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Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

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S.A.N.E. Exercise Q&A

Jonathan Bailor

Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

Jonathan Bailor

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Lesson Info

22. S.A.N.E. Exercise Q&A

Lesson Info

S.A.N.E. Exercise Q&A

Uh recommended we do for eccentric exercises at home but we have all this equipment at the gym do we still choose for and that go above for it's some people really like exercise for people that really like exercise if they want to do like one of the number one questions I get asked is my calves especially with guys what about arms right onto my bicep curls so the recommended program in the book and that we've talked about here is going to end it's going to either directly or indirectly work every muscle group on your bodies like the pull ups we just did those air activating my biceps that push ups and the chest press are activating my triceps so you are getting arm work you're always getting stabilizer work but of course if you want to add additional exercises you can and you can do them eccentrically but make sure one do them after everything we just covered and two don't don't try less hard on your leg presses because you know you have fifteen mohr exercises to do like there's a psyc...

hological element to this is well where it's I really like training eccentrically because well one it's incredibly time effective but also like if you knew you had to do ten wind sprints just ten sprints on the first sprint you're gonna be like I have nine more to do I'm not gonna push myself as hard as I can but if you know you only have four exercises to do there's a chance that you'll push yourself harder on those for exercises and you would if you knew you had eight however, if you enjoy doing aid exercises and there for different muscle groups like I don't want you doing eight exercises for your legs that's just that should be impossible if the first exercise took you to complete eccentric failure and was a compound movement than activated everything in your legs it is technically fine to do separate fore arm bicep tricep, caf and abdominal work after the other work any questions from their online viewers? We do we have a few people and I can't find your names here I apologize for asking about interval training in a new apartment where you don't have room for exercise equipment do you have any thoughts on interval training without equipment? The good news is that remember the difference between interval training and resistance training is completely superfluous like there really is no difference right when you do interval training on this bike as described your doing this movement with a lot of resistance to do that movement with a lot of resistance you could also just do this right? So something way we're we're told a message about exercise that really causes it to become more complicated than it needs to like your muscles and your muscle fibers the only thing they I care about is did they get activated or not? That's it like it's, like an on off switch? Did the fiber get activated or not? Your muscle fibers don't care if you use the bike your muscle fibers don't care if you use an elliptical your most fibers don't care if you just use your body weight, so as long as you're getting that deep, intense and safe work on your leg muscles, please don't let the absence of equipment deter you and that's what I see you coming in here about also when you're travelling and you're staying in a hotel room similarly, really so for me, I travel a lot, and this has been a so to things that are profoundly helpful about taking a smarter approached extras when traveling one it's one day a week, like if you're doing eccentrics to the maximum intensity you're exercising, you're exercising the way we think about exercise like you should always be active. Take the stairs versus the elevator like that's, all good stuff, but you only need one day per week. So unless you're on a full week trip or a two week trip, just say okay, fly out on sunday on saturday, I'm going to do this. And now I'm set until next saturday so I don't even need to worry about it. So that's a glorious thing number one but if you really need to do these exercises in a hotel room there's some good news squats require no carry on you could do those with no equipment at all pull ups are a little bit harder, however, in new york city, I've been known to do them off of construction scaffolding I could you know you have or you can just take heavy resistance bands in your bag. You get a set of three, I think they're thirty, forty and fifty pounds of resistance from amazon you could put it in your carry on they way a total of maybe five pounds altogether. Those are going to give you a bunch of great resistance and so that will give you your your your back rose your chest can be done just with your body weight and your shoulders could be done with the resistance bands like this. Right and again, you might not be able to do the full like one armed versus two arms, but you can at least what you would traditionally do is this. How many can I do? How many can I do right like that's? The mind set is I did twenty when your goal is quantity like think of them, the motivation is to make this movement as easy as possible. The way you make this movement as easy as possible is to