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S.A.N.E. Cooking Demo with Carrie Brown Part 2

Jonathan Bailor

Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

Jonathan Bailor

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17. S.A.N.E. Cooking Demo with Carrie Brown Part 2

Lesson Info

S.A.N.E. Cooking Demo with Carrie Brown Part 2

All right, so, lunch. So you're making a soup here again? We're using the vita mix and we're gonna have lots of veggies. We're gonna have lots of veggies, but first off we're gonna have a cup of chicken stock and then we're gonna add and in this simple, you don't want to watch me stand here cutting up tomatoes. We're gonna have tomatoes, so when as carries adding those vegetables, make sure when you buy chicken stock by chickens like that doesn't have msg in it. A lot of chicken stock has msg in it, so ensure the chicken stock you're buying has a very short ingredients list. That's a general rule of thumb, the fewer ingredients the better and ensure you don't see a bunch of things you can't pronounce on the ingredients list and be careful for claims that say no, msg added, that doesn't mean there's no msg in it, it just means they didn't add additional industry. Okay, so we've got chicken stock we've got ah pound one pound two ounces of fresh tomatoes. We've got some celery chopped in ...

there. Um, there's, some fresh rose marie that I dropped earlier. We're gonna put that in there. We love fresh herbs I decided this year that I was fed up with paying ridiculous prices for fresh herbs so I decided to grow a little herb garden so I am now my gardening they're completely overgrown with lots of delicious things way got rosemary in there we're gonna throw some salt can I ask you a question for both of you about the importance of fresh arbs vs ones that might be you know dried in a soak anyone from space perspective so the to a different you will if you use fresh rosemary you will not get the same taste is dried rosemary so you won't take that into account but also cost is a big factor but also freshness in terms of when you buy dried herbs difficult to know how long they've been there is difficult I always buy if I buy dry dried herbs I always buy them from a store which does them in bulk and I weigh myself one because it's way, way cheaper that way but also because those stores tend to have a much faster turnover off the so you you know that not been sitting in that glass jar for a long time you do need to cook differently with fresh vs dried the reason I use fresh in this is because we don't actually cook this fresh herbs and more fragile so you want to add them during the end of the cooking not the beginning where has dried herbs of more robust you need to add those that the being cooked them so for this dried rosemary would have been a waste because it has no time to develop its flavor so that's why I used fresh thank you and then we've got some more yoga however this is two percent or you can use full fat on the reason for that is that non fat greek your gut will separate when you heat it so that's why we use two percent for you can use full fat like carries almost the chemist in the kitchen like every single one of these ingredients is so intentional deliberate and that's why I appreciate her recipes goes a lot of recipes on the internet I'm sure a lot of our viewers have had the experience where they try a recipe and it does not at all turn out as one would think yeah when you follow carries recipes as stated she has been intentionally like poetry I mean every word every cadence is thought through you get the same result every time everything I do is deliberate there's a reason for everything so you now have to be quiet because I'm going to blend blend the daylights out of this no right in the interest of time now I'm going to add two things to this similar to how I did with the guar gum in the smoothie I'm going to add another new thing this is cognac flower, also known as glue cowman and powder it is pure, non soluble, non soluble, insoluble, insoluble, insulting, insoluble fiber. It is a fantastic fichtner that little amount that you're seeing there half a teaspoon is going to add some beautiful thickness to this soup, so I'm just going at that on then I'm going to add some more of our friend guar gum and you'll see why in a minute this is a tea spoon still know a lot and same idea don't blend it much after you've added it all right, now we're gonna get pants I do soups literally every day of the week now, every week, day of the week for either lunch or dinner just is there so so convenient I cook a pinball eleven and then because we need some protein, we're gonna toss in a pound of problems we can notice, too, with carrie's recipes is they're very it's, almost like a paint by number your non starchy vegetables you got your whole food healthy fats and you got your proteins like it's so simple just embrace that simplicity and combine it in all sorts of different ways. I love it and now we're just gonna warm it through the prawns are already cooks, you buy them cook from the store and now we're just gonna warm it so quick question about the blending as someone who does not own a blender of any kind, much less they make you wait ten don't worry uh is there a specific setting your blending it on? Do they even have settings or is it just blended? Don't blend I mean how like there's a question here x x