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Image Organization

Lesson 3 from: Editing and Organizing your Photography in Lightroom

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

3. Image Organization

<b>How to organize your images in Lightroom.&#160; This lesson includes the basic organizational structure in Lightroom including albums and general metadata based organizational structures.&#160; You will learn where your photos are and where to find them.</b>

Lesson Info

Image Organization

1 Now, below that general organization is albums. 2 Now, albums are specific places 3 where you can organize your images into use cases. 4 You can organize them into trips or jobs. 5 I like to organize them based on lectures that I'm giving, 6 like this one. 7 And you can see that I've named some folders. 8 So over here you can see 9 that I've got a folder called Educational Collections. 10 And then I've got a folder for CreativeLive Lightroom. 11 So all these... 12 This is the one we're using right now, 13 which is CreativeLive Lightroom desktop 14 as opposed to the Classic. 15 And so inside of those folders, 16 then I can have specific albums. 17 So these are some of the things that we're going to cover 18 during this workshop. 19 And in order to create these, 20 I simply click this little plus button 21 right over next to the album area, 22 and it gives me an option to either create an album 23 or to create a folder. 24 So I'm going to click on this folder here, 25 and if I click ...

the plus button, 26 then I can create an album inside of this folder. 27 If I'm clicked on this folder here 28 and I click on the plus button, 29 I can create a folder inside of this folder. 30 So I can create folders within folders within folders, 31 and I can create albums inside those folders. 32 So I'm actually gonna do that here. 33 I'm gonna click on this Creative Lightroom 34 in a CreativeLive Lightroom. 35 And I'm going to click the plus button, 36 and I'm gonna create an album. 37 And we're just going to call this album 38 Favorite 39 Images 40 From 41 Workshop. 42 Okay. 43 Favorite Images From Workshop, 44 and I'm not going to include any of the full, 45 so I'm not including any of these photos. 46 I could if I had a bunch of images selected, 47 but I'm not gonna do that. 48 And I'm going to leave that inside 49 of the CreativeLive Lightroom Desktop 2024 folder 50 and hit Create. 51 Once I've done that, 52 you can see that there is a new folder in here 53 that is called Favorite Images from the Workshop. 54 Now, at any point, if I have an image that I really like, 55 I can grab that image 56 and I can drag that image 57 into the favorite images from that workshop. 58 And now I'll have one photo inside of that album. 59 There are other ways to add images to this album, 60 but that's the most simple, most obvious way. 61 Now, keep in mind that this image 62 it's also in this HDR album here. 63 You see, it's the same one right here. 64 That's the same image that is in here, 65 and we didn't duplicate the image. 66 These are just the same image 67 referenced in two different albums. 68 The albums are completely virtual. 69 Lightroom maintains one image, 70 but it puts them in two different albums 71 because they're two different references. 72 Okay. 73 So they're just virtual references. 74 Now, there is another option up here at the top 75 of this albums area, 76 and that is called Shared. 77 So there are albums and then there are shared albums. 78 And shared albums are 79 albums that you have shared out to other people. 80 So you can see that I have very few of those, 81 but there are shared with you. 82 So these are albums other people have shared with me 83 or I've shared with myself, 84 or there are shared albums 85 that I've shared out to other people. 86 And then there are shared photos. 87 So I can share one individual photo out to the world, 88 and it shows that one photo 89 that I've shared to the world as well. 90 So that's a really easy way to find all of those images 91 or those albums that you've shared out to the world, 92 especially if you want to kind of unshare them 93 and take them back. 94 We'll talk more about sharing images in a little bit, 95 but for right now, I just want you 96 to see the structure of Lightroom. 97 So we have our cloud or our local options. 98 We have our basic way of organizing 99 and finding images based on really rudimentary metadata. 100 And then we have our albums, 101 which is where we decide which images belong together. 102 And we can just drag images into any album we want, 103 as many albums as we want. 104 We can make folders to organize those albums. 105 And we have the option to share albums 106 or individual photos out to people. 107 And then those get organized automatically 108 and shown to us in that shared option 109 where we get to see which images have been 110 and are currently being shared to the world. 111 So that is the way that we organize our images 112 inside of Lightroom.

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Tim Byrne

Great job, Jared! You have delivered a master class for anyone beginning a journey into Lightroom, presented in absolutely clear and relaxed style. And for those with more experience with the program, every old dog can learn a few more new tricks. Teaching software is tough. Jared does it by breaking down each function and including not only the what, but the how and why as well. And each step is amplified by crystal clear photos which are manipulated with the function at hand. Bring a pad of paper, some snacks, and a cup (or two) of coffee. He is relentless in his presentation. You might watch this course as a freebie, but buy it to be able to refer to it for specific steps and processes. I've been using Adobe products since the mid 1990s and this is the best instructional presentation I've taken. ABSOLUTE WINNER1 Thanks, Jared

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