is good it is very therapeutic and there we go we have and you can when you make it if you want to add more or less water if you like it running your or thicker you know just bury the amount of water but I hoped you on track I absolutely want right and do we have more spoon so that way you have spoons and cups for okay I will not put the spoon back in so that other people I love that woman has it almost even has that little bit almost a peanut buttery consistency that some of the nuts and seeds in there what what is what some of the flavors and we've got chia seeds we've got sunflower seeds we've got unsweetened coconut make sure when you're shopping for coconut always look for unsweetened because a lot of it is available has is his sweetened so be careful to read when you're buying coconuts ground flaxseeds armand meal and then it has pumpkin pie spice and vanilla way protein powder so it's very very high in protein and then we added the boiling water, the vanilla and the there's isla told just for some extra flavor if that's something that you want to do so there is your instant oatmeal, but it it's instance no doesn't take you any longer to do that then it would be to reach for the packet of cereal and tip in the milk it's just a just a simple carrie, I just wanna keep highlighting this because I really like we live in a we live in a culture of quick fixes and tips and tricks and certainly were going to give you all sorts of tips and tricks, but I can't tell you how excited I get when I see things like this from you want to hear from jim when I hear from suzanne, when I hear from katherine here from hunter about, you know, here's, how I make my life saying, like, I really like eating this, so how can I sanitize it? And I would encourage our viewers on the internet if you're just like, you know what, there's no way they could make ex saying asked that question because I promise you, like we talked about cheat days yesterday and how both cary and I this is going to seem a little bit weird, but imagine you find like the perfect partner in life like just someone that you feel is your better half and you couldn't imagine being without them you don't have toe try to not cheat on that person, right? Because it's just like, why would you do that? So when you find your perfect partner from a lifestyle and dietary and exercise perspective, there's no need to cheat on it because you just find the same version of stuff, so I think we can give some of this the audience, yes, and just to be clear, it doesn't taste like oatmeal, but it goes and I have people raving about this worldwide who gives them the same sense of comfort, a nurture that they get from oatmeal and I I had actually had someone of my blood the other day who said, I know I'm new tio tio smartest art of sin, but I know I can do this because of your oatmeal absolutely and that's a critical point you made carrie where it's not gonna taste exactly like oh feel, but imagine if you could get ninety percent plus and then after twenty one days you'll like it more than oatmeal while achieving every other health outcome you want in your life, right? So twenty one days there's gonna be a slight difference. Day twenty two you were gonna want this more than you would want. Regular oatmeal and example people may be able to relate to carry is for anyone that switched from one form of milk to another form like maybe from hole or two percent to skim or from one soda like diet or from regular to diet soda and then you try to go back the thing you used to crave no longer even taste good to you and you become conditioned when when eating sanely becomes more rewarding and enjoyable for you than eating insanely that's when this just becomes so easy it does become easier and easier as you go on so I thought his breakfast is very important people in for a lot of people especially those who work they needed to be quick so that's a hot quick version and now I'm going to show you this's a two recipe and carrie I appreciate you you know we're going to emphasize breakfast here quite a bit because I think a lot of folks understand dinner especially oh meat and fish with vegetables like yeah I could do that for dinner that makes sense breakfast there's a little bit sometimes more of a struggle so this is really helpful and eggs and vegetables only go so far ahead I just want to say this is absolutely delicious and I am one of those people that loves oatmeal in the morning because for me it's really easy to add hot water to something and have it be have a b a serial have it be a breakfast but this I love this and um any flavor andi, I just want to say you brought something up but we just asked the chat rooms teo see how we can sanitize their favorite thing or sanitized so if you have a favorite dish let us know what it is that you want to sanitize and perhaps we have time with the end to throw those out toe at carrie okay, well, this is a a quick cold version this is chia seeds what's the name of this again it's I call it strawberry seed porridge thiss s o terry just added chia seeds by the way, if you're experiencing any gastrointestinal problems I have never ever experienced anything as therapeutic as chia seeds. So any stomach problems try some th e treated here seeds they're also if you spread them on a little character and water them they will also grow it is the same thing and also this is I swear that my hair grows as fast and as shiny as it is because of the manager was like a chia pet source like a cheap, long, shiny hair here so and this is unsweetened coconut milk oh, I love coconut so make sure it's on sweetened you're gonna have to learn how to read labels coconut milk, there's just something about healthy saturated fats that that do something to my satiety centers that nothing