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S.A.N.E. Lifestyle Testimonials

Lesson 25 from: Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

Jonathan Bailor

S.A.N.E. Lifestyle Testimonials

Lesson 25 from: Eat More, Exercise Less & Lose Weight

Jonathan Bailor

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25. S.A.N.E. Lifestyle Testimonials

Lesson Info

S.A.N.E. Lifestyle Testimonials

Catherine martell dr cathi so come back on stage come on so I have to let folks know we actually didn't plan that that last segment so that was amazing why, thank you it was fun it was absolutely so cathy, you've been you've been on the same train here for quite some time and I'm so honored to have you here when your physician you've been I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you've been practicing medicine I believe for longer than I've been alive. Ah, yes s o I'm so honored to have you here in supporting this program. So can you tell us a little bit about your you're saying an eccentric journey? Well, um I was fine actually, nobody who's overweight really gets or particularly obese ever gets into medical school. So um I was pretty normal in size quite fit athletic and and finished medical school and met my husband on dh then um started having babies and after my second a son was born uh well, during the pregnancy I had some diabetes cem gestational diabetes so my blood sugar went...

up on that was that was strange, I thought but went back down but I that weight never came off after he was born and I started running and I went on a low calorie diet, but I was still you know, pretty pretty chunky after that point so I really kind of got serious and I was you know, in my twenties thirties at that early thirties at that point about your age and um uh working very hard in my job and being mom um not much sleep a night because, um you know babies up and this kind of thing and then going to work so um then uh my blood pressure started coming up so I had to go on a blood pressure mattis and a cz hardass I was working and I decrease my shiver and decrease my starch but mostly decreased my fat because that was what I was told was really important to prevent heart disease so not much meat meet on leah's a condiment and maybe a few vegetables but mostly whole grains you know, lots of oatmeal so um went on and I kept putting on about two or three pounds a year and just, um going along working very hard then I'd be developed hyper lipid e mia so they gave me statins and I took those for about five years and then I woke up one morning I could not lift my head off the pillow so very, very sick with a muscle problem from the stantons so stop taking those and went on and on and on and by uh I guess really two thousand ten I was significantly I was obese, I was wearing a size twenty w I was going to the jew mme five to six days a week I had terrible arthritis, my hips were very sore there's a struggle to get upstairs because there's so much hip pain so I would work out on the elliptical and keep going and going and trying harder. And then I read in the french literature that a vegan diet might decrease and it does significantly decrease joint inflammation it's a kind of banana inflammatory vegan so I went vegan uh, about four years ago, and I was on a very low calorie about a thousand calories a day vegan diet, working with a dietician we're here with a trainer at the jim cape and listening to every sammy's, continuing medical education on obesity and taking three blood pressure medicines on dh working so hard in a way that elliptical I just I see a cartoon of myself just going on this way going and going and then so, you know, life was going along, I was managing, I'm cold tired, but you know, I'm pretty cool I could do this on one of things and you might ask, why did you keep doing this when you were I mean, I wasn't yuri away, I was just gaining about a pound the year in spite of all of this in spite of all of this why did you keep doing it? Cathy well, all the courses that I went to said that this is the way to go and now you say courses you mean the status quo for a few? Yeah, the accredited physicians medical education so I was doing all the things that I thought if on ly I did it better I would finally lose the weight and so I get on the scale every morning no changes have been wrong with you must be something wrong with me and I was kind of embarrassed as a physician to because doctors are not supposed to be overweight I mean it's really not a cool strength of character kind of thing. So and why did I keep doing it? Because I was terrified that if I stopped dieting and stopped exercising like that, I would balloon up and suddenly weigh four hundred pounds. Uh, I was definitely afraid of becoming horrendously morbidly obese. So that's what kept me doing it? Okay, so then one day in february of two thousand twelve yeah, it's only about only about eighteen months ago little over that I saw you on the evening news during your push ups and make a making jean anderson do her present I kind of scratched my head and and you know that really makes sense so I bought the book smarter science of slim and I read it you know it can't hurt to give this a try well I started feeling a lot better um actually after a couple weeks on end um I didn't really lose weight until I was about no six weeks into it and then just started and I was looking at the scale every day now when am I going to lose a pound doesn't just work grumble grumble but all of a sudden my clothes started being a lot looser and I started