is wants to know whether the aggressive blending does something bad to the same ingredients or not know and I typically my recipes I will say blend on high or blend on low where low equals just when there's a vortex when the vortex starts that's low or high and I typically state in my recipes high on life and then from a nutritional perspective blending is actually very beneficial for a lot of ingredients like it breaks down the cell walls and non starchy vegetables and allows a level of absorption that is very difficult for the body otherwise so and and things like flax seeds, for example cannot be consumed whole you must mill them, so throwing them in smoothies and blending them thoroughly is the only way to get those nutrients into your body. Okay, so we're gonna let this one through and you literally you don't need to cook it, you just warm it through and for those of you who get to taste it, you'll see it has quite a different flavor then what you would expect if we'd have cooked the tomatoes and the celery first by doing it cold and then warming through you get completely it's not tomato soup like you would imagine it's quite a different thing but you saw how quick that was lend heat that's it and it's a perfect meal you've got your proteins you've got the rest of it is your non starting vegetables and you've got a little bit of healthy fat in there so it's perfect fast mail I love it it's super convenient for lunch right? You could take it to work in a little container no problem seated at the desk simple so once again a question from beth aim greenberg who says jonathan if you do all your meal prep on sundays again do you freeze your meals and they up and then they'll last always absolutely not just the soups but I generally do a lot of freezing so and I don't consider putting a piece of fish on the stove really cooking so that sometimes happens piece of fish on the stove but yet for soups especially I'll do the cooking on sundays monday and tuesday stay in the fridge rescue in the freezer and then I eat one out of the fridge I take one out of the freezer you want out of the fridge I take one of the freezer and just have a little cycle like that easy um and while we're talking about soups again, there are forty soups in this book so you really you only even you don't even have to make them each one twelve times a year so you've got plenty of variety there's lunches for a whole year in there and I bought in three soups that I made for us in the studio to try the lasagna soup jonathan will now be made fun of my pronunciation of lasagna my lasagna soup, bacon and brussel sprout chowder and green bean casserole soup so those of you in the audience and all those are are in my book and continue to toe please dig into the sanity here because if if you think the only way to eat vegetables is in salad form boy have we got some treats for you because there is a way more ways to eat vegetables carry even bakes with them and that's pretty excited will be stunned at how much vegetables aaron even the lasagna soup you'd be stunned at how many vegetables in there and it tastes like eating a slice of lasagna and what's brilliant about it to carrie is you'll notice that that giant thing of spinach like if you try to eat that eat that most people are gonna eat that much spinach but when you blend it you will accidentally in a single sitting eat five servings of non starchy vegetables without even trying so appearing on blending has all sorts of benefits to it, it does show who wants to makes my scream hands go up a. All right, so say nice free, so an unfortunate course I don't have a jonah, we don't have two days for it to freeze, but I'm going to show you how to make the custard and you're welcome to try the custard, although custard taste different to the frozen put up, but you'll get the idea, and this is the ice cream that dr mike keane, for those who are with us yesterday was talking about anyone can make this, it doesn't require some special magic ice cream maker. Well, it does require chona, which is not a special ice cream magic maker, so right, so we're going to make peanut butter ice cream, and we're going to start with two cups of hemp milk. It does not have to be hemp milk. You could use armand milk instead. Whatever milk you choose to use, make sure it is unsweetened. I used hemp milk because I preferred the flavor than making it with armand milk, but also like I mentioned with when you rotate your greens, you don't always use spinach in your smoothies, you mix it up, mix up the milk she used, so you'll get in a bigger variety of nutrients instead of just drinking armand milk all the time that's a great point in general at tip for everyone, right? Like the first serving of spinach you eat is better for you than the second serving of spinach you eat which is better for you than the third serving of spinach that you eat because that first serving is going to give you one hundred percent of you know x y z vitamins and minerals so do try to mix up what you're eating this is something I have to try really hard because I have a tendency to, like try one of carrie soups say this is delicious and just eat that every day for a week so I try to keep it mixed up, okay? I'm just adding or khun smell that's yummy! Three quarters of a cup off I'm trying not to use my fingers like I would hope that they told me I had to keep clean and this is natural peanut butter, right? So