else can so give me some coconut any day so and it's it's not hard to mix in but the cheer seeds are a bit resistant they're a bit finicky once you get them all mixed in and then because it's breakfast and we need some extra protein what you'll notice when you when you mix the chief sees if you've never used cheap seats before it's kind of fun also fun thing for the kids in the kitchen because they turn into a gel you put chia seeds and water and used let it sit you come back and you're like what it won't fall out of the cup and again that these all of these cereals carrie is showing think about how family friendly these are make a giant pot of it and serve it to the whole family we really like cooking in bulk because that's just not only more cost effective it's much more time effective so clearly I used the wrong bowl out after three eyeball but making it work making a working it work so it takes a little bit of effort just to get the yogurt mixed in there now either way I make this is I'll make a batch for the whole week and so I get a huge bowl and I'll make six or seven enough for six or seven and I will mix it up the night before you can see how fast is just dumped those three ingredients in the bowl and then I add, and typically these will be frozen because especially in the winter, who has fresh strawberries floating around so I use frozen strawberries and then I will tip them frozen. These aren't because I had to bring them ready to go, but I normally would frozen strawberries in their mix it in. And while carrie's cooking here's a here's, an advance tip for those travellers out there any of these casserole, more mixed type dishes were making. One thing I like to do is freeze them and then just take them in a refrigerated bag with you, let them thaw, and five hours later, you're ready to eat him. So it's it's a bit like having a refrigerator with you now this so I know money. I ii do it on a sunday evening, and I mix in frozen strawberries, and then I just let the whole thing sit overnight. And in the morning, the strawberries have, uh, defrosted and you just one quick stir and you're ready. And then I put it into my portion it into these and then stack them in the fridge and then breakfast come down, take a bowl out, you're done already out the door or eat it there, and carrie, that is such a key point about pre preparation and getting it actually dished up because emotional eating one oh one right you open the cover you just need something you need something right away so take some time actually when you learn how to exercise less smarter trade a little bit of gym time for a little bit of time in the kitchen have the food ready and there and it's much easier to stay saying when you could just say grab and go now this actually it does taken the route one of the reasons why I do it the night before is because this chia seeds do take a little bit of time to swell so we will try this but we're going to leave it for a little bit just so that that khun swell and do its thing and that was so that was a strawberry seed porridge just four simple ingredients it takes a minute to mix up you could make it bulk really easily and have it ready to go with you we'll try that in and held and I believe harry I would love to actually let everybody know that you can actually get all the recipes for the whatever we're making today all the food that we're making today you can get free recipes thank you for the recipes that we are making today for free by enrolling in this course so you'll see the title of the course directly below the video feed if you open that in a new tab that'll open up the course page on the course page first, what you want to do is log in or create an account on creative life if you haven't before you could do that in the top right corner of the page, you'll see that there is a link that says log in click that log in once you've done that on the left hand side of the course page there's a little green link that says enroll click that you'll be enrolled and then below the picture the course picture you'll see a section that says course materials right in there you can click the link that says what exactly does it say? It says sample of recipes by carrie brown you can click that and those are free again all you need to do is create that account, make sure you're logged in and then click that link to enroll and you can get those for free. You can also get a free twenty eight day program, which is the smarter science slim by jonathan so lots of people were asking still in the chat room, so we just wanted to make sure that you all knew how to get these recipes absolutely and you can also get a bunch more recipes on carrie's website, which is carrie brown dot com also tune into our podcast we talked about a lot more stuff there and obviously the calorie myth book has what almost forty fifty recipes that that carrie has created so no shortage of recipes and we've also got the wonderful community that that jim and kathy and suzanne are so active in where we're sharing recipes all day every day there's no shortage repressed there's no sure so one of the jonathan alluded to this yesterday that one of the best ways to get a whole bunch of veg is inside you without eating like a mass is smoothies so I'm going to show you how to throw a smoothie together this is unsweetened coconut milk again read your label's make sure it's unsweetened and when we say on sweden that means look at the label and if you see any sweet ironic it's been sweetened like when you buy coconut the ingredients should be coconut nothing else right coconut milk nothing else here going in is some non fat greek yogurt on the reason we used non fat is not because we're scared of fact goodness knows I do love me a bit of fat it's because it's high protein