like, cheat and use momentum and to not activate muscle fibers if your goal isn't quantity but rather quality here's how you would innately knew this, it becomes much more like a yoga pose, or almost like pallotti's with the resistance and your breathing and it's calming and it's intense. But it's controlled it's a quality movement, not a frantic quantity movement, right? That was a huge kind of ah ha moment for me that, like if you're trying to do as many as you can, the goal is to make it as easy as it as japan, which is the opposite of the point of exercise. I love that that was awesome! Thank you one and that's. Why sets and reps can be really just a distraction like if you do fifteen push ups like this it's nothing, but if your focus is on, just activating your chest muscles, you'll naturally say what's the hardest point of the movement. Let me hold that right awesome! We actually had my eye on who asked, how could you do smarter yoga smart so the good news is yoga is smarter exercise intrinsically yoga really mean yoga is for anyone who this really you're just like what like this does not make sense take a yoga class I just take a yoga class we'll get into this in the next segment but our my overall recommendation around research and what I see's me around exercise and what the research shows is that one way to think about all of the available exercise options is theirs yoga pallotti's tied she like restorative activities over here and then there's things like e centric training, which are sort of very intense and then there's all the conventional stuff, which is this medium middle of the roads of things we're all told to spend our time here in the middle where the research shows the actual benefits are are on either end of the spectrum, so I personally have done yoga for over a decade I find it to be amazing way to balance the tightening of your musculature that you'll be doing during resistance training within a lengthening and a stretching so yoga is like, you know, uh I'm not going to a yoga pose here on on stage, but what yoga generally is is you know you you find a position and you hold it and if you think about find a position, hold it, just add resistance awesome and actually that kind of brings up a question from kathy who says it sounds like by doing these exercises I would be sore ah lot! I don't like feeling sore and he recommendations are surrounding soreness, things you can do on the days that you're not doing your training maybe or just things to avoid in the first place. Sane eating is great for soreness if you're not eating enough protein in your diet and you're not eating enough healthy fats that's really not going to help soreness? There are some very specific tactics you can take to minimise muscular soreness, though the first is and the type of protein I'm describing his intentional here way protein so way protein immediately before exercise I mean immediately like right before exercise, and if you go to the gym, take it with you and you could just leave the powder in a shaker and then add water at the gym whatever you want, as soon as you finish exercising as soon as you finish another dose of way protein and when I say dose, I mean again about thirty grams way approaching is unique in that is one of the most biologically available and quickly metabolized proteins in the world. It also has a relatively high insula genic effect, which means it releases a decent amount of insulin in your body put those two things together, and when your muscles have just been worked there kind of like sponges, they're like I need repair way protein is deep today here I can't wait protein I am just I'm in there I'm helping you recover I mean this is actually a great experiment don't use way protein and work out then use way protein before and after and see how you feel it is literally it will be pretty transformational you still want to be sore like you you're going to be sore if you're doing it right you're gonna be sore but you can minimize the soreness by using way protein two things I think what that what that question brought up for me was that, um there's some fear involved there and that sort of resistance tio taking a look at why is it that we don't exercise or exercise smart or what have you to me because I totally resonate with that well I don't want to be sore tomorrow it's like x in it excuse whereas we're learning why way want to be sore and kinda one thing that's that's helpful in in that senses I personally believe like we should all be seeking to grow as people in every sense of the word it doesn't mean become bulky but it does mean become strong become more capable become mohr able to face the challenges of the world when you're sore it's kind of like if you just had a day at work we're like man that was a good day but my brain hurts and I'm going to sleep well and I know that I left it all on the field like I was my best self today when you wake up in your sore what you did yesterday counted you did something you changed your body yesterday and you feel those results if you wake up and you're not sore it's kind of like well you could probably couldn't use that hour for something else right? So sometimes if you can see that that meaning behind the soreness that can help it maybe not hurt so much as well and I mean to me it kind of goes back to the point that you've been making throughout this which is that um this is how human beings are naturally supposed to be is this you