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Bonus: Impossible Things AI Plugin

Lesson 8 from: Editing and Organizing your Photography in Lightroom Classic

Jared Platt

Bonus: Impossible Things AI Plugin

Lesson 8 from: Editing and Organizing your Photography in Lightroom Classic

Jared Platt

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8. Bonus: Impossible Things AI Plugin

<b>In this lesson you will learn about an example AI Plugin called Impossible Things that will adjust your images from within Lightroom Classic in seconds. This is only one of many AI plugins that can make your adjustments for you.&#160; Learn how to make use of these plugins.</b>


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Bonus: Impossible Things AI Plugin


Lesson Info

Bonus: Impossible Things AI Plugin

1 Now, before we go into the develop module 2 and start working on these images, 3 I'm going to show you kind of a bonus tip. 4 This is a new AI tool that's been around for about a year 5 and it is built into Lightroom. 6 You have to install the plug-in, 7 but it's an AI tool that allows you to have Lightroom 8 adjust the images based on AI. 9 So it's gonna actually go through and adjust all the images 10 and get them really close to done inside of Lightroom, 11 which is really cool. 12 Now, it is a plug-in that costs money 13 and it does it based on how many images you adjust 14 on a given month, so there's different plans, 15 and you can look at it and figure it out later. 16 But I'm gonna show you this plug-in 17 because it's pretty cool. 18 It's called Impossible Things. 19 And Impossible Things, you plug it in, 20 it's going to exist inside of the File menu 21 in the Plug-in Extras area. 22 And then once you've installed it, 23 you'll find three options in this Impossible Things...