that's why we used the loafer the non fat greek yogurt then here is old your fabulous spinach you spinach wait you try this and uh this quite a bit this is six ounces of spinach or six cups this's so from a practicality perspective instead of sitting there home home home you can take this blended up taking the car with you on your commute mean while you're at your desk on your computer easy breathe I'm gonna zest half an orange again these are things you could do I personally like kerry said I do all of my cooking on sundays for the week basically there's a little bit of preparation that takes place during the week but instead of maybe spending your entire weekend in the gym spend two hours with the kids they like to admit they like getting in the kitchen be ready for the week my cats don't like being in the kitchen all right? So there possessed we're not gonna waste all that lovely flavour and then way want the orange and there is something special about oranges and citrus in general mix with green vegetables I found for for folks that this this smoothie is incredible if you are just one experiment a general formula is spinach or kale or romain with oranges and or strawberries and maybe some vanilla and some cinnamon the great bassline smoothie recipe I'm glad you brought that up, jonathan, because it's important that you don't just stick to the same greens you do want to rotate your greens so you're not always eating spinach, so on my website you'll find several recipes four different smoothies and using different greens there's one that actually uses remain lettuce there's one that uses kale and trust me I hate kale you would never know there was kale in the smoothie and you know that because I wouldn't drink if that if that was true so another cool thing about what we're doing here carrie is obviously all the recipes were preparing we've got blenders we've got a hot plate you'll notice we do not have a huge elaborate kitchen set up so if you live in an urban setting or you're traveling again this is not you don't need to be a culinary expert or have any special tools to do this although the vita mix blender is quite helpful we are fans of the vita mix okay so we've got that now we're gonna get our protein powder and was my thinking yes oh thie strawberry seed porridge is making its rounds carrie it may not be super thick yet but you'll get the taste of it was good it's got that yo gritty taste and children love and it would be more children frozen he almost more ice cream so there is our protein powder we love penelope in the sticks and vanilla in there and you're using way but people don't necessarily have to use way correct again if you're new you may want to use a sweetness such as I little to sweeten it you'll find your lose your sweet tooth the longer you do this sweeteners are optional and now we're goingto make a noise jonathan said earlier that this was like running a long way going to shut up audio technicians brace yourselves and typically, if you put the ingredients in the right way in the rifle, but you don't need to use this, but of course, because I'm here that's the beauty of live television and just while you can still hear me, this does take a few minutes, so I need to let it run just for a little while to get it really smooth wait, so a lot of people that have had smooth this before have had a bad experience with smoothies, um, because the texture can be quite nasty and a lot of people, even if the flavor's good, they just they're kind of lumpy in just horrible, so to two things that we've done to help one if you can avail yourself of a zoo of a vita mix or another high speed, high powered blender that will really help you because this thing's smashes everything into a liquid. The other thing is this match people stuff called guar gum g u a r, which is ground up guar beans, and it is an emotion fire, which means that it it helps all the older particle stick together, so it keeps it cohesive rather than most movies tend to separate out the liquid from the vegetable. The guar gum stops it doing that, so it gives you a very thick milk shake like consistency, which will way, way, way improve your how it feels to you when you're drinking him and from an interesting science note we talked about how his eilat tall has this amazing scientific side effect guar gum is actually used in rodent studies too create a gut bacteria environment and to heal the bacteria environment so we talked about how naturally thin person may have a different brain chemistry, hormonal chemistry and bacteria than someone who's struggling with their weight guar gum is what is used in animal studies to heal the gut bacteria in the malian models so it too has therapeutic properties gwa go so I'm going to put this the bend it back on but when you're adding the guar gum you want to turn the speed of the blender down and only blend it just for a few seconds I'll tell you why in a minute okay and there and just really quickly also please don't note that our our recommendations around smoothies are to make them yourself there are a lot of smoothie bars and smoothie restaurants which claim to be healthy where when you actually look at what they're putting in their smoothies it is quite insane so some of these are wonderful but prepared at home with all possible and there is your fantastically colored smooth the way got to get some taste tests on this because people people see it is looks beautiful but when you see how it tastes that will I named this orange creamsicle because that to me is where it tastes like love it's fabulous can chase a spinach and you saw how much spinach went into that thing and you cannot taste the spinach it'll I had some people at work actually one of my favorite people that I work with he said that his wife