the ingredients are penis? Yes. All right, so then zyla toll, which is our sugar substitute and we've got a little bit of heavy cream because we are not afraid of fat on this show I just love this, carrie, because we're just like you see the amount of silence all we put in there, this is gonna be you might say that's a lot of silence hall were always won it's not when you actually see how much ice cream we make here and to remember we're always about progress rather than perfection so if you don't want to give up ice cream for the rest of your life which I don't and I think none of you want to give up we're showing you how to make smarter ice cream which is just so cool right that's and that's what sustainable that's what's the long term is when you can enjoy this okay there was some sea salt went in there some vanilla extract now we're gonna amp up the protein the reason we go out of our way to add that protein is rumor protein is so satisfying it has high satiety so something is when you eat ice cream you want to eat ate bowls of it this will be delicious but what you'll find is when you eat it you'll eat some of it I think I'll be like man like I can't eat anymore oftentimes sweets and other treats aren't satisfying you'll find that carries saying sweet treats you eat one and you're good uh air chaser actually had a funny question which is I wondering how much of the porridge and we eat is there a maximum well and also saw is there in terms of how much protein teo eat brother dae so if I'm putting protein in that and that I'm putting it in my smoothie, and then I'm putting it in what you'll find and carry you gonna test this is it's very self limiting most of us don't want to eat till it hurts, and when you eat things that are this satisfying, you will quickly become full, that's said. From a general protein range, you're looking at a maximum of about two hundred grams per day and a minimum of about one hundred grams per day, so right in that range. But you do find with the with the courage that you will, you'll be satisfied on far less than you would have been with regular oatmeal, and you'll just you'll be satisfied and then you'll stop, so I don't I don't think that I've never found that I've reached the point where I just I wanted to keep on eating, eating, eating give you those same cravings that starchy carbohydrates tend to cause you have are not there, so um, I'm using I didn't have enough, I too makes jokes, so I'm using a regular blender. There are times when you don't need a vita mix when you could just use a regular blender, this is one of them all the ingredients are basically smooth, so this is my ice cream, I'm going to mix this up. And there is your peanut butter saying peanut butter, ice cream custard you're welcome to try when you say ice cream custard, of course, this will then be frozen so you you put this in the fridge and let it cool for I say, cool it's already cold, but it needs to be very, very chill before you freeze it in the in the owner, so six hours put it in the fridge, go do something else fun come back and shown it later. Inter ice cream it looks exactly like when you scoop it, it is scoop a bull like the best premium ice cream. It tastes like creamy of ice cream. It's just I cried when I soups over here well and again, like the soups. Carrie, you've, you've got thirty of these in your book here, and I'm I'm hoping that folks can actually see on the camera. I don't know for shooting overhead, but yeah, I mean carrie's, also a wonderful photographer. So these aren't, you know, some weird derivative, healthy ice cream. They are just delicious, smarter versions of ice cream that scoop and taste and feel like ice cream is awesome, and I did when I was writing the ice cream book, I did blind taste tests at work, and nobody knew that they were not premium ice creams mabel the regular ingredients and I did the peanut butter was the first one I made and I cried when it when I got it out the freezer to see if it was scoop it was just it was a magical moment right but what you mean by the churning so you you khun I understand that in times past you could get a barrel and fill it with rocks orton do something with it I think some people still do that I don't understand that that's not something I ever did but you combine on electric chona which is simply a frozen bowl which you pre freeze in the freezer honor on a motor and you pour your custard into there it has a paddle and you just let it takes twenty to twenty five minutes you just sit let it sit there and it turns to a soft serve consistency and then you scoop it into a bowl and you put it in the deep freeze on dh six or so hours later it's perfect scoop herbal ice cream so I'm happy for you to try the custard if people would like to but you saw how quick that was it was literally just a few ingredients in the jug blended up and then you're ready to go and there's a there's ah lazy person's version of ice cream not that that was in any way shape or form hard but if you take, for example, a coconut and then blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, some protein powder or some egg whites natural non clark sweetener such as I a little cinnamon and vanilla mix that up with some ice in a high powered blender it's definitely not as good as carries ice creams what you do to get a pretty wonderful instant frozen treat and we also have some soup ready excellent