feeling better I started sleeping better I started being warm in the afternoon um I started laughing a lot more being a lot less stressed so that's the story and so on a bunch of sizes later I've taken trips to the goodwill and I trade in my clothes because I'm not ready to buy an expensive clothes yet because I'm still losing and that's eighteen months later eighteen months later I'm still I'm still losing a about if you need to talk about pounds I've lost about forty five pounds uh totally and I'm still losing about a pound a month and gaining it's a muscle even though I'm sixty seven years old and old ladies are not supposed to be able to gain muscle I'm still getting stronger so it's cool and I think kathy what's cruelest about it is as we can all see like you do not I mean you you act and live like a thirty year old I mean this is your your example and your radiance is under like calm and you know not excitable it all I have to tell you this other thing that's really so cool my husband I'm going very do this wonderful man he was also a dock for we met during internship for forty years okay? And and he tolerated he said the dark days of veganism I would make two males one for him and one for you and now he's eating saying these man we're eating so well I just love this and so it's like we have a, uh wonderful um non diet and people people tell me oh yeah you look so good you know you are you must be working really hard at this I said for the first time in thirty years I am not working hardly at all it's like you're on autopilot almost it seems yeah exactly. Well so it's pretty cool john that's I'm so I'm thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your example and I know you've touched the lives of so many as you've touched my own so thank you very much dr kathy tell everybody thank you and up next jim solo ladies and gentlemen what's up all right jim will I had amazing good fortune of jim was kind enough to record a video and and his stories is featured in the calorie meth book because it is one that is, is it crosses many generations, and I'm so excited to share it with us today, I will. First of all, I'm not going to talk about losing weight. I'm not going to talk about exercise because that's really been covered, but I found two amazing things I did lose, I believe, roughly thirty pounds of fat and I gained maybe ten to fifteen pounds of mussels I never really kept track, but my pants kept falling off my ass, so I guess that was a good site. The second thing I did mention it, I didn't know what to do. I exercise twenty to thirty minutes a week as opposed to going to the gym three to four hours a week, and I found that amazing that I started putting on muscle for one of the first times in my life, so those are the immediate benefits, but today I'm going to talk about heart disease and the genetic factor in my family, and it all started in nineteen fifty nine I had a telephone call to go to our local hospital dad's there he's having a heart attack, and so I drove over the christmas it's not having a heart attack he's thirty nine years old looked healthy as a horse I get there and he actually died while I was in the room terrible for sixteen year old to go through that s o I started to understand what heart diseases but nobody had any good information and everyone says don't worry by the time you're thirty nine years old I'll be advanced enough that they'll fix the disease so thirty nine birthday gets what we did I had a birthday cake I made it five months later guess what happened I had a heart attack I made it five months longer than my father and was pretty serious but the good news is my father didn't make it I did make it they have made advances in fact the very next day after my heart attack they said we don't keep people in bed anymore we get up and walk around so they took me out of bed and we opened the door to leave the cardiac unit walked right through the smoking that was this's nineteen eighty three by the way yesterday was the thirtieth anniversary of that of it uh so I found out that one of things I could not do was any aerobic exercise if I could run a block that was significant and the reason wass and I learned this over time is that my ability the heart attack was in the left ventricle and that's the workhorse of the heart it pushes the blood to the body so your ventricle pushes let's say sixty two sixty five something mine was pushing twenty five to thirty something half of what you could do s o life goes on and about two thousand six I started get up I have to sit down I get dizzy spells didn't know what it was but I was going to a cardiologists and short story is, uh I was having a tax of ventricular tech a cardio that's when my weekend left ventricle tonho was beating somewhere between one hundred fifty to two hundred beats per minute if it goes over two hundred beats per minute you're in uh fibrillation relation is when you need a different here so they're text became so frequent we actually was passing out on five and I called my cardiologists and he said stop the car go to the hospital I saw the hospital up on the hill this is a hell I could drive so I drove to the hospital they tested may I was in nonstop and strickler tack a cardio they did every tube on my body every every every cell thing I thought that was the end and I was on ly sixty two years sixty to sixty three years old and uh uh the next day they did a bypass they found out that two of my arteries were one hundred percent included and I said well how my living he says I had great collateral because I