area. 24 So there's edit photos, custom tuning, 25 and then there's account information 26 and all that kind of stuff. 27 So, I'm gonna click on Edit Photos. 28 When I click on Edit Photos, 29 oh, I only have one selected, 30 so I just canceled. 31 I gotta highlight all of them. 32 So I'm gonna highlight all of my images, 33 and then I'm gonna go to File, Plug-in Extras, 34 and then go to Edit Photos from Impossible Things. 35 And I'm going to get a little popup menu. 36 And that popup menu, and this is great 37 'cause I don't have to leave Lightroom to do this. 38 So on the left-hand side you will see 39 that it has Cloud Styles Basic. 40 You can choose any of their styles or their preset folders, 41 or you can go down and choose your preset folders. 42 So you can see that I've got JP Curves Collection. 43 These are my presets and when I click on that, 44 I can choose any of my presets 45 that are in my curve collection, 46 or I can choose theirs. 47 Now, the advantage of choosing the presets 48 that come installed with this Impossible Things 49 is that they have these little check boxes next to 'em, 50 which mean that they are fine tuned specifically 51 for the Impossible Things AI. 52 So I can choose classic black and white, 53 classic, deep black, film, matte, et cetera. 54 So I'm just gonna choose classic. 55 I'm gonna do a basic style, or I can choose premium, 56 and then I can choose some kind of a style 57 from here as well. 58 And you can kind of just play around with them. 59 The first time you do this, if you, 60 and in fact every time you do this, 61 but the first time you do this, 62 select like three or four images 63 that are different from each other 64 and then run it through one of these presets. 65 And then, if you do the same four images 66 again and again and again within 24-hour period, 67 it'll, for free, it'll let you redo 'em 68 over and over and over again until you figure out 69 which one you really like. 70 Once you know which one you like, 71 then you can go, you can use that one constantly. 72 And I would suggest that you don't move back and forth 73 between one or the other. 74 The goal of an AI featured adjustment process 75 is to get you in the zone really quickly 76 so that you can then do the rest of the work really quickly. 77 I'm gonna go to the Cloud Styles 78 and I'm just gonna use Classics. 79 So I'm just going to the basics. 80 I have some options. 81 I can use Perceptive Cropping, Adaptive Noise Reduction, 82 I can use Perceptive Straightening 83 and I can also use Adaptive Lens Correction. 84 So I like the idea of the Adaptive Lens Correction. 85 I'm a big fan of getting rid of some of that stuff. 86 I like the idea of straightening. 87 The Perceptive Cropping is interesting. 88 I'm going to leave it on 89 just so that we can see what it does. 90 I think it does a pretty good job at it. 91 I don't need to do the Adaptive Noise Reduction, 92 so I'm gonna turn that off. 93 The other two options is AI Enhanced Subject 94 and AI Enhanced Retouch. 95 So, do I want to retouch and do I want to do enhancement? 96 No, I don't. 97 It's, you can certainly do that, 98 but my experience is that every time AI tools 99 try and do like an AI enhanced subject, 100 they go a little overboard with it. 101 I don't think that they go too overboard with it, 102 but a little bit too much for my taste. 103 So, plus I can do this really fast. 104 And that's part of what we're gonna teach you how to do 105 here inside of Lightroom Classic in this workshop, 106 is how to do these kind of things really fast on your own. 107 So you don't necessarily need AI to do this. 108 What you really want AI to do is all of this other stuff, 109 adjust the photo, do a little crop, 110 do a little straightening, 111 and in this case, I'm gonna add a little lens correction. 112 So, but I really just want it to do the adjustments 113 and some cropping because that's what really takes the time. 114 So, once I've done that, I'm going to, 115 it shows me what it's gonna cost. 116 Now I already have credits. 117 I have 10,000 credits available to me, 118 so I'm going to use 240 of 'em. 119 So it's not gonna cost me anything 120 'cause I already have the credits available. 121 And with Impossible Things, 122 you have different levels of commitment. 123 You can pay as you go, you can pay once a month, 124 you can pay a monthly fee for unlimited amounts, 125 there's different plans. 126 And I'm gonna hit Proceed. 127 Now, I'm just gonna back outta here 128 and watch this thing roll. 129 So it's happening right now 130 and it's sending these images up to the cloud. 131 It's taking a very small version of the image, 132 taking it up to the cloud, 133 the artificial intelligence is reading that image, 134 deciding what it should do to it, 135 and then it's sending the instructions 136 back down to Lightroom. 137 Lightroom is doing the adjustment, doing the crop, 138 doing the straightening, all of that kind of stuff. 139 And it's gonna start putting them back in 140 and changing my little previews here to the new previews. 141 So it's gonna do the adjustments 142 and we're gonna start seeing them pop in here 143 in just a little bit. 144 And while we're waiting for the editing to be done, 145 I'm just taking you to the website. 146 It's called 147 So it's Impossible Things, but the website is 148 If you're interested, go there, it's pretty cool. 149 And it's probably only gonna get better with time, 150 but it's a pretty impressive tool 151 and it's right here inside of Lightroom. 152 So, I love that about this tool. 153 All right, now we can see that these images 154 are starting to come in. 155 You can see that they're starting to adjust. 156 So up here, they're done and they're starting to come in, 157 see how they're brightening up. 158 Let's just take a look at some of 'em. 159 So I'm just gonna hit the E key, 160 and they're looking pretty good. 161 They're looking adjusted correctly. 162 I'm gonna go to one, a couple that were a little bit darker. 163 Oh, it's all done. 164 See, it just gave me the, I'm all done. 165 So I'm gonna click OK and click on the image. 166 I'm in the develop module now 167 and I'm gonna hit the back slash key 168 to show you what it used to look like. 169 So this is what it did look like. 170 This is what it looks like now. 171 It brightened it up a little bit 172 and it warmed it up a little bit. 173 This one, that's what it used to look like. 174 This is what it looks like now. 175 Let me go to some other images. 176 This is what it used to look like. 177 This is what it looks like now. 178 Keep going. 179 This is what it used to look like. 180 This is what it looks like now. 181 This is what this one used to look like. 182 This is what it looks like now. 183 So I think that's pretty impressive. 184 And it does a great job at getting you kind of in the zone. 185 You really do have to go through and pick the styles 186 and kind of play with it and do one style 187 and then do another style and figure out 188 which style is best for you. 189 It's a new AI tool, 190 so it's only been around for about a year. 191 I love the fact that it's right inside of Lightroom, 192 so I'm gonna be following this tool quite closely. 193 I'm interested in how well it does. 194 It's a pretty new tool to me. 195 I haven't used it all that much, but I really like the idea. 196 I love anything that plugs into Lightroom. 197 Now, there are other AI tools as well 198 that plug into Lightroom. 199 There is Aftershoot, 200 which does a really good job, has good AI tools. 201 Also, Imagen AI does a really good job 202 at plugging into Lightroom. 203 So both of those tools you kind of have to export the images 204 into a catalog and then upload the catalog 205 and then it redownloads the catalog 206 and then you import the catalog. 207 So there's a little bit of kind of back and forth 208 that goes on. 209 I love the fact that Impossible Things 210 actually plugs into Lightroom. 211 So try all three of 'em. 212 Try Aftershoot, try Imagen AI, 213 try Impossible Things, see which one you like. 214 And if you are doing professional work, 215 it might be really worth you looking into AI tools. 216 Now, I have an entire workshop here 217 that's brand new about plugging in those AI tools. 218 So check that out here on Creative Live. 219 That will be very helpful to you. 220 So we're not gonna spend all that much time here. 221 I just wanted you to be able to see that it was possible 222 to plug an AI tool into Lightroom 223 to do the editing that we're about to do now.

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