way bust out the other soups as well for everyone to try now tio the soup kitchen is over there excellent, so let's pass all the suits around here we'll get some some testimonials absolutely a moment for a question we have a couple people asking about non dairy options for way and various other ingredients. Do you have any thoughts about nondairy options for these? So I'll let jonathan talk to the way powder because he's the white powder king although the protein para king for dairy, you'll notice that I've used heavy cream a couple of times. The best thing to do is to switch them out with the thick coconut milk not the thin coconut milk that looks like milk, but it comes in a can and it's thick you khun completely interchange that coconut milk for heavy cream because it has about the same fat in it and then obviously coconut armand hemp milks for milk definitely don't not have to use way. It is just the most readily available option for most people. There's another milk protein called case in which is actually think pervert preferable from a nutrition perspective. But ifyou're going non dairy rice pee hemp protein powders would be fine alternatives. Or if you're if you're just not about dairy but animal protein is okay. Egg whites are fabulous white powder. Did that help? Yes. Thank you. And my goodness. You have a smile, baby. Remember peanut butter and chocolate like that combo is one of my favorites. I love anything peanut butter so it's. Really sweet. My eyes are junk full seconds. So also in the book. Then you'll love that kenna, is that there? I have a chocolate ice cream with peanut butter. No ice cream but peanut butter pockets in it. Love I would love. I will love that would will. All right, so why are we having a super fists over here? I'm going to make you a couple things that can be used that are incredibly simple and can be used for desserts or snacks. The first one we call cinnamon raisin rice pudding. Of course it has no rice in it. This this is what I first tried this eye because I rice pudding is a child's anything about rice pudding it's definitely something that brings back some memories and I got to tell you this is there's no rice in it but you will be shocked at how much this tastes and feels like rice putting in your mouth wait just a known fact cottage cheese in the bowl we'll bring our friend some vanilla powder back out again scoop of vanilla way we're gonna toss some raisins in there if they'll come out of the bowl just and generally speaking dried fruit as something you just eat like with your hands is something that is not saying. However, using it as almost a spice or a seasoning in another dish is a fine way to use them and I just want on eight of a teaspoon of cinnamon it doesn't take much we love cinnamon against cinnamon lots of actually therapeutic properties so not only delicious but very, very good for you. It takes a little bit of effort to get the the way powder mixed into the cautious cheese there again if you're new um you may want to or if you have a particularly sweet tooth, you may want to add whatever your sweetener your non caloric sweetener of choice is for me that is, isla told russell way ask tina jansen wants no white dried fruit is not saying remember water, fiber and protein, or what? Determine the sanity off foods so a dehydrated blueberry is going to be much less satisfying than a regular blueberry. So if at all possible, you always want to eat foods as close to their natural state as you can. When you dehydrate fruit, it becomes your you're basically just concentrating down the sugar of it so it's not as if it is going to kill you to eat dehydrated fruit, but, for example, dehydrated bananas is just a very easy way to eat a lot of sugar if you are not careful so just whenever possible, try to eat food as close to its natural state as possible. More let jonathan have the first spoonful so he can have a little voyage back to his childhood. There is your cinnamon raisin writes excellent have no spoons of this is cruel. I just have to hold it and look at it and not wait, we've got everyone running around, I love it! How is the house? The prawn cocktail soup? Excellent, thank you and I will not read. I won't read ip afterwards. No, that has to go around, you're making healthy, delicious and when healthy becomes delicious, it really becomes easy with numbers cooked by numbers really does when you break it down to being that simple. Wei wei had one last thing which, again similar to the rice pudding is something that you can have for dessert. You can have it for a snack. I regularly keep a big bucket of this in the fridge when I get the munch is this is where I go, but you could also have eaten it for breakfast. I've eaten here for every meal and it's called lemon yogurt supreme and it's yoga is very, very popular and the air range there's a staggering range ofthe flavored your guts available on people just love yogurt, but there are a lot of your guts are completely insane if you've ever read the label and said how much sugar is in those things, you know, ninety five percent of your good department you you're not gonna want to eat now, so I've developed a few it will be arranged when I get time, but I've started developing cem sane flavored your guts because I know how much people love them into the paint by number comment, I would encourage everyone who is watching this you khun like, use these as