did high intensity exercise so we did the bypass and I never fully recovered from the bypass and this is going on year after year I have massive of frequent episodes of ventricular tachycardia they went to one electrophysiology ist after another they gave me one drug after another nothing was working I finally went to a naturopathic doctor she said take coenzyme q ten so I did one hundred milligrams two hundred milligrams, three hundred milligrams and all of a sudden I really started feeling better but the tachycardia never went away and then I'm I'm up two o'clock more to talk about sleep I didn't sleep I was so worried about I was no day the next day I did a lot of research I studied stanton drugs and this is well staten drugs could impact my heart but they did cause muscle weakness then the magic moment came in yoga instructor said we're goingto work on the heart today the most hardest working muscle in the body isis duh the heart is a muscle staten drugs cause muscle deterioration my heart is deteriorating because of stanton drug that simple so I stopped the statin drug I started to feel better and mike went to my think this is number four electro physiologist never could help and I told him I started to feel better but we had planned surgery on my left venture called and I says I want to cancel that he says no it's not the krister krister is not doing I says yes it is and we had this smiling argument back reports and I said one of things they did is they gave me a defibrillator is right in here that saved my life several times and I said check it out he says they can find out how many bad episodes I've had they can count him and he said, yeah yeah there they are going down and so he says what you want to do next I'll be back here in thirty days and sure enough they went down dramatically thirty days later now when I go see him he says well, doctors solo it's new in cardiology and by the way he's checking his other patients he has found more patients that have heart failure due teo crestar I should say standing drugs in general so let's try and make this a little bit quicker the attacks of ventricular tachycardia were almost gone by the way there was so bad at times they had a crawl to the bathroom I could not walk um they're almost gone but I I didn't have any energy and I had this unbelievable gut from all the medications they were giving me I'm off all meds now by the way and I said I don't know what to do I was always I was a gay just like you I was skinny all my life now all of a sudden because of the drugs I'm significantly overweight and then again I saw jonathan on tv and I says, I got to give this a try and I immediately bought the e book I finished reading in two days and what amazing thing that's happened? I'm in the process of losing weight, but I started getting my energy back and it was profound I mean, I I would just know my metabolism is so low I had had to turn the electric blanket on high and I'm still cold, but all this suddenly started feel better and it wasn't it didn't take two to three weeks two days, three years later and feeling better it's amazing because my definition of taken uh green vegetables wass an iceberg lettuce salad once a day and my idea idea I've taken fruit eating fruit wass a tall glass of orange juice, which is worse than drinking a tall glass of coke. The amazing thing is that within twelve months I had lost ninety percent of the weight uh my exercise tolerance was dramatic um my energy level um I'm going to say is better than pre forty I just I go like the energizer bunny I mean I've got it all I think we could tell her knocking a roll on and just again eighteen months ago I looked like death warmed over I felt like death warmed over and my wife who is in our end said tom mason's that urine that spiral of death you have to take care of yourself she sees it all the time one major illness leads to another leads to another leads to another so here are the numbers you want numbers I've got numbers for you my blood pressure prior to smarter science of slim without drugs was one fifty over one hundred really bad that's why I was on drugs today. No drugs. My blood pressure is one ten sixty five on a normal basis. It's probably high right now because I'm kind of active. Um my cholesterol um after I stopped taking the statin drugs a whopping three twenty five today my cholesterol is down to two forty five to forty two forty five but my good guys the hdl are like eighty so my bed guys air really like one sixty which is close to normal, but the whole point here is cholesterol does not cause heart disease and how's the ticker with ticker is fine it's just sixty feet per minute standard that rest one other thing about the cholesterol is that the real measurement of bad cholesterol is what they called the small particle and the range for small particle you know when they take your chest is like eight to twenty my number is so low it's too and so these are the small particles these are the bad guys really bad guys, I really don't have any and what gives you the what increases your small cholesterol low density are these guys over here it's the area cookies and the pasta in the flour and all that crap over there that's the real cause of heart disease what other number do I have? We talked about blood pressure cholesterol jim my personal take is that no number can encapsulate a man who it sounds like was a cz your wife put it on a downward spiral to death who is? I might have to be like carrie brown and real you in here because your energy is just so far away. Uh oh I had