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LRC Workflow Overview

Lesson 36 from: Editing and Organizing your Photography in Lightroom Classic

Jared Platt

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36. LRC Workflow Overview

<b>This lesson is an overview of the Lightroom Classic Workflow Overview.</b>


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Importing Images into Lightroom Classic


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Lesson Info

LRC Workflow Overview

1 That is how we go through the process 2 of getting rid of or archiving our photos. 3 It's important that you come to grips 4 with a very specific workflow and always do it, 5 and it doesn't really matter all that much 6 what workflow you choose. 7 I've just shown you a good workflow. 8 It's important that you come up with a workflow 9 that works for you, that you do all the time. 10 You repeat it every single time so that you don't let things 11 fall through the cracks. 12 That's usually what happens when someone loses files 13 or doesn't get something done. 14 It's because they do it this way the first time. 15 They do it a different way the second time. 16 They do it the different way the third time, 17 and so there's no consistency 18 in the way they're doing things. 19 So do something one way all the time. 20 Never change it unless you find a new way to do it, 21 that's fine, but just alter it 22 and then keep doing it that way. 23 So you're always doing things the same way 24 ...

so that things don't drop through the cracks 25 and that you get things done. 26 Now, I've shown you a good method, 27 which is put your files into a hard drive, 28 into a folder for the job, or for the trip or for the event. 29 Then you import them into Lightroom. 30 Then run 'em through everything you're gonna do with them. 31 Make sure you add some metadata to 'em, 32 adjust them, do everything. 33 Deliver those to the client by exporting 'em as JPEGs 34 or by delivering 'em through the cloud, 35 however you wanna do that. 36 And then once you've delivered them or put them on the web 37 or exported them and put 'em up on your Instagram, 38 then you want to save a copy for yourself 39 of all of your favorite portfolio images, 40 and then the rest of the images you want to archive. 41 Take 'em off and out of Lightroom here 42 and just have them in a folder 43 that you can then put on another drive somewhere 44 and store them as archive material. 45 Because really, you're only gonna really be looking 46 at those portfolio images for yourself 47 and your client should already have those images 48 if you're a professional. 49 If you're not a professional, then do whatever you want 50 with those images, and hopefully they're getting out 51 on your website or they're getting out to your family 52 and friends through text messages or through emails 53 or however you wanna deliver those to people. 54 But the key is to have a workflow and do it every time.

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This is a good class, which includes the most recent Lightroom updates. I've watched plenty of videos on YouTube, but this class is much more thorough and is useful to learn more quickly than other options. I recommend it.

Scott Hicks

Just finished watching the entire course. This is filled with a lot of information and Jared takes his time, and goes into detail for you to understand the process of turning great pictures into fantastic pictures. I look forward to watching the other courses in this series.

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