inspiration, right? Like this does not require a culinary degree, you don't need a phd to understand the science like this is all stuff we can do, we can embrace and we can adapt to our individual lifestyles and that's why it works long term so there was a cup of non fat greek yogurt again we use non fat because it has the most protein in it now this is lemon curd and this is sane lemon curd the recipe for which is on my website at carrie brown dot com and I think I included in the free recipes I'm not sure but anyway so this is I had to make this of her but this is sane lemon curd which is absurd what is lemon curd and made a mess which is absolutely delicious it's a I think it's a british thing we used to spread it on bread almost like jam but it's like a lemon production actually preserve okay okay I did get myself the war night you've got to get a little messy in the kitchen have a little fun, throw some ingredients around you know have fun I'm trying to behave john kerry is being good and then our friend the way powder getsem approaching going in there and then sold salt can out so here's a little trick with salt salt natural eyes is the tang in yoga it neutralizes the acid so if you don't like your good, some people just don't like that you're good tang add a little bit of salt to it and it will completely disappear it's magical so on my website there's ah there's a chocolate yogurt same thing is the salt that takes away the tang of the yoga so you can have a sweet chocolate, your god without your gritty since it again when we have, you'll notice there's, always a source of nutrient dense protein in these recipe that's, because protein writing actually acts on the satiety centers in your brain, like it is actually a key macro nutrient to feeling full, so by adding proteins of various dishes, you will find that you will feel satisfied and there's a difference between feeling full and feeling satisfied, but you can feel full I'd be like man, I still got room for dessert when you no longer have room for anything and you just feel good that's feeling satisfied that's, why protein and fat or so important you can't go through life feeling unsatisfying? It's not a good way to live, so we have a question from sony, fifty nine, who says, I mean, I'm actually sort of resonating with sunny, fifty nine says, we all need to have a crunch, and so far, these foods air all soft or mushy, our fruits and veggies, the on ly crunchy food and I mean, I tend to agree with that like I like these air delicious and I could eat these on a good regular basis, but I feel like I would miss that crunch do you get that? Well, this and it just simply time the amount of time we had to cook for you, there's a number ofthe same granollers up on my site, which a brilliant for adding crunch to that which you could add that to this yoga and in fact, actually, the chocolate. Your gut version I did of this I made with a chocolate granola, which served together it's just a complete chocolate fist. It was the best when I invented that it was the best start saturday I've had in a long time. It was just like everywhere, and it was completely saying so that's that's typically one way to get some crunch in your life and, of course, remember nuts and seeds. This whole food. Natural fats are great crunchy options, and even for some individuals, soy nuts can be a decent option from a crunch perspective. So how are you guys doing in the studio audience? I don't know about about you, but I am quite satisfied way have ah, good thing, lunch isn't for a little while. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing that, um oh, this is so good. Oh, I can't eat any more jameson say dittemore smarter, intentionally what way need a spoon? Oh, horse balloon that one oh, yes, I can re use real you don't reduce reuse recycle it's good that's too big all over do it but I already put this one in my mouth so I will use that one excellent excellent. This is the yogurt lemon yogurt supreme yes it's delicious and russ and for all the listeners and viewers I would encourage you remember we're showing you a teeny tiny sampling like there are literally hundreds of these recipes and recipes like this just again same versions of just about everything you can imagine right even saying soda it would just be carbonated water with flavoring sweetened with his ill it's all over with rue tall, right using up so here so that's the first seven recipes I wanted to share with you I hope you get a sense of how easy it is to make really delicious food from from ingredients that you just have a home I also made which should have gone with super do we still have soup going on over there? I think everyone's four s so I did make I made some biscuits or biscuits for american scones for british people, these air cheese cheesy biscuits which I'll send around so there's a there's a famous seafood chain in the united states that has a cheesy biscuit type it again it's not about never having biscuits what is what are the components of these biscuits? So these are on a basis of armand flower. Beautiful. So which is ground our minds with the skins removed? Grandmama's. You'll see they get lift. He followed from one up. You can see inside. They look exactly like a regular cheese scone and there's some smiles going on going, I'm going to get one remember, like you're covered is not going to look totally different. Like you probably have this sitting