sleep apnea gone right so my good friend rich who lives in long branch his sleep apnea yep rich was also extremely overweight but how do you go up to a friend and save rich? I've got the solution for you to lose forty pounds, right? You don't do it but I did talk with rich about sleep apnea because he also had a heart attack which was prevented by a step so we wade had a lot of conversations we met quite a few times since being an s o s he lost forty pounds his a fib went to insignificant episodes number of episodes his sleep apnea he doesn't use his cpic anymore he sleeps fine and and he help a sister out who had very similar issues and she lost forty pounds amazing! So it is amazing it does work well but you know, you talk about losing weight and exercising less and I talk about reducing the negative impacts of heart disease and I'll probably get another ten to fifteen years thanks to you. Well, jim, it is such a pleasure and I know you saving your life sounds like is causing people to have their lives saved and I couldn't thank you any well I want I want it to be no thatis the west is really what did it for me so thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you so much on last but certainly not least let's bring back up the amazing karen brown ladies and welcome back to the stage I have no table to protect. So carrie tell us about you know about me just sanity and east interested e so I am I was born a naturally thin person and I spent probably the first twenty seven years being just eating all of this british versions a cz matters I wanted I did do ballet at the ballet for seventeen years, so I think that probably helped, but I ate whatever I wanted, inasmuch as I wanted, and I have a huge appetite, as jonathan will attest on dh stayed a size, whatever eight in england, which is like a to here, so I was tiny ninety six pounds, soaking wet and on dh then one day when I was twenty seven and I don't know what happened, but I woke up one morning and I looked in the mirror and I went, what happened to my body? Because that's it just suddenly stopped working like it had all that all that time, and I didn't put on a ton of white, but gradually over the years, even though I wasn't doing anything different, I was exercising the same. I was eating the same gradually year after year, a little bit more weight, a little bit more weight, a little bit more and then, um, fast forward a few years, and it got to the point where I had a muffin top that I had grown to hate, and I just was frustrated that it didn't matter what I did, I couldn't lose weight, I couldn't make a difference, I felt like I wasn't in control of my body anymore, so I went to the doctor and I said, I can't lose weight there must be something wrong is my thyroid off? Is something's going on because doesn't matter what I do? I cycle you know, I cycled ten miles a day, I eat nothing but lettuce, I just I've done that for three months nothing is working and my doctor said to me that it was just thermodynamics, which is calories in versus calories our iii if you eat less calories and do and exert more calories, you you have to lose weight that's how it works and I said, but I've been doing this and it doesn't and he said here's, what you do? He said, you go away for ten days and you drink slim fast that's all just drinks them fast for ten days, exercise the same and you'll lose ten pounds and then you'll feel like you have control over your body and then you know, you're stopping this crazy woman talking about muffin top and so I went away because I'm very good with instructions. I went away and I tranq slipping fast, so I was consuming about four hundred fifty calories a day and exercising the same my ten miles on the bike every day and ten days later I went back, I was exactly the same way hadn't lost one pound and I said to the doctor, there's something wrong? I've done this and nothing's happened and he said it's thermodynamics calories in percy's, calories out and I was like, you're fired because I just feel it when I repeatedly told him, but I did this and it didn't work. How can you? How can you stand there and tell me that it's just the most eminent? Because clearly my cat could tell you that that's something else going on anyway? So I fired him and I watched a few I had some time off work, and I watched a few videos hungry for change and some other this unpopular food videos, food inc and I started to poke around on the internet on dh reached off and a short while after that I was getting very frustrated and a mutual friend. We did not know each other at the time, but a mutual friend posted on facebook, thie opening the pre read of the first chapter of jonathan's first book, the smarter science of slim and the title grab me the title wass no it's what I think it was calories in calories out doesn't boil something like I was trapped. If I say that I saw this little thing on facebook with, you know, calories in calories out is stupid or something like that and I went, oh, I can't sleep on my ready and I knew that that was the answer I just knew and so on somehow I'm not sure how now somehow I found help that jonathan worked at microsoft and I e mailed him and I said I have to meet you and this was before the book came out so jonathan was not, you know, buried in you know, every the world wanting to meet him and so he said, ok, so we met and I said I cannot wait this was in october maybe late september and I said I can not wait until general when the book comes out you have to give me a copy now because I can't just read this one chapter