had bought a vita mix and she made this smoothie and it was absolutely disgusting so I said I will make you smoothies that you will love, but I so I went and I bought a a drink cup that was not see through and I made him this and I put it in and he couldn't see what color it was and and he drank it and that now he's completely converted had he seen the color beforehand, he probably wouldn't have been but because he tasted it without that visual it was all good and now he's happy to drink well that's why I'm sitting here drinking it and it's delicious it does taste like orange creamsicle but like my eyes are confusing my immediate thought wass my nieces and nephew because come here toe some of the things that they drink now I mean this is it's like a desert and to get this you cannot takes the spinach no, you can not gonna look like it does not taste like your your typical I don't want to name any names, but the shakes that you get when you go out, it tastes healthy, but it tastes good like and that's something that's important to me because I you know, e think I'm really, really appreciate that you pointed out that a lot of times smoothies have that chunky vegetable taste or not even just taste but the texture and a lot of people are averse to that. This has none of that glove. Qualcomm is in that drawer gone gua gum, and you only need a very tiny amount. The reason, I add you added right at the end is because of it, it's an emergency fire if you whip a lot of air into it. After you've added it, you will get a very frothy, puffy smoothie. If that's what you like, then go ahead, blend the heck out of it, but but typically added right at the end and just mix it till it's in and then you're done. Where does someone find fargo it's actually available in most grocery stores? Thes days, normally in the baking section where they have flowers and stuff like that? However, if you cannot find it it's readily available on amazon that's that's our general goto recommendation is amazon for a lot of the stuff you can subscribe and save and get it for a phenomenal price? And that was the same we had people wondering about chia seeds zyla tall, same yeah, I mean you if you have a trader joe's or whole foods, you can find him there. My experience has been from a cost effective, and if you eat a lot of them like, if you eat the same thing consistently like I do there's, a service on amazon called subscribe and save and they deliver new batches once a month for a phenomenal price, a question on this is how long can you, how long before you should consume it after you make it so actually, because of the guar gum, I actually have people and I've done it myself where I'll make because you saw that was quite a large amount, so if that's if I've had the hot nutty cereal, I'll have half of that smoothie with brecht first and then I'll take the other half with me and I'll have that at lunch because that's going to be my veggies with lunch because of the guar gum, it will stay smooth, it will not separate I actually have people who make that the night before and put it in the in the fridge overnight and then it's ready to go in the morning awesome thank you which is fantastic but sometimes I I know busy mornings you don't even have time to peel an orange but there's there's a way around that seven a m wake up I'm not wake up calls called time here before all right we're gonna use the vita mix again and this time we're going to make the fastest soup ever just a quick note on the vita mix it if you do try to buy a vita mix retail is quite expensive there are tips and tricks to avoid that I would recommend getting a refurbished vita mix they still have five year full warranty on def you actually order from the smarter science of slim dot com website it's like an additional ten percent discount you get free shipping so it brings it down when they're not cheap. So but it's about it's about three hundred thirty dollars for a vita mix with five year warranty, whereas most people think it's around five hundred so pretty good investment over five years and mine is refurbished and I've had it for about fifteen months and I use it because I developed recipes three days a week so I use it a lot and it's been at it I wouldn't know that it wasn't new so refurbished is a great way to go I just want to throw in there that I grew up with my mom using a vita mix she literally still has the same one that she used when I was five years old. And I won't say how many years ago.

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This course if phenomenal! I've been on a 20+ year journey of trying to find the solution that will help me achieve my body goals that I can stick to, without going crazy. I have tried everything (keto, paleo, low fat, weight watchers, dash etc). Jonathan goes over a massive amount of research to help you understand the 'why' of why these diets don't work longterm and how to eat in a way that's sustainable. In addition, I've always struggled with exercise. I was an athlete growing up but as an adult it's been very difficult to find something that I like and will stick to. This exercise methodology is perfect because it's fast, results oriented and doesn't take longer than 15 minutes. I've recommended this course to everyone who asks. It's absolutely brilliant and I'm so, so grateful!

a Creativelive Student

This class was great - I love that it is presented as a framework so you can fit your own personal needs into it. Jonathan exhaustively covers the ideas, examples, and benefits of this strategy for better living.

Amy Seagram

Excellent class!! I've never seen anyone able to talk so much and so knowledgeably on a subject for so long, great job Jonathan! Carrie was the perfect pairing and I can't wait to try her recipes... so simple.