in your cupboard. This is ground wheat flour. Now you're just gonna have ground almond flour. So it's all good. We gotta get this gets everyone. We're going to get rushed there just gonna storm the stage. And the last thing I bought a long wass because we wanted to talk a little bit about substitution. This is, uh, risotto I made but it's not made with rice and it's actually cold. It's. Better hot. But jonathan, try that series and that that is you're using cauliflower making it's a cauliflower rice? Yep. So it's made the rice. The rice is made with cauliflower. Fabulous. Fabulous! So again. So you never have rice again. It's just you make the same substitution we actually have in the calorie book we have a table where it's like oh you want to eat this okay this this is the same version you want to eat this this is the same version cauliflower is very similar if you don't like cauliflower it truly doesn't taste like cauliflower once you make it into a dish like that is very much like like rice if you process it it looks like rice then it takes on the flavor of what else you put in it you get the exact same comfort level of eating this which is one hundred percent vegetables as you do if you were eating rice it just it feels the same on your mouth it gives you that same comfort so you could try that well and I would encourage folks who have have fun with this like I mean you'll notice hopefully hopefully everyone's starting to get a little light bulb going off in the brain which is like well I could do that or I wonder if I could do this or what about that like talking about paint by numbers like there are so many options here see this even when you go out to eat like have fun with it how can you sanitize this see it as a game not has ah burden islamic sense absolutely and that's right when I went on my last road trip for business I actually made a game out ofthe how sane can I eat, what I throw away, and it was if you focus on eating as much saying food as possible, I went for two weeks away from home at conferences and things like that wish could be crazy from a dietary perspective, and I was one hundred percent saying the entire time because I made a gain out of it, and it was, and also I was posting food pictures to facebook so that I was accountable so that people were actually seeing, and it was remarkably easy to stay sane on the road, and I wouldn't under estimate the transformational effect on your mind and body of eating enough and feeling satisfied because a lot of these cravings you have just go away when you actually nourish your body and you're actually full and satisfied. Mailer mike keane yesterday talked about I used to hunt at night, and he said, oh, he doesn't anymore it was that because you're gritting your teeth and powering through it he's, just like no, I I just have no desire anymore, so eat that fat, eat that protein, eat all these delicious tastes, you'd be surprised how other things just fall into place, you got it, you got to show the zoo del's as I like to call them, so this is a zucchini torched yet for the brits I have to translate everything on again remember it's not that you could never have noodles again not at all it's just we're going to do him smarter there's another thing called shira taki noodles which some people really like in asian dishes you can do spaghetti squash which is just fabulous it's really fun for the kids and then also we're making zundel's you'll see here that this is called a julienne peeler and it actually peels in one swift slice it just peels feels a kidney so it's not even like this takes any time I know when you see pictures of think wow well that chopper are no just when you're done and you will have a pile of beautiful noodles if you cook them for one to two minutes in a little bit of chicken stock and serve your your meat source or whatever the source over trouble that you will not feel at a like you're missing out on noodles made from wheat and what's what's also a lot of fun about this we talked about spending more time in the kitchen again let's make a game out of it so you could imagine of course you know you might want to get some slicing got gloves for your children so they don't cut their hands but you know working with your kids in the kitchen tto make a big bowl of this that's you know I could just see my little nephew and they're like oh, this is also I mean it's just fun, right? I mean, food is supposed to be fun and delicious and not something that makes us feel bad about ourselves like let's let's get back in the kitchen and just have some fun and enjoy this on these air actually quicker to make them pastor ho right you have to do the the appealing but the cooking takes half the time so it's a win win and again you could do do a bunch of these that once feed the whole family very very easily I loves oodles a level you didn't eat a biscuit oh I didn't I didn't realize this was for me how someone else like these biscuits ridiculous inappropriate everything good or bad that's ridiculously good I don't know if I wanted like I mean this is what I e like a little so I have a question yes question if you'd have had that biscuit and didn't know that it wasn't weed would you know that it wasn't we know there's no way and that's that's really what you'll find in that is carrie's goal and that is our promise is just just try this like literally just go on the website check out the book, try