on I know this is what I need and I know this is it don't make me wait. So so he sent me the entire book on pdf which I went home and nearly broke my little intricate printer print in the whole thing off and know that I cannot ever do that again a lot of trouble and well I'm but I did pay because I went to amazon pre paid for it so I paid for and then he said with a pdf so I didn't get it for free on I got the pbs and I read it in a couple of days and that that changed my life because it within two weeks I have lost ten pounds but more importantly my muffin top disappeared in ten days and I know it sounds like one of those crazy miraculous stories and if it hadn't have happened to me, I would never have believed if someone else was going oh yeah, I wouldn't have believed it, but it it did literally ten days later, my muffin talk had gone and life's been great and what I find so inspirational kerry, is that not only have you obviously kept up this this amazing success story, but the way you've done it, like you're eating delicious foods, you're not living in the gym and you're not only again, you are such a great example of taking the power that science can give you in the empowerment and then empowering others with that and like letting your example in your success inspire the success and others. And I came in that's like, thank you so much for that it's. Amazing. Well, if for anyone that listens to our podcast, you'll know that I hate exercise and I love food, so eat more, always going to be a winner for me. I mean, it was just right there, and so it's kind of blossomed. Now, if this is what I do, I create sane recipes that I hope will will help and encourage people to know that they can live this lifestyle that it's not difficult, that there's nothing about deprivation you don't have to give stiff up stuff up, you just have to do it smarter and so I've now that's every waking minute when I'm not paying the mortgage is working with jonathan on tryingto help the world eat smarter and live better we'll carry when the fact that you spend every waking moment doing nothing less than helping people too live longer and happier lives is such a noble existence. And thank you so much for that it's just amazing! So I'm honored. Thank you have you on the team? It's? Uh, it's been a great two years. Thank you. Thank you, karen brown. Everybody right? Well, one more slide after I think one more data point. I think I prepared over a thousand slides for these two days, so leave it so my neck is a little so dusk time. So, um, just obviously in summary, when we eat mohr but smarter, we provide our body with more nutrients, more satisfaction, less effective calories, less clogged. This gives us more need to burn fat. Then we exercise less smarter that promotes more helpful hormones, and then we have more time for everything else. This gives us the ability to burn fat, and because it's sustainable and simple and inspiring and enjoyable, we have the ability to do it forever. I I had really have no words that can match the words you've heard from the amazing people we've talked to, and all I can say to close is that give it twenty one days like for twenty one days just live smarter, and the next twenty one years of your life at minimum will be so much better and maybe even more importantly, the lives of those you love like that's the biggest part of this it's, not about the number on the scale, it's, not even about how many pant sizes you lose like that is all gonna happen. You're going to heal your heart, you're going to be it a wonderful shining example. You're going toe changed the lives of others, but as you start when you, when your existence starts to empower other people, this will not become a burden to you. It will become a blessing because you will start to see a meaning in your life. You're eating your exercise, your example that inspires you mohr than any number on any scale ever could. And as you change your life, you will give people the permission to change their own life, and I'm so excited to be able to share with you some some tools that will hopefully help you to do that, so thank you so much for joining us.

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This course if phenomenal! I've been on a 20+ year journey of trying to find the solution that will help me achieve my body goals that I can stick to, without going crazy. I have tried everything (keto, paleo, low fat, weight watchers, dash etc). Jonathan goes over a massive amount of research to help you understand the 'why' of why these diets don't work longterm and how to eat in a way that's sustainable. In addition, I've always struggled with exercise. I was an athlete growing up but as an adult it's been very difficult to find something that I like and will stick to. This exercise methodology is perfect because it's fast, results oriented and doesn't take longer than 15 minutes. I've recommended this course to everyone who asks. It's absolutely brilliant and I'm so, so grateful!

a Creativelive Student

This class was great - I love that it is presented as a framework so you can fit your own personal needs into it. Jonathan exhaustively covers the ideas, examples, and benefits of this strategy for better living.

Mila Petruk

It is the first time that I really want to leave a review on Creative Live. The course has touched me, although I am not new to the topic. But the ability of a knowledgeable person to base his lifestyle advice on science, his energy and wisdom are amazing. Thank you!

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