know active able to do these things isn't something that we should have to work at to figure out how to do this is the natural state of the human body and so doing this is basically bringing us back to the state that we're not that kind of modern life that civilisation had and the kind of false education has instilled in us yes absolutely and oh cathy did you question sir I found a lot of people find I think when they're hormonally clogged and they're starving at the same time they're adding fat and shutting down they don't want to exercise they're trying to but once you get you start eating sanely um you feel a lot more psychologically and physically able to exercise I just want to do more because you're not starving to death anymore cathy I'm so happy you brought that up and in fact people we talked about this on day one people often think that in activity leads to obesity with the research actually shows is the opposite that obesity leads to in activity the form of metabolic dysfunction that causes fat gain also causes lethargy like it just causes your body to want to expend less energy and when you're tired it's much harder to move but when you're energized it's almost impossible not to move so it's great any other questions for the web yeah great question because you started to talk about the way protein and around exercise we did have a number of questions including from truth blue bob should we do exercises before or after eating and there is there anything specific we should eat on the days that we exercise because could you go into that a little bit more absolutely so if you are eccentrically training correctly and you're doing smarter intervals correctly eating anything besides away protein shake immediately beforehand will not work out well just like you will quickly learn that that is not a good approach because you will be so intensely working at having food in your stomach is not helpful however the post meal is very important you wanna make sure you're taken in protein really just saying things but mohr easily digested st substances so away protein is good egg white protein very bought biologically available protein is good training days should are really not that different than any other days in a sane and eccentric lifestyle the one so I'm going toe this this I'm hesitant to say this but it's what the research shows so I'm going to share it with you if you ever need to go insane like if you really just want to go insane and have a sugary treat, there is one time when that might be not only ok but possibly good in some sense of the word and that's immediately after intense resistance training if you do it with protein because part of the reason we don't like aggressive foods like let's say gummy bears I wouldn't recommend gummy bears for this I'd recommend using fruits and whole fruits but let's say you just like oh my gosh, I love gummy bears I never want to give up gummy bears and there's no saying gummy bears although there probably are gummi bears sweetened with zyla tall somewhere on the internet let's say I don't want it I will only eat gummy bears sweden with sugar there was one time of the week we're eating gummy bears sweetened with sugar well do something dramatically different in your body and something that is potentially even helpful and that's if you just did a very intense weight training routine and you consume gummy bears along with away protein shake the insulin spike caused by the gummy bears will actually aid muscle repair they're still not good for you but it's like if you have to go insane if you must go insane do it immediately after your once a week e centric training it's not to reward yourself but this is just and just you know anecdotally like in bodybuilding or in fitness communities it's very common to do things like drink grape juice which as we know has a massive amount of sugar in it after exercise with an easily digested protein to help with this muscle reparation so don't do that but if you have to that would be the time to do it well suzanne I know you had some questions about exercise which I think may be helpful for us to share now if you don't mind with the resistance I was just wondering if you go thirty six you know what's the thirty second mark for could you go fifteen with the lower resistance or high are waiting fifteen with the high resistance or longer with a lower resistance yeah and I love that question because it gets to another question which is jonathan how much resistance should I use and people can sometimes get stuck and you say I can't do this because I don't know how much resistance to use remember that resistance your resistance he's determined by how long you're able to do the exercise so when our example here we talked about yesterday or today fifteen seconds to ninety seconds for the intervals dictates what setting on the bike you want to do generally I'd same or towards thirty or sixty but even for example let's say you're doing squats and last week with with um all you did was keep your legs even you had a chair behind you and you went down for ten seconds and then helped yourself up you went down for ten seconds and at the end of it like when imagine there's a chair behind me at ten seconds on repetition six you had to sit on the chair and take a break because you weren't coming back up it's timeto add resistance like if the next week so you reached complete eccentric failure at second ten on repetition six if the next time