it listen to the podcast you will be surprised at how delicious and easy yes two questions one tell us again what we search for to find your podcast so smarter science of slim or just in general jonathan baylor and or carrie brown podcast awesome secondly, we have a little bit of time left before we goto break I'm wondering if we could talk about the big elephant in the room holiday eating bump tips for holiday eating how is my green bean casserole soup what I mean it's one hundred percent vegetables would you have known comparing it to the normal gloopy stuff? I think carrie brings it up because for example really again even in the holidays that follows the same principles we've talked about which is so you've got green bean casserole well here's saying green bean casserole soup you like turkey and ham that's fine turkey and ham are completely saying you want to have some delicious sauteed vegetables for the holidays that's wonderful to you go to a party and there's a spread on the table what you'll usually find is there are non starchy vegetables and then you're going to find some whole food fats in the form of nuts then you gonna find a cheese and meat platter and you're going to find a bunch of other stuff I would recommend eating so many non starchy vegetables so many whole food fats and so many of those nutrient dense veggies that you're just too full for those other insane treats and if you have to bring some of your own st treats to the party work awesome! We're sitting here eating sorry do we have any any thoughts or further questions about the holidays or such? But I think a very common question is traveling and eating when traveling and eating when eating out so a couple things that I personally have found to be very helpful so protein bars often come up there's only one same protein bar I've ever found in the world and it's a brand called quest so quest protein bars what's pretty cool about them is if you look on most protein bars and you look at the ingredients list if we can get down the overhead cam, the ingredients in these protein bars are like a way protein and then a form of prebiotic fiber which again actually helps you to heal your gut bacteria, almonds and then a few other natural ingredients and they have twenty grams of protein and one gram of sugar. I talk about that in particular because there's a lot of protein bars which have significantly more sugar in them than protein. If anything ever claims to be a protein ex bar shake, drink anything it should have at least at least a seven tow one protein to sugar ratio thes bars have a twenty to one protein to sugar ratio, so these these are what I take on the plane when I travel you know carries a real big fan of my favorite beef jerky beef jerky, which is great hard boiled eggs are fabulous to take with you on road trips a little bit tougher on the plane also, just keep in mind that even seafood doesn't have to be hard, right? Ah lot of the most economic ways to eat seafood is canned seafood so we've got canned clams, salmon, tuna, oysters, sardines pop these in your glove compartment you'll never be hungry non starchy vegetables again those air easy breezy department a plastic bag you're good to go avocados are easily transportable nuts are easily transportable and when you eat out again the general guidance is just try to double up on the veggies hold the search just ask your sir I have yet to be two at a restaurant where I just say hold the starch double the veggies and they aren't happy to accommodate and then of course, if you like things like sushi that's not goingto kill you it's like you could never eat sushi again but maybe have half your plate as sashimi and half your plate as sushi just look for ways to dial up the sanity and what most people find is as they go sane or insane or insane er it starts to be self reinforcing, they start to see and feel and experience the results and then they just want to do more the other thing I found is that you, actually, if you I have a treat day or whatever you want to call it anymore if I eat bread now, it just makes me feel so horrible that it just it puts me off from doing it again because I no longer get the same pleasure out of it, and it makes me feel bad. I'm like, well, why? I don't want to feel bad so that it makes it even easier as you do this, it becomes easier and easier to do it, not least the fact because you lose your sweet tooth and bread and started carbohydrates just make you I mean, honestly, by your loaf of bread, you know, I don't want that. So now I eat my make other choices, brian, we would love maybe some suggestions. We were taking a request to sanitize various people's favorite foods so we would love to hit just a couple of those really quick, rapid fire. If you'd like, number one pizza, everyone wants saying pizza, how do you do it? So the crust would be just almond flour based, right? Making almond flour based cross cauliflower or cauliflower based crust? Pasta sauce just as long as it's not sweden with high fructose corn syrup I use marondera sauce almost every day read the label just read the label and make sure again there should be no sugar or thing like sugar on the ingredients let's really? For anything you buy that's added sweeteners and then all the meat suit put on top you can still enjoy and then for the cheese I think we would probably just recommend a just I mean that's that's actually fine. I mean it's not the most saying food in the world but if that's what you got to do, teo, enjoy your life, a white cheese you know, you're the reason I love bela this's the real reason isaiah he once said to me, carry it as much cheese as you need to be happy it's true right that's a source of love right there, no questions but again, I mean the big thing about the pizza's just the crust and again with any sort of baked good you're looking at more of an almond flour or a coconut flour base or using cauliflower to create that those recipes are available only imagine a cheese this version of that biscuit is your pizza base would that make you happy? One thing I forgot, which I think is important to mention that green tea I know jonathan talked about green tea at length yesterday, and I was prepping in my kitchen and listening to this what was going on these sort of green tea, and I'm going you because I hate green tea and it's his confession session hate green tea, I think, yes, I think it tastes foul. The only time I ever drink green tea is when I'm when we're recording a show, and then I just do it because you know, I'll take one for the team because jonathan's watching me, but I really I just can't. So what I do, which I forgot, is the I add the green tea to the smoothie, but no, I don't make it into teeth. You brought the wrong bag and tip a ll the tea leaves in there, and you can get three, three or four bags into one smoothie before it starts to taste anything like green teeth. And obviously, if you're if you're eating the whole bag, you don't need ten, as jonathan suggests if you're making tea, so if you're having a smoothie and you don't like green tea, four bags put the leaves in the smoothie blend the heck out of it your green tea quotient is done for the day hey is normal with most of carrie's discoveries, this is is beyond brilliant. Because what the research shows so there's two forms of green tea there's brewed green tea and there's, a form of tea called matcha green tea, which is actually the entire tea leaf ground into a very, very fouling fine powder. And most studies show that macho green tea accrues mohr health benefits than regular green tea simply because we're getting the entire tea leaf. But macho green tea is very expensive relative, the regular here green tea you know how to make your own macho green tea, put it in a high powered blender, and now you've got your own macho green tea, which is cool that's really cool because I was once in a grocery store and they were doing samples of the macho, and I bought it. This is really expensive, more rapid fire mac and cheese, so I would say that she I mean, you're going to use zoo, del's share taki or any other of our noodle substitutes? Yes, and then do you have a cheese sauce? Is is that there's a resource on my website? Actually it's a recipe for cauliflower cheese, but you can use a basic resource. I've now also since I wrote the suit book, I've been developing sources made entirely off cauliflower, so you can actually cook and blend cauliflower into a source if you add cheese to that I you cannot tell the difference. You can't. It tastes like cheese sauce and it's. All vegetables and it's. Fantastic! I love it. I wouldn't have believed you before this one. Let's. Go with one more when it's personal to me. Chris sants. Someone loves for sants out there. Do we have a saying in the biscuits would be the closest thing to it. You know, in the eighteen months I've been developing recipes, not one person has said three please make me cross on. So I'm gonna have that that yeah, let rest now, you know, and folks that's actually a great example. Like join the smarter science of slim community and make say how dowe I do saying, chris, hans, how do I do saying bagels and that's what we do is we will help you free of charge, sanitize your life. And where can people go do that? So that is the smarter science of slim dot com. But generally speaking, go to calorie myth book, dot com and there's navigation up there that will point you to everything we've got free programs, free recipes, calorie myth book dot com thank you.

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This course if phenomenal! I've been on a 20+ year journey of trying to find the solution that will help me achieve my body goals that I can stick to, without going crazy. I have tried everything (keto, paleo, low fat, weight watchers, dash etc). Jonathan goes over a massive amount of research to help you understand the 'why' of why these diets don't work longterm and how to eat in a way that's sustainable. In addition, I've always struggled with exercise. I was an athlete growing up but as an adult it's been very difficult to find something that I like and will stick to. This exercise methodology is perfect because it's fast, results oriented and doesn't take longer than 15 minutes. I've recommended this course to everyone who asks. It's absolutely brilliant and I'm so, so grateful!

a Creativelive Student

This class was great - I love that it is presented as a framework so you can fit your own personal needs into it. Jonathan exhaustively covers the ideas, examples, and benefits of this strategy for better living.

Amy Seagram

Excellent class!! I've never seen anyone able to talk so much and so knowledgeably on a subject for so long, great job Jonathan! Carrie was the perfect pairing and I can't wait to try her recipes... so simple.