you do this you do the same amount of resistance and on second ten of repetition six you can come up you've gotten stronger or if you could say well I'm at fifteen seconds and I don't need to go down you have to continue to add resistance this may seem somewhat obvious for some some viewers but resistance is never fixed in fact you should always be increasing resistance think about your muscles a bit like your brain imagine trying tow tow learn like make your brain smarter so you learn algebra if you want to become smarter than you move on to geometry, then you move on to calculus you like you have to continue to challenge your brain to develop your body, you need to do the same thing. You need to continue to add resistance and to continue to challenge yourself. So ah bike or anything for smarter interval training is a great example. What you might want to do is take no april fifteenth that's a fun april fifteenth tax day, april fifteenth you did exercise to de stress because your taxes were due and you say, you know, I did thirty seconds, five times on this resistance level the next time you do this, you should be able to increase that resistance just a little bit on the next time, just a little bit and the next time just a little bit, and actually, if you're not able to, it probably means you shouldn't do the exercise that day because your body hasn't had time to not only recover, but to become stronger, and that is the point of what we're doing it's to become stronger, so if you can't do more, that actually means you might be training too frequently and not giving your body time to overcompensate and fully recover, so we have a lot of people's we start talking about way and, um is again asking about what kinds of way do you have any recommendations? I saw anything near what were the terms russ way protein concentrate versus isolate. Thank you. I was talking about and what are those? First of all? Because it was like me? You don't know. So and secondly, what do your recommendation so there's three so first, be very careful there's with any product I mean way protein is a product so it's quickly easy to get trapped in this like my way protein khun beat up your way protein argument there's way protein hide rossa late we protein isolate way protein concentrate my recommendation like yes way protein high drive your hide ross elated way protein isolated, pure form of way it is more easily digested it's for example, it one hundred not that you should do this, but a hundred grams serving of way protein isolate may have ninety grams of protein it like it's, a more pure form of protein, whereas a concentrated may only have seventy or eighty. That said, the number one things to look for in your way approaching our one shortest ingredients list possible because you're going to see a bunch of and a lot of ways you're going to see a bunch of words you can't pronounce and then look at the sugar to protein ratio this is critical because just like with the protein bars like we talked about quest bars of the bars we recommend because they're high in protein and fiber there's a twenty tow one protein to sugar ratio way protein should be similar there should be at least a ten toe, one protein to sugar ratio, so if you flip over the bag one look at the ingredients list. If it's super long and you can't pronounce the words, skip it and then look at grams of protein per serving and then look at sugar per serving if, for example, sugar is ten grams and protein is thirty grams that's a three to one protein to sugar ratio thats not good if it's thirty grams of protein and three grams of sugar that's good wait concentrate is the most economical I think it's going to be the most bang for your buck? I think the marginal cost versus marginal benefit going beyond way protein concentrate if you have the money it's fine, but if you don't concentrate the way to go really quick just because there have been a lot of I like to do this activity, how do I increased resistance? I have to do this activity so I would actually you don't mind because this is something that I'm learning to esso somebody asked how to increase resistance and make stair climbing amauri centric activity so let me see if this is correct the things that you've taught are that you want to do it slowly you want teo pause at the hardest point so basically my thought is that you would as you are walking down the stairs you know, kind of like slowly lower yourself down as slow as you can and then like right at the most difficult part hold it for a longer possible my right absolutely so yeah on a stair step you would just do we cannot give all these years so if you were on stairs right traditional I mean, these are obviously not appropriate stairs to do this on but you would yet like you're talking about, it would just be a you know, slowly lowering down slowly lowering down. It would be more difficult to add resistance climbing upstairs but you could with a weight vest or with dumbbells and that would be a long as you're not running up the stairs if you were slowly walking upstairs with a weight vest strapped on or with dumbbells in your hands that would also be a way to do it great. So that is the challenge than for everybody principles the principles are there you apply them to whatever it is you like to do exactly and that's how it works, we love it that is how you take the information and make it your life

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